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D'thon's Party/Storytelling Cruise to Silver Cove

40th day of Summer, 7th Turn, 10th Pass (July 28th 1996)

logged by Kira

On the docks: Angel glides happily off of The Sisters' Silhouette.
Jerran smliles, "Yes, It looks as though you are saved fletcher."
Bandar bows politely to Lark.  "My name is Bandard, expert treasure 
hunter.  I remember you from the dining hall the other day.  You seemed... 
interested in my travels," he says evasively, walking around to stand 
beside her with his back to the railing.
Kiara absent mindedly starts singing
Fletcher shakes his head to Jerran.  "I could almost see the posting in 
the great hall- Lord Fletcher eatern by crew.  Story in the Mug at 
Aft, Gyrel has arrived.
On the docks: Angel chirps a greeting to the sea pets
Gyrel steps quietly up some steps from the mid-deck.
D'thon walks in from the mid-deck.
Kiara As the waves do roll, O'er the ocean, and the sails blow in the 
Aleta looks a little distant as she works on formulating a marvelous story 
in her head.  Of course, she already knows most of it, but...  It still 
takes thought, you know?
Jerran chuckles, "But great ballads could be writen about that!"
Gyrel turns to D'thon, "Are we ready sir?"
Lark chuckles lightly, tossing her hair back over one shoulder, "Well, I'm 
always interested in people's travels...especially treasure hunters.  I 
never did travel much myself and always thought it would be an interesting 
life to lead."
With a large yawn and a soft sigh, Heather falls asleep.
On the docks: Devis walks in from the hold courtyard.
D'thon says to Gyrel, "Yes, thank you!"
On the docks: Devis walks aboard The Sisters' Silhouette
Devis walks across a gangplank to the ship.
On the docks: Brohlin walks aboard The Sisters' Silhouette
Brohlin walks across a gangplank to the ship.
Gyrel nods and shout, "Prepare to sail!"
On the docks: Swimming with Bab, Lacyene treads, looking over at the other 
dolphincrafters.  "You guys all ready?"
Gyrel steps quietly up some steps towards the back of the ship.
Aft, Gyrel steps quietly in from the rear deck.
On the docks: Swimming with Lee, Gwenna holds on to Lee's dorsal fin and 
nods, grinning.
On the docks: Lee cries with glee, "Let's go!"
On the docks: Gilly nods, coming up late an squees softly, "Ready!"
Sailors rush about droping lines, pulling ropes and other things as the 
ship slowly pulls away from the dock.
On the docks: Swimming with Belil, Sabriah grins and nods, "Let's go."
Bandar nods to Lark.  "Is that so?  Well, have any particular interest in 
persuing perhaps one little adventure into the unknown?"

The Sisters' Silhouette (#227)
Main Deck of the Ship
You stand on a extremely long ship.  It stands about 7 paces wide and near 
to 35 paces long.  The almost slim nature of the boat allows it to cut 
through the seas with much ease.  The each mast stands almost a a dragon 
length in the air.  Each one holds a sail striped blue and white, the 
colors of Seacraft.  In the center of each of the sails looks to be a 
drawing of three dark circles, interlinked side-by-side.  The railings and 
outer shell of the ship are polished to a golden brown that glows in the 
light.  What stands out to you is the black deck that almost absorbs the 
light from the sun above.
You can see that this ship is kept in neat, an almost startling order to 
it.  Everything seems to have it's place, and the sailors know what they 
are.  But the crew seems to be happy, and you note young.  Maybe a couple 
of older sailors are here and there, but most of them seem to be relivily 
younger than sailors that you have seen on The Levithan, The Gypsy Kitten, 
or any other ship about the seas.  But everything seems to be fine, and 
the sailors seems to be busy and they know what they're doing.
For thoses who wish to look outside of the boat, You can 'watch' the area 
about the ship.
There are exits to the Fore [F], Aft [A], and Down [D] into the cargo 
The refreshing smell of the salty seas wavers in the air.
  A small foresail billows in the wind.  A huge blue-white mainsail 
billows in the wind.
Hanging from the rigging is Whisper.
You notice SeaCraft and Efette asleep here.
Jeffrey, Heather, Fletcher, Aleta, Jerran, Bandar, Kiara, Lark, D'thon, 
Devis, and Brohlin are here.

Devis walks towards the front of the ship.
On the bow, Devis walks in from the fore deck.
Kiara sings 'A maid stands on the shore and sighs...'
On the docks: Swimming with Bab, Lacyene grins, looking down and 
scritching Bab's melon with her other hand.  Then she calls out, up to the 
boat, "We're ready when you are, sir..."
Cashar walks in from the mid-deck.
Kira settles in a seat by the rail.
Kiara walks towards the front of the ship.
On the bow, Kiara walks in from the fore deck.
On the docks: Swimming with Lee, Gwenna rubs Lee's back cheerfully and 
watches as the ship slowly pulls out of the docks.
On the docks: Zakia swims in from the north.
The ship starts to rock as it clears the docks and moves out to sea.
Jerran moves over to a railing and takes a seat, looking out over the 
Daenar blinks in from ::between::!
On the docks: You go east.
At sea: Sea Near Ista Hold
At sea:   The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll up to the white sandy 
beaches of Ista Hold's cove.  The Hold itself stands out from the cliff 
face on the south end of the cove.  As you look directly westward, past 
the main beach, you see a wide grassy valley stretching up the ridge and 
into the hills.
At sea:   It is a summer evening.  
At sea: To the northwest, you see one ship.
At sea: To the west, you see one firelizard and one person.
At sea: Obvious exits:
At sea: North     Hold Cove     Docks     Southwest
At sea: Bab swims in from the Ista Hold Docks.
At sea: Lee swims in from the Ista Hold Docks.
At sea: Belil swims in from the Ista Hold Docks.
Lark laughs, "I might be persuaded into going along on one."
D'thon inhales the refreshing sea spam ... uh, sea air.  ;>
At sea: Gilly swims in from the Ista Hold Docks.
Cashar says, "AHH Good to be back at sea"
Aleta settles in to watch the water (and spam) and consider.  A small 
smile crosses her face as she inhales deeply.  Lovely day...
On the bow, Kiara says, "Yes, it always is... Even after..."
At sea: Swimming with Belil, Sabriah coughs as she takes in a nice 
mouthful of sea water. "Belil, not so fast!" The dolphin speeds along 
beside the ship, skimming the water in places.
Brohlin looks over the gunwhale, to peer as the 'fins and riders 
At sea: Swimming with Lee, Gwenna laughs as Lee bumps over waves,whistling 
in tuneless but musical delight.
The seas are calm, and the smell of salt is heavy in the air as the ship 
moves with the rythem of the sea.
On the bow, Kiara walks off towards the mid-deck.
Kiara walks in from the mid-deck.
At sea: Gilly grins up at Brohlin as only a dolphin cans and sprays up bit 
of water up there, chittering excitedly.
At sea: Swimming with Bab, Lacyene grins, raising her free hand in 
greeting toBrohlin.
Bandar smiles softly to Lark.  "Is that so?  Well, have a seat here with 
me," he invites as he takes a seat.
At sea: Lee flicks water playfully towards the observers, burbling with 
Jerran looks over the edge and waves to the dolhins and dolphineers, 
"Hello there!"
At sea: Belil squees at the ship and all the people! "Play taaagg!"
Brohlin waves down to Lacyene admiringly, watching her skill and the 
dolphin she rides' grace. he looks at Gilly and that fin's rider and waves 
On the bow, Shaolyn sighs and takes a seat up near teh bow...looking off 
into teh open sea...
D'thon chuckles at the dolphins playing.
At sea: Swimming with Lee, Gwenna waves wildly to Brohlin, and Jerran as 
well. "Hi!" She yells to all in general.
Lark smiles, taking the seat with a sigh as she rests tired legs, "I just 
came from finishing up the games at the very end of my niece's turnday 
party and I must say, it is exhausting work!"
Jerran chuckles, "I would play tag but I'm on the boat!"
Kiara says, "I can imagine it is!"
At sea: Lee squees to Belil. "Yes! Tag!"
With a large yawn and a soft sigh, Heather falls asleep.
At sea: Swimming with Bab, Lacyene grins, looking down at the streak of 
fin she's hanging onto.  "Bab!" The fin raises her head, grinning in that 
dolphinish way, and keeps going, calling out, "Can't catch me, Belil!"
Jerran chuckles over the side, "Smiles I would if I could.="
Brohlin glances around curiously
Brohlin walks up some steps towards the back of the ship.
Aft, Brohlin walks in from the rear deck.
Aft, Brohlin walks down some steps towards the mid-deck.
Brohlin walks up some steps from the mid-deck.
At sea: Belil looks disapointed, and doesn't seem to get why the people 
can't just jump in the water with him, but gets over that quickly as he 
darts after Bab, squeeing excitedly.
From her shy perch on Aleta's shoulder, Persephone peers at the thingies 
in the water, and promptly twines herself /tightly/ about herpet's neck. 
"Erk..." Reluctantly, she is untwined, and Aleta smiles. "Buck up, kiddo. 
They're just dolphins."
Brohlin walks towards the front of the ship.
On the bow, Brohlin walks in from the fore deck.
On the bow, Shaolyn looks up, "hello
On the bow, Brohlin walks up to the frontof the ship
On the bow, Brohlin waves warmly to Shaolyn, "Hello there! See anything 

Amieth senses that Yssath's thoughts meld with her rider's.  Thoughts of 
happiness, delights, childre, her love for her mate.  Her mate, an 
alacritous young man.  His and their love.  Echos of his and her voices 
perhaps can be heard.  Thoughts of children laughing and crying, climbing 
up and down a bulky brinze or about a lithe green.   All her loves visages 
pour forth like a bursting dam.  Eac and ever one of them could almost 
bear heard called by the dragon, B'ran, Elaida, Leilani, Celana, Jane, 
Damina, Airi, Rarah, Stefanie, Gawain, Y'sil and more  <> her thoughts 
fade into the coldness of between.  Gone forever.
Amieth senses that she keens sadly as Yssath leaves them, gone between for 
all time.
Amieth senses that Nhamarath sends out his own keens, long, sorrowful, 
haunted, their frosted toucgh spreading to all.
Amieth senses that Ilsinth turns her head skyward as she KEENS her agony 
at losing someone from her mindsense. She continues long and sadly.
Amieth senses that Zalith keens from his ledge, an errie, desolate sound, 
as he sits upon his hindlegs, head arched to the sky.
Amieth senses that Kimianth keens loudly, hunched from her ledge the noise 
permeating the air and the minds of the dragons at the loss.
Amieth senses that Synth turns her head upward reaching up on her hind 
legs to keen a haunted sound filled with agony and errieness. 
Amieth senses that Pintarryth thinks << Yssath?? >>
Amieth senses that she rumbles sadly to Pintarryth.  << She is gone. >>
Amieth senses that Tiareth's answer, sleep-drenched as it is, tingles at 
first with awakening aareness as she shifts on her ledge and ripples 
dust-dry and brittle.  For a long moment she just rests, tasting and 
testing before she answer the keening with a low bone-deep whine that 
builds and builds and builds;  shared sorrow, shared affection, she joins 
the song for the death of the dragon.
Amieth senses that she curls up on the sand, her thoughts gray with grief 
as she mourns for Yssath.
Amieth senses that Yarath's thoughts swirl madly around grief.  << gone.    
 why? >>
Amieth senses that Risath joins in with sounds of pure anguished grief, 
burnt and brittle, gray tinged tones of sadness.
Amieth senses that Kimianth spreads her thoughs over the young dragonets, 
her physical nearness helping her damp out the waves of shock and distress 
echoing throughout the weyr.
Amieth senses that Quarith raises her head, ululating a high piercing keen 
for the lost Yssath.
Amieth senses that Tiareth's maternal instincts kick in, albeit belatedly, 
and she too extends an umbrella of damask and soft cotton over the 
youngest dragons. There, still, the passing of the One, but muted now as 
dam soothes and comforts with childish primary colors and soft, amazing 
soft considering the source, tones.
Amieth senses that Dharmath screams from his ledge where in the silence 
the last wisp of that which is yssath reaches out and touches his mind. As 
the great whine of the tsumani builds wreaks sorrow and desolation upon 
the land of men, Dharmath's mournful keen swirls and careens through the 
minds of all. <> And sadness, heavier than death washes over...

The ship seems to be rocking a bit more as it heads into rougher 
On the bow, Shaolyn smiles, 'nothing yet....

At sea: You go southwest.
At sea: Sea Near Skiff Cove
At sea:   This small cove nestles under the ridge just south of Ista 
Hold.  The Hold's large docking cavern entrance is just to the northwest, 
while the Hold itself and Hold Cove is to the northeast.  During 
threadfree days, the beaches and waters of Skiff cove are often occupied 
by small daysailers, as the apprentice Seacrafters from Ista Hold hone 
their sailing skills on the small craft before moving up to the bigger 
At sea:   It is a summer evening.  
At sea: Obvious exits:
At sea: Northeast     Skiff Cove     Southwest

At sea: Belil swims in from the northeast.
At sea: Bab swims in from the northeast.
At sea: Lee swims in from the northeast.

At sea: You go southwest.
At sea: Sea Along Istan Coast
At sea:   The warm blue waters of the ocean roll up to the white sandy 
beaches of a cove, just northwest of here.  Forests stretch down from the 
tops of the Istan ridges all the way to the waterline.  You look for any 
distinctive landmarks in this cove, but don't see any.
At sea:   The coastline continues to the northeast and southwest, curving 
around this end of the Island.
At sea:   It is a summer evening.  
At sea: Obvious exits:
At sea: Northeast     Southwest

At sea: Bab swims in from the northeast.

At sea: You go southwest.
At sea: Sea Along Istan Coast
At sea:   The warm blue waters of the ocean roll up to the white sandy 
beaches of a cove, just north of here.  Forests stretch down from the tops 
of the Istan ridges all the way to the waterline.  You look for any 
distinctive landmarks in this cove, but don't see any.
At sea:   To the northwest, seacliffs block off the ocean.   Northeast the 
coastline continues around this side of the island.
At sea:   It is a summer evening.  
At sea: Obvious exits:
At sea: Northeast     West

Kira freezes, her face going pale.
At sea: Belil swims in from the northeast.
At sea: Lee swims in from the northeast.
At sea: Bab swims in from the northeast.
On the bow, Brohlin smiles in return,"Won't be long, can you see the 
dolphins below?"

At sea: You go west.
At sea: Sea Along Southern Seacliffs
At sea:   Seacliffs block off the coastline to the northeast, dropping 
nearly a dragonlength from the top of the cliffs to the crashing waves 
below.  Rocks near the cliffside form dangerous hazards for boats, so it's 
best not to get too close to the cliff.
At sea:   It is a summer evening.  
At sea: Obvious exits:
At sea: East     Northwest

Jerran smiles, "Anyone want some music?"
At sea: Belil swims in from the east.
At sea: Bab swims in from the east.
At sea: Lee swims in from the east.
Kiara says, "Music? I'd love some!"
Bandar hmmmms softly to Lark.  "Children can be exhausting indeed.  
Exploring never gives one a chance to settle down- I've never had children 
of my own.  In any event, I have a proposition for you, Rider Lark...  You 
surely heard me describe the place I wish to make an expedition for?"
Cashar grins at Jerran "yep we do"
D'thon says, "Hear!  Hear!  Music!"
Jerran smiles, "Here goes then."
At sea: Swimming with Bab, Lacyene looks up at the cliffs, somewhat 
Jerran begins slowly, working up to the coming tune. Suddenly he and the 
other harpers on the platform launch into a speedy tune. Flutes to lips 
and Guitars and Harps to fingers. The tune is fat paced but not tiring 
really. You begin to sway ever so slightly with the tune as the flutes 
pipe up and share in the song.
Fletcher looks over to Kira and raises an eyebrow to her.  "Do you get 
seasick, Weyrwoman?" he asks her gently.
The ship seems to be close to the rocks as you look off the starboard of 
the ship.
At sea: Swimming with Lee, Gwenna wraps one arm as far around Lee's back 
as it will reach, holding tight to his dorsal with the other, gazing at 
the ominous cliffs.
Lark frowns slightly, trying to remember that time back at the hold 
dinner, "Yes...I can recall you talking about that a bit..."
Kiara happily begins to dance
D'thon tries to get up and dance a bit but he hasn't quite got his sea 
At sea: Swimming with Belil, Sabriah glances at the cliffs and at 
Lacyene's face. "It's okay, Lacy, you have a whole bunch of fins to help 
you if anything goes wrong.

At sea: You go northwest.
At sea: Sea by Volcano Cove
At sea:   Just northeast of here, the ocean washes up upon the tell-tale 
blacksands of a cove.  You can see a dock and the signs of a small 
cothold.  Behind it looms the mountains of Ista, covered, for the most 
part, in forests stretching all the way down to the coastline.
At sea:     To the north, the imposing pinnacle of Ista Weyr reaches into 
the sky, dominating the horizon.  Southeast, the coastline cuts off into a 
sheer seacliff.
At sea:   It is a summer evening.  
At sea: Obvious exits:
At sea: Northwest     Southeast

Kira turns away from the activity, looking out to sea with tears in her 
At sea: Bab swims in from the southeast.
At sea: Lee swims in from the southeast.
Jeffrey glances around, watching out to the water.
On the bow, Shaolyn says, "nice view from up here...."
D'thon says to Kira, "What is it, Kira?  You all right?"
At sea: Belil swims in from the southeast.
At sea: Swimming with Bab, Lacyene nods to Brie, still looking rather 
nervous...and happy as they turn away.
On the bow, Brohlin hmms, and considers his options. He can'thelp but 
notice Kira's change of mood as well
On the bow, Brohlin see's that D'thon has things under control, and nods 
to Shaolyn, smiling again, "Yes, it's very clear...and calm tonight"
Kira looks up at D'thon, her face sad.  "Yssath is gone."
Bandar reminds Lark, "A vale with lush trees larger than those at 
Southern, veins of metals running exposed to the air, pieces of amber just 
lying on the ground!  An absolute paradise if ever I've seen one and I've 
traveled every inch of Pern.  And I want to go back.  With a Miner, a 
Farmer, some Healers, and transportation.  I have the former two 
D'thon says, "What!?"
Jerran sways a bit with the weaving tune, playing on, giving a fairly fast 
dance melodybut not a tiering one.
Fletcher looks up a bit sharply and asks, "Katherine?"
On the bow, Shaolyn notes teh comotion from teh deck.."whats going on over 
Lark nods, "Ah, yes of course! I remember now...I thought it sounded 
Aleta stands a bit, steadying herself on something-or-other.  She frowns, 
and sits back down.  The talk is completely beyond her, but she isn't 
risking her ankles on a moving floor.
Kiara hugs Kira, letting her know without words that she sympathizes
Kira sighs and nods to Fletcher.  "Yes."
On the bow, Brohlin scratches his cheek, and thinks, "I'm not sure...but 
it doesn't seem good"
The Harpers play on, bouncing with thier own beat. A couple of Guitarists 
lower their tones and keep a steady underbeat. After a few moments the 
other Guitarists move up in pitch while Jerran skillfuly takes his part of 
the tune higher and higher unil it is almost as high as the Flutists.

At sea: You go northwest.
At sea: Sea Near Ista Weyr
At sea:   The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll east to the black sand 
beach below Ista Weyr.  The Weyr dominates the eastern horizon in all its 
magnificence, its five-pointed rim seeming to reach skyward into the 
clouds, it is so vast and  high.  From here you can see through the gap in 
the western bowl, and into the bowl itself, many hundreds of dragonlengths 
distant.  Below the Weyr bowl, the plateau slopes down to the beach.  
Forests flank the outer rim of the weyr on all sides.
At sea:   It is a summer evening.  
At sea: Obvious exits:
At sea: Weyr     North     Southeast

At sea: Bab swims in from the southeast.
At sea: Belil swims in from the southeast.
Fletcher frowns deeply to this information, looking quite sad.  
"That's...  Shards," he says, speechless.
At sea: Lee swims in from the southeast.
D'thon heaves a deep sigh.
At sea: Belil sees the people on the boat looking unhappy and squees in 
protest. "Smile!"
Kiara  begins to dance in a different manner, one that seems to show the 
feelings of everyone around her
Empath that Aleta is, she comes back from her faraway world and frowns.  
She asks of whoever happens to be near her, "What happened?"
Bandar nods slowly to Lark, oblivious to the other disturbance.  "It would 
be lovely to make a Hold there.  Think of it- people could have time to 
enjoy life.  It wouldn't all be toil.  I even saw a spot for a Weyr.  It's 
perfect, I know it!  But I can't sail there, I need another way to take 
the trip and the explorers."
Lark sighs and rubs at her aching shoulders, looking out over the water a 
Efette goes down belowdecks.
Efette comes up.
At sea: Lee looks at the crowds with a puzzled gleam inhis shining black 
Aft, Gyrel calls down to the mid-deck, "D'thon?  Can I see you a 
On the bow, Shaolyn walks out.
Lark turns slowly, " need to go dragonback?  I'd be glad to take 
the group..."
You notice Kiara looking at you.
D'thon walks up some steps towards the back of the ship.
Aft, D'thon walks in from the rear deck.
Aft, D'thon says, "Yes, Gyrel?"
Jerran smiles with the tune, eyes closed. he plays on and on, giving the 
dancers a lang chance to prove themselvs.
Danae goes down belowdecks.
Kiara dances with the music
Efette sways in with a sensual step, a smile for everyone in the room 
towards the front of the ship.
On the bow, Efette sways in with a sensual step, a smile for everyone in 
the room in from the fore deck.
Bandar grins brightly to Lark. "Indeed?  You'd be up for a share of the 
profits, in addition to the excitement of seeing a place on Pern untouched 
by human hands!  I don't think even firelizards know about it- I didn't 
see any around and about."
On the bow, Efette sways in with a sensual step, a smile for everyone in 
the room off towards the mid-deck.
Efette sways in with a sensual step, a smile for everyone in the room in 
from the mid-deck.
Aft, You overhear Gyrel mutter, "Just a question. ... getting a ... ... 
... one ... my flitters. ... a ... gold (almost ... on the ... part) head 
is on fire... ... ... But she's ..." to D'thon.
Aft, You overhear D'thon mutter, "All ... know is that ... ... ..." to 
Aft, Gyrel nods.
Aft, You overhear D'thon mutter, "An ... ... for ... ..." to Gyrel.
Nadia goes down belowdecks.
Jerran smliles ending the tune and noticing the dancer, he steps down over 
to Kiara, "That was lovely danceing you did."
Lark smiles a bit, "It sounds wonderful, I'd love to go."
Aft, You overhear Gyrel mutter, "... thats ... it.... ... ... be... 
firehead?" to D'thon.

At sea: You go north.
At sea: Sea Near Silver Cove
At sea:   The warm blue waters of the ocean roll into this small cove, its 
white sand beaches shining brilliantly.  The trees seem thick and close to 
the shore, but you do notice a pier on the north end of the cove, so 
someone must live here.
At sea:   To the north along the coast are more coves.  South of here, you 
can glimpse the five-pointed mountain rim of Ista Weyr.
At sea:   It is a summer evening.  
At sea: Obvious exits:
At sea: Cove     North     South

Cashar smiles at Jerran "Bravo Lovely"
At sea: Bab swims in from the south.
At sea: Lee swims in from the south.
Jerran doesn't notec the praise.
Kiara smiles back at Jerran. "I love dancing. It's not often I get such 
lovely music to dance to!" Her smile grows to include all the Harpers.
From Jeffrey's shoulder, Choco chirps at Whisper. <>
On the bow, Brohlin walks off towards the mid-deck.
Brohlin walks in from the mid-deck.
Whisper ducks behind a mast, hiding from Jeffery's gaze.
Bandar grins to Lark. "Excellent.  As I gave Kjeld, I'll give you the 
three mark retainer as promise of the journey.  Once I get a couple 
Healers, we can head out for a brave new world!" he says, maybe a spark of 
hysteria edging his voice.
Brohlin waves to BAb and Lee, as they swim almost even with the ship. They 
are really fast!
The harpers thank her and move around to mingle.
Efette leans against a railing, feeding little bits of Wherry to her new 
little brown.  Barley snatches them up greedily, creeling for more
Jeffrey listens quietly as Bandar speaks.
Jerran smiles, "Thank you... I mean we all thank you."
Aft, Gyrel sighs and shakes his head.  "All I can say is I don't like 
whatever Im getting from her."
Lark nods, "All right. I'm sure Cvinth would be glad to go exploring too." 
she even grins a bit, "We don't get out all that much."

At sea: You go east.
At sea: Silver Cove
At sea:   The turquoise waters of the cove rise and fall gently as the 
ocean swells roll into the beaches to the east.  The water is crystal 
clear, and you can see down to the white sandy bottom of the cove, where 
schools of yellowtail and silvery fingerfish dart among the waves.   You 
see a small pier extending from the north beach of the cove, and you can 
just barely make out some sort of structure through the trees just beyond 
the north beach.
At sea:   It is a summer evening.  
At sea: To the east, you see one firelizard and two people.
At sea: To the northeast, you see Amieth, Yarath, one firelizard, and one 
At sea: You see Teala here.
At sea: Obvious exits:
At sea: Main Beach     North Beach     Ocean     South Beach

At sea: Lee swims in from the west.
At sea: Bab swims in from the west.
Cashar takes the cue from Jerran. He slowly walks to the place recently 
vacated by Jerran. Slowly and wuitly he begins to tune his gitar. Suddenly 
with a sudden fervor he begins. The tune a simpleone and very slow. Cashar 
is trying to catch the intimacy of the moment!
Etzal twitters and lifts up lifgtly to perch on the edge of said box, 
peering around for something that looks like it has nummies in it.
Bandar chuckles softly to Lark.  "Mmmm, good!  Having a dragon around 
would be excellent.  They're such nice creatures.  I've worked with them 
before- they can always get to those spots no one else can on Pern.  How 
far can... ahh, Cvinth? fly before he or she needs to rest?"
Jerran smlies at cashar, swaying with the music, slowly starting into a 
At sea: Belil swims in from the west.
Aft, D'thon walks down some steps towards the mid-deck.
D'thon walks up some steps from the mid-deck.
Kiara dances with Jerran
Heather stretches and shakes out her long body as she gets back to work
of the anchor.
The tune continues on its slow and deliberate pace. Slowly yet surely it 
increases in rythm. Cashars face is contourted in concentration.
At sea: Bronwyn strides in from the Silver Cove Main Beach.

On the docks: Silver Cove Pier
On the docks:   This low stone pier juts out about half a dragonlength 
into the azure waters of Silver Cove.  Passenger ships sail in and out 
during the day, as visitors come and go from Silver Cove.  The pier is 
mostly quiet, though, and is a favorite sunning spot for the local 
On the docks:   It is a summer evening.  
On the docks: To the east, you see Amieth, Yarath, and one person.
On the docks: Moored at the docks is the Tern.
On the docks: You see a dockmaster here.
On the docks: Obvious exits:
On the docks: Beach

Lark smiles, "Cvinth is a he...a brown to be more specific.  He's not very 
big for a brown, but very strong and can carry a lot of people.  He can go 
quite a ways without rest, actually.
Jerran smiles to Kaira, "Cashar is good at preformance."

You step off of The Sisters' Silhouette
Silver Cove Pier (#1384)
  This low stone pier juts out about half a dragonlength into the azure 
waters of Silver Cove.  Passenger ships sail in and out during the day, as 
visitors come and go from Silver Cove.  The pier is mostly quiet, though, 
and is a favorite sunning spot for the local firelizards.
  It is a summer evening.  
To the east, you see Amieth, Yarath, and one person.
Moored at the docks are the Tern and The Sisters' Silhouette.
You see a dockmaster here.
Obvious exits:

Kira rushes off to console Amieth.

You go east.
North Silver Cove Beach (#1235)
    The blinding white beach here shines in sharp contrast to the deep 
turquoise blue of the waters beyond. The fine, soft white sand scrunches 
under your feet as you walk, and the sun makes the sand very hot. You may 
want to wade into the cool waters of the cove to cool off, or head east 
back into the forest.  Another path winds north into the forest, while the 
beach to the northwest ends in rocks and tidepools.
    If you glance east, you can easily see a path leading to the Silver 
Cove Inn, nestled among the trees.  West, a small stone pier juts out into 
the bay, for small sailing yachts to dock for the day. To the north, you 
can see the pale glimmer of water.
  It is a summer evening.  
To the south, you see two people.
Above, you see Pintarryth.
Gold Amieth and brown Yarath are here.
J'rad is here.
Obvious exits:
Inn     North     Pier     Water     South

In the cove, Belil squees as he catches up with the others. "Wait for 
Belil!" Belil is chubbier than most of the other dolphins and has a hard 
time swimmg so fast for so long.
In the cove, Lee burblechuckles to Belil.
Brohlin walks in from the Silver Cove Pier.
Heather walks in from the Silver Cove Pier.
Jeffrey walks in from the Silver Cove Pier.
Efette sways in with a sensual step, a smile for everyone in the room in 
from the Silver Cove Pier.
Brohlin walks to the Water.
In the cove, Brohlin walks in from the North Silver Cove Beach.
Fletcher strides confidently in from the Silver Cove Pier.
From Efette's shoulder, Barley chirlps, nestling up closer to his 
humanpet, hiding in raven hair
In the cove, Brohlin swims out, and waves, but stays away so as not to 
disrupt the lifeguards
Bandar shuffles in from the Silver Cove Pier.
Jerran slips, braided hair glistening in the light in from the Silver Cove 
In the cove, Sabriah releases Belil's dorsal fin.
In the cove, Lacyene releases Bab's dorsal fin.
Lark walks in from the Silver Cove Pier.
Cashar walks in from the Silver Cove Pier.
In the cove, Swimming with Lee, Gwenna turns as people leave the ship. 
Hey, someone's waving! She waves back with a pat for Lee.
Aleta sweeps with an air of elegance and grace in from the Silver Cove 
In the cove, Gwenna releases Lee's dorsal fin.
Efette waves as she sees her cousin and moves closer to her, "Hi 
In the cove, Lacyene looks over, smiling.  "H'lo, Brohlin."
In the cove, Gwenna gives Lee a kiss on the nose. "Thanks, babe." Lee 
squees with delight.
D'thon walks in from the Silver Cove Pier.
Jeffrey looks around.
In the cove, William releases Lee's dorsal fin.
In the cove, Bab takes her new freedom and uses it to dive under, 
under...and spring upupup! to arc over the end of the boat.
Heather smiles brightly at Efette,"well hello is so nice to see 
you"and she looks at your shoulders and smiles,"is that a new lizard?
In the cove, Gwenna smiles. "Here Will..."
In the cove, Gwenna calls to William, who flies over and lands on her 
In the cove, Brohlin waves to Lacyene happily, and smiles, "Hello"
Jerran smiles to D'thon, "This is an exelant choice for the place for the 
In the cove, Sabriah looks at Brohlin, "I don't belive we've met. I'm 
Sabriah." She offers a hand, dripping with seawater.
Efette nods her head, emerald eyes dancing as she reaches up to poke the 
little brown, "You should have seen him! He tried to eat my hair instead 
of the meat I had for him!"
In the cove, Lacyene grins.  "Enjoy your boat ride?" she swims over 
towards Brohlin, carefully breaststroking.
Fletcher blinks briefly at the sight of a firelizard gripping onto a 
dolphin's fin, then shrugs.  Definitely a D'thon party.  "Hello there, 
J'rad," he greets the former Weyrleader politely, nodding in respect.
In the cove, Gwenna shakes her wet hair back from her face and swims 
strongly over to the others, Lee wafting along behind.
In the cove, Brohlin floats over gently to Sabriah's Belil, and places his 
palm over hers,"I'm Brohlin, a pleasure to meet you"
Heather laughs and smiles,"well he must have been hungry"and she rubs her 
lizards ridges and smiles,"they are always hungry tho.
J'rad waves greetings to D'thon.  "How are you?"
Jeffrey covers his young ears as D'thon yells.
In the cove, Brohlin nods to Lacyene, "I did...though something 
Aleta smiles at the announcement.  Okay, then...
Aleta sweeps with an air of elegance and grace south.
Bandar asks of Lark, "How do you think my story would rate with these 
other professionals?"
In the cove, Brohlin says, "There was a woman who was disturbed on the 
boat..she mentioned a Dragon"
D'thon says to J'rad, "How am I?  Yssath has gone between forever.  The 
dragons are feeling awful."
From Efette's shoulder, Barley tilts his head into the scritches, strand 
of hair still in his mouth as he chirples happily
Jerran smliles, "I think I will head to the storry tellling contest.
D'thon walks south.
Jerran slips, braided hair glistening in the light south.
Heather looks at D'thon with surprise at the news
Amieth senses that Calith croons in sadness from his ledge.
J'rad nods, "I'm hoping that someone will have something good to tell."
Cashar walks south.
In the cove, Lacyene looks concerned..."Didn't hear that...what happened?  
Did she say?"
Lark laughs, "Oh I think your story would do just fine, I'm the one with 
no talent in the area."
Fletcher volunteers weakly, "We finally got food and drink and the 
entertainment was on time."
Kira consoles Amieth once more, then heads south to listen to stories that 
might hopefully take her mind off of it.
In the cove, Sabriah smiles and then scritched Belil's chin, "You're too 
good, I know it's hard for you to swim so far." She makes a face at Belil, 
who just grins.
Bandar snickers softly and walks towards the storytelling area.
Bandar shuffles south.
In the cove, Brohlin shakes his head a bit, "No...she said that the Dragon 
was gone..Yssanth..I think..I'm not sure I understand..but it did not 
sound well"
Angel falls out of the black coldness of -::BETWEEN::-, executing a few 
trirls and lands on a nearby perch while bugling a greeting.

You go south.
Silver Cove Main Beach (#5138)
  You stand on Silver Cove's main beach, the sugary white sands stretching 
off to the north and south.  As you look westward, you see the crystal 
clear waters of the cove itself, rolling up in waves upon the beaches.  It 
looks so inviting, you just want to jump in for a swim.  To the east, a 
trail leads into the trees.
  It is a summer evening.  
To the north, you see Amieth, Yarath, one firelizard, and six people.
In the cove, you see four people.
Above, you see Pintarryth.
Caramak, Bronwyn, Aleta, D'thon, Jerran, Cashar, and Bandar are here.
Obvious exits:
Forest     North     Water     South

D'thon says, "I'll need to know who would like to take part ... and before 
we begin a few reminders ..."
In the cove, Gwenna blinks. "Yssath. Kath's...ohhhh..."
J'rad walks in from the North Silver Cove Beach.
In the cove, Sabriah says, "Yssath? That's my sister's clutchmate! well... 
What happened?"
Aleta nods slowly.  Yes, that part she had heard.  "Sure..."
D'thon says, "As each story-teller spins his or her yarn ..."
Gilly was in the water the whole time, honest! 
Gilly swims to the Water.
D'thon says, "we should all give our attention, just as we would hope 
others would for us."
Luhel walks in smiling
Kira sits down in the sand, to listen to the stories.
D'thon says, "The announced prizes .."
D'thon sags to one side.
Jerran nods, taking a seat on a log
D'thon straightens himself out and goes on with an effort.
J'rad walks over to Kira and sits down, offering a half-hearted smile.
Aleta continues to listen attentively, then looks startled.  "Are you 
Bandar eyes the listing D'thon and takes a step to right him.
Bronwyn smiles as she see her friend Jerran, and joins him on the log.
Jerran smiles a greeting to Bronwyn.
Cashar looks concerned fro D'thon
Kira frowns a bit, then stands and walks over next to D'thon, wrapping an 
arm around him.  "Sit down."
D'thon says, "It's ... it's just that one of the weyr's dragons ..."
Jerran frowns, "Yes D'thon, you don't look to well."
D'thon says to Kira, "No, I'll be all right."
Cashar says, "I think we need a healer!"
You overhear Bronwyn mutter, "... ... ... on?" to Jerran.
Luhel walks to the Forest.
D'thon takes a deep breath.
Lark walks in from the North Silver Cove Beach.
D'thon says, "The announced prizes are a firelizard egg for the Most 
Romantic and a trophy for the Tallest Tale."
Fasulkad walks in from the Path to Beach.
Aleta nods, although concern still colors her face.
Gyrel steps quietly in from the North Silver Cove Beach.
D'thon says, "Who would like to go first?"
Aleta raises her hand tentatively.  "May I?"
D'thon says, "Very well.  Aleta."
You overhear Bronwyn mutter, "What? What ... to ... rider?" to Jerran.
Veleda walks in from the Path to Beach.
William blinks in from ::between::!
Bandar peers into D'thon's eyes and gets his hand up a bit too late.  
"Mmm," he ponders and finds a nice spot of sand to occupy his seat 
Veleda pants as she comes through the forest and finally makes it.

Aleta folds her hands into her lap, and waits for silence before she 
begins.  Then, with a slight smile, despite the situation, she starts with 
a line hopefully familiar to all listening:  "Once upon a time..."
A pause, to smile again, reassurance that this /wont/ be a generic tale, 
and Aleta continues.  "...there was a girl named Marena.  She had lived in 
a small hold all her fourteen Turns, the younger of two daughters.  In 
this small Hold, too, lived a young man named Vamian, six Turns her 
elder.  He was, at the time, in love with Marenas elder sister, leaving 
Marena to watch him ignore her."
Aleta gives her audience a moment to settle in and to react to her first 
portion, to sympathize with her characters.  Then, she proceeds.  "Soon, 
though, Marenas sister grew tired of Vamian, and found other loves."  An 
all-to-common occurrence, of course.  "Vamian, too, found another love, in 
Aleta takes a bit of a breath, although she is far from finished (and not 
about to start over for new people, sorry...).  "I will take a moment here 
to say that Vamian was not particularly handsome, nor was Marena the most 
witty and beautiful of girls.  But they complemented each other perfectly, 
and were never happier after that than when they were together."  Of 
course.  Thats the sort of thing love does to people.
"It was not the sort of love that Harpers usually tell tales about," says 
Aleta.  "It was a love of flowers and walks in the twilight, not of 
valiant rescues and brave sacrifices.  No matter what sort of love it was, 
though, it made the two of them happy, and that was all that mattered."
"One day, in late summer, dragons landed at that quiet Hold."  Aleta 
pauses, not for reaction, but to let the implications of this sink in.  
"Marena was away visiting relations at a nearby cothold that day.  She 
returned that night to a note on her cot.  Vamian wrote that he was sorry, 
that he would send for her as soon as he could, and to wait.  She was 
happy that her love had been Searched, but there was still that sadness 
that he was gone."
"Days passed.  With no word from her beloved, Marena was crushed.  She 
spent hours crying, thinking it was just some sort of mistake.  But as 
days turned into sevendays, the sadness turned to anger.  When Vamian 
finally sent for her, soon before the Hatching, she sent nothing in 
return, leaving him to wonder what he had done."  The emotion flows 
through Aletas voice, and yet, each word is slow and measured.
Aleta continues.  "Even more time passed.  Vamian Impressed a handsome 
brown, and in time he only remembered Marena when he felt especially 
lonely.  Marena fell in love again, started a family of her own.  They 
were never as happy as they had been then, but they were happy."
Aleta smiles as she catches her breath.  This is a lot of talking, you 
know, and she hasnt paused much.  A moment later, she begins to speak 
again.  "Now, we move forward a number of Turns..."  And she falls back 
into the smooth, measured voice.
Aleta says, "When we resume, that old love had almost been forgotten.  
Marenas relationship with her husband was strained, but she loved her 
young daughter, and therefore stayed with him.  Then, by some quirk of 
fate, Vmian was posted as watchrider to that same small Hold."
Aletas voice becomes a bit more joyful, losing a bit of its careful 
measure, but retaining part of it.  "When he returned, it was almost as if 
he never left.  Marena often escaped her husband to visit her lost love, 
and they spoke often of her leaving her husband for her first love.  The 
plans became more and more detailed, as they worked out every aspect of 
the life they would soon have."
The voice becomes sad again as Aleta goes on.  "But there was always the 
unspoken apprehension about the child, about what kind of life /she/ would 
Aleta continues to paint her lovely word-tapestry.  "Then, one night, 
Marena and her spouse fought bitterly.  Marena fled to the watch weyr with 
her daughter, afraid for both their safety."  A small, almost hesitant 
pause.  "At this point," Aleta says as an aside, "we expect that they will 
stay together and live happily ever after.  Marena expected as much."
"But that is not what happened," Aleta says in an almost-whisper, still 
loud enough to be heard.  Louder, she says, "Vmian took her in for the 
night, and that night only.  In the morning, he told her to try to patch 
things up, with the help of another, unconcerned, party.  Which is 
ultimately what happened.  Marena, her husband, and daughter, all went on 
to lead happy lives.  Vmian requested that he be returned to the Weyr, 
alone, and he remained that way for a long time afterwards."
Aleta winds up.  "I said earlier that this was not a love of valiant 
rescues and brave sacrifices.  But that day, Vmian sacrificed his own 
happiness for that of his beloved.  But it wasnt the sacrifice of a 
Harpers ballad.  It was the sacrifice of true love."  With that, she bows 
her head, indicating that she is finished.

Larik does as he is told *sits down*
D'thon applauds.  "Bravo!"
Veleda claps her hands softly.
Kyrina glides in from the Silver Cove Main Beach.
Heather smiles and claps
Bandar nods slowly to Aleta, putting his hands together for her story.
Faile walks gracefully north.
Kyrina grins as she makes her way across the beach.  She waves to the 
various harpers present.
Efette claps loudly, very good!
Bronwyn's eyes widen in apprehension at the ending of the story, somewhat 
saddened by the twist of fate that separated the two lovers in the end.
D'thon stands and returns to the front of the group.
Aleta looks up, a smile on her lips.  "Was it really that good?  I don't 
remember where I heard it..." 
Cashar begins to cry
D'thon says, "Truly a sad and yet noble tale.  Thank you, Aleta."
Kyrina looks at Cashar curiously, wondering what sort of story has just 
Caramak grins and gives Aleta a quick harper-ish wink of affirmation.
Aleta nods with another smile.  "You're very welcome."
D'thon says, "Who would like to go next?"
Cashar says, "Definatly not a Harpers Love Tale"
Bandar raises a hand.
D'thon says, "Bandar?"
D'thon returns to his place as Bandar takes center stage.

Bandar nods to D'thon and rises to his feet, grabbing a log to toss on the 
fire quickly.  He walks around the fire and stands facing the group, eerie 
shadows playing over his face from the campfire's light.  "Hello," he says 
softly to the group, latching his hands behind his back.
"BANG!  Crash!  The lightning flashed!  It was the sole thing I could use 
to see by- the lightning outside the cavern sending wave of light into the 
cavern I was stuck in.  My ship... gone.  Bashed against the rocks of the 
island I had been stranded upon.  I'd made my way to this cavern, though, 
and I knew there was another end to it.  Every time another flash of 
lightning came, both ends of the tunnel were illuminated.  But I couldn't 
move.  I dared not."
Bandar keeps as still as a rock as his soulfull voice rings out, "My leg, 
trapped under tons or rock.  A slight mistep had caused a cave-in and I 
couldn't move for fear of causing another.  But I was close.  I was 
somewhere no one else on Pern had ever been to.  I was close... to the 
Threadless Vale...  Finally I couldn't endure it any longer.  I had to see 
if the Vale was real.  I pulled my leg out from under the rock and hobbled 
out, towards the flashes of lightning.  I was almost pulled along by some 
force to exit that cavern and meet my destiny in the Vale."
Bandar leans a bit closer to the group, the fire highlighting his features 
weirdly.  "I came out of the cavern, that near endless tunnel which had 
entrapped me.  And I looked out on it... forests more lush and larger than 
those on Southern.  I could see sparkles of precious minerals glimmering 
in the rain when the bolts of lightning struck.  I could see it all and 
marvel, for I had found it.  The Threadless Vale.  I was certain!  I slid 
down into the Vale from a poor step, the rain-soaked ground allowing my 
feet no purchase.  My head plummeted into a tree..."
Bandar unlatches one hand to reach up and run along the side of his 
skull.  "I awoke with the sun beaming onto my skin, the storm cleared.  I 
could see the Vale trully and freely.  I walked around for hours, 
delighting in the feel of being in paradise, being in a new place, the 
most mysterious place on Pern!  And then I heard it... that unmistakable 
Bandar reclasps his hands and hisses himself even as he relates, "The 
Thread... A Fall was approaching, I could see it in the distance.  Solid 
grey clouds with nothing between me and them.  Not a cavern, not a dragon, 
not even a firelizard in sight.  I knew that if I was wrong, if this 
WASN'T the Vale, it wouldn't matter soon.  I watched as the grey crept 
inexorably forward, the silver Threads pounding down on the ground.  Then 
it was over the Vale!  I saw the shadow the cloud cast and it was 
The fire crackles down a bit, the area becoming ever darker.  "I saw one 
Thread, then two descend towards the edge of the Vale... and slide off as 
if running off of metal.  I could see the sky, oh yes!  But the Thread... 
it couldn't come through!  No wonder the Vale had trees richer than even 
Southern.  No Thread to harm it, allowed to grow as wild as it liked.  The 
Vale, undisturbed for hundreds of thousands of Turns... I found it..." he 
says, drifting off for a moment.
Bandar allows the silence to descend over the group for a long moment.  "I 
never moved as I watched the Fall pass, and not a single strand passed 
through to harm me.  I was safe!  Save my leg, of course...  But I hobbled 
about, I explored.  I saw things... incredible things...  That are part of 
a different story.  After memorizing the Vale in my mind, I crept up to 
the tunnel leading out and escaped so I could return to Pern, return to 
show others the marvel and mystery of the Threadless Vale...  And so here 
am I, relating this tale so others might know.  Thank you."

D'thon stands and applauds.  "Hear!  hear!"
Veleda claps, smiling.
Jerran smighs, blingking back into reality. How wonderfull.
Heather claps and smiles
Larik claps and smiles.
D'thon returns to the front of the group.  "Nicely done, Bandar.  A sure 
winner in the Most Romantic category."
Lark grins, clapping her hands loudly, "Wonderful story!"
Gyrel claps softly and sips again at his drink.
Cashar walks in from the Silver Dunes.
Kyrina tilts her head to one side, still thinking about this Vale. 
Caramak applauds quietly with th rest of the audience.
Bandar smiles and takes a deep bow to the group, standing away from the 
fire, his action seeming to make the circle grow less dark, less 
foreboding.  He walks around and retakes his seat, murmering a multitude 
of thank-yous.
Veleda blinks.  "Umm...Most Romantic?"
Minuet claps, smiling and nodding, "Yes, very good!"
From that one in the shadows who really isn't there, "Ooooo, you fink we 
coul fine dat place?"
D'thon chuckles at Veleda.
Bronwyn gets up quiently, excusing herself from her seat next to 
D'thon hisses at the shadowy stowaways.
Aleta giggles slightly.  Funny, that man... interesting story, too.
Bronwyn goes home.
D'thon says, "All right!  Who'll be the next story teller?"
The one who is just a figment of the shadow's imagination who really isn't 
there either, nods, "Mmmhmmm!"
D'thon says, "Come come, who's next?"
Larik thinks a bit, naw not that one.
Veleda chews on a fingernail.
Kyrina ducks her head, busying herself with Isinder, grinning quietly.
Jerran smiles standing, "I will d'thon.
A drudge arrives to cart Faile off to bed.
D'thon says to Jerran, "Ah, Jerran!  Step right up."
Larik tries thinking of one, nope not that one.
Cashar says, "About time Jerran"
D'thon gives way so Jerran can take the center.
Jeffrey gazes quietly into the fireplace.
Jerran steps up to the middle, "Well I actually have a ballad/poem, not a 
real story..."
Kyrina smiles over at Jeffrey, recognizing him from the hatching last 
Jerran shoots Cashar a sly look, "You should go shouldn't you?"
Cashar says, "Heck NO!!"
Jeffrey glances curiously at Kyrina, only barely remembering her.
Aleta rolls her eyes.  /Boys./  "Tell the story, or whatever it is?"
Cashar says, "Harpers turning on Harpers where has this world gone to"
Jerran moves to a standing position and looks around, not out of 
nervousness, but out of anxiosness to start.

Jerran puts his fingers to the chrords of his guitar and starts a low, 
slow melody and begins to sing a new ballad of his own design:

                               As I look back on past times,
                               I remember what we once had,
                               I think about all the things we have done,
                                And what we still can!

Jerran continues in his poem, reciting it with so much emotion that you 
feel wraped up in the song yourself.

                              We had a friendship,
                              And it grew and grew,
                              More that friends is what we became,
                              And I hope that this will not be the end!

The poem keeps on, leading it's weaving song:

                              Our visits came more often,
                              We had drinks at night,
                              We ran in meadows and fields,
                              And sang our songs with delight!
                              People wondered,
                              But never asked,
                              What we had together,
                              And If we'd have it forever!
                              Through life's turns and destine's bends,
                              Sorrow's grip and breathless moments,
                              We weave a path that will lead us to an end,
                              An end I hope is right!
                              Many a time have seen each other,
                              Many a time do we feel this way,
                              Happiness, love and grace,
                              And when I stand beside you,
                              I know that end is right.

The Young harper sets down his Guitar and stops his singing, taking a 
short bow.

Cashar Stands and gives Jerran a loud and annoying ovation "BRAVO 
Gwenna grins and applauds enthusiatically.
Aleta claps politely with a slight glare over at Cashar.
Fasulkad walks to the Water.
Cashar says, "I didnt know you had it in ya, That was Great!!"
Minuet smiles and claps, an annoyed Rapture being displaced from her 
Caramak grins and claps for Jerran.  Harper power. ;)
Minuet holds her arm out, the golden beauty Rapture taking gracefully to 
the air
Leather suddenly disappears ::between::!
Jerran smiles, taking his seat again.
Cashar says, "Leave it to a Harper!"
D'thon says, "Well done, Jerran!"
You overhear Jerran mutter, "... he does ... ... ... ... ... ... ever, 
..." to Kyrina.
D'thon returns to the center.
D'thon says, "All right, who spin the next yarn?"
Gwenna waves her hand wildly, "I have a story to tell!" She beams.
Fasulkad walks in from the Silver Cove Main Beach.
Kyrina grins at Jerran. "Just kidding."
Jerran smiles, "Such praise from you D'thon is great."
D'thon chuckles.  "Well, I'd say Gwenna has a story for us.  Gwenna?"
Fasulkad walks south.
Jerran nods to Kyri, smiling, "I would hope so."

Gwenna jumps happily over to the story-telling spot and sits brushing sand 
off her legs. She smiles hugely at the assembly, then suddenly all 
childlike playfulness drops from her features and demeanor, to be replaced 
with an air of lugubrious mystery. "This story I heard from my brother, a 
Seacrafter in the north. He never told me if it was true or not, so I will 
leave that...up to you."
Gwenna begins, "My dear brother Argin had just been made a master of 
Seacraft. He was quite proud of himself, and felt he knew everything." Her 
dark moue lightens for her to add, "Well, he always has..." Before 
slipping back to the mystery. "He bragged once to a trader and sailor, and 
old grizzled fellow who'd wandered Pern allover, that he knew all there 
was to know about the sea. And it was this old sailor who set out to prove 
him wrong." She takes a deep breath.
This wizened sailor looked Argin straight in the eye and told him to meet 
him on his ship in two nights, and he would show my brother a sight from 
the sea he'd never even dreamed of. My brother was a bit frightened, of 
course...but he knew anorder when he heard one, even if it was just from 
some old sailor. And so, at the appointed time, he went to the docks to 
meet the old man." Gwenna looks over the listeners, eyes filled with dark 
Gwenna leans forward, her voice low. "All was silent as the old sailor and 
Argin boarded the ship, and it was also in silence that the old man sailed 
to a rocky point some ways away from the habitations of pern. And there, 
looming from the water was a dark stone tower. Steps led up the inside, 
and at the top was a balcony. In the top of the tower were thousands of 
glows, meant to warn sailors from the deadly rock outcroppings in the 
waters off the point. Finally, when Argin and the sailor reached the top, 
the old sailor said, "Wait." And so my brother did. 
Gwenna says, "Also in this tower was a horn, a low deep horn with a 
terribly sad cry. A candlemark later the old man pointed to a dark shape 
approaching in the water. "Listen" said he, and blew the horn. A loud, 
hollow and desperatelysad cry floated out across the waters.  My brother 
waited, as the dark distant shape loomed closer and closer. The old man 
blew the horn again. And this time, from across the water, there came an 
answer, a cry in return filled with heartbroken lonliness."
Gwenna looks skyward for a moment, silent. Then, "As the shape grew 
nearer, my brother saw the glowlight reflected in two flat dark 
small head atop a long graceful neck. Truly, no sea creature like this had 
he ever seen before. And with each cry of the old man's horn, the beast 
had one in return. Huge, it was, dark and shiny and lithe as a dolphin, 
but much, much bigger. It stopped, out there in the water, and looked 
atthe tower. The old man turned to my brother. "He's lonely, you see. 
Terribly. The last, perhaps, of his kind. And every turn he comes here, to 
call wistfully to the tower." Theold man brushed a tear from his eye. 
"It's sad...turns and turns of being alone...and no one one 

Above the cove, Pintarryth, circling, thrums softly and sadly.
Heather looks up and looks at the dragon
Kyrina tilts her head back to view the huge, slowly circling dragon.

Gwenna's voice gets louder and she leans forward, eyes wide as she 
finishes. "But then! The beast began moving towards the tower! And now his 
cries were cries of anger, and the glowlight flashed red in its eyes. 
"RUN!" Cried my brother, and he and the old man dashed for the stairs, 
just as the beast slammed its neck against the structure."
Gwenna finishes off, "The tower began to crumble, and the tower fell 
around them. They managed to duck under a sheet of metal, and so were 
spared from the rubble. And in the morning, the beast was gone without a 
trace. The old man whispered as they returned to the hall, "That's life 
for you. Always someone loving something more than that thing loves them. 
And after awhile, you want to destroy that thing, so it can't hurt you no 
more." She trails off, looking down at the sand.

Jerran claps, "A wonderfull tale."
Aleta claps.  "Wonderful.  Marvelous.  Lovely."  And what all else.  :)
Kyrina shakes her head to wake from the dark and heavy mood Gwenna's tale 
cast. "Wow."
D'thon stands and joins Gwenna.  "Quite a tale indeed!  Let's hear it for 
D'thon says, "Do we have any other yarn spinners tonight?"
Jerran smiles, "I really liked the ending."
Gwenna remains silent for a few more moments to keep the mood, then looks 
up with a huge grin on her face. "Thanks for listening, everybody!" She 
Aleta already told hers, so looks around at the others.
Gwenna nudges D'thon. "My friend Lacy wants to tell a tale...she's with 
the dolphs."
Jerran shakes his head, "I don't think I do.:
D'thon says, "Well, can Lacy come ashore and tell it?"
Lacyene swims in from the northwest.
A drudge arrives to cart Heather off to bed.
D'thon says, "Ah!  Our friendly swimmer, Lacyene!"
D'thon steps aside to give Lacyene center stage.
Moira walks in from the Silver Cove Main Beach.
D'thon gazes quietly at the flickering campfire.
Moira comes quietly into the circle of firelight.  "Good evening, all"
Gyrel gazes quietly at the flickering campfire and sips at his drink.
D'thon grins at Moira and points to Lacyene who is about to tell her 

Lacyene comes out of the water, wringing out her hair.  She sends 
Gwenna a =look=, walking haltingly over to the pedestal.  She stands, for 
a minute, before starting, "This is partially based on a true story."  Her 
voice is quiet, but audible.  "Several turns ago there were two 
dolphincraft apprentices.  They were the best of friends, going about, 
swimming together, learning about their friends in the sea as best they 
could."  She pauses.
Lacyene continues, voice growing somewhat louder as she realizes she's not 
going to get bitten.  "There was always a slight undertone of something 
more between them..nothing ever happened, though.  They -were- both 
apprentices."  She smiles, somewhat.  "But the possibility was there for a 
relationship, indeed.  There had been several awkward moments, 
actually...but, no matter what they wanted to do, the fact they were 
apprentices kept them apart."  Pausing for breath, she continues to look 
at the pedestal.  "One of the masters had, in fact, caught them in one of 
these moments...and had, since then, gone to extra trouble to keep them 
Lacyene pauses for a second, then continues.  "But they still tried as 
best they could to, quite accidentally," and she grins, for a second, "run 
into each other.  They were halfway planning to, if and when they made 
Journeyman, to be handfasted.  But, as if the red star was shining when 
they first met, fate interfered."
Lacyene shrugs somewhat, continuing.  "It started out innocently enough.  
After a lesson, they went off for a swim...the female in a rather 
depressed mood after being reamed by the journeyman teaching her.  And, 
try as he might, the male apprentice couldn't raise her spirits...though 
he tried, his beloved (though he wouldn't admit it, even to himself), 
refused to come out of the depression surrounding her."  Pausing again, 
for breath, her tone takes on a slightly more...anxious..tone.  "She 
finally climbed up to the diving area...she had been told her skills 
weren't clean enough in diving into rough water.  And so, regardless of 
the rules against it, she readied herself to dive."
Lacyene continues, her voice growing in distress as she picks up the 
emotions of these two.  "The male tried desperately to convince her 
otherwise - there was a wind picking up, and thw water was slowly getting 
rougher.  There was a slight undertow...but the female refused to follow 
the advice of her beloved.  She was going to practice, even if it meant 
going against the strictest rule of the hall - never dive alone."  She 
pauses, gathering herself.  "She looked down at the water, cautiously.  
And then, slowly, dived off the side....he waited, anxiously, for the sign 
that she survived.  A minute passed...two..." and she slows the speed of 
her talking..."three...and then her head appeared.  She looked at him, 
grinning somewhat, and told him she was fine.  It was fine...just a little 
rougher than she was used to."  She paused again, taking a long breath.
Lacyene continues, face reflecting the tenseness.  "She readied herself 
again.  Toes on the edge of the wall, looking down at the water, she jumps 
again, body arcing over into a swan dive.  And she hits the water, a small 
splash.  Again he waits, worridly, for a sign of his love.  And there is 
one....a  great thrashing sound.  The wind had picked up, and he was 
worried...he scrambled up the ladder, growing scareder at every step.  
And, then he heard the sound that haunted him forever - a single scream, 
piercing., slicing through the sound of waves crashing against the 
Lacyene continues, voice holding the tenseness and worry the male must've 
been feeling.  Her own face reflects it.  "He wasted no time in getting up 
that ladder.  He looked over the side of the cliff, and saw the one sight 
that haunts him even now - her body, strugging in the grip of a wave 
larger than she was, larger than any menace.  With another scream, he saw 
her thrown against the rocks brutally by the wave, and he threw himself in 
the water, trying desperately to get to her in time."  Pausing, she licks 
her lips, swallowing before she continues.  "She saw this, with her 
bruised and battered body and spirit, and tried desperately to get out of 
the waves towards him.  He, too, strained towards her...but another wave 
crashes upon the rocks, yanking her along with it.  And she has no choice 
but to be slammed again into those brutal rocks."  She pauses, for 
Lacyene continues.  "Then, with strength brought on by panic, he leaped 
into those waves as well, grabbing at her with the wildness of absolute 
terror.  And, suddenly, he had her...her hair had wrapped around his 
hand.  He pulled, her now-lifeless body being dragged along with the 
waves.  But his fear and love won out, and by some miracle he got her to 
calmer water.  But the cold of the water and his fear had indeed gotten to 
him...he pulled her up that cliff, barely able to do so, and near to 
collapsed on top of her."
Lacyene swallows, several times, and then continues.  "But once luck 
shined upon them.  A Master was going out to work with another class and 
saw him huddled over her lifeless form.  The master stopped, and fairly 
flew up that wall, trying to get to the two of them.  Somehow pushing the 
male aprentice along, the two of them were able to drag her lifeless form 
to the infirmary, where the healers tried to save her...and, physically, 
they could.  But mentally, she was still gone, her -life- knocked between 
even though she was still living.
Lacyene continues, her tone oddly quiet, mournful.  "And she lays there 
still, lifeless and forgotten by all.  Except some say, every now that 
then, that they've seen an aged, broken, mournful body bent over hers, 
watching and hoping that his love might come back to him."  She stops for 
a minute, letting that be absorbed, then steps away.

Kyrina sighs.. "How dreadfully sad.."
D'thon pauses a moment and then steps forward.
D'thon says, "Well, thank you veyr much, Lacyene."
Jerran claps quietly, "A sad story..."
Cashar agrees with Jerran
Lacyene nods, seeing D'thon coming up.  She fairly skitters off, towards 
the water.
Aleta nods slowly.  Sad, yes.  Is she supposed to clap?  How does one clap 
with that sad a story?
D'thon shakes the mood off.  "Well, folks, the evening is moving along.  
Anyone else care to try their hand?"
Lacyene hobbles to the Water.
D'thon says, "Going once ..."
That shadow in the back ground suddenly stands up, lifting its partner in 
crime with it, "We wanna tell a story!"
Gyrel sighs, "Well thats /just/ the story we needed to hear today..." to 
D'thon says, "Goin... Hmmm, who's that back there?"
Shadow in the background ummmm's, prodding her friend, "We wanna tell a 
D'thon frowns at the children playing hookie from their parents.
Nadia eeps as she gets pulled out of her semi-trance and tries to duck 
back out of view, being terribly shy whispering, "But, Nae..."
Jerran chuckles at the small voices, "Come and tell us a story."
Danae grins and steps out, when in doubt act like your doing what your 
suposed to, "Me an Nadia wanna tell you bout somfin."
D'thon says, "Well, if you really want to tell it, come right on up here.  
The contest is still open."
Cashar goes home.
D'thon sticks around, thinking maybe he'd better ride herd over these 
little rag-a-muffins.  ;)
D'thon says to Danae, "Come on up."
D'thon says to Nadia, "Come on."
Danae grins at Nadia, "we gets a 'lizard ifin we win...." causeing her tow 
to chitter hertly, but she ignores and pulls Nadia out to the front, 
grinning brightly and cutely to all.
Gyrel chuckles.
D'thon says, "OK, what's your story about?"
Nadia gulps, looking about nervously, "A 'lizard?"  she tugs her tunic 
back straight around her and flashes a winsome smile before ebony curls 
swing into her face.
D'thon says, "I see.  And what happened to the lizard?"
Danae grins with a wicked little twinkle to her eye as she shrugs her 
shoulders and lifts her arms into the air, her hands turning into claws, 
as the green of her eyes glints ren in the firelight, "A Monser!"
Nadia shakes her head, "Nono, it 'bout munster at da Weyr!"
D'thon says, "Oho!  A monster lizard?"
Kyrina grins in amusement.
Danae retracts back into her little self and giggles at the rider, "No 
Jerran smiles, "A monster?"
D'thon says, "A silly monster lizard?  I'm all ears."

Nadia stands up on tiptoes, leaning over to nae, "I ken start it..."
Danae nods to Nadia, "Yea... we was goin to dah Weyr..." and lets her take 
it away.
Nadia steps forward a bit, nervousness forgotten as dark eyes glint 
mischieveously in the firelight, "You know my daddy, right?  He be Evan, 
da smith one."  she hrrms, "He to da Weyr a wot, 'cause be do stuff 
there...well, one day he take me an be Danae if you don' 
know...with him and..."  she frowns, looking to Danae to continue.
Danae grins and nods, "An she Nadia... buh anway we wen to dah Weyr wiff 
her daddy and he toll us to stay in dah livein cavern till he was done.... 
an we was doin wha we was toll when we heared dis noise.... like ah, big 
noise but little, scairy and ggrrrrrruuummmbbbley...."as she trys to 
imitate what she herd, then looks back to shadow number two to help 
Nadia nods emphatically, dark curls bobbing into her eyes again, "Yah, 
wike dat noise you hear when you tummy be doin' stuff...It was cuming from 
wayyyyy back in da caberns, and we /knowed/ we wasn't s'pposed to go back 
dere, but..."  she fades off a moment.  "We also knowed it was dark back 
dere, and Nae is so smart, we take two gwows wid us!"  beaming proudly at 
her friend's good thinking she continues, "So, den go back back in da 
caberns to see what it is..."
Danae nods excitedly, standing up and acting out her tale, tiptoeing 
around the fire, pretending to hold a glow in her hand, she whispers for 
effect, "We wen back into dah tunnels in dah Weyr, an day was dark, an dah 
noise was gettin /louder/ an our glows was getting darker... buh still we 
couldn' fine it..." she ends up right behind Nadia, standing up behind her 
and grinning....
Nadia rubs sweaty palms on her skirts, either from nervousness or the 
glowing heat of the fire it's hard to tell.  She pauses reflectively as 
she thinks, "And da noise was gettin' wouder and wouder!  And it was 
gettin' bery cold you know 'cause da sun don't go back dere.  And den dere 
were dese two big eyes!"  she makes rings around her own black eyes with 
tiny fingers giving an owlish stare to those listening.
Nadia looks up at Danae and tugs at her hand lightly, "C'mon, tell um 
Huddled around Danae's shoulders, Cawolyne begins a low rumbleing, quietly 
and almost unaudible as it grows, her shoulder mate joining in as her 
perches on a dark tree branch behind the group, sending the haunting noise 
all around, both their eyes twirling in darker shades of red only accented 
by the red of fire, and surounding Danae with an air of spookieness, 
"Red...eyes...staring right at us... right at the end of the cave... 
blockin our way... we couldn' go no where... and I sunnely membered dah 
lady drudge tellin me bout monsers in dah weyr, an den dah rumbleing got 
/real/ loud, an we couldn hear noffin else! An den it stoped... and was 
quiet..." as she says the word both her flits stop the noise... leaving it 
for a moment....
Danae grins at her friend as she stands behind her, twinkleing at the 
croud as she steps quietly up behind her, sneekie like, she crouches a 
little, Cawolyne takeing to her low rumbleing again, a humming hisssss 
added to it, Nae whispers, "An all of a sudden *WHOOSH*!!!!" and she 
pounces on Nadia from behind, growling and giggleing playfully, only 
knocking her down and not really herting, little Cawo chittering and 
glideing up to swoop above them, playing as well.
Nadia ermfs and she gets taken by suprise, rolling a bit over the ground 
and sits up giggles, shaking her head dizzily and she continues, "And dere 
he be!  Was sooo oogly and he wook like dis!"  she holds both hands over 
her head, wiggling fingers as she crosses her eyes, wrinkles her nose and 
moves her mouth back and forth, "And he be stinky too! fish!  A 
dead on!"  she nods for emphasis, giggling again, "But later, daddy say he 
not really be a munster...he said he be sumfin called at weyr watcher?  
Watcher weyr?  Sumfin wike dat.  But Nae and me tink he was lyin to us, 
'cause daddies do that a wot!"  she struggles to her feet as she finishes 
and grins impishly to the crowd, "Dat's it!"

D'thon laughs out loud and claps!!
Jerran claps loudly, "Brovo, bravo.:
Cashar claps
D'thon says, "Well done, kids."
Moira laughs and cheers for the young'uns.
Veleda grins.
A drudge arrives to cart Kyrina off to bed.
D'thon says, "Anyone think they can follow that?"
Nadia suddenlt becomes shy again, darting back behind Nae to escape all 
the clapping.
Gyrel ponders, since when do fish stink?  but claps at the end of the 
Danae giggles and shakes the sand from her golden braids, crossing her 
legs and curtsing like a little lady, no matter that she almost falls over 
in the process.
D'thon says, "Going once ..."
D'thon says, "Going twice ..."
D'thon looks around the campfire at the tired faces.
Gyrel says, "Sold Perneese!"
Cashar says, "We need music!"
D'thon tosses a heavy blunt object at Gurel.  ;>
D'thon says, "Music indeed!"
D'thon says, "But first!"
D'thon says, "We must decide the winners!"
Moira wonders how to play music butt-first...
D'thon says, "We had Aleta's tale of lover's sacrifice ..."
D'thon says, "Bandar's story of the Threadless Vale"
D'thon says, "Jerran's lovely song ..."
Nadia sits down on a log, thinking it was pretty good considering how it 
wasn't really a preplanned thing and tugs Danae down next to her.  
D'thon says, "Gwenna's story of the lone sea creature."
D'thon says, "Lacyene's sad tale of the swan dive"
D'thon says, "And Danae's and Nadia's story of the Weyr Monster."
Danae plops down next to Nadia with a grin, watching D'thon and wondering 
how her and her friend are gonna shair an egg
Cashar looks at Rapture and grins
Rapture chirrgiggles at Cashar
Jerran smlies, Awaiting the outcome.
Gyrel ducks the stick tossed at him.
Elera walks in from the Silver Cove Main Beach.
Elera says, "I take it this is the party?"
William blinks in from ::between::!
Elera says, "Can't miss a good patrty, you know."
Moira looks around at the multitude of people gathered around.
There is some commotion as everyone shuffles over to whisper their votes
to D'thon.
Jerran nods, "Most assuradly!"
Moira says, "I think that might be the case."
William suddenly disappears ::between::!
D'thon says, "OK!  The voting is done!"
Elera says, "Wait a minute...Jerran?  Harper Apprentice Jerran?"
Jerran nods, "That would be me..." HE stands.
D'thon says, "The voting is all over on Most Romantic Story."
D'thon says, "I'll remind you of the stories one last time and then we'll 
vote on Tallest Tale."
Elera says, "Oh.  This should be fun, then.  Obviously you don't remember 
me, so I'll gouge you for a while."
Elera grins wickedly, then smiles.
D'thon says, "Aleta's lover's sacrifice"
D'thon says, "Bandar's threadless vale"
D'thon says, "Jerran's sopng"
Jerran grins wryly, "Oh, I see..."
D'thon says, "Gwenna's lonely sea creature"
D'thon says, "Lacyene's swan dive"
D'thon says, "And Danae's and Nadia's Wyer Monster"
Elera says, "Hmm..."
D'thon says, "Vote for Tallest Tale!"
D'thon says, "Ooooo, it's running close."
D'thon says, "I'll let everyone vote for whichever they think was in 
whichever category."
There is some commotion as everyone shuffles over to whisper their votes
to D'thon.
D'thon says, "Voting about to close!"
Gyrel edges away from D'thon, before he has his dragon drop on him.
D'thon says, "Any last minute votes?"
D'thon says, "The voting is closed!"
Cashar says, "YIPPPEEE!"

D'thon says, "We have winners in each category!"
Jerran awaits exitedly
Gyrel sips at his drink and waits.
Moira says, "Well, it would be bad if we didn't, with all those 
participants... ;-)"
Danae bounces in her sitting position, waiteing to hear.....
D'thon says, "But I have decided that everyone will get a trophy, although 
only one will have the marks!"
Bandar sits quite patiently, content in his knowledge that his was the 
only non-fiction story.
D'thon says, "The Most Romantic Story of the evening ..."
Nae's was true! ;)
Jerran ohhs
Gyrel cheers, but then realizes that he doesnt get anything...Ohh Well.
D'thon says, "Lacyene's tragic tale of the dolphincrafter lover's swan 
Jerran claps, "I did like taht story"
Lacyene swims in from the northwest.
D'thon applauds for Lacyene.
Gyrel claps and drinks.
Danae claps her little hands, green eyes sparkleing, and then stops, okok, 
now for the /important/ one ;) jk
D'thon says, "Lacy, yo have won ... this fine firelizard egg!"
D'thon hands Autumn's Glory Egg to Lacyene.
Lacyene looks up, looking...surprised.  "Thanks.." she says, then wows.  
"An egg?!"
Bandar nods agreement with the decision, seemingly glad it went to the 
comely Dolphin lass.
Moira cheers for Lacyene.
Nadia giggles, clapping, "Yeah!!"  she rocks back and forth on the log a 
moment, then leans against Danae looking a bit sleepy.
Lacyene takes the egg, carefully.  And looks it all over, smiling....and 
shocked, semi.
Emma swims in from the northwest.
D'thon says, "Speech!"
Emma laughs.
D'thon says, "Short speech!"
D'thon says, "Very short speech!"
Elera says, "Ah, D'thon?  How is she going to hatch,  the egg, and where 
will she keep it?"
Veleda grins.  "Just say 'thank you'." ;D
Mikra walks in from the Silver Cove Main Beach.
Cashar says, "Id like to thank my parents for putting me here...."
Moira laughs
Danae giggles at D'thon and links her arm through Nadia's, to excited to 
be sleepy.
Emma taps Lacy's shoulder and whispers, "say something."
Lacyene grins, somewhat..."Um...thanks?"  She nods to Veleda, smiling.  
"Thanks a, is there somewhere i could keep it?  Cause I have to 
D'thon says, "Excellent speech!"
D'thon says, "Yes, I can keep it warm for you until you get back."
Lacyene grins, broadly.
Lacyene nods.  "Thank you, sir..." and, almost regretfully, carefully 
hands the egg back.
D'thon says, "And now!  For the Tallest Tale ...."
Moira makes no comment about D'thon keeping someone's egg warm....and 
shuts her mouth with a very slight, amused smile...
Jerran looks around for Angel and falls asleep, with or without him.
Lacyene grins at the two little ones, betting it's theirs.
Veleda looks at Moira's expression, and coughs.
Gyrel mutters, "And they said D'thon had a warm personality, but I never 
D'thon says, "The trophy for the Tallest Tale goes to the shortest 
D'thon says, "Danae and Nadia!"
Moira looks at Velda with a bland, innocent expression, blinking 
Lacyene grins, applauding.
Emma says, "Lacy, did you hand back your egg?"
D'thon says, "Come on up, kids!"
Danae's eyes open real wide, "We winned!!"
Cashar says, "BRAVO!! what are they gonna do with the money though"
Gyrel smiles and nods, clapping.
Emma says, "Go!"
Veleda arches an eyebrow at Moira, and grins.
Mikra falls asleep.
Nadia looks at Danae, snapping away, "YOu hear dat Nae!  We winned!  
Elera says, "It won't last long, come the next Gather.  But it'll be nice 
for them to keep."
Emma laughs
Emma walks to the Water.
Danae jumps up and bounds over, coloege? nahhh, Im going to 
Lacyene nods to Emma.
Emma swims in from the northwest.
Elera says, "See?  I told you."
Elera grins wryly.
D'thon hands each little one half of the 36 marks, 18 each.
Gyrel whistles at all the marks.  
Elera says, "Too bad Jerran left.  I hadn't finished with him."
Bandar's two eyesbrow fly up as he notes the exchange of marks.
Nadia goggles at her bulging pouch now, poking it experimentally, 
"'m I gonna tell Daddie!  I not s'posed to be here!"
Elera arches an eyebrow, then bursts out laughing.
D'thon says, "The trophy will be inscribed with the winners' names and 
given to them at a later time.  Speech!"
Lacyene grins, similarly going back to the water now that her egg's 
Lacyene hobbles to the Water.
Moira grins at Nadia.  "Tell him you don't need allowance for a while.  
That might make him feel better about it..."
D'thon says, "Quick speech!"
Nadia blinks up at D'thon, "Uhhh, mabbe you ken tell Daddy...He believe 
D'thon says, "Very quick speech!"
Danae wooooooow's at all the marks in her hands, bairly able to hold them 
all, she whistles to Etzal and he glides over, she gives a few to him to 
hold and a few to Cawo and between the three of them manage to get all of 
the coins into her pack, that done she turns to D'thon and /throws/ her 
arms around his leg, "TANK YOU!"
Emma walks to the Water.
D'thon laughs out loud.
A drudge arrives to cart Jerran off to bed.
D'thon says, "Now, then.  I have only two more announcements to make, 
Cashar says, "Muisc!!!"
D'thon says, "Just two!"
D'thon says, "First ..."
Mikra wakes up.
Elera says, "Hello..."
Moira returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.
Cashar says, "SHHHHHH!"
Rapture dives on wings of gold, for the cold of ::between::!
Danae hmmm's at Nadia carefully walking back to their log, one mark held 
in her hand so she can look at it, she grins and whispers to her, "Tell 
'im we found it, its a treasure."
D'thon says, "Aleta will receive a trophy for Most Beautiful Story, Bandar 
for Most Thrilling Story, Jerran for Loveliest Song, and Gwenna for Most 
Amazing Story."
Moira claps.
Gwenna swims in from the northwest.
Elera says, "Too bad Jerran fell asleep before he could get his prize."
Gwenna is still in the water, honest...:)
Cashar says, "Ill tell him "
Elera applauds warmly.
Cashar says, "Jerrans here"
D'thon says, "All the trophies will be properly inscribed and delivered to 
their winners."
D'thon says, "And second ..."
D'thon shouts, "LET'S PARTY!!!!"
Above the cove, From South Silver Cove Beach, D'thon shouts, "LET'S 
Gwenna beams and LIKES that announcement!
Lacyene swims in from the northwest.
Elera says, "Party,m is it?  Well, all right then!"
Mikra goes home.
Bab swims in from the northwest.
Lacyene is in the water too.  She grins,.
Cashar says, "Music!!!"
Moira strikes into a happy tune.
Elera throws herself into the party enthusiastically.
Bab squees loudly from the water, chittering at the party goers.
D'thon says, "Maestro!"
Rapture appears mid-air from the cold of ::between::, carried on sure 
wings of gold
Rapture glides gracefully south.
Moira swings into a bouncy tune, light and airy.  The tune itself almost 
isn't important.  What gets the toes tapping is the flourish of notes that 
dance across the double-string tracks of the octave mandolin.  It has a 
distinctive DUM DUM diddle diedle dee-dum dee-dum pattern.  Around the 
room, hands are itching to clap, toes are trying to tap.
Jerran slips, braided hair glistening in the light in from the Silver Cove 
Main Beach.
D'thon sits down next to Kira.
Bandar smiles to D'thon and rises up to walk towards the host.  "Thank you 
for the evening, sir.  It was most enjoyable."
Gwenna slips gracefully to the Water.
D'thon says, "Congratulations to you, Bandar!"
Jerran smlies, "congrats."
Cashar says, "PARTTTYYYYYY!!!!!!"
Gyrel smirks and stays where he's at and sip at his mug.
Donal walks in from the Silver Dunes.
Elera says, "Let's go!"
Minuet walks, smiling to herself, in from the Silver Dunes.
Cashar walks south.
Cashar walks in from the Silver Dunes.
Bab gently nudges Lacy, swimming into deeper water to perform an 
outstanding arc, her entire grey-green body caught for one gleaming second 
above the waves.
Jerran smlies, "sounda cood
Moira plays up the light-hearted melody, making it skip and dance.  Then 
she switches tunes, and the beat becomes driving instead of bouncy, a fast 
and furious tune.
Above the cove, Pintarryth glides down for a landing.
Danae wheeeeeee's and grabs Nadia by both hands, pulling her up and then 
twirling and bounceing to the beat, kinda, with her... her pack bouncing 
heavily behind her.
Bandar smiles and nods.  "My thanks.  And good evening," he murmers to the 
Rider, bowing before departing.

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