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Amber Star Presentation

At Ista Hold

68th day of Summer, 7th Turn, 10th Pass (August 4, 1996)

Calrina smiles as Kiara approaches, "Hiya Kiara!"
D'thon has connected.
Vicero looks at Kira with a grin,"G'day, M'lady,"
Heather walks in through the great doors from the courtyard.
Heather smiles happily to all
Zoriah nods in Vicero's direction, then returns her attention to the gathering.
Calrina blushes at Kitana.."Thank you..I like the one I did of the sunset over best."
Kira slips in near the back of the hall, just watching.
Jeffrey walks in through the great doors from the courtyard.
Mikan waves to Heather "Hello."
Vicero smiles as Heather enters," Hey,"
D'thon slips an arm around Kira and gives her a hug.
Heather waves to Mikan,"hello,"and she waves to Vicero,"hi..nice to see you
Iliam walks in from the Main Hall and Ballroom.
Kitana laughs gently at Calrina.  "I think that was one of my favorites."
Fletcher strides confidently in from the Main Hall and Ballroom.
Kira smiles and hugs D'thon back.
Oriana walks in from the Main Hall and Ballroom.
Calrina settles back in the couch, eyes wide, taking everyone in.
Rarah walks in through the great doors from the courtyard.
Iliam walks in supporting Oriana who seems quite weak on her feet.
Mikan strides over to Fletch whispers something to him
Oriana leans on Iliam as she comes in, looking pale and shaken.
Heather waves to Lord Fletcher and smiles
Vicero leans against one of the walls in the Great Hall
Fletcher comes in beside Oriana, looking slightly concerned but quickly
brightens as he remembers the occasion.  "For now, Mikan," he says to his
Headman, making his way through the crowd.  "Master Heather! Hello!  D'thon,
Kira, a pleasure as always!"
Madison smiles to Lord Fletcher and waves, turning back to her conversation
with the person next to her.
Heather moves over to Jeffrey,"hi, we seem to have made it in good time, we
haven't missed anything."and she smiles brightly
Oriana looks around for a chair, noting an empty one and pointing it out to
Zoriah flourishes her skirt in a tiny curtsey. She grins impishly at Lord
Fletcher as she does so.
Sionae walks down a little flight of stairs from the main resident hall.
Kiara looks down at herself, realizes she hasn't changed, and dashes off...
D'thon says, "Well met, Lord Fletcher!  Looks like a good turn out."
Iliam nods to Oriana and leads her over to the chair, lowering her into it
Kitana walks through the great doors into the courtyard.
Heather smiles and says,"hello Lord Fletcher."and her face brightens
Kiara walks with grace and confidence through a door into the Weaver's
Calrina glances over at the MasterHarper..she looked fine awhile ago..what's
wrong with her?
Oriana nods properly to Iliam in thanks, gesturing for him to sit down and quit
Kiara walks with grace and confidence in from the Weavercraft Main Hall.
Fletcher nods brightly as he takes in the crowd.  "It's delightful!  I'm very
excited for this presentation," he says and flashes a flirtatious smile
Zoriah's way as he walks past her.  "Ah, hello Rarah.  Good of you to join us
as well."
Calrina motions for Kiara to come sit by her on the couch.
Iliam hmmms in concern to Oriana and notes there aren't any chairs close at
hand that appear empty.  He walks around and stands behind the MasterHarper's
chair, looming protectively.
Sionae quietly steps into the crowd, suprised that there are so many here...
Mikan leans up against a wall off to the side where he won't be noticed.
Kiara sits happily by Calrina
Madison moves across the room to a chair near the front, sitting down with a
bright smiles to strike up a conversation with the person who sits next to her.
She laughs softly as something he says.
D'thon seems somewhat preoccupied.
D'thon has disconnected.
D'thon has connected.
Gold_Guest finds a tiny nook and sits to watch the festival with enthusiasm.
Heather looks for a less crowded place to stand and moves away from the large
Vicero goes over and stands nect to the wall next to Mikan
Calrina smiles over at the Gold_Guest, with welcome.
Fletcher strolls up to the platform in the corner of the hall after smiling a
greeting to everyone and walks up it quickly.
Inside Raised Platform, Fletcher enters Raised Platform.
Fletcher enters Raised Platform.
Oriana looks up at Iliam. "Would you stop hovering? I'm not about to flee," she
tells him, her voice giving an air of the ridiculous to his vulturous pose.
"There's a chair right there, just drag it over here if you'd like."
Mikan smiles and moves over for the vintner.
Gold_Guest snmiles back at catrina with a bow.
Iliam peers down at Oriana and informs her, "I don't particularly trust your
statement about not fleeing."
Heather watches Lord Fletcher and settles into a cozy little nook
Vicero grins towards Mikan,"Just a few too many people I dont know,"
Mikan nods "I know the feeling, they all make me nervous."
Oriana cocks an eyebrow at Iliam, shaking her head. "I gave you my word," she
reminds him.
Heather smiles at Vicero and asks,"so how goes your vines,"and she looks
curious and concerned
Kiara glows with happiness. "Oh, I love celebrations!"
Inside Raised Platform, Fletcher leans against the balcony of the raises
platform and looks out over the crowd, allowing them to chat and get to know
eachother a little bit before the big moment.
Oriana leans back in the chair, watching Fletcher.
Iliam answers Oriana flatly, "Excuse my concern, then.  I'm quite comfortable."
Kjeld walks in through the great doors from the courtyard.
Heather waves to Kjeld as he enters,"hello there Kjeld."
Zoriah makes her way towards Vicero and Mikan and murmurs in a quiet greeting,
"Zoriah. Independent trader. I just arrived on island a sevenday ago."
Kjeld smiles and waves, "Hello!"
Vicero grins with a nod at Mikan and then looks to Heather,"Good, good, I have
almost finished harvesting what is left of last years crops, and I hope they
can be salvaged into what might be conssidered a wine
Oriana scowls in response to Iliam's statement, but as he's behind her _still_,
he doesn't bear the brunt of it.  She sighs - not too heavily - and pays no
more attention to the overbearing healer.
Inside Raised Platform, Fletcher smiles and raises his hands for attention.
"Quiet, please, everyone!" he calls out in his strong tenor.
Kjeld pulls out a rag and wipes the sweat from his brow.
Mikan smiles "Mikan M'lady.  A trader you say?"  He smiles in thought.
Jayshua drifts stealthily down a little flight of stairs from the main resident
Roman walks in through the great doors from the courtyard.
Rarah  walks over to the old guest Hello I am Journeyman Healer Rarah
Calrina settles back and looks up at Fletcher.
Iliam quiets down and looks up at the Lord Holder.
Kjeld turns towards the platform.
Rarah smiles kindy at the Guest
Heather smiles and sighs,"well that is good news then Vicero,I am glad it is
going so well...I heard you where having some problems with the vines"
Sionae again, quietly moves through the crowd, smileing to those she knows as
she passes, and then slipping off to attend to her business, though shes sure
to come back.
Vicero grins at Zoriah and whispers,"Vicero, Vintner M'lady
Gold_Guest smiles back at Rarah timidly.
Heather looks at Kjeld and smiles,"It appears you run here."and she chuckles
Inside Raised Platform, Fletcher stands for a moment more before relative
silence descends upon the crowd.  "Thank you!  I welcome you all to the second
presentation of the Amber Star Award!" he call out brightly.
Mikan turns his eyes to Fletcher.
Heather blinks and calls her attention to Lord Fletcher
Sionae opens a door and walks into the Smith crafthall.
Jeffrey looks towards the platform and the man on top.
Bronwyn strides in from the Weavercraft Main Hall.
Heather waves to Bronwyn
Jaal walks in through the great doors from the courtyard.
Gold_Guest loks at Lord Fletcher expectantly.
Calrina waves to her Mentor Bronwyn.
Kiara waves to Bronwyn.
Jaal looks over the crowd from the vantage point of his height, then heads for
Zoriah, gingerly making his way through the crowd.
Bronwyn smiles as she sees two of her new apps.  She moves over to stand by
Calrina and Kiara.  "Hello Calrina.  You're Kiara, aren't you?" She says to the
Kitana walks in through the great doors from the courtyard.
Inside Raised Platform, Fletcher places his hands on the railing and continues
in his powerful voice, "The Amber Star Award was created by myself, Master
Seamus, and Weyrsecond Y'sil to award those who we believe have done the most
to aid the island.  We present it to the person who we feel has lifted spirits,
helped out, or conquered difficult odds to benefit the island as a whole.  It's
presented every four months to the one individual we feel deserves it.  The
first recipient was Ciara and we're gathered now to witness the second
Kjeld pulls off his gloves and tucks them into his belt.
Calrina smiles and whispers.."Hello Bronwyn.."
Sionae walks in from the Reception Hallway.
Zoriah smiles in Jaal's direction, lifting a hand lightly.
Faile walks gracefully in from the Healer Passage.
Inside Raised Platform, Fletcher takes a deep breath, then continues, "We like
to feel that everyone tries to work hard for the island.  But there are those
who give a little extra energy, devote extra amounts of their time to making
Ista a nice place to live.  This period it was a very close thing between two
people.  Both of them worked hard and the island benefits greatly from both of
their achievements.  We decided that if two people did so well that they both
deserve the award, we would present two Amber Star awards this time!"
Heather leans against a wall to listen to Lord Fletchers presentation and her
eyes scan the crowd for familiar faces
Oriana smiles, listening to Fletcher's speech about the Amber Star.
Bronwyn oohs as she hears that there will be two awards this time.
Kiara looks delighted.
Inside Raised Platform, Fletcher grins softly.  "Before I present the awards, I
would like to welcome MasterHarper Oriana, who is joining us for a short time
here at Ista, to the island!  Welcome, Master Oriana!" he calls out, smiling in
the Harper's direction.
Calrina grins, craning her neck around trying to guess who the lucky ones are.
D'thon applauds for Oriana!
Oriana smiles, raising a hand and pushing herself out of her chair to stand for
a moemnt.
Vicero claps loudly
Heather smiles and looks in Master Oriana direction and applauds
Zoriah applauds lightly and smiles.
Mikan smiles over to the master.
Sionae smiles a little more brightly as she steps back into the fray, easily
finding her way through the crowd to the front where she can see over the
seated peoples heads, keeping to the wall she stands, and watches.
Calrina smiles and joins the applause.
Oriana grins, shaking her head in Fletcher's direction.
Kjeld applauds and nods to Oriana.
Kestria walks in from the Main Hall and Ballroom.
You overhear D'thon mutter, "... she ... look ..." to Kira.
Inside Raised Platform, Fletcher invites, "Master Oriana, would you please come
up tothe platform to present the Awards?"
Kiara looks in the direction she /thinks/ Oriana is in and claps.
Kira hmms and nods to D'thon.
Oriana raises an eyebrow in surprise. "Thank you, Lord Holder Fletcher. I would
be honored," she speaks clearly through the crowd.  So saying, she strides
forward, belying her earlier supposed weakness.
Iliam looks a bit concerned at Fletcher's invitation but stands silently by,
though it looks like he shadows Oriana's movements to assist her should she
need it.
Inside Raised Platform, Oriana enters Raised Platform.
Oriana enters Raised Platform.
Mikan watches the Harper move forward.
Inside Raised Platform, Oriana smiles out at the gathering, and motions to
Fletcher to continue.
Madison smoothes her skirt down a little before looking back up at the
platform, fidgeting slightly.
Jaal , with numerous apologies, makes his way over to Zoriah's side, then
quietly stands, watching the stage.
Kestria stands quietly at the edge of the crowd, her eyes fixed on the
On the Fletcher smiles up to Oriana and shakes her hand heartily before turning
his attention back to the assembled people.  "The first recipient is a newcomer
to Ista island, only having joined us quite recently.  He's done hard work for
his Weyrleader- drawing an occasional complaint by his weyrmate about the
amount of time he spends in his own weyr- and he's also done outstanding work
for the entire island.  He's done more for Weyr, Hold, and Hall relations than
anyone I can personally recall.  He always has a smile and a joke to cheer
people up, which is why I'd like to call Rider D'thon of the Wavecutter wing up
to receive an Amber Star!
D'thon says, "What?"
On the platform, Fletcher peers over to D'thon and smiles to him, waving him
D'thon looks to Kira and smiles.
Madison smiles back at D'thon, applauding for him.
On the platform, D'thon enters Raised Platform.
D'thon enters Raised Platform.
Kira grins and cheers for D'thon.
Heather applaud's and smiles as she nods in D'thon's direction
Calrina applauds the dragon rider enthusiastically.
Iliam puts his broad hands together in a loud applause for the Rider.
On the platform, D'thon looks at the people and smiles.
Vicero smiles and applauds
Kjeld applauds, smiling in D'thon's direction.
Kitana applauds, grinning broadly at D'thon's expression.
Kiara cheers enthusiacally for D'thon.
Bronwyn smiles widely and joins in the applause for the bronzerider.
On the platform, Fletcher smiles as he turns to face D'thon.  "Congratulations,
D'thon," he says, extending one of the pins made of pure amber to him.
On the platform, {list}Fletcher hands Amber Star to D'thon.
On the platform, Oriana smiles to D'thon. "Congratulations, D'thon.  I recall
your dedication and hard work at Fort Weyr as well, and I applaud the Lord's
Kestria applauds for D'thon as he receives the award.
Madison smiles at the person next to her. "Aye, good choice I do agree." she
says softly.
Roman makes his leave with a conciliatory gesture before he goes through the
great doors into the courtyard.
Faile cheers D'thon
On the platform, Fletcher directs D'thon to shake Oriana's hand first.
On the platform, {list}Fletcher hands Amber Star to Oriana.
Rarah claps for the Dragonrider D'thon.
Sionae joins in the clapping, even though she does not know the rider.
Jeffrey claps
On the platform, Oriana grasps D'thon's hand firmly in approval and
On the platform, D'thon clears his throat self-consciously.
Rarah smiles proudly up at D'thon.
On the platform, Fletcher smiles to D'thon and shakes his head heartily.
On the platform, D'thon says, "Lord Fletcher, this is an honor, not only for me
but for everyone who has helped me ... "
On the platform, D'thon says, "Maybe the best part about receiving recognition
like this is the opportunity it gives me to recognize others ... "
On the platform, D'thon says, "I'd like to thank Harper Jerran, who gave so
generously of his time for our Silver Cove Beach party ... "
On the platform, D'thon says, "And Gabrielle put in a lot of work to cater the
party, even though events beyond her control prevented her from finally
attending ... "
On the platform, Fletcher smiles to D'thon and steps back to allow the Rider to
address the attending crowd.
On the platform, D'thon says, "I certainly need to recognize the efforts of
Master Seacrafter Gyrel, captain of the Sisters' Silhouette, whose tireless
work gave our guests such a wonderful cruise to the beach ... "
On the platform, D'thon says, "And it wouldn't have been nearly so safe or
nearly so enjoyable without Lacyene and the dolphins of the Dolphincraft who
swam along with our ship and stayed to keep the more inebriated folks from
drowning ... "
On the platform, Oriana smiles at D'thon's gracious speech.
Kira chuckles.
On the platform, D'thon chuckles.
Vicero grins
On the platform, D'thon says, "There's a very special thank-you for all the
story-tellers who spun their tales of romance and adventure for us ... "
Heather blushes and smiles
On the platform, D'thon says, "And of course, the party wouldn't have been a
party at all without all the wonderful guests who came and enjoyed themselves
with us ... "
On the platform, D'thon grins.
On the platform, D'thon says, "But most of all, I must thank a certain
fair-haired rider who shares a weyr with me, who made the trip from Fort to
Southern, and from Southern to Ista with me, who has been beside me through the
best and the worst.  I could not have done any of what I've done without her
being there for me ... "
On the platform, Fletcher smiles brightly to D'thon.
Kira blushes and smiles at D'thon.
On the platform, D'thon turns once more to Lord Fletcher.
On the platform, Oriana raises a hand to her mouth to discreetly cover a light
cough.  Her eyes immediately flick to Fletcher as she straightens again.
On the platform, D'thon says, "Thank you, Lord Fletcher.  Thank you all.  I
will always wear this Amber Star proudly."
Heather claps and as she looks towards Kira
Kiara grins at the mention of the party, even though she had to leave early.
Kestria smiles at D'thon's witty remarks and well said speech. Her eyes mist at
the emotion of his last comments.
Vicero applauds
On the platform, Fletcher nods to D'thon.  "You're very welcome, D'thon.  You
can rejoin your lovely weyrmate," he says brightly.
Roman makes his way in a somber silence in through the great doors from the
Calrina claps loudly for the rider.
On the platform, D'thon has left.
D'thon has arrived.
On the platform, Oriana smiles brightly, applauding D'thon.
Kjeld applauds loudly, smiling.
Jayshua falls asleep.
Jayshua has disconnected.
On the platform, Fletcher aupplauds D'thon heartily as he leaves the platform,
beaming after the Rider.
Faile falls asleep.
Faile has disconnected.
Zoriah murmurs to Jaal. "I'm sorry we arrived too late for that party, it
sounds most enjoyable."
D'thon rejoins Kira.
Kira smiles and hugs D'thon.
Heather watches the two dragonriders and smiles brightly
Jeffrey falls asleep.
Jeffrey has disconnected.
Gold_Guest whispers to Rarah"do You knoe D'thon?
Jeffrey wakes up.
Rarah whispers back "Yes he is in the weyr I am psted at.
Jeffrey has connected.
OOC: Jeffrey hates his comp
On the platform, Fletcher grins to D'thon.  "Very good work, D'thon.  The
second recipient has also given greatly of herself.  She has helped to hold the
HealerCraft together during a time or turmoil when Paradise had its series of
earthquakes and Master Yvella vanished.  She has contributed to the Weyr as
their Weyrhealer and helps everyone to keep their heads in time of trouble.
She's worked with non-Healers so they have a greater appreciation of her craft.
So I'd like to invite Journeyman Rarah up to receive an Amber Star."
Gold_Guest says, "I hope to stay here on the islan soon."
D'thon applauds for Rarah!
Iliam puts his hands together loudly for his fellow Healer!!
Kira cheers for Rarah.
Bronwyn smiles and looks toward Rarah as she claps loudly.
Vicero applauds
Heather smiles and applauds J-man Rarah as she looks for who she is
Calrina applauds the Healer.
Kestria applauds heartily for Rarah although she's never had the pleasure of
meeting her, she has a great respect for healers.
Kiara claps for Rarah
Sionae falls asleep.
Sionae has disconnected.
On the platform, Oriana smiles brightly, holding out the Amber Star pin as she
gestures for Rarah to come up to the platform.
On the platform, Rarah enters Raised Platform.
Rarah enters Raised Platform.
Gold_Guest smiles ansd claps enthusiastically, with surprise and
Roman isn't exactly sure what's going on, but looks at the lady as she ascends
and applauds.
Kjeld applauds for Rarah.
A drudge arrives to cart Jayshua off to bed.
A drudge arrives to cart Faile off to bed.
On the platform, Oriana says, "Journeywoman, I applaud the work that you've
done for Ista and your fellow crafters."
Madison sits there stiffly, clapping idly as she looks around for someone.
On the platform, {list}Oriana hands Amber Star to Rarah.
Mikan slumps forward, no longer able to sustain himself.
Mikan has disconnected.
On the platform, Oriana smiles broadly, holding out her hand to shake Rarah's
in congratulation.
On the platform, Fletcher smiles to Rarah brightly.  "Congratulations,
Journeyman Rarah," he says to her as the MasterHarper of Pern gives her the
Kitana walks through the great doors into the courtyard.
Jeffrey falls asleep.
Jeffrey has disconnected.
Heather walks through the great doors into the courtyard.
Kjeld walks through the great doors into the courtyard.
On the platform, Rarah smiles shyly  "Thank you.  I am only doing  what i am
supose to from my craft.  To be there for those who need a Healer.
On the platform, Rarah shakes Oriana's hand
Calrina grins up at the Healer.
On the platform, Fletcher smiles to Rarah and shakes the Healer's hand as well.
"Thank you from all of Ista, Rarah.  You can rejoin your friends below," he
says to her warmly.
Kiara is positively beaming
A drudge arrives to cart Sionae off to bed.
Roman falls asleep.
Roman has disconnected.
Gold_Guest smiles politely back, with a slight tilt of her head.
Kestria applauds Rarah's simple words and smiles at the healer as she descends
the platform.
Jaal  leans over to hear Zoriah's words, and nods back. "Aye.", he replies in a
hoarse answer to her. "I did get the harness fixed, so we can go again if you'd
On the platform, Oriana smiles graciously to Rarah.
A drudge arrives to cart Mikan off to bed.
On the platform, Rarah has left.
Rarah has arrived.
Zoriah raises an eyebrow, "Quick work." and then pats Jaal's arm lightly. "I
think we'll stay a while here."
Bronwyn hands Kiara's Sketchbook to Kiara.
Vicero applauds Rarah some more
A drudge arrives to cart Jeffrey off to bed.
Gold_Guest says, "congratulations, I did not know that you wrare so
important.:she says shyly."
On the platform, Fletcher claps loudly for Rarah!
D'thon applauds once more for Rarah!
On the platform, Oriana also applauds heartily for Rarah, as well as D'thon.
Kiara claps happily for Rarah.
Rarah slipsback into the crowd
On the platform, Fletcher smiles and announces, "Congratulations to BOTH Amber
Star recipients!  I hope everyone works hard and strives to do their BEST in
the next period and receive the Amber Star!  Thank you!"
Vicero applauds Fletcher
D'thon renews his applause, this time for Lord Fletcher.
Madison smiles and applauds, softly talking to the person next to her.
On the platform, Oriana smiles out at the gathering, and then at Fletcher,
applauding all.
Jaal nods, evidently used to m'lady's whims. "As you wish, Zoriah. Should I
prepare the goods?"
Rarah goes home.
Kestria smiles at the Lord Holder and nods her head as she applauds.
Kiara applauds with great enthusiasm.
On the platform, Fletcher blushes softly at the applause, grinning out over the
audience.  "Everyone is more than welcome to stay and have some food or drink
if they like or just walk around and talk with people!" he says and manuevers
off the platform, helping Oriana down with him.
A drudge arrives to cart Roman off to bed.
On the platform, Oriana shakes off Fletcher's helping hand, descending lightly
under her _own_ power.  She smiles to take the sting from the rejection,
On the platform, Oriana has left.
Oriana has arrived.
On the platform, Fletcher has left.
Fletcher has arrived.
Kestria quietly and with murmured apologies makes her way through the crowd
towards Fletcher.
Fletcher smiles as he sees Kestria approaching, rolling his eyes at the always
independent Oriana.  "Hello, Kestria!" he greets lightly.
Kestria approaches the Lord Holder and Master Harper with respect and bows as
she nears them, "Lord and Master, Greetings!"
Oriana walks back through the crowd toward Iliam, resigned to her fate. She did
give her word, after all.
Oriana nods amiably to Kestria as she passes.
Vicero stays leaned up against the wall just resting and thinking
Gold_Guest moves hrer way acrooss the room to stand near Calrina.
Kestria lowers her voice as she speaks to Fletcher, "Is the Master well? I
noticed her coughing and looking rather wead?" Concern invades her voice.
OOC: Kestria says "wead/weak"
Fletcher grins to Kestria.  "Did you like the ceremony?  "Ah, actually, she's
going to the infirmary shortly to have herself checked up.  She's been a bit...
stubborn about getting diagnosed."
Oriana reaches her old chair again, and leans a hand on it. "See?" she
challenges the stolid healer.
Calrina smiles up at the guest, "Hello. I'm Calrina...weaver Apprentice."
Iliam hmmms as he eyes Oriana.  "Hmmmm," he merely comments and allows, "We can
stay awhile if you'd like."
Gold_Guest smile s at Calrina"Hello How are you?
Oriana quirks an eyebrow. "Indeed," she agrees in surprise. "I could use some
Kestria smiles for a moment, "The ceremony was wonderful, D'thon made a lovely
speech and Rarah was so unaffected and sincere in her words." The frown returns
as she asks, "Diagnosed? I hope it's nothing serious."
Bronwyn strides through a door into the Weaver's crafthall.
Vicero walks around talking to noone in perticular and heads for the
Calrina nods her head, "Just fine thank you.." she rises.."I hate to rush off,
but I have some craft business to take care of at the moment."
Kiara walks with grace and confidence through a door into the Weaver's
Fletcher sighs to Kestria and moves closer to her.  "It was pretty bad... We
were carrying her from the Harper Hall and she got into a fit so bad she
couldn't breathe.  We'll know after Iliam exams her thoroughly of course.  Yes,
D'thon was beautifully eloquent."
Gold_Guest Speaking to Calrina"I am interested in the weaver craft, can you
tell me about it?
Iliam nods curtly to Oriana.
Zoriah nods in agreement. "I think business may be good here."
Gold_Guest Smiles, and turns away understandingly.
Calrina glances at the Gold_Guest, "I'd love to talk..but I really have to run
Calrina walks with ease, her long legs striding out in front of her. into the
Healer Crafthall.
Calrina walks with ease, her long legs striding out in front of her. in from
the Healer Passage.
Kestria shakes her head with concern in her eyes as she turns her head to
glance at the Master, "I don't see her much, but I respect her and as an
apprentice I have a certain love for her. I hope the healers make her well."
Vicero walks up and gets a drink from a large pitcher and stands alone next to
a wall
Calrina walks with ease, her long legs striding out in front of her. through a
door into the Weaver's crafthall.
Oriana strolls over to the refreshment table, viewing the spread with
Fletcher grins softly to Kestria.  "As do I, Apprentice.  As do I...  But,
come, let's entertain the guests and not talk of such dark things," he says
warmly and manuevers through the crowds towards his vintner.
Madison stands up, conversation finished, and sweeps over to the refreshment
table, picking up a glass of chilled juice.
Kjeld walks in through the great doors from the courtyard.
Vicero grins as he sees the Lord Holder walking his way,"Hello there sir,
beautiful ceremony, good attendance to
Kjeld waves to everyone.
Kestria follows Fletcher, a certain amusement lighting her gold-flecked eyes as
she watches him manoever through the crowd. She halts beside him as he nears
Vicero and waits for a chance to speak to him again.
Fletcher nods agreement to Vicero.  "Isn't it, though?  I was quite pleased
with the turnout.  Join me at the refreshment table?" he suggests and begins
leading Vicero to the indicated table.  "Yes, Kestria?"
With an intense look of concentration, D'thon's eyes unfocus as he wanders off
to think about verbs.
Oriana makes her way over to the hearth, where a pot of mild tea simmers for
the guests.  She takes a cup and fills it, taking it with her as she returns to
her chair for a seat.
Kjeld pulls off his glove once more, tucking them into his belt.
Vicero walks with the Lord Holder towards the refreshments
Madison stands near the table, sipping her juice as she chats with a person
near her.
Kestria smiles innocently, "Well, you said entertain the guests. Have you
forgotten all your Harper skills or would you like to accompany me in playing a
tune for this gathering?"
Kjeld moves toward the refreshment table.
D'thon returns from writing himself a note.
Fletcher chuckles and says to Kestria, "Oh, I don't know if we need music.  But
the MasterHarper of Pern IS here, after all..."
Kjeld pours himself a glas of juice and leans against the wall, out of the way
of everyone.
Kestria looks towards Oriana and spots her drinking tea in her chair, "Do you
think she'd like to play with me?"
Fletcher grins to Kestria.  "Nothing livens up the Harper like an Apprentice
asking her to play."
Jaal chuckles, slightly, at Zoriah. "Aye, you seem to know these things."
Oriana glances around, and catches a glance of Kestria and Fletcher conferring,
apparently about her.  With a wry smile, she decides to put an end to that by
getting up and approaching the guilty pair.
Gold_Guest walks to the refereshment table and takes a glass of juice.  Then
she wanders off to admire the interesting tapestries ofn the walls.
Vicero has connected.
Vicero wakes up.
Zoriah edges towards the doorway. "Where are those tallies.."
Kestria grins with pleasure and nods to Fletcher once and hurries off to
Oriana, looking guilty as she spots the Master approaching them.
Gyrel steps quietly in through the great doors from the courtyard.
Vicero joins Fletcher
Oriana smiles with amusement at the apprentice. "Has he been detailing horrid
things about me?" she wonders.
Kjeld scans the scratches on his forearms, noting which ones he needs to take
care of.
Kjeld sips from his glass.
Zoriah walks through the great doors into the courtyard.
Fletcher grins to Vicero and asks, "What's your favourite vintage of wine,
Vicero?"  He reaches his hand over to a bottle of white Tillek for himself.
Kestria twists her fingers nervously and blushes slightly, "Oh, no, Master, I
was just wondering if the crowd might like to hear some music, but I don't
think I'm up to playing alone."
Kira leans over to whisper to D'thon, "I think I'm going to head back."
Gyrel steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.
D'thon nods to Kira.  "OK."
Madison looks up, hearing a harper mention playing music. Ahh. That would be
perfection in itself.
Vicero grins,"Well I could say mine but that would be a little superficial, I
like Benden Red, it is fine if you have some
Amandrea slides and spins in from the Weavercraft Main Hall.
Oriana raises her eyebrows again - yet another surprise. "Why, I'd love to help
you out," she tells Kestria, glancing warily around for her pet healer... good,
not looking. "Have you a harp nearby? Mine is all the way upstairs, I'm
You overhear Kira mutter, "... ... ... respects ... ... ... ..." to D'thon.
Fletcher nods to Vicero. "Yes, I think we have a bottle or two around.  Lord
Trew adored the stuff and I don't think we'll ever be rid of the cases and
cases he ordered for one occasion... I believe it was Aligore and Katja's
wedding.  At least four huge huge cases of Benden red."
Kira wanders through the great doors into the courtyard.
Kestria shakes her head, but quickly offers her services, "I'll run and get it
Master if  you tell me where it is."
Vicero grins at the Lord Holder,"Must have been some party."
Iliam would resent being a pet Healer if he took a moment to think about it,
but he doesn't.  He merely sits eating down some pastry confection.
You overhear D'thon mutter, "Don't worry, I'll be happy to pay your ... to
Fletcher and Oriana." to Kira.
Oriana grins gratefully. "It's upstairs in the guest room.  You can't miss it,
it's far too large," she tells Kestria.
Kestria nods and hurries off.
Fletcher chuckles to Vicero.  "Well, it would have been!  But after all the
formalities were done, Aligore and Katja ran right out!  I guess they were a
bit.. ahhh, eager, and couldn't stand through the reception.  They didn't even
cut the cake for us!  It went downhill from there."
Kestria walks through an archway into the Harper's crafthall.
Jaal walks through the great doors into the courtyard.
Oriana wanders unobtrusively off toward the dais, where she sits with her tea
and hopes not to be noticed until it's too late.
Fletcher shrugs as he sips at his wine glass.  "So, everyone left and we ended
up with four very very large cases of Benden red virtually unopened.  They've
been in the wine cellar ever since."
Vicero nods with a smile,"Yeah, I have been to one or two weddings like that.
Ahhhhhhh, 4 large cases huh, that could always be used for another party 
Kestria walks in from the Main Hall and Ballroom.
Gyrel returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.
Fletcher chckles and nods to Vicero.  "Yes, I suppose they could.  So, I
received a memo that you needed to talk with me?" he wonders, turning his back
to a wall to look out over the great hall.
Kestria hurries back into the hall carrying the Master's large harp and rushes
up to her.
Oriana smiles, noting Kestria creating a wake by lugging her large orchestral
harp toward the platform.
Kestria she makes a turn and heads for the platform, catching Oriana's eye on
the way.
Gyrel goes home.
Oriana stands again. "Thank you, Kestria.  I'm afraid I've been doing more
studying than practicing of late, but I won't embarrass you," she grins. "What
were you planning to perform?"
Kjeld finishes his juice, and scans the room for familiar faces.
Vicero waves the comment away,"It is just some work stuff, there is no need to
talk about it now, just some things I need to know before I plant the new
Vineyard, but we can talk about that later
Amandrea slides and spins through a door into the Weaver's crafthall.
On the platform, D'thon steps up onto the Raised Platform.
D'thon steps up onto the Raised Platform.
On the platform, D'thon steps down off the Raised Platform.
D'thon steps down off the Raised Platform.
Gyrel steps quietly in through the great doors from the courtyard.
Oriana takes the harp, standing it next to the platform such that she can use
the stage as a chair.  Sitting again, she pulls the instrument toward her in
such a comfortable manner that it's obvious she's been playing forever.
Kestria looks up at Oriana, flushed and out of breath, her voice comes in short
pants, "Oh.. me?.... I thought something lively... a dance tune... perhaps?"
Oriana grins. "Sounds fun," she replies. "What's your instrument?"
D'thon says to Gyrel, "Ah, Gyrel! How fares the master of the Sisters'
Efette sways in with a sensual step, a smile for everyone as she comes down a
little flight of stairs from the main resident hall.
Kestria pulls her flute out with obvious love and tenderness stroking it as she
adjusts the mouth piece, "This..." She shows the flute to Oriana.
Oriana smiles. "Ah, lovely. I've always enjoyed seconding to a flute."
Kjeld smiles to Efette, "Hello!"
Kestria blinks and eeps slightly, her voice rising, "Second me?"
Oriana tunes the meanwhile, plucking out broad fifths and using a small key to
turn the pegs, adjusting the notes by such minute intervals that it doesn't
seem she's changing anything at all.
Efette smiles and waves to Kjeld, moving over to him and whispering, "I've
missed everything, haven't I?"
Gyrel grins at D'thon, "Fare...Fare...How about the rider of the Bronze
Kjeld smiles to Efette ans whispers, "Just the presentation...but there's still
things to be done."
Oriana thinks as she finishes tuning. "A dance tune... Alright, how's 'The
Snake Among the Wherries?' In the key of C?"
Vicero nods towards Fletcher,"When the party is over we can get together and
talk about it,"
Kestria swallows nervously, her throat suddenly dry as she tries a note on her
flute, tuning it to match the harp. It sounds airy and shaky. She shakes her
head in frustration and then sighs with relief at the mention of the popular
tune. "Oh, that sounds good."
Gold_Guest comes to sit on the forloor near the Master harper, and watches with
Efette falls backwards in a swoon, sure that a real MAN will catch her.
Efette has disconnected.
Oriana finally takes a broad run up and down the harp, checking the tuning of
the whole thing. Apparently satisfied, she stills the vibrating strings and
poises her hands over the notes of the start. "I'll take the first chorus, then
you come in for the verse."
Efette has connected.
Efette gives a sensual cat like stretch before opening her eyes
Vicero gets ready for a song
Kestria nods her acceptance and awaits Oriana's introduction.
Oriana's Harp strikes out boldly, a strong full chord in the bass and
mid-ranges of the instrument.  As it resounds, her delicate fingers pluck out a
quick, spritely melody in reel time as her left hand takes the bass.
Fletcher nods to Vicero in agreement and sips thoughtfully on his wine,
watching the Harpers play.
The quick chorus turns through eight bars, a regular dance that trips, tumbles
and otherwise races.
Vicero falls asleep.
Vicero has disconnected.
Efette falls backwards in a swoon, sure that a real MAN will catch her.
Efette has disconnected.
Efette has connected.
Efette gives a sensual cat like stretch before opening her eyes
Gyrel turns to Madison, with a bow, "M'lady...Would you care to dance?"
Kestria raises her flute to her lips and suddenly the hall is filled with the
high lovely lively notes of the flute as she picks up the melody the harp has
begun  in the chorus.
Oriana nods to Kestria as she finishes the chorus.  Her harp then resounds with
a solid bass line, the lower strings reverberating strongly.
Madison smiles and nods, curtsying. "My pleasure."
Fletcher makes his way through the crowd slowly, smiling to the occasional
familiar face until he comes up to D'thon.
Gold_Guest smiles and claps to the music.
Gyrel leads her to a clear dance space, turns to her and prepares himself for
the next song.
D'thon says, "Lord Fletcher, Kira wanted to pay her respects."
The flute carries through the hall, the verse beginning the story of the snake
among the wherries. The notes slide sinuosly, begging the dancers to move in a
sinuous pattern across the floor.
Fletcher smiles to D'thon.  "I saw she took off rather quickly.  Is everything
all right?"
D'thon says, "Oh, I'm sure it is.  She's never been one for large crowds."
Fletcher ahhhs in understanding.  "I see.  She's always a nice face to see
around, though.  Her company is quite enjoyable."
Madison smiles and moves with Gyrel toward the dance floor, listening to the
music for a moment before joining in.
Gold_Guest quickly rises nd moves to the wall to make w room for the dancers.
A drudge arrives to cart Vicero off to bed.
Gabrielle sways seductively in through the great doors from the courtyard.
Kjeld smiles to Gabrielle, "Hello!"
Gyrel smiles, and starts into the pattern of the dance.  He smiles at Madison,
"Well, I guess you should know my name, I'm Gyrel."
A change of notes illustrates the peaceful wherries as they move through the
long grass. The flute whistles a lively innocent tune as the notes travel up
and down the scale, trilling occasionally.
Gabrielle smiles at Kjeld, "Hi." she moves to over by Efette, "Hi again what
are you up to?"
D'thon says, "I would never question your wisdom on that point, Lord Fletcher."
Madison nods her head in greeting. "Well met, Gyrel. I am Madison."
Efette smiles at Gabrielle, "Hey there, not too much really. I got here JUST in
time to miss the ceremoney ;) You?"
Gabrielle grins, "About the same I'd say."
Fletcher snickers softly.  "I've often wondered, D'thon, if there's a stronger
link between Amieth and your bronze's mind because they've been mates so long?
That whole mind communication thing is very intriguing to me."
Gabrielle smiles at Fletcher, "How did your ceramony go this time?"
Efette chuckles and nods,
Kestria concentrates carefully, watching Oriana's fingers on the harp to detect
any change in chords and switches back to the theme of the snake as it move
among the wherries. The notes slither and slide, melding into one another as
the snake makes its way among the wherries.
Fletcher looks over to Gabrielle and smiles very broadly.  "Oh, wonderfully,
D'thon shrugs. "That makes sense, but I've learned not to question the how's
and why's of dragons too much.  The dragons know what they're doing."
Madison laughs happily as she moves in the pattern of the music's dance. "My,
you are a wonderful dancer, Gyrel!"
Gabrielle smiles, "I'm glad Fletcher."
Fletcher nods to the former shop keeper.  "I hear you're the steward now at
Grinstead or some such?"
Oriana's harp carries clearly through the melody, supporting it on its journey
through the hall and the many turns and jigs of the song.  The chorus comes
again, its spritely notes catching inadvertant smiles on the faces of many of
the gatherers.
Efette falls backwards in a swoon, sure that a real MAN will catch her.
Efette has disconnected.
Efette has connected.
Efette gives a sensual cat like stretch before opening her eyes
Gabrielle smiles, "Yes, Rorie decided I had too much free time for my own
Fletcher chuckles softly.  "I see...  You know, I hear that a lot, D'thon.  I
gather we just don't know alot about how dragons do what they do?"
Gyrel smirks and chuckles, "Then I guess you haven't danced that much...I guess
it's the company that does it."
Cecil stumbles slightly in from the Reception Hallway.
Kjeld grins at Gabrielle, "Everyone has too much free time when Rorie's
around." He says, jokingly.
Kestria's flute picks up and follows the harp in it's chorus and her eyes glint
as they watch Oriana's face.
Gabrielle smiles at Kjeld, "True but at least it gives me something to do."
Kjeld smiles at Gabrielle, "True."
D'thon says to Fletcher, "Do you know why the sun rises?  why the grasses grow?
why a child's laugh can bring a smile to the most grim of men?"
Gabrielle smiles at Kestria, thinking how lovely she plays.
Fletcher considers these and shakes his head.  "No, I suppose not," he admits
as he swirls his wine around in its glass.
Gabrielle waves at Cecil.
Madison smiles and shakes her head with a chuckle. "Oh, do accept my compliment
and allow me the pleasure of another dance after this one."
D'thon says, "I accept the good things given me and take my part in the dance."
D'thon grins.  "So to speak."
Kjeld smiles to Efette and Garielle, "Well, I must be going. I want to get as
much done in the Groves as possible."
Kestria prepares herself for the next verse of the song where the snake catches
the wherry and her eyes close in concentration as her fingers begin to fly over
the keys.
The silvery notes of Oriana's harp sing through the air as the two harpers
launch into the second verse and the second round of dancers takes their turn
as the lead couples through the slithery pattern. In and out, around and about,
turn, spin, turn again!  The music tells you what to do, the harpers' fingers
Gabrielle smiles at Kjeld, "It was nice seeing you again."
Efette smiles and waves goodbye to Kjeld, "See you later"
Fletcher grins to D'thon and returns his full attention to the startlingly
beautiful music of the Harpers.
Gold_Guest walks over to the doorandturns to smile at the gathering, hoping to
really join this group . . . someday. . . sometime.
Kjeld nods, "Likewise for you both, Ladies."
Cecil smiles, looking around. He turns to Gabrielle and smiles, "Lots of people
here today..."
Gabrielle smiles at Cecil, "Yes there are what are you doing out and about?"
Kjeld sets his empty glass down and heads for the door, pulling on his gloves
as he goes.
Efette waves to Goldie
The flute sings out a high even livelier melody and encourages the dancers to
move even more quickly -- hurry they say, there's a snake among us. Up and down
the scale the notes move in a pattern almost too quickly to follow.
Kjeld walks through the great doors into the courtyard.
Efette sways in with a sensual step, a smile for everyone as she comes into the
Healer Crafthall.
Oriana's fingers nearly falter slightly as she stifles a cough, but she
swallows it and keeps going, her bright smile relaying her inward enjoyment to
all who care to see.  The bass notes resound through the entire frame of the
harp, keeping the rhythm in a steady accelerando through the third chorus.
Gyrel keeps looking to his feet as the music picks up and the turns and
patterns get a pit harder.
Gold_Guest falls asleep.
Gold_Guest has disconnected.
The housekeeper arrives to remove Gold_Guest.
Efette sways in with a sensual step, a smile for everyone as she comes in from
the Healer Passage.
Gabrielle smiles at Efette, "Shall we go to the mug?" she looks around, "I
think I'd like to get a glass of benden and play some darts, care to come?"
Iliam looks up as he finishes his pastry and notices his patient performing on
the harp.  He glowers a bit and sits up so he has an unobstructed view of the
Harper, just in case she tries to make a run for it.
Kestria picks up the chorus one more time and her eyes open wide with concern
as she looks at Oriana, but her fingers never falter and the chorus continues,
but she signals Oriana to finish the song with a slight nod of her head.
Madison laughs as she spins, her skirt flowing out from her feet. She skips in
an attempt to keep up with the quickening music.
D'thon steps away for a moment to write himself a note.
Efette turns to Gabrielle and smiles, "Sure, sounds good to me.. I need to
brush up on my darts, no good when the customers beat me!"
Gabrielle grins, "Lets go then."
Gabrielle opens a door labelled The Flying Mug and sways seductively through.
Efette opens a door labelled The Flying Mug and sways in with a sensual step, a
smile for everyone as she comes through.
Oriana smiles to Kestria as her lithe fingers pluck out the melody along with
the flute, echoing it while her left hand takes care of a tricky bass line all
on its own.  The last chorus rings out, its vitality seeping into the soul in a
cheerful round of fun!
Fletcher claps brightly to the Harper's performance.  "Well done!" he
congratulates the two.
Gyrel steps lively and swirls Madison out to a swirlling stop, his arm extended
Kestria brings the song to a close with a lively trill and a descent down the
scale, the last note lingering in the air as she smiles at Fletcher. She tries
to catch the healer's eye across the room.
Gyrel grins, "Well that was fun.  And I didn't trip once..."  He chuckles
quietly to himself.
Iliam's eyes are directed straight at Oriana, never leaving her.  He has his
Oriana grins cheerfully to Kestria. "Thank you," she says under the ring of the
last great chord of the harp, removing her hands to let the instrument project
the lst note for as long as possible.  "That was very enjoyable."
Fletcher grins and walks up to Gyrel as he finishes the dance.  "Hello,
Captain!" he greets the man with a soft smile.
Kestria turns her gaze to Oriana and bows her thanks, "Thank you Master. It is
always a pleasure to perform with the best."
D'thon returns from writing himself a note.
Madison takes theoffered arm of Gyrel and smiles to him and Lord Fletcher.
Gyrel nods to FLecher, "Hello Lord Holder.  Having an enjoyable day?"
Fletcher grins and nods.  "Most certainly!  Hello, Madison.  Have that issue
been resolved with Captain Amadan yet?"
Oriana's right hand rests then on the harp's frame almost affectionately as she
sits back. "Well, thanks," she smiles to Kestria. "I wouldn't consider myself
to be the best, but I always enjoy a chance to simply play."
Gyrel slightly shakes his head.  "I haven't heard from him, yet.  I'm not too
worried about it really."  He absently pats Madison's arm about his.
Madison nods her head in greeting to Fletcher, remaining quiet as not to
Iliam crosses the room in a determined manner until he stands facing Oriana.
"I think we should go now," he says flatly.
Fletcher smiles softly.  "Ah, well then.  I'll let you return to Madison,
then," he says, winking so only Gyrel can see before smiling to both of them.
Kestria's eyes soften with respect and concern, "Master, how can you say that?
I aspire to play as well as you, but I am concerned over that cough. Have you
had it long." She seats herself beside Oriana on the edge of the platfrom.
Gyrel chuckles as Fletcher walks away, and turns back to Madison with a smile.
Madison nods again to Fletcher as he departs, smiling to Gyrel. "Another
Fletcher walks over to D'thon with a grin.  "Well, it looks like things are
winding down, D'thon.  Thank you again for attending and helping out Ista."
D'thon regards the Cuddly Sign and ponders Pintarryth's growing appetite ...
Oriana takes a moment to smile to herself before finally looking up at Iliam
with a resigned nod. "Alright." She answers simply.
Oriana shakes her head to Kestria with a smile. "It's nothing, just a cold I
picked up over the winter."
Iliam nods to Oriana and directs her towards the Healer Hall.  "This way,
please," he says to her.
Gyrel nods, "Who needs music.  Well just dance and see that I don't trip."
With a chuckle turns to Madison and starts dancing about in a slow swirling
Oriana rises gracefully from her seat on the platform, still resting a hand on
her harp. "I'm sorry, Kestria, but could you see that my harp is put away? I'm
not sure how long I'll be."
Kestria frowns with deep concern as she watches the healer approach to escort
the Master Harper to the Infirmary.
Madison laughs and spins with Gyrel, the lack of music not bothering her at
OOC: Madison has to go for a few! Running to the store!
Kestria puts her hand on the harp and nods to Oriana, "Of course, Master." Her
eyes well with tears.
Oriana smiles cheerfully at Kestria to take that frightened look off her face.
"You never know what the healers'll do to you," she says in a confidential
Madison falls asleep.
Madison has disconnected.
Kestria blinks her tears away and smiles at the Master.
Oriana grins at Kestria reassuringly. "I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for asking
me to play."
Iliam stands patiently by, waiting for Oriana to finish up all her
melodramatics.  Harpers are the worst patients...
D'thon says to Oriana, "Best wishes to you, Master Oriana."
Fletcher walks over to the Harper and says comfortingly, "I'll come with you,
Gyrel steps quietly through the great doors into the courtyard.
Kestria moves to say something to Iliam about taking care of the Master, but
then stops as she realizes it's neither her place, nor necessary.
Oriana spares a glance at Iliam, then quietly rolls her eyes at Kestria, gives
a shake of her head (as if Iliam, poor helpful thing, were nuts) and allows
herself to be escorted out.
Oriana grins to Fletcher. "Don't be ridiculous. You've a party to oversee."
Amandrea moves quietly in from the Weavercraft Main Hall.
Fletcher shakes his head.  "I'll look after you.  And the party is winding
Oriana gives an exaggerated sigh (carefully) and shakes her head. "Save me from
them!" she begs Kestria.
D'thon chuckles.
Amandrea sneaks behind the platform.
Fletcher rolls his eyes at Oriana.  "Come on, Master," he says, plucking at her
sleeves as he walks southwards.
On the platform, Amandrea steps up onto the Raised Platform.
Amandrea steps up onto the Raised Platform.
Kestria grins at Oriana, but shakes her head, attempting a stern look, "Off you
go, Master!" then blushes as she hopes she hasn't overstepped herself.
On the platform, Crayon blinks in from ::between::!
Fletcher strides confidently into the Healer Crafthall.
Cecil slips over to a couch and sits down, tired of standing.
Oriana looks betrayed! as even Kestria sides with these nuts. Well, if you
can't beat 'em...she joins 'em, scolding Fletcher and Iliam the whole way.
Oriana walks into the Healer Crafthall.
Iliam walks into the Healer Crafthall.

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