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Meeting at Ista Weyr, Monday July 29 1996

D'thon walks in from the landing.

Kira smiles at D'thon.  "Hey."
D'thon says, "Hi, love.  Early for the meeting?"
Kira nods.
D'thon says, "Back in a flash!"
D'thon walks back out to the landing.
Daelia steps proudly in from the landing.
Kira waves.
T'lis steps quietly in from the landing.
Kira nods a hello to T'lis.
T'lis smiles and nods in reply. "Good eve," he greets the two ladies
Daelia smiles, saluting the weyrleader cheerfully from across the room.
Celana walks gracefully in from the landing.
T'lis moves quietly across to his chair and slips into it, saluting back to
Daelia, then to Celana.
D'thon walks in from the landing.
B'ran strides in silent alacrity in from the landing.
Luck is with D'thon as there just happens to be an empty seat next to
Celana salutes, the makes her place over at the far in of the room, back
against the wall.
B'ran salutes shrply the weyrwoman, the weyrleader, and strides to stand
beside his wingman, to the Wavecutter section.
Kira smiles at D'thon.
B'ran leans over to whisper to Daelia...
Kara walks slowly in from the landing.
B'ran takes in a deep breath and peers at her, then nods wiht a slight smile.
He whispers, "Thanks, Dae."
Kara walks in and Salutes the Weyrleader then all the other riders present.
She giggles as she Salutes T'lis.
D'thon stands up and walks over to the weyrleader quietly.
You overhear D'thon mutter, "... ... no ... by ... saluting. It's just ... it
... ... ... at ... wants ... be saluted, so I'm a bit ... ... ..." to
B'ran salurtes the weyling sharply.
Risath strides smoothly, tail swishing, in from the landing.
Aralie is led in by Risath.
T'lis nods to the two weyrlings as they enter the chambers.  "Evening Kara,
Aralie."  He gives Kara an amused glance, then blinks at Risath
Daelia returns the smile, then leans back to watch as people arrive.
Risath insisted on coming. She clamps her jaws gently around Aralie's shirt.
You aren't leaving my sight!
T'lis turns to D'thon and gives an amused chuckle. "I have notinced," he
replies with droll humour.  "But I took none.  Do as you wish."
D'thon steps back a half-step and executes a precise salute.
Kira frowns and shoos the dragon out.
Aralie salutes to all the riders, looking at her dragon stuck halfway in the
door. She confers with her. Grumble, says Risath
Risath strides smoothly, tail swishing, back out to the landing.
T'lis manages a good-as-can-be expected salute in return from sitting down at
the time.
D'thon steps lightly over the last of the departing Risath and returns to his
Kara giggles as she stands next to Aralie leaning against the wall by the
Aralie looks after Risath, and blushes. "She....insisted..." she says,
embarassed. Her eyes unfocus as she talks with her lifemate. 
Kira iw who
Kira oopses. :)
OOC: Celana grins at Kira.
T'lis gives Aralie an amused smile.  "We all now what young dragonets can be
Erzi walks in from the landing.
Aralie nods vigorously. Risath can be sweet, but when she sets her mind to
something....she clears her throat, standing near Kara.
B'ran peers over at the door and smiles at his foster child. "Erzi," he
whispers loudly from the Wavecutter section. He bobs his head and holds out
one hand.
Kira frowns a bit at the child.
Kara tries to become part of the wall. So many riders! Eyes unfocused she
leans against the wall headback.
Erzi makes her way over to B'ran whispering her hello to him, then keeping as
quite as can be for fear of bothering anyone. She notices disaproval when she
sees it and keeps close to her foster father.
Larkin walks in.
Aralie looks after the departing Risath, a little concerned. IT would be like
her, now, to get a good roll in the dirt.....*gulp* She looks a little shyly
at all the people.
Erzi remebers her manners after a moment and bows to the weyrwoman, and the
weyrleader, then ducks back, as she sees fit to do.
Larkin salutes.
Aralie salutes the arriving Larkin.
B'ran furrows a brow....then lets out a breath... Ah well. She is still
young...His look at her says: Don't forget next time....
T'lis tosses a salute back to Larkin.  "Evenign Larkin"
Larkin nods. "Evening."
Kara salutes Larkin as well.
Y'sil does it in from the landing.
Kira looks around.  "Well I guess this is all, so we should get started."
Erzi looks minorly hurt at the visual repremandment, but it's part of growing
up and she survies. A look at B'ran, then at her toes, as she goes back to
looking and listening and being her quietest.
Y'sil parades in, fashionably, but apologeticaly late.
B'ran salutes the entering Weyrsecond sharply and folds his arms, peering
around the room.
Aralie salutes Y'sil, then wipes her palms on the sides of her legs. She has
been less shy, since Risath, even she notices. But there are many people.
Kara salutes Y'sil twitching her shoulder blades against the stone of the
chamber wall.
Y'sil nods to all, with a firm salute to B'ran as he takes his place beside
the others.  Oh, alright.  Aralie gets a salute as well.
You too Kara.  :)
Arie whistles her way in from the landing.
Arie bobs in, the consumately late one, weyrfolk type and bows to the
weyrwoman and weyrleader. A wave to the riders she knows. Oh there's Larkin.
She smiles and goes to stand near her.
Larkin scoots over a little bit, smiling a welcome.
Kira says, "Let's get started.  First, this is partly IC and probably mostly
OOC as far as meetings go, because we have several weyr-related subjects to
cover.  You might notice this is the first all-weyr meeting we've had in as
long as most anyone can remember, but it's a first step in trying to bring the
weyr closer together, promote more communication among riders (and weyrfolk),
and help get the weyr back on its feet and become an active, fun place to
Larkin grins. "Good."
Kira says, "I'd like to see these become regular, maybe once a month meetings.
 Those that attend, will have the most input in the direction of the weyr -
because you're here, you obviously care what's going on (and you had time to
come; I know some folks wanted to be here but couldn't make it).  So we wanna
hear what everyone thinks, share ideas/opinions, etc."
Kira seems finished (for now), and looks over at T'lis. :)
Kazumi walks carefully in from the landing.
Aralie salutes Kazumi :)
Kazumi walks in silently, sneaking into the back of the room.
Kara salutes Kazumi! A sharp crisp salute.
T'lis grins at Kira then stands up. "First of all, I want to thank you all for
coming to our First Annual (monthly) Weyr-Wide Meeting.  As Kira has said, we
are doing this to try and get the Weyr -active- and -fun- again.  We have a
variety of thigns to discusee, rider responsibility, wings and their leaders,
thread, TP/s and so on.  If at any stage you have any comments or ideas,
please don't hesitate to jump in.
Y'sil tosses some wombles at Kazi since T'lis is busy.
Kazumi returns salutes, waves, wombles, all that sort of thing.
T'lis throws Kaz a few tickles.
Kazumi ducks.  ;)  *quack*
T'lis smiles.  "First thing I'm goign to do is turn the floor over to you, the
weyrfolk types for any complaints/queries/ideas etc.  We will do this again
afterwards, but this is to get the meeting started with, clear up things for
you before we go nad confuse you more ;)
Kara raises a hand.
Kazumi grumbles something about needing more klah in the LC.  ;)  Then ducks
out for a break, you know those flighty pregnant types.  BBL.
Kazumi sends one last thought of love to her lifemate Amanoth as she falls
Kara says, "I have 2 things really. It is not meant to hurt anyone, but is it
possible to have the WLM types actually RP with us when they are on and not
stay in their wyers? The other ia about last night. I and others were just
unprepared for it."
Sylke strides gracefully in from the landing.
Y'sil waves to Sylke, hiding behind something.
Aralie nods her head. Then she salutes to Sylke 
Katryna appears in a haze of blue light.
Kara salutes Sylke from her position next to Aralie.
B'ran doesn't salute Sylke, but he does wink at her from his spot near
Wavecutter. "Hello," he says and nods his head.
Aralie smiles to Katryna, mouthing a silent "hi" from across the room.
Sylke glances around, and nods to everyone. "Assigned seating, or free for
T'lis nods to Kara.  "The first one is something you'll have to address to the
Katryna waves to Aralie discreetly.
A drudge gently picks up Kazumi's sleeping form and walks off.
Kira says, "Although, if its repeated, and the WLM's aren't doing their job,
then it's definitely something we need to review."
Celana nods, slowly.
Sylke whispers, "What was the question?"
T'lis says, "It is not just WLM's who stay in there weyrs though...we are
trying to get -all- riders out more often."
Kira nods. 
D'thon says, "Well, in defense of the WLMs, they do have an awful lot of
behind-the-scenes things sucking their time up in trying to prepare for
classes.  Don't assume they're just blowing you off when they're in their
D'thon says, "But anyway..."
Kira asks the weyrlings, "Are yall having regularly scheduled classes?"
Kara nods. "TOnight at 10PM and Wednesday 1PM"
Arie whistles quietly and winks over at Erzi.'s the new assistant
headwoman. She's not met Katryna...but she saw her at the hatching...A nod to
Aralie shakes her head..."Becuase of summer school, then classes next fall,
I've been kinda of odd with my online times...."
Katryna nods back, feeling only a touch out of place. ;)
Kara is sorry. "I didn't mean anything but If we RP as weyrlings we'll be
trained and ready RP as riders."
Aralie nods. "I've already made....a ton of mistakes, little things I wouldn't
have even thought about." :)
D'thon says, "If there were detailed class outlines and requirements, perhaps
other riders could teach classes on an ad hoc basis?  More activity for riders
without nailing them down to complete WLMhood commitment?"
D'thon shrugs.
T'lis tries to, RP with the 'lings when he can.
Y'sil hmmms, "I'm not sure.  Some of the WLMs might take offense...  knowing
how territorial some are."
D'thon nods to Y'sil.
D'thon says, "Some."
D'thon says, "Not all of course."
Y'sil likes it and has seen it done before.  "Just worried about thsoe few
who'd raise hell.  :/"
Kara nodnods. "Me to. Theres tons of stuff to RP about with things I've done
IC but never been told I can't. Or have but no WLM is around. Sylke did RP
with me and I enjoyed that but others come on and don't even talk to us."
T'lis says, "Well, if other riders could just RP with 'lings from time to
time...not neccesarily lessons, but RP that'll show what makes a good rider,
that may help a lot"
Kira has always been in favor of a precisely scheduled WLM training period,
since to my knowledge there has never been a ling class that graduated on
Aralie rubs her eyes. "Gug,  I haven't slept in ages :>. But I think I've only
had one lesson, only partway finished."
Erzi smiles shyly over at Arie, waving her hand.
Celana nods with Kira....know mine didn't.
Aralie nods to Kara! "I've made quite a few mistakes...makes me feel all
T'lis won't start on his...
Kira says, "Well we'll talk about this more among the council, and with the
WLM's, and see what we can work out."
Kara says, "Its 3 weeks into it. I've had 1 and a half lessons. We can't even
bathe the dragonets yet!"
Y'sil says, "PErhaps a foster system?"
Aralie nods agreement to Kara.
D'thon holds his nose.  "I noticed, Kara."
Kira grins.
Aralie giggles
Y'sil says, "Or a sponsor/mentor type system where each Weyrling is assigned a
Z'diah cart-wheels in from the landing.
Kira grins at Z'diah.  
B'ran says, "Oh I like that idea, Ysil!"
Z'diah cart-whels over to Kira.
Kira nods to Y'sil, "That's a nice idea."
T'lis smiles at Y'sil.  You'd be lucky to find enough active riders to have
one per 'ling Y'sil
Y'sil grins at Z'diah
Sylke says, "Hey, I like that mentor idea! Get active riders that are around
alot and willing to do it."
D'thon says to B'ran, "Yeah, we know you'd be mentoring the ladies, B'ran.
Kira chuckles.
Aralie heehees
Kara giggles. "I'll be a Guinea pig for this and anyone who wants to give
Y'sil grins, "That way Riders have an excuse to drop by, and it'd make sure
everyone knows everyone else.
Aralie nods! "Me too:)"
Larkin quirks a finely delineated eyebrow. "I could help."
B'ran grins and looks at his fingernails... "Well... Only six of them. You
guys can have the rest..." he says magnanimously. ;)
Y'sil isn't sure if it'd be teaching WLM lessons, but other stuff?  Like what
to do in flights, or edicate, or just plain being someone to suck up to. 
T'lis says, "Only six?  You have been slow B'ran"
Aralie rolls her eyes at B'ran.
Katryna says, "Computer, what ships are docked here?"
Y'sil smiles, "Alright, so any riders willing to take it up?  Larkin?  B'ran? 
whom else?
Sylke says, "Me!"
Katryna eeps! "Sorry!"
Celana would be. :)
D'thon holds his hand up.
T'lis nods. "Sure, why not."
Sylke hms, and wonders if leader types should be mentors..."Do you think any
of the weyrlings would get power trips or feel superior if they were mentored
to teh weyrleader?"
B'ran will /gladly/ give lessons, and as he is the one writing them....he
doesn't have to worry about not knowing the subject matter.
Z'diah doesn't think the WL would have the time to mentor someone.
Y'sil tallies them up...  and which Weyrlings would like to?
Daelia offers to be a mentor.
Larkin clarifies. I think I'm volunteering to be a mentor--rp, reinforce
lessons--but not actually give them. Yes/no?
B'ran can take more than one... I am on alot. :/
D'thon says to Y'sil, "I doubt you'd find too many lings who'd refuse a chance
to RP with practically anyone.  Even B'ran.  ;>"
T'lis smiles. "Well, I'll just unofficialy mentor them all.  PRP with all of
them when I have time.
Sylke says, "What about Fia? If she wants to, I think it'd be best if she
werementored under Nuff or Saria, if either are willing, since gold riding has
its own set of rules."
Y'sil nodnods, "Teach them how to read fall schedules, and so on.  No lessons
that conflict with WLM stuff...we'd have to make sure of that."
B'ran chuckles and nudges D'thon. "Hey you... the ladies love
Kara nodnods!! Color to COlor would be best wouldn't it?
Y'sil smiles at D'thon, "I would sure hope not!  :)
D'thon grins.
Kara steps back into her shadow beside Aralie.
Aralie smiles at KAra.
Daelia sort of agrees with Kara on the color thing.:)
Sylke says, "Well, I think among the chromatics it wouldn't be as vital, but
perhaps greens should be mentored to other greens. Tho' I think blues and
browns can be interchangeable, if they have to."
Fluff plummets out of ::BETWEEN:: and looks around for a nice perch.
T'lis rolls his eyes.  "Anyway, so we are aggreed on thos Mentor idea?"
Aralie calls to Fluff, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.
Kira likes the mentor idea.
Aralie likes the mentor idea, too.
Y'sil ponders, "Would have to check with the WLMs for what can and can't be
taught...maybe make up some sort of itinerary to supplement the lessons being
taught and whatnot.
Kira isnt sure if color-color can be matched exactly, but we can try to do
D'thon says, "No doubt we'll find problems with it as we go, but we can debug
Celana raises her hand.
Z'diah lowers Ceelana's hand.
Y'sil turns to Celana.  :)
T'lis will just continue his general weyrling-rping with
all of them.
Aralie stares at T'lis a moment. *shiver* She ducks behind Kara. Her turn to
Sylke stands possessively in front of the weyrlings, hands on hips, glaring at
T'lis. ;)
Kitana walks in from the landing.
B'ran sighs. Thre is only one bronze and one brown and neither is on.... I
will take Fia since she is a metalic....
Aralie hides behind WonderWoman Sylke. Whew!
T'lis says, "Fia would be best with a gold B'ran"
D'thon says, "A -gold B'ran-?  Heaven forbid!"
Sylke nods, and mutters, "B'ran just wants his hands on as many women as he
Kira grins.
Celana nods. "Even someone who plays a gold ElseMU* if Saria and Nuff are too
T'lis hrms. "Anyone got some molten gold handy?  We could toss him in
Aralie giggles at Sylke :)
Kira says, "Ok, well we'll work out the pairings and organization of this
later.  Lots of other things to discuss here tonight."
Y'sil nods and ponders, "Must we really have colour to colour?
Y'sil nods ot Kira.
D'thon says, "Issue 2!..."
T'lis says, "Most colours don't matter Y'sil...but gold will. Golds are
different..any, onwards and upwards."
Sylke nods to Celana, but notes, "Each MOO has its own idiosycrisies to
B'ran grins. Hey... "Even you have to admit, D'thon, that C'nor and E'nin
hardly /ever/ log on. ANd where is the sense in giving the rider with the
greatest activity for the past 6 months consistently tow who are idle.? "
Kira says, "Kara's 2nd issue, the events of last night, sorta leads into the
topic of rider responsibility."
D'thon says to B'ran, "Maybe with you as their mentor, their activiy will
Sylke doesn't comment. :)
Y'sil nods and turns to Kira, "So what's next on the list?"  Or to
Daelia smiles silently as she drifts off into a dream realm, the comfort of
her lifemate beside her.
Y'sil waves to M'hael.
Kira will go over some of the responsibility issues.
Daelia blinks and rubs her eyes as she awakens.
M'hael waves back.
Wyrm glides in from the landing.
Wyrm flies about in an ecstatic state.
Y'sil calls to Wyrm, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.
Kira says, "When you impress, you've accepted an enormous responsibility.  A
dragon is not a firelizard that you can cart around anywhere.  Rider and
dragon are bound to each other and to their Weyr."
Caviar squiggles in from the landing.
M'hael collapses into a thoughful indian-style position near the threshold.

Z'diah wonders what happened to his weyr at fort.
Aralie beams over across the room to M'hael.
Celana blinks down at M'hael, shaking her head.
OOC: Daelia sighs and has to leave. Will the meeting be logged?
OOC: Kira says "it is being logged."
T'lis nods to Daelia.
Kitana comments, "I should think that's the way it's supposed to be for riders
and their dragons."
Kira says, "The main point I want to note here is, that when you impress,
you've committed your character to being part of the Weyr.  You live _at the
weyr_.  You have to respect the Weyr authority - your wingleader, other
wingleaders, and the Weyrleaders and weyrsecond."
Daelia smiles silently as she drifts off into a dream realm, the comfort of
her lifemate beside her.
A drudge gently picks up Daelia's sleeping form and walks off.
T'lis smiles. "I'm always avaialable to talk to if you need it.
Celana nods, "Most of us are, whether you think your concern is silly or not,
please, tell someone."
Aralie sighs. "Most of my concerns are silly." :)
Y'sil welcomes fact gets depressed when he doesn't have any.  :) 
Send some my way.  :)
Sylke nods. "Me too, I'd rather people disturb me if they're dissatisfied or
Kira nods.  "And if you cant get along with your wingleader, or wingmates, you
CAN transfer to another wing.  There's usually some solution to the
D'thon says, "Except me.  Never come to me with your problems.  I just hate
problems.  They're all *icky* and stuff.  ;>"
B'ran nudges Ara. "i will always listen as well. And I am silyproof."
Sylke says, "Aralie, don't worry about it being silly. :>"
Z'diah sighs. "The only problem, is there is no way out if you don't get along
with the leadership.
Aralie smiles. "I /do/ tend to overreact a /bit/ in some cases. Like...last
T'lis snugs Aralie. "We all do at times."
Aralie smiles
M'hael falls to the ground and slips into the dream world.
Sylke was reading through some of her old logs from way back when, and believe
me, you don't want to know some of what I did, overreacting, melodrama,
Aralie grins
D'thon says, "If everyone tries ... really tries ... and there is still an
insurmountable problem, at least we can come up with a nice and easy way to
back out of it.  A nonviolent way."
Kira nods to D'thon.  "Yes.  If for whatever reason we can't work it out,
there are a number of options available to you."
D'thon says to Sylke, "Been there.  Done that. :/"
Kitana says thoughtfully, "I think that some people are reluctant to talk to
people they have not interacted with.  It's like walking up to a stranger and
pouring your heart out."
Aralie nods to Kitana!
Kira says, "You could transfer to one of the NPC Weyrs.  That's the nicest
solution.  Your character would be deactivated, but at least still you have
the option to come back.  And you don't leave a wake of angst behind you, and
no way back if you change your mind."
Kira nods to Kitana, "Well hopefully all the riders at least know who their
wingleader is."
Kira says, "We'll get to wing activities in a little bit."
T'lis nods
B'ran thinks and thinks and thinks... "Now what was that woman's
Celana hmms, "Wingleader?" *duck*
D'thon hushes B'ran.  ;>
B'ran is kidding!
Kitana points out, "But if the problem is with the wingleader, and they are
not on very much, it still amounts to much the same thing."
T'lis grins and -hopes- no one has probs with him.
Kira says, "We're going to be setting up some activity requirements for
wingleaders.  If they can't meet those, then another, more active leader will
be picked.  I dont want idle wingleaders leading wings... that's a sure path
to an inactive wing."
Aralie snuggles T'lis. 'Course not :)
Celana whistles.....
Caviar chitters at T'lis, "Your perfect lvoe..:P"
B'ran turns his head and looks out the window....
Sylke wonders if there's a window in a stone cave...
T'lis whoohs..and is wubed. *beam*
A drudge gently picks up M'hael's sleeping form and walks off.
Z'diah says, "wll, yaknow.. take it as an unexpected death, it happens,
people... deal."
Kitana asks, chuckling, "Is there some sort of...councilor type person in a
weyr.  That every one knows can be talked to, regardless of the problem?"
Sylke says, "Hey, I'd love to volunteer for that."
Larkin nods. "It's the cook."
Katryna says, "I could do that."
Kitana adds, "Outside of the leadership chain?"
Celana pokes Larikin. "Really?"
Sylke says, "The cook? Since when? ;)"
Kira nods.  "Sometimes people are so jaded and mad at us that they wanna go
out violently, and dont care about the effect it'll have on everyone.  We just
have to deal with it, and go on."
Z'diah says, "the weyrwoman."
Kira says, "And I do like the idea of a Weyr's counselor ;)"
Z'diah says, "headwoman."
Katryna is an Asst. Headwoaman...
Sylke says, "Well, we'd need to make sure that said person *knew* that they
were the ones everyone comes to."
Z'diah nominates Kira for th role of Deanna Troi.
Z'diah oops. sorry, wrong universe.
Kitana asks seriously, "Authority bothers some people, you know."
Aralie giggles
Larkin grins. "Headwoman, cook, weyrwoman...bartender. Seriously, though, it's
a high-stress offer."
Celana coughs at chuckles at Zeb.
Kitana or even states.
Sylke says, "Should we have a rider and a non-rider shrink, as it were? Riders
might understand certain things, like dragon relationships, that non-riders
Y'sil ponders, "Headwoman or Cook perhaps...or can even look for a
Y'sil says, "For IC or OOC problems?"
Sylke says, "Both."
Airi strides quickly in from the landing.
Kitana grins.  "I have broad shoulders."
Z'diah says, "Hello, Airi."
Rarah walks in from the landing.
Y'sil grins, "Well, then perhaps a volunteer rider and another non-rider?
Caviar notes that the headwoman/women would be perfect choices as they are the
ones who understand it all.
Sylke volunteers as rider!
T'lis says, "Welp, anyone cna talk to me about anything..not saying I'll have
many helpful hints to give..but I will listen"
Airi smiles at Z'diah and joins her wing. :>
D'thon says, "A between prevention hotline?"
Kazumi walks carefully in from the landing.
Arie volunteers for weyr counselor! :) I haven't a job yet and I've been here
oh... almost a year rl.
Celana chuckles at D'thon.
T'lis grins at D'thon.
Airi winks at D'thon. "We don't want to scare anyone else into it." :>
D'thon winks.
T'lis whistles innocently. "Sure about that Airi?"
Kira says, "Perhaps the weyr counselor should be voted for among the weyr
population?  Not that I want it to be a popularity contest, but if people
choose someone that most of them know and like, they may be more inclined to
talk to them?  I dunno."
Kitana points out that a counselor should make him/herself well-known.  "I
have seen too many people who simply stay in their quarters.  Especially when
it is stressed that people shouldn't wander into places uninvited."
Sylke says, "Good call, Kira."
Aralie nods
Kira says, "Or we could just have a few folks apply, and vote at the next weyr
meeting. ;)"
Y'sil nods ot Kira...
T'lis noddles
Celana ooohs. Faboo!
Sylke says, "Perhaps there should first be candidates picked, and then the
counselor picked form those? Should the general populace pick the candidates,
or pick _from_ the candidates?"
Kazumi nods.  Vote.
Z'diah writs down July 30, 1997 down for he vote.
Kira pokes Zeb.
Airi thinks a silent vote would be best.
Sylke says, "Maybe @sending to an annonymous mailer with just one word - who
you think should be counselor?"
Kara steps forward shaking her head. "The Weyr counselor should not be voted
into office. Its not a voting thing. Those who vote /against/ the counselor
will never go. Counseling is more about Trust then anything.
Z'diah heys and tickles Kira.
Aralie has to go, now. She needs to get up early tommorrow....*wave!*
D'thon struggles through from Real Life (tm) and arrives on Pern once
Sylke says, "Kara's got a good point..."
Celana waves to Aralie. "Take care."
Saria walks in from the landing.
Aralie waves. "G'byebye!"
Kara waves to Aralie!
Aralie goes home.
Kira nods, "I do think we're making a big deal of it.  Perhaps those that want
to be one, just apply, and the first 5 or so that do will get it.  Or some
number like that."
Kira snugs Saria. :)
Y'sil says, "I doub thtere's anyone, everyone's comfortable with, however, at
least this way we'd get the bulk of them?"
Z'diah snugs Saria.
Saria wanders in and sits down next to Kira.  "My apologies for being late, RL
plans went /way/ longer than were expected."
T'lis hrms.  "Well, if we have one rider and one non-rider counsleor, we
should find two people that at least everyone likes one of.
Saria snugs ev'ybody :)
Z'diah knows the feeling, sar.
Rarah says, "I agree with Kara, if you don't know the person or trust them.
You will not likily go to them for help."
D'thon says, "That sure lets me out.  :)"
Airi says, "Perhaps people should make suggestions about who they'd like then
have the weyr council vote?"
Kazumi just got in from about 4 hrs of coding.  :P
Celana winks at D'thon. "Does that mean I can't come to you for problems?"

B'ran salutes teh weyrwoman smartly.
T'lis says, "Fun Kaz"
Sylke says, "So, more than one counselor?"
Saria doesn't know.  "Is this idea of a Weyr Counselor based on the reaction
of the Weyr to the recent dragondeath/suicide TP, or just a gen'l
Y'sil nods, "Well, a few?  That way they have their choice?  (As per Kara and
Kazi and all.  :)
D'thon @moves Celana to Blue Hell (#666).  ;>
Airi says, "No one person is ever going to be online when things happen
either. If you have a list of people maybe 2-5, you're more like to catch
someone online."
B'ran chuckles.
Celana hmmphs. :)
Kira says, "Well it stemmed out from encouraging people to talk to their
wingleaders/weyrleaders if they had problems, but someone noted that some
folks may be afraid to talk to their leaders."
Z'diah says, "why not just have guides or a staff or something then.. wait, we
already have that."
Saria thinks we have quite a few 'natural' counselors already anyway.  
B'ran hmmphs with Cela... Come here Cela. B'ran will protect you.
Sylke nods. "And the counselors should all be aware of what the other
counselors do? P'raps a mailing list?"
Y'sil shakes his head, "Confidentaility may be preferred."
Kazumi thinks our 'guides' are a bit sketchy, wouldn't consider them
Celana chuckles. "Once a B'ran....."
Kara says, "Airi, it takes more than just that. It takes well, I'm lucky,
there is someone here I can trust and will go to that person first. But not
everyone has that. Its Trust. Its like we should look out for each other. Go
out of our way to see and talk to everyone in the wing. Perhaps more than
Airi says, "But.. sometimes peopel get drawn into talking to someone that's
painful for them as well."
Saria hmms.  "I don't know if we need to create more positions and more red
tape, honestly.  More people are likely to go to friends first."
D'thon nods to Saria.
Kazumi thought 'counseling' in general was a providence of the healers?
Kitana agrees with Saria.  "I seem to have gotten a few people seeking me out
already.  I don't mind a bit, but I'm not officially anything here."
Y'sil says, "Most likely, but it might be nice to have someone there, just in
case?  Know some people might not feel as if they have anyone to go to?"
Saria says, "And often those friends, since they understand them better in the
first place, would do a better job than any counselor.  "
D'thon says, "Maybe we could just all try to let as many people as we can know
that we want to help.  Just spread the idea of helping each other out.  I
don't know that one needs to be an Oficial Anything to help."
Saria nods to Y'sil, "There is that.  It just seems that we have enough
positions to fill at the Weyr without worrying about another election, etc. 
Exactly, D'thon."
Kara slinks back into her shadow not able to say clearly the the whole weyr
needs to look out for everyone."
Rarah rolls her eyes to thethe side towards B'ran.
Y'sil nods to Saria and D'thon, "Then at least make it more public so ppl know
there are people to come to.  :)"
Saria says, "I know there are some people who are afraid to talk to me,
because I play Saria as a hard-nose.  I /don't/ want anyone to think that if
they have a problem they need to fear me, because Cheryl-the-typist really
wants to help."
Kitana explains that officially anything meaning that I'm new to HT.  I
haven't the foggiest notion of what's happening around here.
Saria says, "And that's what we need to get across.. that perhaps even tho our
characters might seem 'tough', we're real people."
Kitana looks to see if everyone is still breathing.
Celana checks. "Yep...still going here."
Arie volunteers again. "I've been here a long time. I dont mind helping
out...and sitting around yammering for a couple turns has me pretty
well-informed on the goings on at the weyr..."
Kazumi considers the ramifications of the 'unqualified' being the emotional
caretaker for others?  Not that psychologists are the best either, but who's
to say who's supposed to do that sort of job?  I mean sometimes the /wrong/
advice does more harm than no advice.  There's no clear point here, but
friends are still the best way to go.  Don't think it's really necessary to
make an official position of it other than perhaps letting others know that
they're willing to lend a shoulder or whatever to other's problems.
Z'diah taptaps.
T'lis runs off into the distances, wombling and screaming 'Come back
Y'sil ponders, "Perhaps then this...most ppl, including me, go to their
friends...but we might consider putting up a list of people willing to
Airi says, "Maybe what we need to do, is make our leaders more
Katryna walks, eyes taking in the rooms' occupants, back out to the
Y'sil says, "That way there's minimal red tape and just lets people know
thatwe care?"
Kazumi nods at Y'sil.  "That's what I meant."
Saria guesses what I'm trying to say, from my POV anyway, is that we all have
our own support systems and I think that overall those would be better avenues
than some 'Official' position.  Also, we need to consider the other side of
this:  in the future, RP and TP's like what just happened(ANY dragon deaths)
will need to be approved and staged with a bit more respect for the rest of
the Weyr.  Therefore, a lot more people will be more prepared for what will
Y'sil smiles at Kazi, "Ayup.
Kira says to Airi, "We're trying to do that (be more accessible). Hence this
meeting. :)"
Saria nods to Kira. 
Airi is also lagging considerably.. am I here again?
D'thon eyes Airi.  "Yup."
B'ran eyes Airi. "Oh yes..." 
Airi smiles brightly. :>
B'ran hi5's D'thon!
Saria says, "Okay.  So what have we come to?  Put up a list of people to go
to(BTW, is this supposed to be IC or OOC or both?) if a player has a
problem(game-related) they need to discuss?"
Kira says, "There's also the Weyr channel, which is a good sounding board for
talking to the entire group."
Saria says, "And also remind them that if it's a really serious problem to
send a note to *gripe as well?"
A drudge gently picks up T'lis's sleeping form and walks off.
D'thon says, "Ooo, not a list.  Maybe everyone who wants to could write a very
short post to *announcements saying ... Heck, I dunno."
Saria says, "Why not a list, D'thon?"
Celana notes channels are good. "Met some good ppl through them, and it's
Saria thinks it'd be the most concise way to convey the names of those active
Weyrfolks willing to help.
Kara raises her hand again. "Its to structured. Almost like you'll need an
appointment or something."
Erzi slowly closes her eyes, and falls asleep mumbling uncomprehensive words
to herself.
Saria shakes her head.  "Not really.  Just a list to tell them that if they
need someone, and they see one of those people on line, it's okay to page
Saria says, "True, Kira."
Saria says, "I was talking about others besides leaders, too."
Y'sil shakes his head, "No real structure...  just a list of people who have
agreed or are fully willing to help out.  Anyone.  :)
Kara says, "Maybe use our @doing messages?"
Saria nods, Y'sil, that's more like what we're going for.
Kitana chuckles.  "I think the structure would have to depend on the person. 
I know my character  have no structure to anything."
Y'sil nods to Saria.  :)
Saria says, "That's an interesting thought, Kara.. anyone want to comment on
that?  "
D'thon struggles through from Real Life (tm) and arrives on Pern once
Y'sil hmmms, "That sounds good.  :)"
D'thon says, "Oh, I don't know.  So *formal*.  How does one get on the list. 
Who approves it.  etc."
Saria says, "Title.. no.  +finger, yeah. :)"
Saria says, "D'thon makes a good point, but there has to be some way to convey
it.  Spam city if everyone who's willing to help posts a separate note,
Fia steps softly in from the landing.
Airi says, "So put it in your @doing"
Saria says, "How about adding a 'help counselors' and putting it there"
D'thon nods.  "Too true."
Airi beers Kara through her lag
Nuff trundles in from the landing.
Saria says, "Hi Nuff!"
Kira wavles to Nuff and Fia. :)
Y'sil buries Nuff in Cookies immediately.
Nuff says, "Hihi."
Kazumi hmms.  "Well, we have an @duty, why not an @counselor or
Nuff munchies her way out.... immediately.
Saria says, "Yeah, something along those lines, Kazi."
Kara takes the beer and giggles. :) I like @doing because if I wanted to be
Counsel OK I can change it anytime I want.
Saria says, "Something where they can change it and not have to use their
B'ran slutes Nuffie and Faia as they enter. 
Saria bets D'thon could create a verbie like '@coun [y|n]'
Celana grins, "New cookie monster....."
Saria says, "Hi Fia! :)"
D'thon says, "Like the Official Helpful Person buttons at Lambda?"
Saria says, "Aye something like that D'thon :)"
Saria says, "And you could just set it if you're able and ready to counsel
people.  Would be nice if the leaders kept theirs on alla time."
Saria definitely would.  'S me job.
A drudge arrives to cart Erzi off to bed.
Kira says, "So, nothing formal, but we'll add something to the wholist, and
maybe to rider/weyr-wholist."
Kara sighs. "Its to formal. Why not my @doing? Or someone else's?
Y'sil nods.
Kira thinks @doings are fine too.
Kara goes back to the shadows and goes back to being quiet. "Sorry. I
shouldn't whine."
D'thon says to Kara, "I agree with you, but maybe I can hack something that
will be easy enough and informal enough.  (shrug)"
Larkin giggles. "Because, Kara, if it's just the +doing, then people who
aren't authorized or sanctioned to be counselors can set their doing_msg to
Kira says to Kara, "No, please speak up, thats what this is all about."
D'thon cringes at the words 'authorized' and 'sanctioned'.
Fia blinks and looks around, blushing because she drifted off.
Saria thirds the cringe.
Kazumi doesn't like the authorizing either.
Sylke snatches a cookie from the pile on Nuff, and nods to Kaz.
Z'diah lags again
Y'sil thinks most ppl here are mature enough to not really abuse it.
Larkin was being a leeetle bit cynical, and apologizes. The discussion did
seem to be going in that direction for awhile.
D'thon says, "I'll put my itty bitty mind to something easy and informal and
flexible, and then everybody can complain to me about it! ;>"
Kazumi grins wryly.  "How's this.  We don't tell newbies how to turn on the
counselor list, just how to see the list?"  ;)
Kira nods and was just thinking, "Perhaps a specialized who on the rider
Saria thinks we ought to pass it off to D'thon, let him hack something if he
so desires, and then see what he comes up with and approve it.  Yeah,
Kara giggles. "@doing me is P_OK/RP_OK/Counsel_OK
D'thon says to Kira, "Why just riders?"
Atella steps gracefully in from the landing.
Y'sil nods, "Perhaps to the next subject?"
Saria says, "True.  Shouldn't be just riders.  And yes, Y'sil.. prolly needs
to move on."
D'thon says, "Issue 3! ..."
Saria says, "What is the next item up for bids, Kira?"
Kira says, "T'lis had a few other things, actually, like wing rearrangements
Kira wonders if he's coming back. :/
Rarah says, "Will I be on the list?"
Saria says, "T'lis went poof. :("
Saria says, "If you want to be Rarah, of course!"
Saria says, "That's what it's all about."
Saria says, "People who want to help being able to.  :)"
Kira says, "Well the next thing I think, then, is the wing rearrangements"
Rarah says, "I wondered because I am not a rider."
Saria says, "No, it shouldn't and won't be limited to riders only."
Atella says, "The weyr is far more than just riders!"
Kara wants Rarah on the list. She snugs Rarah!
Larkin nods solemnly. "It's all B'ran's kids, too."
Saria says, "Y'sil, how is the wing rearrangement going so far?"
Celana laughs!
Y'sil nods and smiles, "Uhm, just a note about the Winds and whatnot, I
haven't heard from anyone about wing changes.  Anyone?"
B'ran laughs!  Hey... Just the lower cavens... ;)
Saria . o 0 ( The winds of change.. )
Celana can't really speak for T'lis, since he didn't tell her anything...
Saria wants to change wings!!!!!
Saria hees.
Larkin is content.
Y'sil nods to Saria, "Buffalo wings it is.  Spicy of mild?"
Fia drifts off into a world of her own.
Kazumi bounces.  "Spicy!"
Saria thinks ALL our wings rule, B'ran :)
Z'diah says, "it's the McD'thon group."
Saria says, "Speecy Spicy for me! :)"
Saria says, "XXXXtra hot. :)"
Z'diah says, "agrees with Tellaa.. "it's dragons, too." ;)"
B'ran does have a suggestion though...
Saria says, "Okay.  So the word from Y'sil is that everyone's happy where they
are.  Yes, B'ran?"
Fia blinks and looks around, blushing because she drifted off.
Z'diah says, "Saria, please.. this is a public place."
Atella raises her hand. "Well, err, since I am not officially doing anything
as the retired WLM, I don't really belong in the Weyrling wing, I think."
Larkin is smappy.
Y'sil nods to Atella, "Where to then?"
Z'diah says, "Go out and play left wing, Atella. I'll play goalie."
B'ran says, "Since certain people who aren't even here tonight decided to put
active riders in our idle wing, We need another idle wing. Wavecutter alone
has four idle riders and we can't get rid of them... and the last three
clutches, because we had more official riders ....not active mind you.... we
got the short end of the stick on wing placements for weyrlings... No that the
two riders  in three clutches that we got are bad, jsut that if we didn't have
idle members and they were in another wing, we would have a much more active
Atella shrugs. "I'm not sure, yet. *smacks Z'diah, then winks*  Keeping in
mind that I tend to be bossy, I'm not sure who might even WANT me ;)"
Y'sil shakes his head, "B'ran, actually, I checked for active times and so on.
 As for who got who, the ones who got less beforehand were to get slight
preference this time.  More so that I asked each Wingleader whom they wanted,
as well as 'ling preference.  Did my best to blaance who got to go where so
everyone'd be happy.
Kira says, "Well one problem is, there'll always be idle riders.  Activity can
ebb and flow.  Rather than just loading all of the idlers into an idle wing,
it'd be better if the existing wings strive to become more active, draw more
people into RP and TP's and such."
Larkin zerbits Atella. "I do."
Sylke gets up her will power and returns to the land of the living.
Kira thinks that made no sense, and baps herself.
Nuff grins at Y'sil. "And a fine job you did too. So anywhere is good
B'ran Is talking aobut people who haven't logged on in months...
Z'diah stops Kira from bapping herslef and does the honors.
Kara pouts. "The Weyrling wing is SPIFF Atella." She giggles. :)
Kira says, "Perhaps by having an *active* wing, your wingmates will become
active. :)  And, as far as "havent been on in months", those people are the
ones that get idlereaped."
Kazumi thinks everywing has some of those, B'ran.  
Atella laughs. "But even so, Kira, you have a point. An active wing will keep
the marginal players interested, and may generate interest in those who only
show up now and then.
Nuff asides, to Y'sil, that he nebber asked /her/ where she wanted to fly.
Mebbienuff wants her own wing. Crunchcutter. Yah.
Y'sil nods to Atella, "Will just have to check with all the WingLeaders then
and you'll be on your way, Atella.  All for the low low cost of nothing!  But
wait, that's not all!  You also get a handy lil knot to put on your shoulder
(of your jacket thank you.)
Y'sil grins at Nuff, "Well...Cookie wing is in the works.  ;)"
Nuff beams.
Fia cheers.
Airi says, "Every wing has its inactives."
Atella sits on Z'diah's lap till he goes OOOOOOF! and nods at Y'sil. Yah, yah,
we'll see who still wants me when I wander in and start issuing complaints and
orders ;)
Airi pounces Atella and 'nuggles her.
Fia says, "It seems that the real issue is some people want to concentrate on
the non-idlers, and some people think that the idles ones need to be tempted
back. I personally think that the more, the merrier."
Atella says, "After all, we retired WLM types tend to be, errr, what IS the
word I'm looking for?"
Y'sil stuffs Nuff and 'tella into Cookiecutter wing.  "Alright, anyone else
concerned with the wings?  Where to and so forth?"
Bossy?  ;)
Atella laughs, "Airi, silly rider!"
Airi says, "Stubborn and annoying? :>"
Z'diah oooooofs, obliigingly.
Atella says, "That's close."
B'ran says, "Bitchy"
Z'diah double-oofs as Airi lands on him, too.
B'ran ducks
Atella laughs. "Nah, I'm not a bitch. I'm arrogant and opinionated. It goes
with the job ;)
Kazumi thinks she's in the right job then.  ;)
Y'sil will vouch for Kazi.
Atella runs, shrieking, at the idea of sharing a wing with daNuff!
Nuff just cackles.. and *crunches*.
B'ran holds another pan over Ysil's head and plays he-man protector for
Sylke plays she-ra protector for Kaz from B'ran.
Y'sil grins at B'ran, "Another frying pan?  Are you sure that's wise?"  *winks
to Airi.
Kira says, "Does everyone know that Stormcrest is now the weyrleader's wing? 
Before we'd just had the wl's not really leading an IC wing, but decided that
didnt make much sense."
Sylke hms, and hadn't realized that...
Atella pinches Z'diah. On his leg. Till he jumps. And then smirks.
Larkin didn't know. But---"Cool." 
Atella chuckles.
Kitana grins.
Celana says, "It took me a while to realise that post about 5
times before it sunk in..."
Airi grins.
B'ran pinches too... which woman will it be....... 
Fia is hiding, BTW. :)
Atella glares at B'ran. "Nonononono.... OUCH!"
Kira nods.  "Technically T'lis has 2 wingseconds now, too, with Y'sil as
weyrsecond, and Celana as wingsecond.  They'll have to talk with you about how
that works out, though, and who does what, etc."
Larkin wriggles. "Is the meeting over?"
Z'diah jups up, depoisitng airi and atella on the ground.
Airi gives Larkin a cookie to get rid of that restlessness.
Airi oofs and pinches Zeb onna leg.
Y'sil nods to Celana, "Many private meetings need to be done."
Celana thppts to Y'sil. "Excuses...."
Larkin munches happily. Oatmeal. :)
D'thon says, "Heck, I missed Issue 3.  The baby was crying!"
B'ran likes private meetings....
Kira says to B'ran, "I bet you do. ;)"
Sylke giggles!
Kazumi snickers.
Y'sil slides over to Celana, "Only for you would I find excuses."
Z'diah sits back down and puts Airi on one and Atella on the other leg.
Atella looks up from her position on the floor and wraps her arms around her
knees, merely quirking an eyebrow at Z'diah. Of course, he knows that
deceptively mild look.... "So, shall I just put myself on the open market and
see what is bid for my services as a wing rider?"
Celana's eyes roll.
Z'diah waits to see how much Ateella is going to pay for a wingrider
Y'sil snugs Celana tightly.
D'thon says to Atella, "That's pretty much what I did."
Airi would close Atella's market, but we haveta give T'lis a chance :>
"Atella the Barbarian" playing at a theater near you.
Kazumi takes the frying pan from B'ran and aims at Y'sil....  ;)
Atella smirks at Zeb. "Heh."
Sylke hands Kaz a heavier frying pan. :>
Make that "Atella the Hun"
Airi says, "More like what are the wingleaders going to pay to get her ;)"
yeah, that too
Y'sil @hides from Kazi.
Atella laughs. "Well, we'll see."
Airi wriggles her Y'sil-pan for anyone who wants it. :>
Celana smirks and has her Y'sil-pitcher.
Kazumi starts collecting frying pans.
Y'sil looks about, "Hey, this was to discuss Weyr issues, not badger
B'ran wants Atellla the Hun in /our/ wing!
D'thon says, "Issue 4 .... Y'sil Badgering!"
Airi says, "So wingleader activity? Same as weyrleader/ww I assume? ;)"
Sylke liiiikes Issue 4.
Y'sil nods, "Alright, we've covered that.  Issue 5 - Wingleader activity."
Airi says, "Comeon Y'sil, you like it. All the weyr women joining up against
you. You love the attention ;)"
Atella says, "Frankly, I'd like to see more organized activity from the wings
- there's a brick wall after weyrlinghood, and I can envision a lot of
possible activities."
Y'sil says, "But that's not the point, Airi...""
Airi nods with Atella... We used to have a lot planned but no one ever showed
up to wing meetings or practices.
Kira says, "I agree completely, Atella."
Sylke nods to Atella. "Would publicizing the events help more, do you
Kira says to Airi, "Even if no one shows up... *do it anyway*.  Besides,
D'thon will show up. ;)"
Kazumi nods. "I tried several practices and sweeps, etc as wingleader.  I was
lucky if one other wingmember showed up."
D'thon looks at Kira.
Kira hides from D'thon. :)
Airi says, "ALso, my online times are wacky, I'm on mostly late night :p"
Airi says, "Well.. regularly anyway"
D'thon says to Airi, "Problems with irregularity?"
Airi has no problem scheduling rider stuff and being here once a week.
Atella says, "Well, I think that it would be really good if we did the same
sorts of things as we do with the weyrlings. Perhaps take into account normal
active times and try to have the majority of a wing's membership in the same
general active times?"
Fia wishes that there were more things going on with the Weyrlings.
Kira says, "Roleplay attracts roleplay.  If you do it, people will come. 
(hmm, that sounds kinky)   You gotta start somewhere, though."
Airi coughs.. "Sometimes." :>
B'ran notes that Wavecutter jsut did a really fun tp ....even if it got
tangled up in the end with the incident... But the whoel weyr got involved and
even som outweyr types.
Airi says, "Maybe we should start on our own with wing meetings weekly then
have each wing make up things they'd like to do."
Sylke says, "Well, what about a Numbweed Day? That involveds the whol weyr,
and it could be a start."
Airi says, "I know we have a wing mailer we're actually using now, I was glad
to see that."
Kara runs from NumbWeed days!!!
Atella says, "And yes, Saria. A bit of publicizing. And lets go back to
threadfalls, but try to schedule them at different times, so that more of the
active riders can attend. Face it, it is ROUGH to pull most of a wing in for
an early evening threadfall."
Sylke likes the weekly wing-meeting thing. "But can you assure attendance?
Maybe offer some sort of bribe? That sounds awful, but it might work..."
Nuff grins. "Yah. Mebbie organize Wing-oriented rp that also invites
participataion beyond wings, riders, and weyrlings. Like run it for your
/wing/, but if no-one is about, use it to initiate rp with whoever happens to
be active.  Competitions between wings, with the weyrlings, with crafters,
whatever. Something that makes rp more accessible to whoever's about. Invite
them in."
Airi says, "Early evening is /just/ nasty. I was even an hour late for this
Atella says, "Wing meetings, yes."
Airi says, "Heck, if there's a bunch of riders on that want an unscheduled
threadfall, I'd do it."
Kira nods to Nuff, and likes that idea.
D'thon says, "Should we have wings organized more toward time-of-day activity?
 Late night wings?  Early morning wings?  ???"
Atella nods at Airi, "Me, too, sometimes.
Y'sil pitches an Olympic type thing between wings for a special event?
Z'diah says, "yeah, but mid-evening for you two (A&A) sucks for som of us
easterners as being too late."
Sylke nods to Y'sil! "Spring games, like in the books?"
Nuff suggests just organizing for /you/ WHat's fun for you, what you like to
rp, and as everyone has noted, Rp generates rp. :) Whatever it is .  Don't
worry too much about making it HUGE, just make it fun. If you FuN it, they
will come.
B'ran has a suggestiion!
Airi looks at D'thon and nods. "That might be good, to take a wing survey as
online times.. but I know T'lis' times aren't that different from mine. Maybe
put a daytime person in the Tempest slot?
Y'sil nodnods, "Get them against each other, ya know.  ;)"
Kira says to B'ran, "Speak up. :)"
Nuff hehs. Me and Saria will give out gold metals. Get it? Gold medals?
Kitana gets up, smiling.  "I'm being paged for help and I'm losing it in the
spam.  See everyone later."
Kitana walks back out to the landing.
Sylke groans.
Y'sil listens to B'ran.
D'thon says, "True a little *friendly* competition can spark activity."
Nuff ouches!! HEy. Stop thwappign daNuff. She bites.
Airi says, "Maybe have contests into how many riders a wing can get to come to
wing meetings/practices?"
B'ran would like to suggest automated falls. So that any rider can call down
Airi says, "And just keep coming up with things to put the weyrs against each
D'thon calls down thread upon thee and thy house, B'ran.
Y'sil tickles Airi.
Airi says, "put=pit"
Fia says, "IMHO, unplanned falls are more IC. Maybe give a RL hour
Z'diah says, "there's only one weyr."
B'ran says, "Maybe code it to fall over different areas of the moo at
different times , and actually user  the charts in the Atlas... "
Y'sil says, "Many weyrs, one Weyr.  :)"
Airi says, "That might be too much work than fun"
B'ran says, "And we could still have a controller if desired"
Cassa walks in from the landing.
Kara snaps a SALUTE to Cassa.
Kazumi thinks it's finding a controller that's hard.
Nuff wants to go *******whooooooooose*******.
Kira says, "We've talked about setting it up so you can trigger it if you
want, remotely, and it'll start up automatically."
Sylke says, "Do we just need to train more people? I rather like the automated
fall thing."
Cassa returns the weyrling's salute and slips in.
Kira says, "But if nobody was around and/or wanted to fight it, then nothing
would happen."
Y'sil ndos to that with a hi6 to Kira.
Fia salutes Cassa, too, from her corner.
Kira says, "So not forced-automated, just something that wo uld run itself if
you want to be there to do it."
B'ran says, "Hypothetically, Z'diah, Thread is falling all over Pern, not just
our little corner. If we take the threadfall patterns into account when we
automate the thread, then Ista would get hit when it gets hit during the curse
of the Fall season... Just liek on Pern"
Y'sil wavies to Cassa from his corner that's been designated
Sylke says, "Perhaps have it set up so if four riders trigger it, it'll
Kira says, "could do that, yeh."
Sylke says, "Or three, or whatever."
B'ran says, "Between D'thon and Edward, the automated falls can be coded"
Kira says, "Hey dont forget me. ;p"
Atella nods. "Although I still think that a non-automated fall is likely to be
more fun ;) "
Kira says, "Well we could set it up to work either way."
Celana yawns and goes to sleep.
Fia says, "Maybe a combination of both? Have some set times/days for it and
sporadic, too?"
B'ran bows to kira. "And the grand Puba here. ;)" 
Atella turns off the bowl spam from Feylith ;)
D'thon goes to edit Kira's blood.
Z'diah says, "fabo?"
Kira says, "Thats Ms. Poo-bah to you. ;)"
Airi tickles Zeb :p
Cassa giggles.
Kira fends off D'thon's pointed fangs. :)
Kara giggles.
D'thon says, "I vant to edit your blood!  Blah!"
Kira laughs.
Z'diah changs Kira from O+ to ab-
B'ran stands corrected. ;) 
Sylke toys with a wooden steak to plunge into D'thon's heart.
A distant shriek, and the flapping of distant wings is heard... a vampire
firelizard, perhaps?
D'thon says, "So perhaps some automated things to spark activity, not to
control it but to spark it."
Airi gahs.. "The poor wooden cow you got that steak from!"
Celana yawns and goes to sleep.
Sylke ergs, poor bouncy Celana..."Well, I like the idea about a mix of
automated and controlled."
B'ran says, "Right."
Fia beams. :)
Kara nodnods!!!
Y'sil yawns and his arms reach towards the sky and he lays down and
Airi says, "Twould help if we had lots more cool emits too, I'm sure."
Kira says, "So lessee.  We kinda missed wingleader activity, but just to
recap, its 7hrs/week, same as with other leaders."
Kazumi nods.  "Not just a spam fest from the autothread."
Kira thinks WLM's should be held to this activity requirement also.
Atella says, "Ahh, but Airi, you can ALWAYS emit thread, rather than use the
canned emits ;)"
Sylke says, "Do WLM and AWLM count as leaders?"
B'ran says, "Hve the riders add to the Emit databse! A contest even to get it
Cassa thinks, actually, when there is a clutch, WLMs need to have more than 7
Atella says, "Hmmm. I was never a leader, or privy to leaders meetings,
Kazumi nodnods at Cassa.
Fia says, "And preferable, maybe most of the 7 hours being spent with
Weyrlings? :) *subtle hint*"
Kira says, "they are not officially part of the weyr council (which fyi
includes wingleaders, weyrleaders, goldriders, and weyr2nd), no.  but they
have an important job."
Cassa says, "Committed.  Because it is a much more time consuming job than
A drudge gently picks up Celana's sleeping form and walks off.
Kara giggles and stands behind Fia! Nodnodding!
D'thon says to Cassa, "Or has been, anyway."
Z'diah says, "night all, being an esterner, it's way late."
Z'diah walks out.
Fia nods, same here. She's about ready for bed.
B'ran says, "ICLY a WLM is ranked higher than a WEYRSECOND...according to the
books and the DLG"
Kira thinks we're about done.
Atella says, "Although, in my opinion, what the WLM does is every bit as
important as any wingleader, is more time consuming than wingleader, and errr,
last I heard, they ARE wingleader of Weyrling wing, so perhaps these people
are neglected. All the responsibility, none of the perks. "
Cassa thinks if it isn't a time consuming job, weyrlinghood looses a lot. 
Being a weyrling is one of the greatest ways to improve RP and get a
close-knit set of IC friends :)
Nuff nods to B'ran. -- When the topic being discussed related to
B'ran says, "WLM should be a leader and besubscribed to the appropriate WHo
listings, mailers and channels"
Fia says, "WLMs are important. They're the ones that train the Weyrlings to
become riders, and IMO, that's a really important thing. :)"
Kara wants to RP with the WeyrlingMaster someday.
Kazumi nods.  "WLMs have the most influence in the beginning."
Airi thinks we should talk about WLM being added to the weyr council.. they do
more intensive short term work than even the WW cause the candidates aren't as
annoying as weyrlings ;)
Larkin loves wlm's. Now--what did Rarah need?
Atella shrugs. "It's hard when you have to teach how to be good wing riders,
but you aren't really privy to the latest activities among the leaders.
Kira suggests we talk more about it among weyr council, since there's a bit of
an issue about how the current WLM staff was picked.
Cassa nods to Kira, "Certainly."
Atella grins evilly, "Kara, watch out or *I* will come rp with you. And I'm
Atella the Hun in more than teasing names. Ask M'hael. Hehhehheh.
Cassa does think that the wlm, at least, should be on the council.   But that
is my personal opinion. :)
Fia hides behind Kara this time. :)
Cassa grins at Atella, "They've already dealt with *this* ex-AWLM :)
Sylke grins. "Hm, maybe I'm too nice to be an AWLM..."
Fia loves Sylke, even if she doesn't come out to play enough. :)
Kara giggles and enjoys her RP with Sylke.
Sylke grins, and takes the hint.
Kazumi will make up the difference for you Sylke.  ;)
Atella chuckles at Cassa. "Well, you learned the proper attitude from me,
didn't you?"
Airi says, "Um... who is our headwoman?"
Cassa says, "Do we have a headwoman?"
Kira isnt sure.
Caviar chitters, oh no the dreaded ex-WLMs.. :)
Kira says, "Saria oughta know, but she's passed out."
Cassa acutally learned from Nenais, Atella :)
Kira pokes Saria.
Sylke says, "If there's this much of a question of if we even have one, much
less who she is..."
B'ran thnks the WLM should be on the council, should be recognized by his/her
rank as one of the three most importnat IC ranking leaders. That meanes
coucnil, leaders activity list, Leaders @who, leaders mail, leaders channel,
Atella says, "I thought we did, but I haven't seen an official one in a while.
 Do we have a weyr roster?"
Airi thinks we concentrate so much on rider fun and stay in our wing/weyrs so
much that RPing a non-rider in this weyr isn't as fun anymore. RPing cavern
staff is sometimes a /lot/ more fun that ridering and we shoudl try to includ
!riders in our RP more.
Sylke nods to Airi, and again peeps up about the numbweed day. Involves the
entire weyr, staff, dragons, riders, children even.
Kira says, "I'd just like to see all-around more RP.  But that includes
Airi snugs Sylke. "We know you're doing it." ;)
Airi says, "When I was a candidate/weyrling we always had someone in the LC,
there to RP and asking for it."
Atella wrinkles her nose. "Peeyew! Numbweed. Fey and I are gonna go fly
sweeps. In Lemos, maybe.
T'lis steps quietly in from the landing.
B'ran says, "We have a headwoman. Auralie"
Kira notes 'help ista weyr' for the supposed roster.  not sure how often it's
been updated.
Sylke says, "I remember from back before I was a rider at a dinner or
something, there was a wing that appeared in formation above the hold. Perhaps
we should encourage attendance to events like dances, balls, gathers, etc. as
a wing, not as individuals."
Airi says, "Who the heck is Lia?"
Kira says, "nobody now, apparently."
B'ran says, "Auralie is the headwoman"
Kira nods at Sylke, "I'd like to see the wings have more team spirit, etc.  Go
to events, do sweeps, maybe have some inter-wing competition, etc."
Kazumi has to bamph.  Driving mom to the hospital tomorrow.  Maybe I can log
in from home.  See ya'll!
Sylke nods. "Even though there were two riders that were actually connected,
they still attempted to appear in formation from between. I thought that was
sooo cool. :>
Kazumi goes home.
Atella grins. "I used to fly threadfall as an entire wing, just for the heck
of it, emitting my fellow wing members. But that's a lot of work, and gets you
scored if ya ain't careful ;)
T'lis get sback..wee, anyway, what Kira said about wings.  We'd like more wing
spirit.  Do thigns as wings.
Airi says, "Something I've not seen in a long time that D'thon reminded me of
the owther day. When I was a weyrling you took off and RP'd /in order/
wingleader, wingseconds and so on and made sure you knew your position in the
wing at all times.. even moving rooms.. not seen that in a long time. I used
to get berated for moving before someone in front of me. :p"
B'ran has flown MANY falls leading all of wavecutter and emitting for the wing
and OCly I was the only one there.
D'thon blushes.
Airi used to try to get her wing to do it and got pestered for being anal
Atella nods at Airi. "The problem is, with the net the way it is now, too many
people get lagged, and a fifteen minute RP ends up taking an hour ;)
Sylke says, "When I was a 'ling, I remember doing that - practicing flying in
formation around, and swtiching off who was wingleader and who was
Fia nods.
B'ran has a niftly little diagram that shows us the wings..    type wing
Fia says, "OOOOOH! Perty."
B'ran grins.
Fia does have to go now, unfortunatly. Bedtime lurks.
Sylke patpats Fia, night.
Atella says, "Night Fia."
Y'sil hmms, "Anyone have any questions just to be sure we covered
B'ran waves to Fia... and walks her to the door... Anyone looking?
Sylke is looking...
B'ran grins and waves....  to sylke. Yeah
Fia isn't looking. hehe.
D'thon says, "I'll work on something to allow helpful people to be known, and
then on automated RP sparkers."
Sylke looms protectively near Fia.
Cassa grins :)
Atella says, "One of the things to keep in mind, then, is placing people in
wings not only with their friends, but with a similar time of activity. Just
like weyrlings who aren't available for classes, wingmembers who can't rp with
their wing because of time restraints lose out on the fun, and are far more
likely to go idle on us."
Airi says, "OOoh, thnat wing thing with TF colors looks smarmy :>"
Sylke perks up. "Colors? What colors?
Airi says, "Does Th'lin's survey include online times?"
Fia waves.
Fia goes home.
Cassa isn't in that wing thingie.
Airi says, "I think its old, Cassa"
Airi grins at Sylke. "Ask me later."
Cassa says, "Probably from when I was a AWLM> :)"
Sylke nods, will do.
Y'sil looks about, "Any other questions? "
Sylke nods, and points out tha tshe *is* in the wing, but has been transferred
to the 'ling-wing. You can have my spot, Cassa, until I switch back. ;)
D'thon sets aside his role playing tools for now and reluctantly returns to
that part of life that is less dependent upon net access.
D'thon struggles through from Real Life (tm) and arrives on Pern once
D'thon says, "Razzin frazzin net ....."
B'ran the wing thingy is Wavecutter... I thought you wer in our wing.. OH! I
did it when you were teh WLM
D'thon says, "I'll work on something to allow helpful people to be known, and
then on automated RP sparkers."
Nuff chuckles. "Y'konw, a @doing of RP_OK!!!!!" Really does work.
T'lis is usualy always rp_ok
Airi lookies Th'lin's survey...nope.. no active times
Sylke says, "When is that survey do? Or was it due already?"
Airi tackles T'lis for future RP... call early. Importante :>
Airi says, "Thursday or somethign I think. #51 on *ann"
Sylke says, "August 3rd is the deadline."
T'lis nods to Airi
D'thon scoots his chair back and readies to stand.
Kira says, "We'd like to have these all-weyr meetings once a RL month... to
talk about stuff, and open up communication among everyone at the weyr.  That
sound good to everyone?"
B'ran nods!
D'thon also nods!
Sylke nods, too!
Airi says, "Not mondays? :>"
Airi pleads.. only made this monday cause of olympics :>
Kira chuckles.  "We can try to schedule a time that's best for everyone."
Y'sil grins.
Kira says, "But I think we've covered some good stuff tonight, and I hope
everyone felt it was useful/good."
Sylke says, "That'll be tough...And perhaps have a mailing list for a summary
of what happened sent out to all upon request?"
Atella nods. "Can we try for different time frames, however? The 8 CDT is
REALLY tough for some of us to make. I, for example, get off work at 6, and
I'm lucky if I am home by 7 Pacific. Makes it almost a certainty that I won't
be here before 30 minutes late, minimum.
Kira says, "I'll be logging it."
Airi puts this on Y'sil's list to add to the newsletter
D'thon thinks tonight was lawful/good and rolls for initiative.
Kira says, "Also - if you cant make it - send your suggestions along with your
Larkin thinks you should serve refreshments next time. :)
Y'sil ehs to Airi, "What would that be?  BTW, anyone interested in helping
out, lemme know."
Atella glances around. "I don't see the weyrling wingleader ;)"
Airi says, "The whole meeting, silly ;)"
Nuff pokes Atella. "Well, I nebber saw my wlm either." :)
Atella ducks and hides.
Sylke says, "P'raps get in touch with wingleader or wingsecond."
Y'sil ohs, okay.  Plodplod.
Nuff eeps. "OH HEY!!!!! Did the idea of a weyr-party Game-wide oriented come
up at all?"
Sylke says, "Well, I for one sense a definate air, and am gonna show up more
for RP for the lings. :>"
Nuff says, "Anybuddy wanna throw a party>?"
Atella says, "Ahh, but I announced from the start that work had taken over my
life. It was intended to be Ophe's training period, not Atella's ;) She needed
to learn what it was like, Nuffie."
Kara says, "Can we throw a Dragonet Birthday party?"
Nuff giggles. I think you should Kara!
D'thon pictures dragonets trying to blow out candles and accidentally
incinerating the Weyr.  Film at eleven.
Airi wimpers.. "Rinith is coming up on 11 turns." :P
Nuff says, "But I was thinking more of smeothign oriented and more accessible
to non-riders."
Nuff says, "Like a ball or somesuch."
Sylke says, "They wouldn't blow _out_ the candles, they'd light the durn
Airi says, "A ball might be fun"
Airi says, "Costumes and such.. contests.."
Larkin perks up. "A dance??" :)
Sylke says, "Well, I'd love to organize the Numbweed thing, but I'm going out
of town for a couple weeks on Thursday. Hm, mayhaps when I get back."
D'thon says, "Last night's beach party went pretty well.  The kids party went
well.  Fletcher's ball did well."
Larkin just wants to look pretty. No costumes. Just bee-yooootiful.
T'lis says, "We could do Spring Games.  Inter-wing competition combined with a
Sylke says, "And rewards for the winners of the Games?"
T'lis nods.  "Yep."
Cassa oooohs, "ball could be fun. :)
D'thon says, "I'll bet B'ran would volunteer to come up with the rewards for
*some* winners."
Kira snickers.
T'lis gris. "We could lop off his fingers and tie them to necklaces ;)
Sylke grins. "Perhaps integrating the rewards with the gather - members of the
winning wing get credit at certain booths, the credit being donated in
advance. Like a tanner says that he'll give the winning wing members 3 marks
credit at his booth.
Nuff grins. "Games might be fun, yes."
Airi says, "Spring games would be good."
B'ran volunteers to be the prize for the lady winners. ;)
Sylke says, "B'ran, what if you *are* one of the winners?"
T'lis watches as all teh females try to loose..
B'ran peers at T'lis... Hey...
Airi laughs, tickling B'ran. "Don't wnat you too exhausted to fly!"
Sylke snorts at T'lis's comment.
D'thon sees the posts flying to *gripe already.  ;>
Nuff will throw Fish-eggs out for the games if someone wants to do them.
Nuff laughs!! How about a Carnival?
Cassa ohhs.  What if ladys want a lady, B'ran?
Nuff says, "Dunk tank. Ha. Kissin'booth. Kiss'n dragon booth."
Cassa giggles, "Carnival.  Oooh :)
Nuff says, "Paint the dragon contest. :P"
Caviar suggests maybe an open day/gather/spring games as T'lis suggested?
Nuff says, "Cookie contest."
D'thon says, "A cookie bake-off"
Nuff says, "Ha."
Nuff hi5s D'thon!!
T'lis nods. "Spread it over 2 or 3 days.  Big weyr bash.
Nuff says, "Tuber-sack race. ;)"
Kira says, "so lets do it.  someone wanna be in charge of planning this
Airi thinks she could donate a few more eggs.
Sylke says, "I can donate a couple green eggs, methinks."
D'thon eeks and runs away.
Nuff is still recovering from the Hatchiing.  -- And might be gonish on
Holidays (Wheee! In a few weeks for a few weeks).
Airi says, "HOw many eggs would we need?? *hopeful look that it won't be many*
Y'sil can drop in whatever Glade can produce if he ever gets on his arse and
has a flight.
Nuff would think 3 eggs really...?
Nuff says, "Or whatever depending on the games."
T'lis can help plan, sure.
Cassa oohs. a nd glances at her fls.  I think I'm unable to give fl eggs, but
could desc some :)
Nuff says, "Have lots of NPC's win STUPID NPC EGGS."
Cassa giggles :)
Atella has a green that could rise, and so does my twin, who might be
persuaded to donate the get to the weyr.
Yokel says, "Gawrsh, Ah wun me a egg!  A hyuck!  A hyuck!"  :)
Nuff hrms. "OKAY... we still need someone to Organize?"
Sylke says, "So we've got plenty of people willing to donate green flit eggs.
I'd be willing to organize, but I'm going out of town Thursday, and won't be
back until mid-August. :/ "
D'thon is sufferring from severe party-organizing burn-out.
T'lis says, "I'll help organise.  It'll take more than one person, I'd be
Kira snugs D'thon.
D'thon is snugged.  Thanx!
Sylke nods to T'lis. "Good point. Perhaps a Carnival Committee?
Kara raises her hand!
D'thon raises his children.
Atella says, "I'm up to my eyeballs elseM* with stuff that needs to get done,
but if it's something simple, like a desc or two, or something, certainly I'll
Cassa grins, "If ya'll want, I could head a committee.  But only if losta
people wanted to be ont he committee.  I've got limited time :)
Airi can help.
Airi likes Committeeeeee :>
Airi raises D'thon's children.. ooh, that' sounds bad.
Sylke says, "The more people on the committee, the more likely you are to get
at least soem of them on. So, we've got T'lis, Airi, Cassa, D'thon's kids,
Kara, anyone else?"
Larkin raises a flag--and salutes. Bye. ;)
Kara says, "I don't know about the others but I think it would be super SPIFF
if the Weyrlings could organize it.""
Sylke hms, now that's an idea...
D'thon razes an abandoned building.
Larkin falls asleep.
Kara says, "We could RP going to riders for fire lizards eggs for the
contests. :) We could RP building or helping to build booths.""
Sylke says, "Only problem is the 'lings being restricted to the weyr..."
Kara says, "Soon we'll be able to go to the Beach. :) Have it there."
B'ran hms.... I /like/ that idea, Kara!
Atella says, "I can probably find time to assist on committee, but I DO have
limited time for the next few weeks, so keep that in mind."
D'thon says, "Beach Party!  No!  Help!  Make it stop!"
Cassa grins at Kara.  SOunds great. :)
Nuff grins at Kara. Yah, I'd put the lings in charge of building. :)
Sylke nods. "Welll, as long as the weyrlings don't shirk lesson duties for the
Nuff says, "And the egg rp. Heheheheh. Ask /everyone/ whether they have a
firelizard or not./"
Sylke says, "Weyrlings in charge, with older riders helping out?"
Nuff giggles. "Heck! STeal the eggs."
Kara nodnods!
Nuff says, "IF you have to. Ha."
Kira is gonna head home, I'm tired.  "The room is logging, just be aware."
Nuff snugs Kira!!!!!!
D'thon says, "Great, she's gone.  Now let's diss Kira. ;>"
Airi hugs!
Atella says, "Okay, night, Kira."
Sylke points to teh logging room...
Kira pokes D'thon.
D'thon chuckles.
Kira waves bye, thanks for coming, yall. :)
Atella is gonna go soon, too. Been a long, awful day IRL, and I'm dead
Kira wanders back out to the landing.
Airi snugs Tella
T'lis thinks he needs refuge from spam as wel...
Atella says, "AND I still have work I need to do. "
T'lis steps quietly back out to the landing.
D'thon says to Atella, "Oooo!  you said the 'W' word!"
Sylke says, "Wimps." *grin* Of course, I dont' have much of a life, so I don't
really have that much else to do...
Kara says, "I'll ask the others but I think it would be SPIFF!""
Atella covers her mouth. "Ooops, sorry, I really should watch my tongue
D'thon makes a note:  'spiff'
Caviar wonders if RP has been talked about too...
Nuff laughs. "YHes. We should talk about Rp less and do more of it."
Sylke says, "RP seminar, possibly? Did that ever com eup?"
D'thon says, "RP?  Nope nope nope."
Kazumi walks carefully in from the landing.
Nuff spiffs D'thon.
D'thon is spiffed.
A drudge gently picks up Larkin's sleeping form and walks off.
Caviar waves a wing beofre heading home... seeya!
Caviar flits ::between:: with a hop, skip and waddle!
Atella is in a horrid mood, so I'd best go before I get grumpy at y'all for no
reason other than stress and headaches. Bye.
D'thon says, "Bye!"
Kazumi wonders what's up on the table now?  *wave to Atella*
Airi wavewaves!
Atella steps gracefully back out to the landing.
Y'sil is parading on the table, half sloshed.
Kazumi cools!  ;)
Kara says, "I'll ask the others if they want to help if even three of us want
to I think we can do it!""
Cassa giggles at Kara's enthusiasm.  Sure :)
D'thon says, "I think I've got a pretty full plate.  A 'helpful' verbie and
some auto-RP-sparker verbies.  Ya'll take care and play nice!"
D'thon stands and walks over to the door out to the landing.
D'thon says, "Hasta la gression, muchachos!"
D'thon walks back out to the landing.
disappears into the sea of candidates.
Sylke says, "So, is the meeting officially over?"
Airi says, "I'd say that. :>"
Airi strides quickly back out to the landing.
Cassa walks back out to the landing.
Kara goes home.
Rarah says, "Who is the Official here?"
B'ran says, "Official what?"
Rarah says, "The one who says the meeting starts and stops."
B'ran calls the meeting officially over ;)
Y'sil called is, so...  "The meeting is over."
B'ran strides in silent alacrity back out to the landing.
Sylke strides gracefully back out to the landing.
Rarah walks back out to the landing.
Kazumi walks carefully back out to the landing.

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