The World of Pern™ is copyright to Anne McCaffrey © 1967. The Dragonriders of Pern® is a registered copyright. This is a recorded sesssion, online by permission of the author but generated by Harper's Tale members on the date indicated, for the benefit of members unable to attend.

OOC Ista Weyr meeting, July 6 1997

Council Room (#1648)

  A round stone table with stone chairs is the focus of the room. To the
northern wall is a tapestry of dragons fighting thread adds a bit of color to
the chamber. The only other thing in the room is a map hanging on the southern
wall, depicting Pern and Thread schedules.

On the ledge, you see Lazeth.

Flittering around is Nonono.

Kira and Chilali are here.

Obvious exits:


K'ven grabs an empty seat.

Tatianna skips in from the landing.

Kira waves. :)

Hey everyone! Kira just changed the party!  Do `@party' to check it out!

Kira guesses we'll wait a few and see if anyone else shows.  (that
fashionably-late thing, maybe.)

Chilali says, "Woo. We're in High Reaches? :)"

Kira says, "no, grf."

OOC: Tatianna chuckles. "It only seemed like a few steps, too."

Kira fixes that.  grump.

Chilali chuckles.

Kira thinks Nuff was playing with the room. :)

OOC: Chilali says "Hey, is this an IC meeting or an OOC one? I forgot which
one was due first. :)"

Kira says, "OOC."

Chilali noddles. Nuff gave it to Kyla for a Weyrling prank, I think. :) Oh,
good. OOC. :)

Shasta walks in.

K'ven wonders if pdragons are invited to this meeting.

Kira says, "That'd make for a humorous meeting, all the dragons crammed in
here.  I dunno though.  What do yall think?"

Shasta laughs. Can they send a flitskie?

D'thon walks in from the landing.

Kira nods, thinks fl's would make more sense.

Kira tacklesnugs D'thon. :)

D'thon quietly and unobtrusively takes a chair in an out-of-the-way corner.

Tatianna tugs D'thon's chair into the middle of the room. Muahahah!

D'thon hmmmms.

Chilali and Kiara run off and idle for dinner. :P We'll leave me here to watch
and not comment, tough. ;)

Shasta just plops down. 

D'thon gives a little push of his forearm, and Nkidu jumps off and takes to
the air.

Chilali says, "Okay. We idle as of now. Be back soon, hopefully!"

Kira nods.

OOC: D'thon says "Oh, good, just in time for the idling!"

Kira says, "I'm not idling."

Milo blinks in from ::between::!

D'thon says, "What's new business, o golden-haired weyrwoman o' mine?"

Kira has 3 things on my agenda.

D'thon peeks at the agenda but can't make it out.

Kira says, "I guess I'll go ahead.  First is that thread has resumed, as most
of you should know already.  We had the first actuall fall in a while last

D'thon nods solemnly.

Tatianna beams.

Kira says, "Fia and Pita were the only two PC riders there flying, but
hopefully that'll change, as the weyrlings graduate, and such. :)"

Kira says, "Oh, and K'ven, sorry. :)  But he's NPC, really."

Shasta noodles.

K'ven hmphs.

Shasta peers at K'ven. Yah mean after Weyrlinghood is over, he's going NOC?

Shasta says, "Er - NPC?"

K'ven says, "Am not!"

Tatianna puts her hand out to K'ven, to see if it will pass through him like a

Kira grins.  "Well, the jury is still out on that, but I'd say he's here and
may even teach the next class... but that remains to be seen."

K'ven says, "Ouch, quit pokin' me."

D'thon clears his throat in an IC sorta way.

Tachi bounds with grace and energy  in from the landing.

Shasta nods. "Okay. Outta curiousity (and rudeness), why'd K'ven become
created? :p 'Cause are classes were idly?"

D'thon says, "Oh!  It's an OOC meeting!"

Kira says to D'thon, "That doesn't mean you have to go, you know. ;P"

Kira says to Shasta, "Well, complaints about how long the training was taking,
and B'ran vanishing for the last week.  Various things led up to this, but
B'ran had been warned to be more active with teaching."

X'din walks slowly in from the landing.

Shasta nods. "Okay. I see. :) I was just wondering."

Kira says, "I talked it over with Fia and Nuff and L'var before anything was
done.  And had a talk with B'ran last night, who wasn't as upset as I was
expecting, so I think it'll work out ok.  And hopefully you all will get
graduated real soon, too."

Kira waves to X'din.

X'din waves quietly and takes an unassuming position in the corner.

Kira looks over at the crowd in the corner. :)

D'thon flaps around up by the ceiling.

Kira says, "just like RL, everyone sits as *far* as possible from the stage.

X'din chuckles.

Tatianna pulls everyone towards the front. "She always gives the hard quizzes
to the people in the back, you know." she whispers.

Kira pulls out the laser pointer and zaps D'thon.

X'din moves to an unassuming position in the center of the room. ;)

D'thon says, "eek!"

Kira grins.

Tachi sits up on stage since thats as far from everyone as she can get ;)

Kira chuckles.

Kira says, "All right well anyway.  Back to thread."

Shasta just sits Indian-style in the middle of the room. Mmmmm.

D'thon perches on Kira's shoulder.

Kira says, "Thread will... ugh!"

Kira shoos D'thon back to a chair. :)

D'thon is shho'd.

Tatianna tugs on D'thon's leash. "Down boy!"

X'din gives D'thon a cracker.

Kira says, "Thread will happen every week, alternating on Tuesday and Thursday

D'thon plays with a ball of string.

Tatianna bouncies. "NIfty!"

Kira says, "That will hopefully give everyone a chance to attend if they have
regular plans on one or the other of those nights."

Tachi nods, "Will it continue to be RP? I liked that idea."

Kira says, "And actually we'd talked about making it Wed. and Thur., or
something like that, in case someone ends up with T-TH classes."

Milo glides back out to the landing.

Kira says, "Yes, the consensus on the RP'ed threadfall was good, the riders
liked it better than the old method, so we'll keep with it for now."

Tatianna cheers. "Oh good. :) And it should be even better with more riders

X'din throws in two cents for the heck of it, "Wouldn`t Monday - Thursday make
the most sense? That way it's not on a weekend and anyone going to church
wouldn`t have any problems and those with Tue-Thur classes could still

Kira nods, "I'd like to see at least 6 riders, if not more, making a fall."

D'thon falls.

Kira pokes D'thon.

Pintarryth says, "Oh, D'thon, get up."

X'din hasn`t been too active lately, so is really asking more of question that
making a suggestion.

Kira says, "Hmm, well.  Monday is tough for me personally because I never feel
like doing anything on Monday :)  you didn't like the idea of alternating Wed.
and Thurs.?  At least those are in the middle of the week."

Kira didnt know anyone did church on Wed., but then I'm not religious so what
do I know.

Shasta wakes up.

X'din says, "I`m not either. I just have no idea if anyone would have an
argument for it so I threw it in as a negative."

X'din would personally like the Wed-Thur better. (Albeit Wednesday is Trek
night in my town ;)

Kira grins.

Kira says, "Does Wed-Thur alternating threadfall work for everyone else?"

B'ran walks in.

Kira waves to B'ran.  "We're just discussing threadfalls."

Pintarryth waves to B'ran.

Tachi nods, "Wed and Thurs seems like a good idea."

B'ran grins and waves :)

B'ran says, "Cool :)"

X'din waves to B'ran.

Tatianna says, "Sounds good, too! :)"

Tatianna says, "Although my hockey team has games on wednesdays and thursday..
;) But that's not until october."

Kira says, "Ok.  We'll try that schedule then,"

Milo glides in from the landing.

B'ran waves to X'din :)

X'din says, "If all else fails ya could really make it confusing and do a tue-
wed - thur thing ;)"

Kira says, "heh."

Tatianna tickles X'din. :P

Kira says, "well, we'll see.  I'd prefer to just go with 2 alternating days or
i'll get confused. :)"

Kira will probably get confused anyway.

X'din nods, "Good idea. I`m easily confused. ;)"

Tachi is planning several trips ect... asap over the next 5 months... but I
can miss a thread or two, ;) I was granted full use of mac flights by the army
to go overseas as much as I like

D'thon patpats easily-confused Kira.

B'ran says, "Or you know Tues, Wedn, Thur, Fri thing except on leap years and
monthes with 31 days."

Tatianna says, "Woowoo Tachi!"

Tachi beams

X'din says, "What about full moons?"

Tatianna throttles B'ran. "Nonononono.. :P"

X'din says, "Got to have it on full moons too. ;)"

D'thon says, "Unless it's on a day that ends with a 'Y'..."

X'din grins.

B'ran says, "Oh yes. And full moons. Now would that be Belior or Timor? And
then again... What about the harvest moon when the moon is full and orange for
three days."

Kira pokes D'thon.

D'thon is poked.

Kira says, "Next subject: crafts."

Tatianna approves of crafts. Good stuff. ;)

X'din whips open his jacket to announce a host of trinkets, "Crafts anyone?"

B'ran mutters under his breathe.. I kinda liked all that mooning talk.... to
X'din and D'thon.

X'din subtley gives B'ran a thumbs up. ;)

Kira says, "Someone mentioned in the rider poll recently that they resented
the fact that their former IC life was basically lost when they Impressed. 
And it's true, we've not encouraged (or, to my knowledge, even _allowed_)
riders to continue with a craft after they impressed.  Until now."

Tatianna rolls her eyes. "Men!" ;P

Tatianna cheers! Woowoo!

Nkidu likes Crafts Cheese and Macarena.

X'din says, "That mean I get to be a cook again?"

Kira says, "So we're going to be allowing this - if you were in a craft before
you Impressed, you'll be able to continue craft training afterwards - after
you graduate from weyrling training, that is."

Kira says, "If you want to, yes."

Kira says, "Also if you *werent* in a craft but you want to learn one, that's
fine too."

B'ran has continued. I have a full journeyman's status wiht the weavers and
have even had a mentee and everything.

X'din pulls out his bag of wherryjerky and prepares for mass-marketing.

Kira says, "You'll have to go to the crafthall and attend classes just like
all the other craft apprentices and j'men.  Also you'll need to talk with the
craftmaster just to get approval for this before you start, but most of them
are very much in favor of this."

X'din says, "It's a really good idea."

B'ran says, "Cool beans :)"

Tatianna nods. Woohoo!

Kira says, "The only CM that was a little skeptical was Zaryia, the herder
master, but then she's probably thinking the dragons would eat her runners. :)
 So definitely ask the CM first."

B'ran thinks so too. And icly. A weyr used all of its resources the best way
it could and many riders did this additional duty in the evenings ans such.

X'din thinks dragons should learn crafts too!

X'din ducks.

Pintarryth thinks he knows how to bask in the sun and that's plenty.

Milo ooc and fkits too?

B'ran ponders the winecraft for some... AHEM

Kira says, "I'm hoping this will help with weyr/craft/hold RP, though, and
riders who specialize in crafts can share this with the weyr too, by
making/trading things, etc."

X'din hrms...

D'thon ponders the whinecraft for others... AHEM  ;)

X'din chuckles.

Kira grins.

B'ran laughs!

Tatianna chuckles!

Nkidu flutters over to perch on Pintarryth's neckridge.

Shasta sniggles.

Kira says, "So everyone's cool with the craft thing, yes?"

Tatianna nods!

Pintarryth nods.

X'din noddles.

Tatianna but then she was at the craft meeting, too. ;P

Kira chuckles.

Tachi goes home.

Kira says, "hmm, was it something I said?"

X'din sniffs and looks around the room just in case.

Pintarryth tries to look inconspicuous.

Kira says, "Ok, well, on to door #3.... NPC's."

D'thon nods solemnly.  "Naughty Player Classes.  We've been working on these a
long time and ... "

Kira says, "I'd like to create a few NPC dragonriders, and let current
non-rider (but experienced) players on HT, play them."

Shasta giggles.

Kira sits on D'thon.

X'din snickers.

D'thon is sat upon.

Shasta arches an eyebrow.

Pintarryth says to D'thon, "You asked for that."

X'din says, "For weyr events or...?"

B'ran thinks that works. You gohing to make them older instariders?

X'din pokes B'ran, "Watchit..." ;)

B'ran laughs. :)

Tatianna nods, "Sounds lovely to me! :)"

Kira says, "The idea is, they'll just be created, as adult riders.  They'll be
just like all other riders here, with a few big exceptions.  First and most
important, there's an activity requirement - they must be active (that means
7hrs/week or more).  They must also RP, not just be logged in sitting on their
ledge.  They must participate in threadfalls, and come to meetings.  If they
fail in these duties, then they lose their NPC rider - either the rider is
given to someone else to play, or it's retired back into NPC-ness and a newer
NPC is brought in."

X'din says, "Kinda like a job. ;)"

Kira says, "Yes, it is like a job."

X'din figures the NPC's wouldn`t really even need individual ledges. There
could be a community storeroom. ;)

Shasta hmms. "But, that means they didn't have to go through all that
application processes, like everyone else did - the interview, the
candidacy...and would they be older riders? Or just, 20+?"

Tatianna cheers. "Sounds like a good way to re-stock the weyr. Now, they won't
have al lthe same benefits of remembering their weyrlinghood and clutchmates,
but it sounds like less of a hassle, too. ;P"

Kira says, "I wanted to see what yall thought of it though.  I know especially
the weyrlings, who can't fight thread and do all the regular rider-stuff yet,
might think this is a little unfair."

Kira says, "They would be older riders, but there'll still be an application

B'ran says, "OVer 40ish?"

Kira says, "They'll also have to get the crash course in dragonriding.  No,
I'll just say 20 or over, probably."

Shasta noodles. "Okay. It /almost/ sounded like 'gifting' rider-characters.
What, though, would the application cover? Oh, and would it matter if they
already had 3 alts?"

Kira says, "Application:  the person has to send us their proposed rider's
name, description, character history, dragon name and desc, and what weyr they
came from, and also what they think they can do to benefit the weyr."

Shasta nods. Sounds good. :) 

Chilali deidles. Yay!

X'din figures that whoever they might be would have to be experienced players
who are pretty competent in the way the dragonrider stuff works on HT.

Shasta nods. "And...about the alts?"

B'ran says, "Will they be required to have ridden elsemoo?"

Kira says, "No, I wasn't planning to require that they have any riding
experience.  I may want them to have read the books though, perhaps I'll add
that to the app.  If they have read the books, they know how a weyr works."

Jayla walks in.

Jayla slips in and takes a seat toward the back of the room.

X'din grins.

Kira says, "And yeah, they didn't go through the regular
application/searhc/impression process that you all did.  But then again,
nobody will be taking your dragon away from you when you get bored and go away
for weeks. (witness all of Ista's current idle rider population.) :("

X'din resembles that! Er.

Shasta nooodles and raises a hand.

Tatianna spanks X'din. And D'thon..

Kira nods to Shasta, "Go ahead."

D'thon is spanked.

X'din is too.

X'din makes a note in his little black book.

Milo drops an acorn ioon D'thon. Oops that's a squirrel

Shasta nods. "What happens if a person (who's experienced) doesn't have a
rider-alt, but already has 3 developed characters. Will they be allowed to
have this npc rider?"

D'thon doesn't have a book to keep track of little blacks.  It seems racist.

Kira says, "Yes.  We're thinking of relaxing the alt-limit anyway."

X'din pokes D'thon.

D'thon is poked.

Kira says, "Bad D'thon.  No biscuit."

D'thon whimpers.

Chilali says, "Oh, good. More alts. ;)"

Tatianna is afraid if Chilly now. :P

Shasta noodles and agrees. "There's many different places to go too on HT."

Chilali grins. Hey, I only have.. erm.. four?

Kira says, "Hey, if we're ever gonna get bigger than PernMUSH we'll need to
ditch the alt limit entirely. ;)"

Kira reveals her secret ambition. ;)

Chilali chuckles.

Tatianna says, "Hey, if my PD doesn't come back, you can make another one to
be my PD, right Chil? ;P"

Tatianna cackles!!

Chilali giggles. "I don't think I'm supposed to be any more PDs than I already
am.. ;)"

D'thon says, "Twleve real people and four hundred alts each.  Let's rock."

Kira laughs.

Tatianna is sticking with the two, thanks. :P

Chilali chuckles. "Woohoo! Everytime you just think you've met a new person.."

X'din wants four alts just like him..

Kira grins.

X'din lets them feed and bathe his dragon.

Shasta hmms. "Currently, the alt limit is three, yah? And it would be upped

D'thon says, "Four hundred."

Kira says, "Oh, one thing though.  If you *already* have a rider, you wouldn't
also get an NPC.  I'd rather see you just make the rider active. :)"

Chilali chuckles.

Kira smacks D'thon with a slimy flounder.

X'din is already old...

Chilali can just imagine it. Riders sending out their NPCs instead.

D'thon is smacked with a slimy flounder.

D'thon says, "Multiplicity."

X'din says, "Riders having NPC alts that they control as their weyrmates...

Tatianna says, "Next on geraldo?"

D'thon says, "They might go blind!"

X'din says, "Gives new meaning to 'Playing with yourself' eh?"

X'din ducks.

Chilali snickers.

Shasta nods. "So, the NPC riders would basically be 'intsa-riders' but with an
application process?"

Tatianna rolls her eyes. They go across the floor and plunk into X'din's feet.

X'din says, "Snake eyes? ;)"

Kira says, "Yes."

Tatianna wiggles her tongue around and hisses.

Kira says, "And hopefully they'll be a much-needed shot of activity for the
Weyr.  And I'd like to see more than *two* riders at threadfalls."

X'din says, "Just add water and firestone and you have an insty-ista-rider."

X'din says, "What time on Wed-Thurs?"

Jayla releases Skyld, who launches into the air.

Jayla goes home.

Shasta dangs and had another question.

Kira says, "9pm central, is when we did it last week."

Kira says, "falls last about an hour."

Kira says to Shasta, "What's the q?"

Shasta ponders. "Oh! Yah. I 'member on *ann (or /somewhere/) a while back
there was talk about one-two new Weyrs opening. Is that ever gonna happen on

D'thon says, "The q are a race of bizarre superbeings who inflict silly plots
on Star Trek shows."

Tatianna says, "I thin kwe voted against it.. after all we don't even have
enough people to fill one."

Kira says, "Well,  not anytime soon. We've talked about it on *disc several
times, and each time most people seem to be against it."

Tatianna tickles D'thon until.. until.. he pees on himself. :P

D'thon frowns.  "And this was my last clean pair of leathers too.

X'din remembers way back when there was Fort and Southern only. It was very

Kira says, "And now there's just Ista... and it's very inactive too.  We need
to change that.  The Weyr can be full of interesting RP."

X'din makes note not to let Tatianna tickle him.

Kiara wonders if it would work to have a really old NPC rider, like 100 or
over, who haranges the 'lings, plots with the Candies (circumspectly),
matchmakes and gossips? She might not be able to fight Thread anymore,,, But
it's just an idea. :-)

Shasta thinks. "How 'bout offer both? The older-rider /or/ the

X'din says, "An old dragonrider with Alheimers... Could be interesting RP. ;)"

D'thon says, "Gr'ndma."

Kira laughs.

Chilali chuckles.

Chilali grins. "Kiara wants to play this one. :)"

D'thon creaks, "Whyyyyy, when I was your age, we had to fight thread with our
bare hands, yessiree."

Tatianna lol!

Kira grins.

X'din grins.

Chilali giggles.

D'thon says, "You young whipper-snappers."

Chilali gives D'thon a walking frame.

Kira thought the desc sounded a lot like D'thon... ;)

D'thon takes his teeth out and sets them on the table.

Chilali giggles.

A firelizard grabs the teeth and flies away.

X'din pictures an old dragon with diapers...

Chilali laughs.

D'thon gives himself a dentist NPC alt and fixes up some new teeth.

Kira rolls her eyes.

Chilali pockets them.

X'din wonders what Kira sees now...

Tatianna says, "Lint?"

Chilali says, "You don't wanna know what Chilly keeps in her pockets.. ;)"

X'din says, "hehe."

Kira snaps her fingers and has new eyes.  "So, are we in favor of the NPC
thing, or anyone have any concerns about it?"

X'din figures anything's worth a try at least once. :)

Tatianna nods, "Two thumbs up! I want someone to RP with! :)"

Chilali peers at the eyes in her pockets. Wow. MagicKira.

Chilali noddles. "NPC is good. Might actually make the current riders more
active, too.. god forbid.. ;)"

D'thon says, "Now you know what the 'K' in K-Tel stands for."

X'din points at the big letter W on the back of Kira's riding jacket to Chili.

Chilali pbbbths at X'din.

Shasta says, "Go for it, but, will all colors be acceptable?"

X'din would think bronze and gold would be offlimits.

Kira says, "Gold will not be allowed.  We've been debating bronze... but since
everyone would want one, probably not bronze either."

Shasta nods.

X'din noddles.

Kira says, "In fact my preference for NPC bronzeriders would be an existing
rider that wanted a shot at WL.  That'd be the only case."

Kira says, "And we have precedent there, too, so."

Tatianna nods. :)

Chilali chuckles quietly.

Kira says, "Ok, so we're go on the NPC thing."

X'din is starting to feel a lot like an overqualified NPC.

Chilali giggles.

Nkidu says, "Don't go on *my* NPC thing, lady!"

X'din chuckles.

Kira says, "I don't have anything else specific, so... anyone else have
something they want to bring up?  Gripes, suggestions, anything?"

X'din says, "We need a fruitbowl in the living cavern. ;)"

Tatianna foofs X'din.

B'ran seconds X'din and raises him one pinata.

Kira says, "I'll add one."

Chilali says, "A dragon pinata?"

X'din says, "And.. and I want a pony!"

Kira says to X'din, "Snack for your dragon?"

Nkidu says, "And I want world peace!"

Kira wants world peace too.

B'ran says, "And Mangos. Personally I think they are gravely misrepresented in
this weyr. EVeryone should have to wear purple mango shorts. I'm sorry. That's
just the way I feel. Boxers. Purple. Mangos."

X'din grins, "Give me two and I can think of a new type of skates. ;)"

Chilali wants to see "It's a Small World" become the Weyr National Anthem. :)

Tatianna wonders if her dragon could be plaid. ;P

Nkidu sings, "It's a small weyr after all ..."

Kira grins.

Chilali says, "How about Nuff the magic Rider? :)"

X'din got his fruitbowl and is happy. :)

Kira says, "You could paint him plaid."

Nkidu says, "How we change the name to LSD Weyr?"

Chilali sings. "Nuff the purple Rider, lived by the sea, and frollicked in her
purple leathers in a land called Ista leeeee..."

Kira throws a fruit at Nkidu.

Nkidu says, "Mango?"

Nkidu says, "Man stay. Woman go."

X'din remembers Nuff when she was this high. (holds a hand about waist high)

B'ran chimes in, "Little Chilali... loved that rascal Nuff. And brought her
shells and purple paint and other tacky stuff.. Oh...

Chilali giggles.

Shasta giggles.

Tatianna smirks.

Shasta writes that down. ;>

B'ran clears his throat. I had no idea my baritone warbling would be so
popular with the ladies ;)

X'din pats B'ran on the back.

Tatianna flutters her eyelashes at B'ran.

X'din says, "If ya figure out a way to bottle it, I`ll test it. :)"

Chilali is too young to be interested, sorry. ;)

Nkidu is knocked down by the gale force winds of hurricane eyelash.

B'ran laughs! Yer so spiff, X. :)

Kira says, "Ahem.  Well if there's no other *serious* topics of discussion
here, I'll adjourn the meeting. :)"

X'din hugs Kira just cuz.

Chilali smooches Kira. You were great. :)

B'ran thought fluffing eyelashes at him /was/ serious. and hey... a man could
always use bottled charm. Splash a little on in the morning and yer good to go
all day ;)

Kira awws and thanx. :)

X'din is getting old, so anything helps. ;)

B'ran does the pope thing and wavies the hand in a little circle, adding his
thanks and kudos to Kira too. :) SNUGS

Tatianna tosses a few cookies at Kira The Brave.

Kira is cookied.

Kira says, "Ok well thanks much, all of you, for coming. :)  We'll have an
IC/RP'ed weyr meeting next week.  Same bat-time... same bat-channel..."

Nkidu glides back out to the landing.

Milo starts snoring

X'din writes it down on his bat-calendar.

Chilali sits in the corner, now that it's vacated (hopefully) and curls up in
a Chillyball.

Kira boogies off for now.  gonna do the idledinnerthing myself. ;)  

Kira waves. :)

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