Logs of Online Events

These are logs of some online events that have occured on HT. Most logs have typos, but then these are pretty close to being the exact things people typed in during that event. The most recent events are listed first.

Threadfall over Southern Ista
December 18, 1997.

Synth's Clutching
October 18, 1997.

Threadfall over Paradise Hold
July 17, 1997.

Threadfall over Blacksands
July 9, 1997.

OOC Ista Weyr Meeting
At Ista Weyr, July 6, 1997.

Log of Ista Weyr's 15th Hatching - Double clutch, Synth x Bronze Versalth and Tiareth x Bronze Talsath

Craft/Hold Leaders Meeting
IC/OOC, at Ista Hold, June 21, 1997.

Amber Star Presentation
IC, at Ista Hold, August 4 1996.

Ista Weyr Meeting
IC/OOC, at Ista Weyr, July 29 1996.

D'thon's Storytelling Party
IC, at Silver Cove, July 28 1996.

Hatching of Tiareth & Jhanath's Clutch
At Ista Weyr, July 15th 1996.

Leader Meeting
In Hell, July 14th 1996.

Hatching of Torienth's Clutch
At Ista Weyr (first hatching after the move), August 9?, 1995.

Moving Torienth's Clutch from Southern to Ista Weyr, July 1995.