The World of Pern™ is copyright to Anne McCaffrey © 1967. The Dragonriders of Pern® is a registered copyright. This is a recorded sesssion, online by permission of the author but generated by Harper's Tale members on the date indicated, for the benefit of members unable to attend.

Hatching of Tiareth and Jhanath's clutch, at Ista Weyr

76th day of Spring, 7th Turn, 10th Pass

(Monday July 15th 1996)

Galleries (#2066)
Tier and tier of benches rise high in these galleries, encompassing a 
sweep along a full third of the cavern's wall. Seats worn to 
slippery-smooth  likeness, they are broad enough to offer security -- but 
each one is also high enough to offer a clear view over those in front.  
Several lines of rope cordon off this area from the Sands below, and a 
precariously narrow pathway offers access to the multiple layers of 
draconic ledges that line the walls.

To view things on the sand, see .
Flittering around are Conquistador, Pwyll, Gwen, Sionna, and Daenar.
Faile, Heather, Marc, Cyrene, Kira, Minuet, Rohanna, Blythe, Kitana, and 
Keven are here.
Obvious exits:
Above the sands, Calith wings in through the upper entrance of the 
hatching grounds.
Serauber walks in.
Above the sands, Calith swoops in to land on the ledge.
On the ledge, Calith lands neatly, and furls his wings.
Taria returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.
F'rin walks briskly up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Rohanna calls to Sionna, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.
Serauber smiles to all, "Welp, what a lovely day it is, it is."
Faile looks for a seat near heather and sits down close by 
Minuet waves through the crowd to Serauber, "Hey! Over here!"
On the ledge, Calith flicks his wings back as he settles into a spot on 
the ledge, lowering himself and his head so his rider astride can get a 
better view.
Kira smiles and waves to F'rin.
Heather smiles at the Tithe Captain and nods,"yes it is
Taria smiles to Serauber and waves a hello.
Keven looks around exitedly.
Jarldom walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Kitana heads down the stairs.
Jarldom says, "Hello everyone My name is Jarldom!"
Hey everyone! Kira just changed the party!  Do `@party' to check it out!
Gabrielle walks in.
Taria smiles to everyone as she strokes her 'lizards muzzles, pointing 
towards the sands.
Faile says, "hello jarldom"
Keven waves cheerfully to Jarldom.
Annie walks in.
Jarldom says, "Hello Annie"
Serauber enters and takes a quick glance around, finding a seat next to 
Minuet, "Heather, Taria! How do you do?" he asks, then to Minuet, "Yes, 
wonderful day, at least it has been for me."
On the sands, R'han makes a rude sound from his bronze manacle, eyes 
rolling anguished appeal to -- of all people -- Nuff. "'alp," he rasps 
breathlessly. "'alp, 'alp."
Kira waves to Jarldom, then turns her attention back to the sands, 
awaiting the impending hatching.
Daenar heads down the stairs.
On the sands, Nuff /does/ get off her cushion, shaking herself out.  Foot 
meets purple pillow and sends it flying towards R'han with a giggle -- 
Hrm, mebbie Jhanaht's not so bad after all.  While the bronze is occupied, 
Nuff heads for the eggs -- Last chance!!
Annie smiles. "Hi, Jarldom! How are you?"
Taria nods over to Serauber, "It has been a fine day for me indeed, a fine 
one.." as she smiles towards the sands..
view on sands
Snardo walks in.
Hatching Grounds (#4321)
The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight 
into waved oblivion.  Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic 
urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; 
reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite.  When 
empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; 
when occupied, it is intensified: clutch dominates view, and every sound 
resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.
A rather impressive mound of sands hides a few score of eggs.... 37? 38? 
Last count had the total clutch at 39 with the really big one being 
well-hidden.. but then theLump has never been known for her cooperation.
To the west, you see Tchirnath and one person.
Gold Tiareth and bronze Jhanath are here.
You see Orange Mandarin Spice Egg, Raspberry Zinger Egg, Mint-Mint-Mint 
Egg, White Jasmine Egg, Rose Tea Egg, Honeyed Chamomile Egg, Blackberry 
Bramble Egg, and Sleepytime Egg here.
Nuff, R'han, Darcy, T'lis, Kazumi, Celana, and Sylke are here.
Obvious exits:
Tunnel to Queen's Weyrs     Entrance     Up
Jarldom says, "I'm great...and you?"
Snardo says, "hi :)"
Jarldom says, "Hey Snardo"
On the sands, Jhanath chins a rattling egg against its other restless 
fellows, jaws opening to crash into a resounding threat near Nuffie's 
oncoming head. /Back/, thou beast, thou wart, thou unclean thing.
view orange on sands
Orange Mandarin Spice Egg
Even more torrid than the Istan climate, more horrid than the Weyr's own 
orange and black, a chaotic smattering of tangerine sprawls across this 
oblong shell along with its yet more fearful orange relatives.  Beneath, 
the leathery surface backgrounds halcyon blue, calm in design but raging 
in clash with the sulky sienna, the too-cheerful marigold, the pungent 
pumpkin, and even their lesser cousins -- and all of them unabashedly, 
inescapably, luridly /orange/.
view raspberry on sands
Raspberry Zinger Egg
Sparkles of light reflect from crystalline sprinklings scattered 
liberally, even tantalizingly across the surface of this mid-sized egg, 
the sweet confections never quite dissolving into the underlying fuchsia 
distillation.  One end tapers, nearly pointy, while the other bulges 
gourd-like and convex, and the base color shadows similarly from 
nearly-clear pink into fresh-picked, essence-of-raspberry pools.
Serauber smiles, "Has it Taria, that's good. Care to share your happy 
tales with us?" he asks pleasently.
Onyx walks in.
view mint on sands
Mint-Mint-Mint Egg
Clear yellow-green reflects as does a still pond, glassily bright and 
liquid.   Beneath the egg's broader curve the color pools darker, harsh 
like the bite of fresh mint, mellowing only as it blends into the 
majority's lighter shade -- and even then, specks of that same deep hue 
retain their identity, floating onward in quiet, focused invasion.  Across 
all this dance small, circular ripples, cast by scant drops flicked 
carelessly into the steaming mug of green, while misty tendrils obscure 
other details in a lazy haze of white.
Snardo waves to Onyx.
view white on sands
White Jasmine Egg
Palest white is occluded only by the clarity of the tones that infuse the 
shell's shallow, small arch.  Clearest green melds with the softest amber, 
a springtime splendor of transparent color; within, illusion twists a 
creamy flower to reach fragile petals upward, floating, decorated by a 
sprinkling of gold-dusted stamens.  Further down, the deepening depths 
return to green again:  honey-sweetened and intense, steeped to complete, 
transfigured finality.
Snardo giggles
Fletcher walks in.
view rose on sands
Rose Tea Egg
A Holdgirl's roseate romance cups the gentle convexity of shell as silken 
petals wrap a bud before it opens in first bloom, overlapping cream-tinged 
waves of matte, subtly opaque blush.  This one's floral finery is simple, 
its fragrance sweetly mild, the tea rose from some cherished garden; 
still, so young, there's a certain formlessness to the rounded contours, a 
blurring not accounted for by the sands' heat alone.
Above the sands, Quarith flies in through the upper entrance of the 
hatching grounds.
Faile says, "heather , ohh never mind"
Annie smiles. "Just fine. Hve you ever seen a hatching before?"
On the sands, R'han twitches unhappily, eyes suddenly bulging out as a 
nervous jerk from Jhanath dangles him above the sands altogether. Another 
hoarse squall:  "'alp!"
Serauber smiles, "Fletcher!"
Gabrielle smiles at Fletcher, "Hi there."
Snardo tickles Onyx.
Kira grins at Fletcher and waves happily.
Mirae walks in.
Jarldom says, "No this is my first"
view honeyed on sands
Taria smiles happily as she explains her fitting for a dress, waving her 
hands around in exciting movements as she describes how the dress will 
Honeyed Chamomile Egg
Translucent yellow drowses peacefully as the base color for this large, 
many-hued egg, further swirled by caressing tints of amber and lemon. 
Soothing to the eye, dark hues sink through light in quiet, soporific 
splendor; through that calm stillness a few speckles sift deep to the 
glossy, golden dregs, the slight contrast of their gentle spiral only 
augumenting the inherent, unavoidable, drowning tranquility.
Heather smile at Lord Fletcher,"hello Lord Fletcher
On the sands, Tiareth serpentines up to Jhanath. To Jhanath's rider. Her 
maw opens.
Keven waves cheerfully at Fletcher.
Annie nods. "Mine too."
view blackberry on sands
Blackberry Bramble Egg
Shades of deep wine darken the depths of this egg, translucent and 
fathomless in dimension.  Sunlit glimmers spark it to more ruby lights, 
bringing forth the palest tinge of green sharpness:  perhaps a touch 
acidic beneath the sweet, with undertones of breathless, husky loam. 
Summer-fermented fragrance settles into the broad base, the uneven flowery 
dregs transfixed, in the end, by the vintage liquor's remembrance of 
delicate, once-unsullied tones.
view sleepy on sands
Sleepytime Egg
Chamomile's citrine lullaby limns shell's curve with delicious 
somnolescence, courted by the warmth of spearmint in liquid splendor.  
Tucked in by a lemongrass tang, the personified egg dozes under an herbal 
coverlet of muted golden-green hue, lulled into the arms of Morpheus to 
daydream if not truly to sleep; comforting indulgence laps it in 
lassitude, awaiting the inevitable awakening of dawn, the brightening into 
the brilliant blues and greens of eternal day.
Fletcher grins to Seraubers and Gabrielle, making his way towards them, 
then pauses as he waves to Kira brightly.  "Ho there, Kira!  Hello, 
Heather," he greets brightly to all.
view tiareth on sands
Tiareth (#3435)
Wyverthian, pacific broodiness curves this immense, now-mature queen, only 
recently accustomed to her tremendous length of limb.  Knobby, bony 
wingspars lilt with their usual purpling sunrise, their golden sails 
further beaten to true, midmorning translucence, and the brilliant force 
of midday strikes overlarge talons and haphazardly spaced neckridges; 
still, the comparatively gentle heat of afternoon not only brushes 
sunswept highlights on the tortuous kinks of neck and tail, but warms her 
sands-bound lengths and dances hearthfire's glow within her gaze.
Tiareth is 2 Turns, 4 months, and 2 days old.
She is 41 meters long, with a wingspan of 68 meters.
view jhanath on sands
Jhanath (#485)
Mulled honey pours over his broad-shouldered frame, mead-sweet over the 
deep bronze that gleams spiderweb-etched on belly and forelegs, sensitive 
length of neck and muscular withers.  Rich copper fires his muzzle, 
tracing a mark upon the center of his forehead; cuckold it marks him, 
'gainst mates unknown -- and yet copper also veins the finely sailed 
wings, brightens the depths of stocky body, and gleams razor-sharp on 
talons long and slender.
A smug radiance dampens the hostility of his character, smooshing him into 
actual pleasantry.
Jhanath is 3 Turns, 5 months, and 11 days old.
He is 36 meters long, with a wingspan of 60 meters.
Above the sands, Quarith flies out the upper entrance of the hatching 
Jarldom smiles, "we can enjoy it together"
Lark walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Marc waves to Fletcher.
Minuet wave to Lark
Annie looks around. "Do you have a seat yet?"
Snardo scratches his head.
Faile says, "who me?"
On the sands, Here a twitch, there a tiwitch. Nuff twitches... but backs 
off glaring at Jhanath. Muttermutter Nuffie's eggs mutter. Poor Nuff, she 
has yet to touch any of the eggs. "Bad Jhanath. Bad, /bad/ dragon." Nuff 
hides near Tiareth.
Above the sands, Cvinth flies in through the upper entrance of the 
hatching grounds.
On the sands, Jhanath teases R'han unkindly over Tiareth's open jaws, 
adamantine gaze swinging about to watch the man's kicking legs with a 
remote satisfaction. "--'alp. /NUFF!/"
Jarldom shrugs, "not yet"
Above the sands, Iriliath flits agilely in through the upper entrance of 
the hatching grounds.
Saffron walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Serauber nods as Taria explains, "Yes, you told me about that before, I'm 
sure it will be a wonderful dress." he smiles, "Beautiful dress I mean."
Above the sands, Iriliath swoops in to land on the ledge.
On the ledge, Iriliath lands neatly, and furls her wings.
Above the sands, Cvinth swoops in to land on the ledge.
On the ledge, Cvinth lands neatly, and furls his wings.
Annie says, "Let's go find some."
Saffron waves to all and looks for a vacant seat
On the sands, Tiareth lips idly in the direction of those legs--not too 
close, mind--and curls a purpled wingtip about her dear, dear lifemate. 
You Sit and Stay too.
Minuet waves to Saffron, "Hi!"
Jarldom says, "ok"
Serauber smiles at Saffron and waves, "Hey Saffron."
Gabrielle smiles and waves to Saffron."
Lark looks about idly for a seat, waving over to the odd person here and 
On the ledge, From Iriliath's neck, Larkin smiles in high excitement to 
Lark, murmuring greetings to each dragon as she makes her way toward the 
Jarldom says, "I'm following you"
Faile says, "heather have you been to a hatching before"
On the ledge, Larkin slips from Iriliath's neck and drops to the ground.
Saffron smiles at Minuet"hello"and smiles at Serauber and Gabbi "hi there, 
nice to see you all
On the ledge, Calith rumbles a greeting to his clutchmates, turning his 
head from the sands for a moment to offer a draconic grin as hello.
Shaival walks in.
Annie's eyes snatch a view of 2 empty seats. "Over here!"
Fletcher hmms and makes his way over to his traditional seat among the 
Harpers.  "Hey there, Keven.  Seen Seamus yet?  I was going to make a 
friendly wager with him about the outcome of the gold Impression..."
Snardo waves at Shaival.
Saffron moves over to Heather and smiles,"mind if I sit down,?
Jarldom says, "great"
On the sands, Jhanath checks Nuff's location -- safely away from the eggs. 
Good. -- and abruptly loses interest in R'han, dropping him heavily to the 
sands. Dust flies, as does a couple of arms and an aching groan. "Oh, 
Keven sits at an emty place, making it comfortable for himself as he 
watches the sands with growing extiment.
Heather shakes her head and says,"no please have a seat.
Jarldom moves towards the two seats
Annie sits down. "Pretty good view, too."
On the sands, Darcy gulps, and backs away towards Celana.  "Torienth's 
daughter can't be /that/ unlike her, can she?"  Another nervous glance is 
cast at Tiareth, and she shuffles, not wanting to be stepped on.
Taria smiles and agrees with Serauber, as she begins to go into further 
explaination of her dress to Minuet..
Jarldom sio(sits) next to Annie
F'rin cl Type ways, then; that'll show you which way to go.
Saffron waves to Lord Fletcher and smiles
Keven looks over at Fletcher "Huh? Oh no I haven't seen him, hmm..."
On the sands, Celana hmms, brow raised. "Ayup." Simple, yet it explains 
things about her oh so well.
Faile says, "saffron"
Mirae plops down on a little bench in the corner.
Larkin steps in from the ledges, and works her way over to F'rin, 
murmuring greetings and duties and oh, "Hello! Isn't it fun!"
Saffron smiles at Faile and says,"yes..
Fletcher hmms to Keven and peers out over the Sands.  "Well, care to make 
a wager with me?  I personally think Fia will make it.  In my experience- 
I've been to dozens of these things- the cooks always Impress."
On the sands, Torienth, Torienth... OH right. FatOne's dragon. Nuff just 
giggles at R'han, he suits his dragon. "Gee Tiareth. HOw comes you not 
eating all the people?" Nuff looks wide-eyed around her at all the other 
riders and grins, hugely. 
On the sands, Kazumi sends one last thought of love to her lifemate 
Amanoth as she falls asleep.
nervous shells firmly into the sand. Dare you to hatch. /DARE/ you.
Serauber smiles at Shaival, "Hello Shaival, alls well?"
Faile says, "heather you got a seat near by?"
Saria walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Minuet ooohs, at Taria's description, a hint of jealousy crossing her eyes 
and her insistance upon going to the weaver now herself on her lips
Kira grins and waves to Saria.
On the sands, Tiareth rumbles over her bronze's lean at the lot of them, 
all dark possession and glinting talons. Watch yourselves.
Keven grins at Fletcher "Ok, if you say so. Hmm personaly I would set my 
marks on that guy Connor"
Heather nods and says,"sure just in front of me...if you can make it 
through the crowd.
Marc chuckles. 
The stones of the weyr itself seem to vibrate with the endless thrumming 
of the dragons, announcing the impending hatching.
Cyrene hmmms and sees no one she knows. She thus pushes her way through 
the crowd...*bump* 'Scuse me...Oof..thank you...Okay.." She finds an empty 
seat at the front of the galleries and flops into a seat, leaning her arms 
over the edge of the stands and peering at the Sands. "Shards, y'all, it's 
/just/ eggs!"
Marc moves to sit with Fletcher and Keven.
Fletcher taps Keven on the shoulder and points out, "Ahhh, males can't 
impress to golds, Keven."
On the sands, R'han rolls onto his stomach and crawls through hot black 
sand to Nuff's side, wincing as the heat bites through callused skin to 
more sensitive nerves. "Ow. ow. /OW/. Ow. Sliver sliver ow ow." -- "Oh. 
Hey, Darcy, folks." 
On the sands, Kazumi wakes up with a splutter, uh who, what, where, huh?
locates a vacant seat somewhere on the far side of the galleries.
Keven smiles at Marc "Hi!"
Fletcher looks up and grins at the somewhat familiar face.  "Hello there, 
Marc," he greets amiably.
Faile Faile walks to (through the crownd and finds the seat in front of 
Marc says, "Hiya you two."
Jarldom looking at Annie, "so are your parents still on vacation?"
Fletcher asks the guard, "Who do you favour for the gold?"
Above the sands, Dharmath soars powerfully, his metallic hide glinting, in 
through the upper entrance of the hatching grounds.
On the sands, Jhanath busies himself with his rebellious children 
meanwhile, herding as many of the clutch as his wings can reach into the 
ominous shadow of his massive Presence. Stay Still. Now.
On the sands, Tsk. I've already got a dragon, silly Lump. Celana's smile 
says as much, not backing away from her already far distance from the 
eggs. Besides, she's having too much fun watching the proceedings.
Annie nods. "Still wandering Pern, I guess."
Above the sands, Dharmath swoops in to land on the ledge.
On the ledge, Dharmath lands neatly, and furls his wings.
Above the sands, Quarith flies in through the upper entrance of the 
hatching grounds.
Marc says, "Who ever gets her?"
Heather smiles at Faile,"well I see you made it..the crowds are really 
getting large
Marc grins.
Above the sands, Quarith swoops in to land on the ledge.
On the ledge, Quarith lands neatly, and furls her wings.
Faile says, "yes it has"
Jarldom says, "Why dont you throw a partyu?"
Saria smiles at F'rin and Larkin, and takes her seat on one side of the 
Weyrleader, saving another for someone special.
Fletcher rolls his eyes at Marc.  "You should have been a Harper, Marc."
F'rin smiles to Larkin, nodding in agreement.  "Aye, it is, that."  On 
seeing Saria, he smiles again, greeting his WeyrWoman.
Keven grins "Yeah!"
On the sands, Kazumi grins as she stands along side the other riders, new 
awlm knot a bit odd on her shoulder, but she regards the rocking eggs with 
as much excitement as anyone.
On the sands, Tiareth eels around, around, around, tormenting the sands 
further. A trumpet warns the arriving dragons, piercing through the 
others' thrum.
Annie laughs. "Are you kidding? My parents would kill me!"
On the sands, White Jasmine Egg flickers...or does it?  Soft springtime 
colours perhaps stirred by some hidden force.
On the sands, M'hael walks out onto the sands.
Fletcher summons a mark piece to his hand and twirls it expertly through 
his fingers.  "No one cares to wager on it?" he asks his compaions.
Marc chuckles. "Hey, between my uncle and living at a weyr most my life, 
learned to try not to second guess hatchlings.
Jarldom smiles. "how about a private one...
Keven nods "Ok I'll do, just give me a little time to think over the 
Larkin settles in beside F'rin, and is quiet, for once. Intrigued. 
Listening. Watching. And very decorative.
On the sands, Nuff does actually go so far as to pat R'han's dark curls, 
helping the rider, should he need it, back to his feet.
On the sands, B'ran *SLOSHES* out onto the sands.
Mirae edges over to the edge of the galleries to look down.
Minuet grins at Fletcher, holding a mark of her own, "My vote is for Kara"
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg whispers like silk stroked by rough fingers as 
it slips along the grainy sand.
On the sands, Blackberry Bramble Egg doesn't flicker, as much as mosey, 
well as much as an egg can mosey, digging itself deeper into it's hole.
Shaival passes out from sheer exhaustion.
Faile says, "thanks for finding a seat for n/me"
in and looks down on the sands.
Fletcher chuckles to Keven.  "We'll see who shows up... Kara, Minuet?  
You're on.  I'll keep a pot going..." he says, holding out a money pouch.
Taria grins at the bettings, but decided to keep the marks that she has.
Jarldom says, "What are the oddsof(odds of) this bet?"
Minuet grins, adding her mark to the pouch
Faile says, "me"
Fletcher chuckles to Jarldom.  "Whoever guesses right gets the pot!  My 
vote is Fia.  Never seen a cook fail to Impress."
Gabrielle grins and says to Fletcher, "I vote Kyleigh."
Kira grins at Fletcher.  "I'll put my mark on Aralie.  We are betting on 
the gold, eh?"
Annie says, "The party would have to be pretty small for them not to 
Heather smiles at Blythe and nods,"it is going to get hot in here, with 
all these people "and she starts to fan herself as she watches the sands
Mairen walks in.
On the sands, Raspberry Zinger Egg barely trembles, the grains of sand 
beside it are shaken ever so slightly, as if shifted by the wind rather 
than from the movement of the shell.
Cyrene hums too, not a dragon hum, but a little tune she made up herself 
as she dangles her arms over the balcony edge, beaming at the eggs below.
Fletcher nods up to Kira.  "Indeed we are, Kira.  All righty, Gabrielle.  
On the sands, R'han leans heavily on Nuff's rotund support, for once 
grateful to the smaller rider for assistance. Not that she's ever offered 
much before, mind you. Jhanath, glowering protectively over the eggs, 
blares a duet to Tiareth's warning:  Go Away. 
On the sands, Sleepytime Egg is silent for a moment, then, prompted by the 
dancing of his partners, pursues an intricate roll.
On the sands, B'ran walks slowly over to the queen and bows, then to 
Jhanath, and to Nuff and R'han. A swift couple more steps takes him to the 
grouping of riders where he too waits.
Leilani walks in.
Keven grins at Fletcher "This is unfair, you're a lord holder, you got 
more money then uss. I say you pay double the abount"
Marc chuckles.
Serauber notices Blythe, "HYello Blythe!" he says from his chair, smiling 
at the perfumer.
Jarldom looking at Annie, very small...just me and you"
On the sands, Somewhere under a layer of black-sand, the pale-gold flush 
of Honey and Chamomille gives the slightest awakening shiver. Grains stir, 
but the dark mantle of Istan darkness shrouds the large egg and it settles 
happily out of harms way --- and /well/ away from Nuff's sticky fingers.
Larkin says, "Ooh!"
Fletcher rolls his eyes at Keven.  "That's just nonsense, Keven," he 
points out to the Harper, looking around to see if there're anymore bets 
coming in?
On the sands, White Jasmine Egg indeed does flicker, and flickers again, 
gently, shell rippling as if something within catches alight and bloom.
Jarldom says, "What are the choices of this bet?"
Blythe nods, "But I think perhaps the people down on the sands are going 
to be even hotter than we." she smiles with a wave up at Serauber, "hello!"
Annie smiles. "I bet they wouldn't mind. We could go to Annabell's"
Keven grins at Fletcher.
From Fletcher's shoulder, Jasper adds her own little voice to the 
thrumming dragons. Small though it is, she's trying!
Jarldom says, "Thats fine with me"
Annie says, "Have you seen her place? It's great."
Jirbrand walks in.
Heather smiles and nods,"that is for sure, Blythe,but they will not notice 
it as much all the excitement"
With an intense look of concentration, Kira's eyes unfocus as she wanders 
off to think about verbs.
Taria looks up the the thrumming blue and brown upon her shoulder and 
grins as they lean forward towrds the eggs, thrumming as loud as their 
tiny lungs can thrum.
Stormdark blinks in from ::between::!
Serauber smiles, "So, how have things been for you lately Blythe?"
Jarldom says, "nope...never seen it...I've heard it's hidden though"
Leilani calls to Stormdark, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.
Rapture blinks in from ::between::!
Minuet calls to Rapture, who flies gracefully over to her, landing on her 
Moira walks in.
From Annie's shoulder, Deka lets a little thrum escape her tiny chest.
On the sands, Blackberry Bramble Egg does its moseying a bit more. Left, 
right, left, right. Then it stops with a tremor, shock still. Maybe 
moseying isn't what was needed just then.
Kira wanders back into the room, after having considered verbs for a time.
Blythe grins to Heather, "Aye," with a look back to Serauber, "Oh, usual."
On the sands, Tiareth sniffs after B'ran's retreating back. Taken. Where 
are the offerings to these, her offspring? Washed, robed, dried and 
/prepared/ for the carnage? The wyverthian neck arches, neckridges midday 
fire against the black of sands.
F'rin smiles as he watches the eggs begin moving.  He glances at Larkin, 
smiling again before returning his attention to the sands.
Kitana walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Gold_Guest walks in.
Annie nods. "You count as a friend. I'll show it to you later."
Fletcher looks around the galliers for other interesting people but then 
notes that the eggs are actually moving.  "Hmmm, better pay attention to 
them," he mumbles and leans over the railing a bit to get a good view.
Gold_Guest goes home.
Jarldom says, "ok thats col(cool)"
On the sands, Ophelia walks quietly out onto the sands.
Keven sighs as he's considering the candidates "Ok I'll say Kyleigh for 
the gold."
Larkin tucks her hand in F'rin's arm, and snuggles. "Do you remember...?"
On the sands, Cecily strides energetically out onto the sands.
On the sands, Connor walks out onto the sands.
Looking up from the thrumming little ones, Taria notices her j'man, MAiren 
and waves her over with a lighthearted smile..
On the sands, Kershaw walks, with an air of mischeviousness. out onto the 
Saria smiles at Larkin.  "Lovely dress, dear," she compliments around 
Fletcher chuckles to Keven.  "Two for Kyleigh, eh?  Hmmm."
Moira nods in agreement. 
On the sands, Rebecka wumbles out onto the sands.
On the sands, Katryna walks silent as a cat out onto the sands.
On the sands, Kyleigh strides purposefully out onto the sands.
Kira shoos Pwyll, who disappears *between*.
Kira shoos Gwen, who disappears *between*.
On the sands, Aralie wanders silently out onto the sands.
Kira shoos Conquistador, who disappears *between*.
Annie points out over the sands. "Look, Jarldom, they're moving."
Jirbrand smiles slightly at mention of Kyleigh's name.
On the sands, Jhanath arches his neck, narrowed eyes swinging quick to the 
march of white-robed delicacies invading the dark wallow of Sands' heat. 
Ah. /There/ we go.
On the sands, Raspberry Zinger Egg continues to quiver sporadically, as if 
the occupant is bent on taking its time about emerging.
Mairen looks up from her rapt examination of the eggs and waves at Taria, 
rising to sit near the apprentice.
On the sands, Waves of peach and rose ripple across the Rose Tea Egg's 
opaque surface, hinting at creamy spills of silk which roll across the 
On the sands, Kershaw bows to Jhanath, Tiareth, Nyuff and R'han
A drudge arrives to cart Shaival off to bed.
On the sands, Sleepytime Egg's rounded surface begins to ripple with the 
imminent struggle of its occupant yearning to be free; it crashes into a 
fellow egg and then is still, once again.
Cyrene grins as the Cands take the stage. She whoops, "Yay Aralie! Cecily! 
Whooo!" Yeah, kind of obnoxious but she'll stop now, for a bit :)
On the sands, Connor wanders in, politely, perhaps nervously, bowing 
towards Jhanath and Tiareth, Nuff and R'han.
On the sands, As if sensing the arrival of future lifemate, White Jasmine 
Egg leaps..something definatly stirring, burning within..and without.  
Shell ripples with life springing forth.
On the sands, Fia takes a deep breath, hot breath, too, and bows.
Leilani waits patiently for Fia to step onto the sands. She is skinny 
enough to get a good view of the eggs, right on the railings edge
Moira notices the fl's being shooed away, and grins, gesturing for 
Fletcher and Keven's benefit.
On the sands, Ophelia drops out of the front of that snake of Candidates, 
pausing to show respect where it's due: A bow to Tiareth, and Jhanath, and 
she sets herself to one side, nodding to their riders.
"Hey Mairen, howw have you been today?" Taria says as Mairen takes a seat 
neat to her.
Fletcher looks up and notices another Harper, waving her into the 
stake-out Harper seciont.
Keven looks at Fletcher with a concerned expresion "hmm there allredy is 
one on Kyleigh?"
On the sands, Katryna bows  as her knees wobble.
On the sands, Aralie walks onto the sands, gaze on her feet until the heat 
and brightness enters her vision. She looks to the queen, bows politely 
and respectfully to both Tiareth and Jhanath, then to their riders.
On the sands, Rebecka gulps and bows to Jhanath, Tiareth, Nuff, and R'han, 
then proceeds to chew on her thumb some more.
Kira peers out at the shifting eggs, waiting impatiently.
Jirbrand leans against the railing, eyes pinned on Kyleigh. *His* heroine, 
of sorts.
On the sands, Kershaw lines up in a semi-circle with the other 
candidates....shifting from foot to foot nervously...
On the sands, R'han slings his arm around Nuff, a more precautionary 
measure than protective or possessive, face turning towards Ophelia with a 
slightly bruised grin. Here we go. And -- "No, Jhanath. I don't think 
killing any of them would go down so well."
Fletcher nods to Keven.  "Gabrielle put her vote in for Kyleigh...  You'll 
have to split the pot if you're right!"
Annie points to Kershaw. "That's my uncle."
Gold_Guest goes home.
On the sands, Katryna takes her place in the semi-circle, doing the 
Hatching Sands dance.
Gabrielle grins at Keven. "I bet on Kyleigh as well"
Jarldom looking at Annie, "I wish I had a firelizard"
On the sands, Fia shuffles her feet across the sand as she moves up into 
her position. Her feet leave long trails ocress the sand where she refuses 
to lift them as she shuffles along.
Keven says, "I'll say Rebecka then. Anyone on her?"
On the sands, Blackberry Bramble Egg @emit Seeming more bent on breaking 
others open along with itself, Blackberry Bramble Egg quivers erratically, 
shell quaking from the onslaught of its occupant.
On the sands, Cecily curtseys as best she can, and low, to Tiareth and 
Jhanath and Nuff and R'han.  She makes sure she's in proper 
half-circle-ness and turns her attention to the matter at hand...
On the sands, Tiareth inspects the lot of them, each by each; her baleful 
stare sinks far too close, and nostrils flare to take in each smell.
Fletcher shakes his head.  "Not that I know of..."
On the sands, Kara curtseys to TIareth, Jhanath and their riders Nuff and 
R'han. She blinks as the sands start to burn slightly. She moves in to the 
semicircle eyes wide as she looks at the eggs.
Annie strokes Deka's muzzle. "They are so sweet...I bet you'll get one 
Mairen smiles tiredly at Taria, "Glad of the break and the chance to watch 
this... but I wish it wasn't so warm."
F'rin nods slowly in response to Larkin's question as he continues 
watching the eggs.  On hearing Saria's comment, he favors her with a 
smile.  "Aye... Larkin does love to dress well."
Jarldom says, "I'm gonna try"
On the sands, Connor follows Kershaw, taking his place in the 
semi-circle.  He stands, shuffling his feet for the first few steps.
Keven looks over at Gabrielle "Sorry I'm just not good at charing" He 
On the sands, Rebecka follows Kershaw, her lovely buddy and chews on her 
thumb, lifting one foot then the next but often forgetting and lifting the 
next foot up very quickly.
On the sands, Kershaw sees the trembling eggs and watches entralled....a 
slight shaking coursing through his body..
On the sands, Aralie steps into place in the semi-circle, grabbing KAra's 
hand still as she stands quietly.
On the sands, Nuff blinks at all the arriving canidates. She forgot this 
part.  "Hey R'han!", wriggling into his embrace, "Candidates!" One wonders 
why Nuff is surprised about this.  The sweat-darkened gold curls are 
shoved out of the way as Nuff happily looks over each and every one.. till 
she gets bored.  "Kinda scrawny aren't they?"
On the sands, Sleepytime Egg perceives the entry of candidates and resumes 
its rocking; quite hazardous.
Saria sits demurely next to F'rin, and glances at the still-empty seat 
next to her.  "I do, too.. just wish the people I dressed for would show 
up when I dressed for them.."  she chuckles wryly.
Moira says, "Sorry, I don't know any of them well enough to bet on them 
Annie nods. "Do it. I bet you'll be successfel."
On the sands, Kyleigh skips over the sands. No mere walking she does. 
These sands are hot! and she barely remembers to bow to Tiareth and 
Jhanath before crowding next to her frieds, hopping one foot to the other 
and bowing to Nuff and R'han at the same time. Hot. Hot.
Imperial blinks in from ::between::!
Taria nods as she watches Mairen sweat from withing her thick clothes and 
wipes at her forehead, "Yes it is" she says with a slight smile.
On the sands, Katryna wrings her hands nervously.
On the sands, Cecily grabs at Kara's other hand, flashing a encouraging 
grin to Aralie.
On the sands, What should be a thrum by rights emerges from Jhanath's 
throat as a rumbling that shakes bones and minds, vibrating through each 
with equal malice and the promise of havoc.
On the sands, Mint-Mint-Mint Egg twitches slightly -- or perhaps it's 
simply a trick of illusory mist. Silent, deep in its bed of darkness, it 
rests, indifference draping that richness of shell.
Blythe glances down, breathing a soft sigh as the candidates file in, 
"Oh," she notes to Heather, "I've never been to a dragon hatching before."
Jarldom says, "I will when there is a firelizard hatching"
Fletcher hmmms to Moira.  "Ah well.  Have a seat, Moira...  We're right 
here at the bottom of the stands.  Leadership has its priviledges, I 
suppose," he says with a snicker.
On the sands, Aralie smiles great  to Cecily for the 
encouragment, looking around for Kyleigh to hold her empty hand.
Annie nods. 
On the sands, Fia stands up tall and straight, hot sand on sone side of 
her and candidates on the other. She tries to remember a moment why she's 
here as she senses the stares of people in the stands.
On the sands, Kershaw takes a step back at Jhanath's bellow.....not 
wanting to be dragon food....
On the sands, R'han quivers in a silent laugh, squeezing tighter with an 
automatic reflex of muscles. "Kinda," he agrees. "As compared to us, I 
From Minuet's arms, Rapture thrums deeply in her throat, eyes whorling 
with excitment
On the sands, White Jasmine Egg shudders, lifeforce within burning, 
blazing and so too does the egg now. ripples, shudders and flickers 
caressing plae shell....growing, slowly growing in force,
F'rin glances at the empty seats on the other side of Saria, then nods.  
"Yes...  Hopefully they'll show up soon."
Jarldom says, "Who are the candidates?"
Moira grins at Feltcher and takes the proffered seat.
Heather smiles and says,"I have but they are all exciting:)
Keven chuckles at Fletcher.
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg shivers yet again, leaving ochre streaks on the 
sand it passes over, as it rocks back and forth, back and forth, shadows 
mingling with the scented grace of the gleamingly thin shell.  The 
opaqueness only makes the egg seem even thinner, as it retraces its short 
path again and again.
On the sands, Kara squeezes both Cecily and Aralie's hands her toes curl 
into the burning sands forgetting to pick them up in her awe of the eggs.
On the sands, White Jasmine Egg smoulders, the pale shell suddenly alight 
with rising, /consuming/ flames; cracks flicker and leap as the pyre takes 
hold, shrouding in desolation.  As it falls asunder, all is consumed, 
destroyed, before the small dragon rises from the ashy shards.
On the sands, Ash-shrouded Phoenix Blue Dragonet
On the sands, Ethereal, mystical, magical flames flicker awakening color 
over the sleeping depths of cerulean blue; color slumbers, nay, 
/smoulders/ in softest spirit-hues, veiling the hatchling dragonet's sleek 
form in gentle, ashen hide.  Delicate mithril filigree shrouds shoulders 
and wings, though their fragile, wind-tossed sails again light with that 
cool, fiery blue; his undeniable length of tail flickers, flails, even as 
lanky legs dwindle into sharp, wide-spaced talons whose midnight blue 
blends to true night-black along their serrated edges.  Wide-set eyes, 
ablaze with inner luminescence, splinter fire and flame above his muzzle's 
hawkish curve.
Jirbrand crosses his arms, then drops his chin onto them with a wistful 
smile as he eyes Kyleigh with *thee* most puyppydogged expression. One 
might as well put a sign on his back: Lovesick Puppy Here.
Faile smiles a smiles of happiness
Serauber looks out over the sands the smiles at Minuet, "Your friend.." he 
pauses truly having forgotten the girl's name, "Is down there no?"
On the sands, Hazardous? Blackberry Bramble Egg is moving harder than a 
flower in a windstorm, shell riveting against its mates upon the sands.
Annie snrugs. "I know Aralie and Kershaw are..."
Fletcher waggles an idle finger at all of the Candidates, "I do have to 
say, you'd have to be brave up there.. ooo!  A blue hatched," he points 
out the obvious.
Peaking through Taria's hair, Spirit thrums happily as much as hi s blue 
hide can, clinging onto Taria's shoulder to keep himself from falling over.
Larkin says again, as she will all through this, and it's reverent every 
time, "Ooh!"
Moira waves her hand in front of her face.  "It's /really/ hot in here, 
especially so close to the sands.  How do the candidate stand it?
On the sands, Kershaw gasps at the emerging dragonete...amzing how that 
Minuet nods to Serauber, "Look, the first one has hatched!"
Kira oohs and encourages the candidates as the first dragon hatches.
On the sands, Rebecka wiggles her brows and watches, her gaze falling on 
Kyleigh, then she turns back, wide eyed and curious just to see the blue 
dragonet break out from its shell. A quikly mumbles gasp flys outta her 
On the sands, Cecily ooohs...
Jarldom says, "oh...ok"
Saria sits forward as the first dragonet emerges.
On the sands, Raspberry Zinger Egg seems to dig itself ever so much deeper 
into the desert hot sand with it's tiny shakes and quivers of movement.
Fletcher chuckles to Moira and points out, "I think they're too nervous to 
notice, actually."
On the sands, Katryna's eyes go wide as teacups as the dragonet hatches.
On the sands, Aralie stares as a hatchling emerges. Her hand squeezes 
Kara's a bit harder, as her mouth drops open slightly at the wonderful 
sight. Her eyes stay stuck fast on the adorable little blue, and she only 
looks up to grin at her friends.
Marc chuckles.
On the sands, Ophelia rocks from foot to foot as sands' heat bites deep 
into her soles: and takes time to admire. "Blue. Such a lovely one, at 
that." Her eyes roam the sea of white -- who will be first?
Cyrene looks at the new hatchling. "Eek! So ugly!" She squeaks, surprised 
at the wrinkled, wet goo-covered hatchling.  She shakes her heas sadly. "I 
had no idea."
On the sands, Connor tries to stand still.  Really.  Actually, he 
succeeds, remaining completely still before another thought does dawn on 
him.  These sands /are/ hot.  Seeing the first Hatchling emerge, he pauses 
again, staring after the little dragon.  That doesn't last long, though, 
before he continues shifting from foot to foot.
Marc seems very relaxed.
On the sands, Fia's seen it before. She wouldn't be too impressed, if she 
wasn't this /close/ do the darn thing. Her eyes don't move off the blue, 
waiting for it to trample someone.
She taps her heels together three times and says,there is now place like 
home,and off she goes back to rl.
Nuffie always been rather... DRAGON!! Lookout." Nuff all but clambers up 
into R'han's arms to avoid the arriving hatchling. 
Muttermutterdon'tpicknuffmuttermutter.  Still, she turns happily to 
Tiareth and beams. "Blue.  Nuffie likes blue." It's close to purple on the 
Fletcher looks just as relaxed as Marc and asks the veteran guard, "How 
many of these have YOU seen, Marc?"
On the sands, Celana chuckles, remembering her hatching now, as blue steps 
out. And who says bronzes need to be first?
On the sands, Kyleigh giggles nervously. A giggle from her? And hands 
slips over to Aralie protectively...or is it she who needs the 
encouragement. But then the candie begins her dancing anew, barely even 
noticing the hatched dragonet. Oh why oh why did she evr listen to those 
riders that said to tough it out?
On the sands, Tiareth trumpets towards her firstborn, rising immediately 
to her haunches with tail lashing. Get it, Nuff. Make it safe.
Marc says, "Most my life."
On the sands, Scattered shells lie around newly emerged hatchling, 
remnants of pyre and old life, discardd now.  For new life has begun, 
emerged for ashe ruins.  A creel of joy, more squawk than anything is 
offered up at the joy of life.  Then up he rises, up, up on wobbly legs.
On the sands, Cecily tearsher eyes away from the eggs and hatchlign to 
seek outBecca.. how's she doing.. ah, there.. andother smile, then back to 
On the sands, Jhanath reaches for his firstborn, jaws gaped wide to 
capture and save -- but rocks back to his mate's side instead, prodded 
both by memory and recognition of instinct. Instead, a proud rumble: his 
first, and born well. Look, Tiareth. /His/ son.
Marc says, "Here,, fort, and Benden."
On the sands, Kershaw suddenly notices how hot the sans are...and starts 
to shift from foot to foot....owwwie
Daenar glides up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Annie leans fowards to watch closer.
On the sands, Rebecka gulps a lot more and offers a way shakey smile at 
Cecily, then turns to watch. Eyes dart from one friends to the next as she 
wonders who's gonna impress this blue.
Jirbrand chuckles softly, gazing at the dancing Candidates. Music, anyone? 
It's the Candie Shuffle out there.
On the sands, R'han staggers under Nuffie's weight, but deals manfully 
with the challenge:  long arms sling about to cradle as his spine bends, 
legs parting to straddle into the sink of black. "Unh." Translation 
meaning -- blue is good for him, too.
On the sands, Darcy smiles with odd softness up at the ledge filled with 
dragons, remembering how her beloved dragon was also first to hatch, first 
to choose.... her.
On the sands, Kara picks up her right foot then her left one quickly. Her 
hands grasps her circlemates tighter as the hatchling comes to be. Her 
eyes wide as she watches where the blue will move to. She chews on her lip.
Fletcher nods slowly to Marc.  "No kidding...  I don't think they ever 
become quite routine, but maybe they lose their magic the more you see.  
It's just interesting at this point," he says with a grin and continues to 
lean over the railing for a good view.
Daenar heads down the stairs.
Moira thinks Jirbrand shouldn't tempt fate...or spam...with so many 
harpers around.
On the sands, Katryna wrings her hands, nervous and shifting from foot to 
On the sands, Kidwyn limps shyly out onto the sands.
Saria watches curiously at Tiareth's and Jhanath's reactions, fearing for 
a moment that the blue would be caught up, but knowing better even still, 
and she turns to smile at the Weyrleader and gauge his reaction.
Fletcher thinks he agrees with Moira.  :)
On the sands, Cecily begins knawing on her lip, waiting for the match to 
be made.. who will it be...
On the sands, One reddish egg jumps for a moment as if the sands beneath 
it were /too/ hot.  It bumps against a neighbor, one more fragile than 
itself.  The brownish orb cracks and splits, depositing a startled looking 
green dragonet onto the sands flat on her back.
On the sands, Blackberry Bramble Egg shutters yet again, hitting against a 
smaller egg, quivering, no, thundering in it's movement to free it's 
occupant, stopping only for the briefest of moments, then shivering again 
in impatience.
On the sands, Aralie's hands tighten, squeezing both KA  and 
Kyleigh's. She watches the little blue in awed fascination. "Beautiful," 
she qhispers near silently. 
Keven looks over at Fletcher "How many of these have you seen?"
Jirbrand smirks slifghtly. Hey, needs *something*. Too quiet. It'd loo 
funnier tuned ot something fast and furious. His mossy gaze blinkblinks 
(quite innocently?) on th e sands.
Blythe looks down on the sands, "You know, I don't think I could ever do 
that, be out there when the dragonets start hatching...I'd probably get 
knocked over or something."
On the sands, Kershaw sees the newest hatched dragonette and smiles 
wondering who she will pick...
Fletcher hmmms to Keven and tries to count.  "At least a dozen... Maybe 
more.  At Fort and here.  I've made all of them at Ista since the disaster 
and I never missed them at Fort so long as I was there..."
On the sands, Ash-shrouded Phoenix Blue Dragonet is alive!  New life from 
old life, damp hide shimmering, flickering with as flames play across him 
and then he takes his first, uncertain step.  But he knows where he is 
going, even if body is yet young, and unready. Shaky step forward and he 
creels again, louder.
On the sands, A hand squeezes tightly. Kyleigh's gaze shifts to the sands 
and she steps on one foot. Hot! Eyes go wide. "Ohhhhh.." She says. "How 
...bluetiful...." Did she twist her words? Or is it the sheer moment that 
captivates her?
On the sands, Connor's expression flickers through a series of 
expressions.  Two, really.  Wonder and ... well ... discomfort.  Warily, 
he watches the hatchling.  They might trample.  Ow.  They could rip things 
apart.  Ow, too.  He could stand still.  Bigger ow.  Connor comes to a 
compromise.  He'll watch and shuffle, simultaneously.
Annie leans towards Jarldom. "What do you think?"
On the sands, A background screaming begins, ripped from the throat of a 
somewhat hysterical girl in perspiration-soaked white. Her neighbor 
flinches in annoyance and, prompted more by alarm than intelligence, slaps 
her firmly across the face. Good call. Silence. 
Fletcher idly looks around for a Healer...  just in case things turn 
ugly.  :)
Cyrene shakes her head. Not beautiful. Ugly! Why don't they see? But they 
do grow up pretty, so she closes her mouth on her statement as such.
Heather smiles at blythe,"some do, and some even get hurt, but mostly the 
hatching goes smoothly."and she grins 
Rorie walks in.
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg seems to remember its task, and swishes across 
the sand again, this time actually rolling out of its little sinkhole with 
the vivacious movement, cream matte softly glowing in the filtered light.
Kitana heads down the stairs.
On the sands, Tiareth nudges Nuff another time to make sure she /hears/. A 
creel. It makes noise. /Hers/ makes noise. The queen's great bulk looms 
behind her blue, following the distance of her forequarters without 
leaving the majority of the clutch.
On the sands, Nuff kindly hops down then, enventually, and then wonders 
what eles she can hop up on off the sands... Of course Nuff gets to wear 
boots. Big purple-lined boots. Big very very /well/ lined boots whose 
insulation protects her /oh/ so well. Happy Nuff.  She leans towards a 
candidate near her and beams; "Feet hurt?" Ha!
Moira pulls out her octave mandolin and begins to doodle.  Very soon, she 
falls into a strum that echoes the dragon's thrumming, then adds a melody 
over top of the strumming.
On the sands, Katryna begins to move her feet farther apart, defensive and 
wild-eyed, wring her hands and patting her arms down.
Rorie smiles.
On the sands, Kara winces from either the egg hitting or from the burning 
sand on her feet. She steals a peak at the galleries and then back to the 
blue dragonet. Her eyes are wide as perspiration starts under her long 
Heather waves to Rorie
Gabrielle waves to Rorie.
A drudge arrives to cart Saffron off to bed.
Serauber notices Rorie, "Hello there Rorie!" 
Jarldom says, "I'm impressed i guess..."
On the sands, Rebecka shudders as a fit of nervousness and joy takes over 
her, then she watches, hazel eyes wider then most people have ever seen 
them.. wider than she's ever seen them. Feet go up feet go down. Up down, 
are they on a merri-go-round. Naw. Just doing the hatching sands dance.
On the sands, Fia hmphs. Her feet don't hurt. Nope. Well, if they did, 
she'd /never/ admit to it. 
On the sands, Kershaw continues shifting from foot to foot partially from 
the hot sands and partially form nervousness...
Serauber falls asleep.
so far?
Snardo falls asleep.
off to think about verbs.
Annie nods, slightly awed. "It really is breathtaking."
Fletcher looks to Moira beside him and wonders, "How can you PLAY at a 
time like this?"
On the sands, R'han is in boots too, so hah. A certain degree of sadism is 
inevitable for one in his, er, shoes, and he beams over Nuff's head at the 
unfortunate Candidate with a matching gaped grin of his own. "Hi. Nervous 
On the sands, The green dragonet rolls over spreading her wings out for 
balance.  Lumbering like a troll across the sands, she flounces into a 
tangled group of Candidates and tackles one rather nondescript boy with a 
gleeful warble.  The bpu yelps in surprise from beneath the green's 
embrace, then cries out her name with a voice that cracks with emotion.
Gabrielle grins, "A lot of jumping candies mostly."
Jarldom says, "breathtaking indeed"
On the sands, A Miner lad, limbs reduced to water by the sight of 
new-hatched dragonets, sinks to the Sands. And sinks. And /sinks/. Until 
he is naught but a globbet of white cloth topped by a tuft of wild ebon 
hair. Hear no evil, see no evil --
On the sands, M'hael works his way, well behind the semi-circle of 
WhiteOnes, to Nuff and R'han; or the vicinity thereof. "Should I bow?" he 
prompts and, dipping, hides a rueful smirk.
On the sands, Cecily nods off to sleep.
On the sands, Blackberry Bramble Egg shimmies, shakes, and weebles as it 
strives to set itself apart. Must escape, must shudders, 
visible to the highest dragon on the ledges,suddely going extremely calm.
Moira grins at Fletcher.  "Gives my hands something to do, allows me to 
express the excitement.  Some people just jiggle their feet...."
Rarah falls asleep.
will be quite a handful."
On the sands, Connor's feet don't hurt.  Connor hurts.  His feet are 
fine.  Or so they tell him.  Shuffle-shuffle.  See?  They work.  Mostly.
Fletcher hee hees to the Miner and points him out for Heather's benefit, 
"I thought you guys were made of rock!"
Minuet grins
On the sands, Tiareth lowers her muzzle towards Nuff, and in so doing, her 
climbable neck. However. Never do her eyes leave the clutch, nor the 
white-robed offerings.
On the sands, Another crack across the sands; a blue spills out, egg-fluid 
dripping in slimy residue across the awkward spread of his wings. An ugly 
hatchling, newborn that he is, but his quick progress across the sands 
brings fascinated eyes around to bear. The magic of a dragon.
Heather looks at the miner lad and frowns,"oh shards, I was hoping for him
On the sands, Lank limbs gingerly step forward as long, long tail flickers 
across the sands behind, dragged across sands by Ash-shrouded Phoenix Blue 
Dragonet.  Eyes shimmer and sparkle, aflame as they search amongst 
gathered crowds..seeking for the One.  Those ethereal lames dance across 
moist hide, not douse by moistness.
On the sands, Ophelia wiggles her hand at M'hael -- psst. Over here. Eyes 
bright, she beams to Kazumi and nods repeated agreement. Oh it /will/. No 
On the sands, Darcy's eyes glint wickedly as she overhears Kazumi's 
comment.  "Glad I'm not insane enough to offer it," she mutters to herself.
On the sands, Raspberry Zinger Egg settles its berry-shell deeper into the 
black sands, hiding from all the attention; burrowing, squirming, 
wriggling in raspberry profusion, it neither tumbles nor jumps, just 
/shivers/.  Here and there fucshia chunks tumble from the egg and wihout a 
sound it suddenly gives up and dissolves about the fawn-curled form of 
On the sands, Forest-hidden Unicorn Green Dragonet
On the sands, Her glistening, faceted eyes reflect as do woodland pools, 
deep and encompassing -- silent, but with the patience of the eternal 
forest rather than with shyness or hesitation.  Even so young, this 
compact, long-limbed dragonet carries her head proudly, a golden streak 
running between her tapered headknobs as a ray of sunlight might shine 
through the otherwise shadowy pinewood glade.  A spill of new-leaf color 
cascades down her gracefully arched neck and across her slim shoulders 
like a mane; a faint hint of hazel shimmers across the broad, attenuated 
wings that fold near invisibly against her sides, and frond-like 
patternings curl softly about her lithe tail, seemingly attuned to some 
ephemeral, hereditary breeze.
Jirbrand conceals a smirk. Barely. He steeretches, then refolds himself. 
To watch.
Faile ,after staring at the dragons in a longing way for a while seems to 
wake you(up) and looks again at everyone around and then at the 
Weyrleader. then goes bak to looking at the sands and the dragons
On the sands, Aralie looks down at her feet, which are stepping up and 
down from excitement more than the heat. That will come, no worries. There 
is plenty of time for her tender little tootsies to roast.
On the sands, R'han scuffs sand over M'hael's feet, blinking solemn 
gravity. "Bow? Whyfor? Sure. Why not?" Another scuff. -- "Jhan, you've got 
to let those other eggs hatch. Get /off/ of them, hey?"
On the sands, Kershaw starts to shuffle a bit b/more..heat getting to his 
feet and naerves nearing breaking point....who hall be the lucky ones?...
On the sands, Standing on one foot like some exotic bird, Kidwyn clutches 
at the crooked seams of her hurriedly-sewn white gown. Woah! Slight waver, 
but she catches herself before putting the foot down. Her attention seems 
more on staring at people than dragonets.
On the sands, Nuff giggles happily, all but gurgling to her clutch-mate. 
"M'hael! Lookie. /Blue/." Nuff's as proud as if she'd laid that egg 
herself.  Or prouder.  For the moment the rotund little rider pesters her 
friend. "And isn't he just /kewt/??"
On the sands, Celana rocks back on thick soled boots. Ayup, not being a 
WLM this time, Nuff or no. She just simply smiles, leaning back on her 
On the sands, Aralie /stares/ at the newly hatched green. Simply stares, 
eyes prominent in her little face, jaw dropping.
On the sands, Katryna starts to almost prance on her widely spaced feet, 
eyes watching dragonets, dragons, and exits.
On the sands, Rebecka taps her lips as she see the green one hatch. An 
ohhhh followed by an ahhhh escapes her lips. She blinks.. you know. Gotta 
keep them eyes moist so they don't shrivel up inside their sockets. Gulp. 
Chomp. Dance.
On the sands, "Ara? do you /see/ him? He's /wonderful!" Hop. Hop-Hop. 
Kyleigh squooshes closer to her friend.But then the feet get hotter still. 
She bends down to brush some sand off her foot. It wouldn't be so bad if 
the heat would just stay on the bottome but it has to fall all over the 
tops too. Kyleigh's toeies are roasting!
On the sands, /Green/. Now there's a color. Ophelia won't claim bias -- 
but high on the ledges Niraneth /will/, sounding a clarion bugle. /GrEeN/. 
Innit she purdy? Innit she great? Innit she?
Jarldom says, "this was more than what i expected"
Fletcher looks over the railing to the chatty Nuff and shakes his head.  
"I'm still amazed the Weyr is in one piece of a couple Turns with Nuff 
Annie nods. "I know..."
Saria glances over, hearing Fletcher's comment, but says nothing.
Marc chuckles.
On the sands, Jhanath could live without, but he extends his nose to the 
newest of his daughters with a distinct smirk. Hello. I'm your father. And 
if you ever even /think/ of dating --
Jarldom says, "I'm glad that we were here to see this together"
Cyrene quirks a brow, thinking Nuff isn't /that/ chatty...well, 
comparatively. And anone who likes cookies is fine by her.
Jirbrand strokes his jaw, wondering who will Imporess these two 
hatchlings. His gaze flits carefully over the Candidates, then fasten on 
the green.
Larkin giggles, as Iriliath /tells/.
Marc laughes.
Annie nods and smiles. "Me too..."
On the ledge, Daelia swings easily from Calith's shoulder, landing on the 
ground with a soft thump.
On the sands, Ash-shrouded Phoenix Blue Dragonet rises up onto hind legs, 
higher, testing his fragile, fiery blue wings and offers a bugle, calling, 
greeting, seeking that glowing lifeforce.  But legs are not yet strong 
enough and he topples forward, down into the sands.
Moira grins and raises her eyebrows, but continues to doodle on the 
mando.  Now she adds little runs to express the candidates' thrill and 
nervousness at seeing the eggs hatch.
On the sands, Blackberry Bramble Egg jumps, berry shell dark and forboding 
as it shuffles to one side, its erratic movements kicking up sand, a young 
candidate yelping nearby as he moves back from the dark menace, the 
motions now never ceasing.
On the sands, Kara eyes find the green and she stares as well. "Oh!" She 
shifts her feet but only slowly. Long walks on the white sands of beaches 
protecting her for now. She giggles nervously as her hands are crushed by 
Aralie's and Cecily's she inturn grasps them harder as well. Nervous? She 
continues to bite her lip.
On the sands, Kershaw shuffles, stops, shuffles, stops..darn running outta 
Minuet is perfectly silent as she watches the spectecal, thinking that 
some day that might be her...
Jarldom slowly and smoothly puts his arm around Annie
Lark unidles...err, breaks off from remembering her own Impression, 
glancing across the sands to the ledges where the dragons are.../her/ 
dragon.  She glances down on the sands, oooh, there are hatchings now.  
Gee Lark, get with it.
A drudge arrives to cart Serauber off to bed.
On the sands, M'hael's eyes droop to meet his sand-covered boots. "Those 
are new, too," informs to R'han before swiftly kicking him back-- in the 
leg. "That's for kicking me at the hatching. --oh, yes, definitely cute, 
Nuff. Are you proud?" Apparently Ophelia's 'psst' went unnoticed amongst 
the shrill cries of newly Impressed, damned to the Weyr the rest of their 
Saria sighs and lets out a compulsive "Awww.." of pity as the little blue 
On the sands, Katryna takes a step back as the blue topples, hand to her 
mouth as he does.
A drudge arrives to cart Snardo off to bed.
Catching Fletcher's comment himself, F'rin darts a frown at him, his 
eyebrows lowering over his eyes.  Finally, he shakes his head, and returns 
his attention to the activity below.
On the sands, Yeah, the green one's pretty.. For a dragon. Fia peeks 
around, making sure she didn't say that out /loud/. Nope. Smile.  She 
stands up straighter, not cowering like the girl a few feet away. Wimp. 
On the sands, Aralie winces as the blue falls down to the stands. She did 
that the other day. It /hurts/. Her mouth forms a little O of compassion, 
but she stands firm. Save her wobbling knees.
On the sands, Connor sighs.  Let's try this again.  Stand still.  Hm.  
That's better, for now.  Great idea, what's he going to do when he gets 
hot again?  One thing at a time, that works best.
Keven worriedly holds on to the mark he've bet.
Kira wanders back into the room, after having considered verbs for a time.
Jarldom says, "I really like being with you Annie"
On the sands, Forest-hidden Unicorn Green Dragonet lies there wetly on the 
sands for a moment with her wings hovering forward like an enveiling 
canopy of spring green leaves.  As the ever blowing winds from the strong 
currents in the hatching ground flows over her, it dries the egg goo off 
her hide as if it were short-lived, early morning dew.  Then she folds her 
sails back, and raises her head towards her sire.  She humphs, tail 
flickering at the bronze.
A drudge arrives to cart Rarah off to bed.
On the sands, Rebecka doesn't notice it but now she's slapping her lips in 
awe and amazement. A green a blue, I want some shoes. Yeah. Hot feet. Hot 
potatoe? Nooo. Hot /feet/. Her feet dance, and she doesn't even notife 
that. One wonders how she manages to live without knowing a thing that her 
bodys doing.
Annie smiles, slightly surprised. "Really? Thank you!"
Cyrene chokes on a half-gasp=half-giggle at the leetle blue's tumble. 
"Poor ting, he's clumsier that I am!" She's quite impressed. 'Course, she 
didn't just hatch, so has no excuse for being clumsy.
Larkin varies her theme. "Awww!"
On the sands, Katryna steps back into place with the other candidates, 
eyes flickering about.
Liesa walks in.
With an intense look of concentration, Kira's eyes unfocus as she wanders 
off to think about verbs.
On the sands, Kidwyn manages to hop on her one foot closer to the knot of 
Candidates, kicking up sand as she goes. Sweaty palms tug at her white 
robe, shifting it this way and that. Somehow, the neck of this thing doesn
Fletcher chuckles at Keven's fingers.  "Don't worry.  I think the gold 
hatches last most times...  At least, that's how I've seen it most of the 
times I've been at dragon hatchings.  Relax, eh?"
Minuet waves hello to Liesa, gestureing to the sands as if the woman 
couldn't see for herself
On the sands, doesn't seem to be in the right place.
Onyx passes a cookie to Annie. She looks around.. nope no one saw her.
On the sands, Nuff nodnodnods in rapid succession and snugs M'hael. "Yuh. 
Even if Jhanath wouldn't lemmie touch. Still mine eggs. Nuffies. Nuffie's 
and Tiareths. ALl ours." Jhanath's contribution is negligable.
On the sands, Tiareth rustles about, wings half-fanning, for the moment 
indecisive. Except in that she's glaring at candidates, and thought 
reaches out to urge the new-hatched younglings to make /certain/ of their 
Jirbrand chuckles softly, watching the green. So like someone he 
knows..his gaze flicks gently over Kyleigh again; body becomes taunt, then 
On the sands, Orange Mandarin Spice Egg twitches, the garish orange blend 
shimmering over the hard lethery shell. It move a hair to the side, then 
lies still for an instant before a shudder goes through the whole egg, the 
chaotic mix of oranges almost painful to the eye.
Annie smiles. "Thanks."
Kira wanders back into the room, after having considered verbs for a time.
On the sands, Katryna fidgets, hopping from foot to foot.
On the sands, Not so insistant as nearby clutchmates, Mint-Mint-Mint Egg 
yet sits in quiet reflection, that still pool of shell keeping up the 
routine of the barest of ripples, in no hurry to do anything but linger.
F'rin glances at Larkin, on hearing her 'awww'; then hugs her gently.  
"They'll be all right, love."
Liesa waves to Minuet in greeting.  A sad look crosses her face and she 
realizes her brother isn't  one of those standing on the sands.
On the sands, A newly matched pair, -- a once-Weaver and the Ugly Blue -- 
reels by M'hael, the one grinning a vacant insanity of delight over the 
hungry creels of his clumsier mate. 
On the sands, Kyleigh doesn't /see/ the blue, so engrossed in her feetsies 
is she, all squatted down and and sweating. Then she has a thought and 
looks behind her. "EEPS!" Up she stands, holding the back of her robe down 
as far as she can. They didn't say these things seemed so short in the 
back when you're squatting and the hot sand is beneath your...well... 
Ahem. Kyleigh /finally/ peers back out at the sands....
On the sands, Kara shivers as the blue falls. She almost steps out of the 
circle but the hands she holds prevents her. She stays still and lifts one 
foot then another. She hopes he is all right. Her eyes shine as 
impressions are made. Nervous and tense she waits.
On the sands, Ash-shrouded Phoenix Blue Dragonet creels, a high pitched 
squawk that echos around the sands, even over the noise as he finds his 
hawkish muzzle buried into the sands.  But then he picks himself shakily 
up again and heads off again, into the pack of candidates, head swining as 
he searched, rustlings wings in excited anticipation.  Where are they?  
Where are they?
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg whispers across the sands again, a sibilant 
call to attention.  Then it comes to a halt, just shimmering with golden 
pinks and even a hint of green and blue stuck in there, from the strange 
iridescent reflections brought on by the sand.
Serauber walks in.
Keven chuckles at Fletcher "I am relaxed. Rebecka will get the gold, I'm 
sure of it" He looks down on his mark and sighs as he mumbles "Good bye my 
friend just in case"
Larak walks in.
On the sands, Kershaw let's try, four, not nerves, am calm....sure...hop, shiffle...
On the sands, Blackberry Bramble Egg shimmies once more for effect, shell 
straining to the limits, the shuddering sounding like thunder within the 
echo of the Sands, bluish-black surface poking this way and that. Now way, 
no how is this egg going to stop this time.
On the sands, Blackberry Bramble Egg spins, weebling, wobbling, but never 
falling.  Striations appear, creating a maze of minute cognac-dark cracks 
along the wine-blushed egg.  For a long moment nothing happens, and then, 
out of the silence, the booming **crack** of the egg resounds through the 
cavern; shell explodes, fragments scatter, and out shakes a rather dark 
and damp young dragonet.
On the sands, Hickory-smoked Minotaur Brown Dragonet
On the sands, Sheer bulk defines this mahogany dragonet in husky, massive 
lines, stretching the boundaries of darkest brown across hooked legs and 
stubby tail:  muscle-wrapped bone compacted into near-grotesque mass, 
fantastic size.  Blunt and square, the broad plane of his brow presses 
into the blocky angle of his nose, hide merging 'round its slope to black 
on chest and stomach; against that unlikely crown, some oddity has warped 
the hatchling's headknobs, curving them out to scythe again in bovine's 
shallow horns.
On the sands, Jhanath's own wings begin that nervous stirring, brushing 
restless heat into a semblance of a hotter wind: tease moisture from human 
skin into beaded droplets of salty gold. Be certain, be certain, oh be 
very very sure.
On the sands, Aralie shifts now from foot sto foot, feet sweaty as toes 
curl as if in vain attempt to escape the heat. 
On the sands, Katryna tries to take a deep breath to calm 
herself...nothign bad here...all, don't run, stay. She 
wrings her hands and tries to blow the hair out of her eyes.
Annie brushes her hair out of her eyes and leans foward just a little bit 
Moira looks around at all the couples as she doodles, and for a moment she 
looks wistful and sad, before her face clears and her doodling becomes 
more tender, though still filled with the thrumming of the dragons and the 
light melody of the babble around her.
On the sands, Someone down the line shuffles and falls, possibly in a 
faint, or just plain clumsiness. Fia rolls her eyes. Let's get on with it, 
shall we? One might get the impression that she isn't having what she'd 
consider fun. She'd rather be cooking.
On the sands, Enian strides confidently out onto the sands.
Jirbrand smirks slightly, his gaze pinned to the scene below. Sudden;ly, 
he turns to glance through the galleries, wondering weho is there. Then he 
turns back to the sands.
On the sands, Herding Weyrlings together, Ophelia lets M'hael shirk his 
duty -- for now. But as soon as they step off those Sands--? ** WHAM ** 
That'll teach him to consort with the likes of Nuffie.
Fletcher snickers softly at Keven, shaking his head before retrning his 
attention to the Hatching.  Who'll start a new life with a dragon or a new 
life without?  Hmmm..
On the sands, R'han ignores Nuff. After all -- "Brown," he notes 
pedantically. "Pretty keen. Have we had a bronze yet? Can't tell. Who 
would've thought I'd be too short to check out the action?"
On the sands, Connor watches events unfold, watching impressions get 
made.  Now he's beginning to get hot.  Connor definitely tenses as the 
blue makes its way over to the candidates.  This is a good way to avoid 
the heat.  Tension.  Distraction.  Well, it did help, for that little 
On the sands, M'hael snugs back, void of emotion though as the pair moves 
by him. "Damn," he mutters. "Loud little guy, isn't he Nuff?"
On the sands, Tiareth takes a moment to nudge her orangey egg, even as the 
minotaur dragonet hatches. Possessively. A thrum urges this one on, heat 
creating balefire of her gaze.
F'rin oohs, as the brown hatchling emerges.  He nudges both Saria and 
Larkin, pointing it out to them.  "He'll make a fine dragon, once he's 
Lark looks over onto the sands, "Brown!" she exclaims.  Now there's a nice 
little hatchling.  She keeps her eyes trained on that one.
On the sands, Kidwyn's foot manages to get to that 'well done' stage just 
slightly past pink, and she hops to the other, tugging at her gown. 
Glancing down, she notes that one sleeve seems to be longer than the 
other. Could have sworn she followed the patter..
On the ledge, Xyalanth bugles triumphantly! A brown, a very wonderful 
Saria nods to F'rin, examining the brown, and adds smiling, "They /all/ 
On the sands, Deep in the sands, the honey-chamomile egg rests in its 
slumber. Softly twitching, hardly moving it waits... nay, it /lurks/.  To 
disturb it is to perhaps not a very good idea... perhaps.
Keven suddenly thinks of something, he turns to Fletcher "Have you ever 
been a candidate?"
On the sands, Rebecka raises two brows to see the brown come outta that 
egg. She coulda sworn it was gonna be a bronze. Nodnod. She watches some 
more. Gulp. She wriggles her toes in the sand then stops. Whoa, waitta 
min. Diggin your toes into the sand makes them hot not cooler.
Cyrene leans over the railing precariously. "I like da brown ones..." She 
announces for the benefit of all and none.
On the sands, There.  Even if they don't see him, he spots them, standing 
out slightly.  A delighted creel and he dashes foward, closer and closer, 
bounding with firey enerdy across black sands.  Ash-shrouded Phoenix Blue 
Dragonet has spotted the one.
F'rin smiles as well.  "Aye... That they will."
On the sands, Forest-hidden Unicorn Green Dragonet collects herself, 
waiting upon the hot sand till several of the other eggs beside her hatch, 
revealing two rather tall standing browns.  /Then/ she makes her entrance, 
getting up with careful grace.  She minces forward upon her silvered 
talons, walking right past the still clumsy browns like a forest denizen 
emerging from between the trees.
On the sands, Enian stumbles out on to the sands, robe flapping in the 
breeze.  A quick bow to the gold and bronze and he makes his way to the 
other candidates, breathing deeply
Fletcher smiles over to Saria in agreement as he just catches her words.  
"Hmmm?  No, never, Keven.  I suppose the dragons just weren't interested 
in me.  Most people on Pern live their lives without being Searched..."
On the sands, R'han reaches around Nuff to poke M'hael with unkind force. 
Hey, you. Go do something Weyrlingmaster-ish. "Want the gold to hatch," he 
announces to Jhanath, whose eyes swing about to examine that slowly 
rousing egg. "Told you you shouldn't sit on them. Probably damaged it."
On the sands, A roar, unlike anything ever heard comes from Hickory-smoked 
Minotaur Brown Dragonet, shells flying from his massive form as he is 
dumped rather ungracefully onto the sands. Wings fan out, as power 
hindlegs move to right himself.
On the sands, Katryna watches the green walk out towardsa the candidates, 
trying to calm herself.
Cyrene giggles. "At least that green understands the importance of a 
dramatic entrance."
Faile glacesa around in anticipation
Onyx giggles.
On the sands, Aralie giggles as the brown emerges, dimples on her cheeks 
as her eyes dance. So many beautiful hatchlings! She isn't sure which to 
keep her eyes on, head craned this way and that as she twists and turns to 
view them all, small trenches of sand forming under her feet from stepping 
and turning.
Jirbrand leans forward, intent to watch the blue's choice(if he should 
have such a thing.)
On the sands, Is that /another/ egg hatching? It's all going so fast for 
the girl. Hop-Hop. Hop-Hop. Pull that robe down. So many dragons, so many 
creels.and the girl confidently looks over them all, but in her heart of 
hearts, is she really as confident as she looks? A hand wisps across her 
forehead as yet another beautiful green shifts sand onto her feet, and the 
heat rises. She's so hot.
On the sands, Fia takes a step back at the roar. ROWR. Even she is fazed 
by it. Okay, maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe this was an /unsafe/ idea.. 
Rohanna chuckles softly at the antics on the sands, the canide shuffle and 
the newly hatched dragons.
Kjeld walks in.
On the sands, Kershaw winces as he sees the dragonette'kay they 
do they say...darned feet hurt! Look around don't worry evertyng 
will be fine...
Liesa watches entraces as the hatching dragonettes move around the waiting 
candidates.  She wonders who will be choosen and who will not.
Rorie smiles and waves to Kjeld.
On the sands, Nuff escapes the children and heads for Tiareth, stamping 
her foot impatiently. "Down Lumpie. Come /down/." She stands and waits.. 
and waits.. and /waits/.  When finally in range, the little rider leaps up 
and struggles onto Dragon, settling side-saddle on the lump to watch from 
On the sands, Kara shudders, shivers, and shuffles her feet curling toes 
into the sand then back out. She watches with eyes wide in admiration. 
They are all so pretty. She parts her lips and giggles nervously. She 
hears Aralia and squeezes her hand. 
On the sands, Woah! Kidwyn hops to one side, kicking sand over someone's 
ankles, as she regains her balance. The current foot is going through 
'rare' into 'medium rare' and the gown -- Oh! That's the problem! She 
blushes, hoping no one notices. Backwards..
On the sands, Good R'han. Ophelia beams to the bronzerider just as a 
newly-Imperssed brown tramps on her foot as his Harper mate reassures him 
past. The Weyrlingmaster winces. Herding. T'ain't easy.
Fletcher wonders of Keven, "Have you ever thought of yourself as a 
dragonrider, Keven?"
Shaolyn waves to Jirbrand from her seat in the back..not knowing if he'll 
see her...
On the sands, Unsafe? Tiareth gapes her maw, breath steaming. Draconic 
memory glosses over her own clumsiness as she flares pinions wide to 
shadow the gathering, balancing as well her rider's mount.
On the sands, Aralie squeezes Kara's hand back, stepping back slighly at 
the roar.
Cyrene complains bitterly. "Why don't they /choose/!" Hmm. Hatching=big 
'lizzies wandering in sandbox?
Keven smiles in supprise "Me? No never... but I guess it would be quite 
Faile says, "the bluse look beautiful"
On the sands, Connor grins impishly at the roar.  That was kind of neat.  
An idea dawns upon Connor.  Let's try this...  One foot gets placed atop 
the other, balancing himself in a semi-wobbly fashion.  Just be sure to 
watch for rampaging hatchlings.  They might hurt...
Faile blues
Marc chuckles. "Been down there onece. DOnt plan to do it again.
Jirbrand nods absently to Shaolyn, his mind more on the Candies-well, one 
*particular* candie-than the crowds about him. He chews his lip hard 
enough to set prints in them forever.
Fletcher raises an intrigued eyebrow. "How interesting... I thought most 
people envisioned that they might one day become a dragonrider.  Really, 
Marc?  Wow, that must have been Turns ago," he says with a teasing grin.
On the sands, Rebecka stops clenching her hands. That does no good, 
instead she tugs on her hair and watches. Always gotta watch, and if your 
feet hurt... ignore 'em. She watches. She stares. She looks. She does no 
Marc says, "At Fort."
On the sands, Fia would mention to Connor that he's either going to fall 
over, or just burn the other foot worse. But she's too busy dodging a 
rampaging hatchling.
On the sands, A young harper girl points with a quavery finger as a 
snow-dappled blue comes towards her, tugging with her other hand at her 
friend standing next to her...... and this second girl is whom the blue 
chooses, to the utter shock and betrayed dismay of the first.
On the sands, Katryna could be doing exercises she's shifting her feet so 
much. Sheesh it's hot! She watches the dragonets emerge with slight more 
calm now, starting to geta  handle on herself.
Keven looks over at Fletcher "Do you?"
Jarldom looking at Annie, "this is starting to get boring
Fletcher nods slowly.  "Yeah, lots of people at Ista have stood.  Evan, 
for one...  definitely a traumatic experience, to say the least."
On the sands, Sleepytime Egg's inhabitant defines his duty with a voilent 
kick to his jail-cell-egg, the swift motion sending the egg a-bound across 
the sands. Bumper Eggs!
On the sands, Hickory-smoked Minotaur Brown Dragonet moves, forearms 
aiding in righting himself. Flung out, into here? He unleashes a powerful 
bugle! Unfair! Whirlling crimson eyes look about in sheer anger, hindlegs 
moving him every so slowly. Stomp. Stomp. A thought hits, he wants food, 
but what are these white things in his way? No matter. He made if from the 
egg, and he'll find what he's seeing as well.
On the sands, Forest-hidden Unicorn Green Dragonet rears her head at the 
roar, faceted eyes flashing as she turns to look back at her awkward 
sibling.  She on the other hand evinces no signs of clumsiness, though she 
does take her time, moving delicately past the shards of broken shell 
towards the clustering Candidates.
On the sands, R'han watches Nuff rise in stature and screws up his face in 
thought, measuring Jhanath's tractability -- which is limited, at this 
point. Perhaps not. He shifts uncomfortably in the heat, sweeping his 
forehead with the back of his hand; could be worse, after all. He could be 
Nuff, for instance.
Annie says, "Oh, you have to stay! This doesn't happen all that often."
Fletcher chuckles to Keven.  "I once did, when I was at Lemos and just a 
child...  But then I got into dancing and becoming a rider somehow didn't 
seem so.. possible?  My father would have had a fit anyways.  Proabably 
wouldn't have let me be Searched.
On the sands, Kershaw looks with envy at Katryna's apparent calk...that's 
it...nice and clalm..sure easy just take a breath....that's it breathe!!! 
Whewww better....
On the sands, Katryna shrinks back at the roar from the green, closing her 
eyes at the sound of it.
On the sands, Tiareth leans a long look out and over, posing Nuff at the 
base of her head: a Terran crane, perhaps, poised over a construction site.
On the sands, Enian manages to straighten his robe somewhat so that he's 
not showing the spectator's more than they really want to see.  His sweeps 
his gaze across the sands... abruptly pausing in his attempt at tidying 
himself, he smiles at the hatchlings, reaching unconciously out for a hand.
Keven looks supprised "There is a way to stop someone from being searched?"
Jarldom says, "I'm staying...for you"
On the sands, Rebecka decides that, quite frankley, now is not a time she 
can go hide behind Wabbit or anyone else and stands. SHe's brave, she's 
courageous. She blinks, and starts the thumb chewing game again. Feet 
still dance but more slowly. She's gotten used to the heat even if 
everyone else hasn't. Or has she really?
Annie smiles, really quite happy. "Thank you, Jarldom. It really means 
alot to me."
On the sands, Ash-shrouded Phoenix Blue Dragonet bundles through 
whiterobes energeticaly, scattering them aside as he creels. Look at me, 
look at me.  But no, then one is not, doesn't even turn as he comes to 
halt a Kyleigh's feet and creels up at her.
Fletcher chuckles to Keven.  "Of course.  If your Lord or Craftmaster 
won't allow you to be Searched, you can't.  Well, I suppose the Weyr could 
steal you away in the night, but Weyrs don't do that sort of thing.  Ever 
notice all the Harpers have to go get Master Shinnai's approval when the 
Searchriders come for them?"
Jarldom winks, "Your welcome"
On the sands, Fia yanks on her robe a little, the material starting to 
stick annoyingly to her. She almost yearns to lean against the wall near 
her, knowing that it has to be cooler than the air in her lungs. After 
all, it's heated from underneath.. Hmm.
Saria falls into a gentle slumber, her last thought to Quarith.
She giggles, eyes dancing, as she grins at Kyleigh.
On the sands, Connor glances down long enough to realize that the foot is, 
indeed, being pressed further into the sand.  He ponders for several rapid 
heartbeats.  Does he say ow?  Ignore it?  Ignoring it sounds good, he 
believes, returning to have both feet upon the sands and giving into the 
shuffling.  Pay attention, don't get trampled, and be /sure/ you pretend 
you know what you're doing.
Jirbrand smiles, but then he sighs. Kyleigh. *His* Kyleigh.
On the sands, Kidwyn's foot passes into 'medium well,' and she shifts 
again, arms flailing as she balances carefully. One hand goes to the neck 
of her gown, tugging it to a more comfortable position. Her dark gaze 
sweeps the sands and the Candidates..Wonder if they're hot.
On the sands, Katryna blinks, looking at Kyleigh and the blue at her feet. 
She claps her hands and grins, her fright forgotten for a moment.
On the sands, Cecily bounces slightly, although wherther from the heat or 
pure energy is uncertian. She sueezes Kara's hand a bit, entraced by all 
these dragons even as if it were the first time.
On the sands, Nuff is the boil on the back of her neck... the Lump's that 
is. She /likes/ the world from up here, everyone is smaller than Nuffie... 
and this is a rarity. Taller, aye, always. Just not often smaller.
Keven smiles and nods "I see."
On the sands, --Which would make Jhanath the jackhammer. To Tiareth's 
crane, that is:  he jiggles uneasily near R'han, sending ripples of 
displacement through eggs and sand. 
Gwinion walks in.
On the sands, Ash-shrouded Phoenix Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted 
eyes toward Kyleigh, and steps forward.
On the sands, Kara watches with soft eyes. She bites her lip again 
nervously. She looks to the dragonets on the sands. Blinking she looks at 
Kyleigh and the blue. Her smile is wide and for her friend. Eyes dance 
with happiness and nervousness.
On the sands, Sleepytime Egg sleeps on for a moment before 
streeeeeeeeetching itself out.  First in one direction, then the other, 
then the first again; it /breathes/ it yawns, it rolls over and burrows 
deeper into the sand -- just a few more minutes mom!  No can do, Tiareth 
gives it a none-too-gentle nudge and awakes the Sleeper within.
On the sands, Flame-touched Pegasus Bronze Dragonet
On the sands, Angular eyes wheel with an ever-changing myriad of opal 
colors, gentility underlaid by the heat of crimson flame:  this 
earthen-bronze dragonet reveals early a proclivity towards investigation, 
his slender, suede-soft muzzle well-supported by neck's gracious arch.  
Copper and pyrite vein the lighter undersides of throat and belly in 
distinctive firelit tracery; large of frame, strong of chest, even his 
wide pinions droop gracefully -- but, in so doing, divulge dam's notorious 
taint in the purplish tinge to those delicate, feather-soft wingspans.
On the sands, Rebecka blinks then slowly grins at her friend. Go Kyleigh. 
But no she does not say that. Pity she didn't. It'd be interesting had 
shee. So she watches the rest of 'em dragonets. Is hers here... yet? No?
Karistor falls asleep.
like mist across the sand.  Her noiseless approach startles one 
inattentive boy watching the brown when he feels the hot splash of sand 
across the back of his knees from her passing.
Cyrene whoops loudly as the first Impression is made. (finally)
Larkin sighs. And again, "Awww. Oooh. Oh!"
F'rin sits forward, looking over the edge of the railing as the blue 
dragonet approaches a candidate.  He smiles, nodding in approval.  "Good 
choice... good choice."  He turns toward Larkin, nudging her to get her 
attention and pointing.
On the sands, Cecily nods off to sleep.'s too much to spectators...oops
On the sands, Aralie oohs quietly, beaming happily at Kyeligh as 
sheadmires the little blue. "Beautiful," she whispers softly.
On the sands, Hickory-smoked Minotaur Brown Dragonet doesn't move with 
grace, but he does move. Stomping Anger personfied, he moves, alright, 
glancing at these white things with uncertainty for only the briefest of 
seconds. So that's what they're here for. Alrright! Another ear shattering 
roar is issued as he moves amoung the white covered things, head tilted up 
to see just which one belongs to him.
On the sands, Fia surpresses her squeel of delight at Kyleigh's 
Impression. She knew Kyleigh would Impress, and actually smiles more than 
she has in sevendays.
On the sands, Enian smiles his congratulation to Kyleigh, "A fine blue!" 
He calls out before his attention is ripped back towards the hatchling.
Jirbrand steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.
Fletcher nods over to Gabrielle, "Well, I'm afraid that puts you out of 
the runnimg Gabi."
On the sands, Cecily wakes up.
gesture is quite, quite blatant. Talons rake the shell, but lightly. 
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg is caught by a miniature seismic wave sent 
throughout the sands, and bumps in accordance.  This sets the rocking 
going again, and once more silk and cream shushshush against eachother.
On the sands, Katryna looks at the bronze, then shrinks again from the 
browns roar. She's gonna be too small soon.
Gabrielle grins at Fletcher, "Oh who cares she did it!" she squeels.
On the sands, Kershaw smiles at Kyleigh's good right!
Fletcher chuckles and nods.  "Indeed..." he says with a smile.
On the sands, With an aura of confidence, Flame-touched Pegasus Bronze 
Dragonet rights himself about the shards of his former confinery, shaking 
about his dampened wings before promptly tumbling back down to the ground.
On the sands, Kidwyn waves her arms.. Not trying to attract attention, 
just keeping her balance. She hops to one side.. and keeps going. Hop, 
hop, hop! Then, with a thump, she tumbles over onto her rear. Ouch. Her 
cheeks flame - how embarrassing! Did anyone see?
On the sands, Name. Name? We need a name! Ophelia watches Kyleigh, eyes 
bright with remembered joy as she stands among likewise distracted 
Weyrlings. To Kazumi: "A fine match, no?"
On the sands, Darcy watches the new impressee, waiting for a name.  Yes, a 
name would be a good thing.
Cyrene yells, "Whassis name?" though it's doubtful she'd be heard on the 
sands. She's not quite /that/ loud...
Keven smiles and look down at his beloved mark "You're one step closer to 
staying with me"
On the sands, Fia wrinkles her nose at the ROWR coming out of the little 
brown. Enough already, we get the idea. You're here, you're full of 
teenage angst a little early, and you're hungry. Well, so am I and I'M not 
rowring. Silly dragon.
On the sands, Kazumi smiles, nodding in agreement. "Hai, Ophelia.  A 
lovely couple." she chuckles.  "I look forward to this coming season."
On the sands, Tiareth shakes her own wings, while she's at it. 
Flutterflutter: a giant fan for this heated cavern.
On the sands, Connor watches once more, glancing nervously toward the 
roaring brown.  He thinks being quick would do best, so he flashes a smile 
( grimace? ) toward Kyleigh, then returns to taking careful observation of 
the wandering dragons.
On the sands, Kyleigh suddenly opens her eyes, hands barely touching the 
beatuiful fragile one, and eyes go completely wide in their sparkkling 
laughter. "Cianith!  His name is Cianith!" She laughs! and down on her 
knees she goes. 
On the sands, T'lis steps quietly off the sands.
Faile says, "f"
T'lis steps quietly up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Faile lookis in awe
Marc smiles.
Faile tward@quit
On the sands, Jhanath puzzles over Mint-Mint-Mint, sitting back on his 
haunches to bat at the twitching shell. Like -- ping pong, perhaps. 
This-a-way and that-a-way and...
Annie sighs happily. "The blue impressed."
T'lis comes bounding up the stiars three at a time, cursing. "What did I 
Kira smiles and applauds for the new pair, Kyleigh and Cianith.
On the sands, Aralie beams so happily at Kyleigh, hugging her arms. She 
wishes to hug her friend, but is just as content watching her happiness.
Rohanna smiles noticing T'lis arrive, she waves making room near her.
On the sands, Kara looks to Aralie and then back to the others. All around 
impressions happen. Feet move barely above the sand. She searches the 
ledges and galleries for her friends. She smiles and drags her attention 
back to the sands.
Larkin smiles beatifically. 
Moira grins, and realizes at some point she stopped doodling without 
realizing it.
Fletcher raises an eyebrow and nods.  "Hey, that sounds like a good name.  
Accurate for a blue, I think," he says and waves a congratulations down to 
the new Weyrling.
Jarldom says, "with who?"
Minuet leans forward, eyes on her friend Kara, hands clasped into fists in 
her lap and a look of intense concentration on her face as if she could 
will it to be
On the sands, Nuff kicks at Tiareth's neck in her glee. "Bebbies!! Lots 
and lots and /lots/ of bebbies." And just look at'm all impress.  Kyleigh 
and the blue, and there goes the miner lad and a green, and a brown. Lots 
of brown. Nuff looks and looks and /looks/ for purple but can't find a 
On the ledge, Quarith looks around then heads home for a nap.
On the sands, Katryna hops from foot to foot, still trying to breathe, 
trying to not shrink too much more.
A drudge arrives to cart Saria off to bed.
On the sands, Hickory-smoked Minotaur Brown Dragonet moves about some of 
the whiteclad things, head thrashing this way and that. Stopping at a 
Harper lad, he bugles his outrage. No! Not the one! He then stomps over to 
the once hysterical, not crying girl. Far from what he wants. He whips his 
head around. Maybe...over there! With that, he's off, head down, charaging 
another sections of whiterobethings.
Annie cranes her neck. " think her name is Kyleigh."
On the sands, Darcy's eyes mist over, fondly regarding the new hatchling 
and his weyrling, "Congratulations, Kyleigh, and Cianith is definately a 
lovely dragon....." then her gaze shifts up to stare at russet Maenath, 
watching the proceeding with rainbow eyes.
Jirbrand returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.
Jarldom says, "cool"
Faile falls asleep.
various others
On the sands, Kidwyn scrambles to her feet.. well, her foot. Back to the 
medium rare one. Surreptitiously, she brushes at the sand clinging to her 
backside, and hops back to the knot of Candidates. Phew, no one noticed.
Cyrene hehs. "That bully brown found someone, huh?" As he charges. "No 
sissies for him!"
Fletcher falls asleep.
Gwinion sighs.
Mint-Mint-Mint-AndMoreMint Egg, in response to father's touch. A careful 
roll to one side as would a gentle wave -- and then it stops at the shore, 
clinking against a Klah-Klah-Klah egg.
On the sands, Tiareth growls at the kicking, but fondly; she's used to it. 
The crane maneuvers over to look over Cianith's chosen, tongue licking the 
air. Interesting.
A drudge arrives to cart Karistor off to bed.
On the sands, R'han ticks off the eggs to go before he can get off the 
Sands. "For good," he warns Jhanath in mid-thought, though the dragon pays 
absolutely no attention. "I absolutely /refuse/ to go through /this/ 
On the sands, Forest-hidden Unicorn Green Dragonet takes her time, nosing 
about here and there through the clustered groups with a picky patience. 
Nudge, a chubby girl with an overly freckled face is moved out of the 
way.  No, not her... Not quite the /ONE/.
On the sands, Aralie steps away carefully as the charging brown tramples 
poor little white robed candidates left andright. She watches in 
fascination at his power, wondering what it must be like. The idea of such 
strength is unamaginable, for her slight adolescent frame.
Heather heads down the stairs.
On the sands, Cecily nods off to sleep.
hint of pleasure after the departing blue-matched pair, before placing a 
firm paw atop the Mint-Mint-Mint Egg. Where do you think /you're/ going, 
On the sands, Cecily wakes up.
Kira grins at Gwinion.
On the sands, Kershaw continues hopping from foot to tfoot...interesting 
dance huh...ow, hop, ow hop, owww...trying to keep an eye on the 
dragonetes so they won't stopm p on him....
On the sands, Rebecka gulps a little more but still smiles. Yep. Good ol' 
wabbit /did/ impress a beeeautiful blue guy. She watches the green one 
before making a quick side step to let some dragonet pass. WOnder where 
that one's going to so fast. She would think that.. wouldn't she?
On the sands, Fia drifts off into a world of her own.
squeeze. But the baby blue tumbles onto her again, squawking , eyes red as 
fire with the hunger of one whose never eaten. /Food/ this one wants. 
Kyleigh's brow furrows. "He's hungry." She grabs her own stomach. "/I'm/ 
hungry... shells. I'm so /hungry/."
Rorie grins at Gwinion.
Rohanna smiles,"My apprentice impressed.." she mutters to T'lis, proud of 
her now once apprentice.
On the sands, Flame-touched Pegasus Bronze Dragonet squeak-rumbles his 
displeasurable appearance, immediately righting once again and ultimately 
succeeding; stepping away from the shards, inhaling sharply, he elicits a 
violent reel, crimson-hued orbs accompanying his displeasure. Scuffle, he 
goes, /away/ from the others and begins to sniff at some hopeful's feet. 
No, not you. Not you, either...
Liesa watches, her eyes taking in all the eggs and the dragonettes.  
Wonder glittering in their green/blue depths.
On the sands, Aralie beams at Kyleigh, and her eyes mist over, but she 
allows no tears to spill. 
T'lis chuckles softly to Rohanna.  Good, good."
Gabrielle beams proudly at her friend... wishing she could hug her but 
darn she cant... oh well laters Kyleighs fair game!
On the sands, Orange Mandarin Spice Egg ripples as one of its fellow eggs 
bumbs lightly into it. As it keeps twitching, now if its own accord, it 
rolls further away from Jhanath, not to be stilled in its movement.
On the sands, Katryna is sure her heart is going to burst it's beating so 
hard. She hops almost as fast from foot to foot.
Keven smiles as he sees the bronze "Beutifull!"
Gwinion looks down to inspect one of the browns, (not too close...)
Liesa goes home.
On the sands, Enian swipes at the sweat-soaked clump of hair that refuses 
to move from his face as he peers at the dragonets.  His gaze sweeps from 
one to the other in a dizzying frenzy as he watches each decide on a 
On the sands, Mint-Mint-Mint Egg is neither laddy nor lass, as androgeny 
lurks in that obscuring mist that gentles herb's sharp bite. Complacent, 
color seeps from mulled-honey toes and lurks merrily in the shadows of 
father and sand. Me go nowhere.
On the sands, Kara is pulled out of line by Aralie's movement and she 
watches the brown as well. so loud. But so so pretty. Her eyes go wider 
still at Kyleigh's proclamation. Shivering she picks up her feet. Her heel 
gets caught in her uneven hem and she grabs Cecily and Aralie's hands to 
keep from following.
On the sands, Tiareth--sees all, knows all--ambles a wingtouch to guide 
the spicy egg's path, channelling it. /This/ way. Yes. Her purpled wings 
never, ever still.
Lark giggles suddenly, then glances around to see who saw that.  Oh well, 
the riders understand about it, their dragons talk to them too after all.  
Her gaze shifts back down to the sands to watch the progress of that brown 
that hatched earlier.
On the sands, Connor watches dragons, hatchlings, eggs.  People, places, 
things.  Heat.  That's thrown in somewhere within all those thoughts.  
More shuffling of feet.  Lots of heat...  As hatching dragons go stumbling 
through the ranks of candidates, Connor tenses again.  He'll stand still.  
Ready to jump, if need be.
On the sands, Cianith stumbles up onto his lifemate. Feed me. Feed me.
On the sands, Jhanath pauses to eye Orange Mandarin for an anxious moment, 
talons curling in a delicate screech across Mint-Mint-Mint. Where is 
/that/ one going? Tiareth, get it back. Mustn't leave the sands: and it's 
getting far too close to White Robes. Shame on it.
On the sands, Aralie holds up Kara as best she can, stumbling a bit 
herself from excited, shaky legs.
On the sands, Hickory-smoked Minotaur Brown Dragonet actually makes the 
effort to stop, impatience nearly overrunning sensibility. The /one/ is 
here. He knows it! He did not go about being born not to find the one he 
seeks. He stops at another girl, the sits back on his haunches, keening 
his rage. He sees something in the corner of those blood red eyes....maybe 
him? He doesn't take the moment to think, but makes his way to another 
whiterobed thing, the one watching oh so carefully.
On the sands, Cecily yelps slightly and rabs at kara, trying to keep her 
Somberly, the Barber drinks from his wineskin, enjoying the cool liquid, 
the nose-tingling bouquet.  Draconic thrumming, babbling of the stands, 
various exclamations of surprise combine to wrap him in a 
warm blanket of chaos that renders him anonymous and at the same time 
gives him a feeling of being the ruler of the world.
On the sands, Gesturing as she slips over the Sands, Ophelia motions to 
Kyleigh and her new Cianith. "Come aside, come aside. Food is on the way."
On the sands, Fia blinks and looks around, blushing because she drifted 
to cool to 'medium rare' or thereabouts. It is hot, hot, HOT in here! She 
wipes the back of her hand across her forehead, pushing her bangs out of 
the way and mopping up the sweat. 
On the sands, Kershaw falls asleep.
On the sands, Katryna shakes her head, eyes darting this away, over there, 
back to there, trying to watch everything at once as she hops.
Gwinion wipes the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand.
Jirbrand sits perfectly still, dazed(by the SPAM!) .
A drudge arrives to cart Fletcher off to bed.
On the sands, Aralie's eyes dart over to the brown, hands trying to steady 
Kara almost mechanically. She stares, and smiles. her net of lashes droop 
over her eyes, but she does not want to lose sight of the strong little 
On the sands, Tiareth rumbles to Jhanath. Got it. One paw around 
chamomile, one paw placed gently, so gently--/possessively/--upon the the 
mandarin orange. Precarious, it'd be, if it weren't for her immense weight 
poised this short of direct pressure.
Serauber falls asleep.
Serauber wakes up.
before a group of boys, their eyes wide and hopefull, but with a 
discouraging toss of her head she moves on, her tail leaving wavering 
patterns in her wake.  No, no.  Not /them/.  Wrong.  She seems to say as 
she goes by.  Her eyes glow brighter though as she walks, no /floats/ 
towards a knot of girls.  Ah, there... she's /there/.
T'lis smiles softly as he watches the scenece below, occasionaly eyes 
glazing over..
On the sands, Rebecka hrms at the brown. Yeah yeah. Go get the one you 
want and hurry up with it too. You're random noises are starting to scare 
me.. She hops around some more, in a circle if you want to know.. patting 
her legs. Around she goes. She looks behind, oh lookie that girl 
impressed, she turns back.
On the sands, Kershaw hakes his head almost dropping form the heat
On the sands, Flame-touched Pegasus Bronze Dragonet sniffs tentatively at 
a Herder lad and, faint aroma of runner-doo touching nasal, swiftly moves 
away to search out The Others in the semi-circle. Wheeling red eyes 
splinter uneasily on his trek.
On the sands, Jhanath chuffs relief and returns his attention to his own 
errant prisoner, nose tucking below to brush a fatherly kiss over pale 
shell's curve. R'
On the sands, Aralie's eyes flicker over to the green. Beautiful, 
graceful...what Aralie cannot hope to be. She is just a tad bit to clumsy.
On the sands, Kyleigh nods ferociously. Food. Yes! And she rises, trying 
to help the little one to the sides where she can feed him or something. 
Where are those weylingmasters they said they'd have around here. She 
begins to get confused, her thoughts all mixed with those of a ravenous 
baby blue. "Help me? Someone?" All the while helping the gangly lifemate 
to the sidelines.
On the sands, Kara giggles nervously. "Sssorry." Her eyes close 
momentarily then reopen to catch the sight of the brown and bronze. Seeing 
the ghost of a green she sees grace and beauty. Power and energy.
Luhel walks in.
On the sands, Jhanath chuffs relief and returns his attention to his own 
errant prisoner, nose tucking below to brush a fatherly kiss over pale 
shell's curve. R'han begins to idle time away in an unpracticed whistle, 
occasionally breaking forth into rude song. Nothing else to do, after all. 
"The innkeeper's wife was a plump and pleasing sort..."
On the sands, Kershaw whesss that was close....boy how embarassing to 
faint on the
On the sands, Katryna tries to wipe the swaet off her forehead as she hops 
and tries to watch the dragonets and candidates and tries to keep her robe 
in place.
Luhel smiles Rarah
Jarldom says, "so how much longer do you want to stay Annie?"
On the sands, Louder then, Honey Chamomile shifts under the scrutiny.  
With a gentle swirling of hues she settles.. and unsettles, moving with 
slow impatience. Lethargic, leathery, leaving nothing to see or be seen, 
the large egg actually, for a moment, behaves itself.
Cyrene laughs. "I want a bronze." Yeah, she knows she can't have one, so 
no correction please. :)
On the sands, Kazumi grins over at Kyleigh. "Over here!" she waves at the 
weyrling.  "Come stand beside us till the others are done."
Luhel smile Minuet
Luhel silences
Annie says, "At least til we see if there's a gold...."
On the sands, Tiareth licks it, even while tracking her hatchlings' 
maneuvers. Good egg. Nice egg. --/Dusty/ egg. Bah. Tiareth's muzzle screws 
up in the most exaggerated contortions.
Keven looks around, then back down at the sands.
On the sands, Connor wears a very confused expression over his face, 
attempting to take in everything around him.  While hopping.  Experiencing 
a lot of heat.  And remembering all the advice crammed into his head.
On the sands, Kidwyn tugs at her gown again. All these seams that don't 
/quite/ meet.. Regardless, the material now begins to stick to her 
uncomfortably in the heat. She blows at her bangs, which flare, tickle her 
nose, and make her suddenly give an enormous sneeze.
Gabrielle waves to Luhel and smiles brightly.
On the sands, Orange Mandarin Spice Egg shudders at a light touch, and 
rolls back towards its clutchmates a bit before stopping under Mother's 
paw. Its motion then translates into full shell shudders, the orangy 
stripes appearing to blend together at places, creating even more horrid 
shades of that color of colors, orange.
Jarldom says, "ok"
On the sands, Guidance, guidance. Ophelia twins Kazumi's waving with her 
own. Yess, yess, join usss.
On the sands, Honeyed Chamomile Egg stirs again, slumber disturbed by the 
noise around it; behind the veil of shell and shadow, the dragon within 
settles herself into a perfect scroll, all set to uncoil /her/ 
splendour... now if only the egg would hatch. Funnily enough it does, only 
backwards; splitting neatly in two the egg all but spews out the dragonet 
-- wrong-side up, upside-down, and altogether /un/-ladylike.
On the sands, Black-burnished Basilisk Gold Dragonet
On the sands, Blackened, beaten copper -- vital, vengeful -- rivets her 
tinker's trove of muscle and bone into true draconic poise:  embodied, the 
golden peculiarities of corrugated ribs and hindquarters' jointed, 
hammered plates articulate into a warrior's defter whole.  Knobbed, hooked 
wingspars rattle ominous mockery over the deliberate placing of 
neckridges, skeletal accompaniment to the scrabble of talons long and 
slender, to the tail's ophidian writhe. Through all that darkly lustrous 
panoply, it's the feral, fatal glitter of her gaze that vulcanizes the 
body's armored pliancy -- the inheritance of baleful intention and a sweet 
madness all untaught.
On the sands, Enian toes the sand nervously, gaze alighting on each 
dragonet that passes him... maybe?  No... ooh, maybe this one... no.  He 
tries to focus all the dragonets into one view by ends up dizzying himself 
and wavers slightly, threatening to topple over.
Moira notices the candidates shifting and swaying and looking awfully 
faint, and realizes she doesn't feel so swift either.  She carefully puts 
the mando next to her, where it won't fall if /she/ should happen to.
Minuet waves to Luhel, eyes focusing for but a moment on his form, and 
then returning to the sands
On the sands, Cecily grins at Kara, "'sokay... 'least you didn't pull us 
down!"  She follows Kara's gaze and turns her attention abck to the 
Serauber falls asleep.
of the piece, forehead creasing into a frown. Blue eyes skitter up -- Nuff 
-- and then back again to Jhanath with a hint of alarm. That was /Nuff/ he 
was just singing about, wasn't it? "Oh shells." Mm. " melons and 
legs like..."
Shaolyn tries to concile her giggles at the faces made by Tiareth...
Serauber wakes up.
Larkin leans forward, releasing F'rin for a moment. "Look! Just look!"
Marc grinds at the gold that is.
Cyrene laughs joyfully. "Now /that/ is a gold!" No wimp is that one. 
Basilisk, Yiee!
Kira lets out a breath, held in anticipation from waiting for the gold.
On the sands, Tiareth grabs the one egg tight. Grabs the other--'s shards. 
OOC: Marc shots his typist.
Kjeld dozzes off.
impression and making occasional comments to those around him.  He ahhs, 
eyes opening wide, as the gold hatchling appears.  "My...  She's a 
On the sands, Aralie stares as the gold hatches. Yet, unlike any other 
gold seen before. This gold is....she lacks the vocabulary. Her eyes dart 
again to each of the hatchlings in turn.
Gwinion sit's down
On the sands, Rebecka blinks and if her eyes could open wider they just 
did. A goldie locks dragon. Eyes flicker around from one dragonet to the 
next. Where's miiiiiiine?! She hrmms and looks, forgetting about alll her 
nercousness and stuff.
On the sands, Fia gapsps involuntatily.
Caramak walks in.
Blythe pokes Heather next to her, if she hasn't logged off through the 
spam, "Look!  It's the gold!"
On the sands, Hickory-smoked Minotaur Brown Dragonet finally brambles his 
way up to that carefully watching one, head swaying in imputance, wings 
spread for balance as heavy, deft feet make up the space in little time. 
He glares up at the boy, now seeming confused. He seems.......bah! But 
there, another one! He treads over, patient finally come to its end. He 
wants the one that belongs to him, and NOW!
On the sands, Cianith wobbles along beside his lifemate, huge eyes looking 
up at her lovingly. Now that he's found her, he walks just a /tad/ bit 
more confidently...well, the arm under the wing doesn't hurt either.
On the sands, Jhanath interrupts R'han's hopeless Harpering to cry havoc: 
the dog of war is loose.
Rohanna oohs softly at the gold's arrival.
On the sands, Kazumi glances at the newly emerged gold and darts a look 
over to Ophelia.  Handful, her eyes seem to say.
Rorie grins as the gold hatches, "Wow" and her eyes open wide.
Gwinion says, "My cat is a little nervous, could I put him down or not?"
Onyx falls asleep.
want to be stepped on...nopenope...arrrgghh tooo hott too hot sands...
Gwinion stares at the gold.
On the sands, Gee, and just when you thought it was safe to leave your 
weyr. She gives a smile to Kazumi. And you wanted to leave Stormcrest for 
this? Pity. 
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg shimmers velvety soft, still not quite ready to 
unfold its petals into a glorious bloom of honeyed pink that will fade to 
white as the seasons wither it and its petals droop.....
T'lis chuckles softly and then gives Rohanna a sly wink. "Imagine those 
two producing a gold," he jests
On the sands, Aralie looks down and over to the brown, dimples shadowed 
dots on her cheeks. Body taut, she gets ready to bolt in case he decides 
to maul candidates once again.
Gwinion stares right into the gold's eyes...
On the sands, Kara blinks and stares at the gold! So so different but all 
gold. She freezes and licks her lips nervously then shifts her gaze to the 
green ghost. Feet burning she shifts them.
Keven waves at Caramak beckoning him to come join him in the harper area.
On the sands, Gold. No no no -- but wait. Nuff is already Impressed and 
Graduated and /gone/. Anything, anyone else Ophelia can handle. Handful, 
perhaps, but then Nuffie was a heaping plateful. Of cookies. She returns 
Kazumi's glance sidelong before observing the new-hatched queen once more.
On the sands, Black-burnished Basilisk Gold Dragonet sits and stare. Well, 
no, she actually hangs upside down, butt in the air, head under her wings, 
and /glares/ at the world. Her perfect arrival, her ultimate birth, and 
the sharding egg cracks the wrong way. A struggle of golden limbs and 
ill-hidden hissing accompanies the young dragon as she shakes herself out 
and stands -- the world is consumed with a long wide-eyed stare -- /mine/.
On the sands, R'han backpedals, coward that he is, into Tiareth's 
protection. Such as it may be. Blue skirts the gold's lines and fixes on 
that insane whirl of eyes; blocky fingers twitch up to pull the 
Weyrlingmaster knot off and down. "Thank /Faranth/," he breathes. "No 
more. -- Oy, and she takes after /you/, Jhanath." Oy, indeed.
Gwinion drops to one knee.
Gwinion says, "Whew!"
On the sands, Tiareth's nosing aids the basilisk's rousing to her feet, 
then a muzzle's press urges her on with empathy, if not sympathy. Scoot. 
On wi' 'ye.
Caramak looks around, then spots a familiar face (Keven's) and heads over.
Annie grins. "look at that little gold!"
On the sands, Fia can't help it, she starts to giggle at the newest 
hatchling. It's seems so....funny to her. Soon enough her warm feet are 
forgotten in the midst of her giggling.
Kira waves D'thon over to sit next to her.
Cyrene beams at the gold happily, having seen too many sweet shy goldens 
in her lifetime. Hope that one won't turn people to stone with her glare. 
Yow, if looks could kill.
On the sands, From Tiareth's neck, Nuff *whooooshes* happily, unconcious 
counterpoint to the squawking of R'han.  Her feet kick down towards teh 
bronze-rider and she whispers none too  loudly -- "Uglieeee dragon R'han. 
Must be Jhanath leaking through."
On the sands, Katryna tries to keep herself in the air between hops as 
long as she can without actually looking obvious.
The world spins slightly.  Perhaps Larak has been drinking a bit much, 
then perhaps the rest of the world hasn't had enough yet.  Words bounce 
around in his head...a sudden realization that he /should/ have been a 
poet.  For a moment he gets caught up in the spinning...he is spinning, a 
wide arc around the center of the clutch of eggs...then he is merely 
himself again, and all the outside knows of his little journey is a 
bemused smile.  Irreverent, is he?  No, he drinks to a close friend, who 
he hopes to see Impress.
On the sands, Forest-hidden Unicorn Green Dragonet pauses, almost 
annoyingly again at the emergence of her golden sister.  Hey, /my/ show.  
She makes her first sound, a mellow warble of encouragement, resignment, 
but she sidles infront of the knot of girls almost possesively.  _She's_ 
in there somewhere.
Minuet leans out as far as she can from the Galleries, eyes only for Kara, 
hands fisted at her side, whispering under her breath
D'thon quietly edges through to where Kira is and sits next to her.
On the sands, Jhanath swings his own head across Tiareth's, leaving the 
gold's rump free of his encouragement as he his mate's wasn't. That's 
right. On. Go /get/ 'em.
Jirbrand looks down at the sands, almost impatient to be gone now.
On the sands, Rebecka chuckles at the gold.. almost cackles but that 
wouldn't be proper. SHe looks around a deep sigh heaving her body. She had 
only /just/ woke up from her nap when all this happened. She looks. She 
looks at the green. She looks at everything. 
On the sands, Cecily catches Fia, near her, giggling.. and kinda picks it 
up.. you know how that goes... she tries very hard not to, but, well, 
Rorie grins as the gold hatches, "Wow" and her eyes open wide.
You overhear Kira mutter, "Gold ... ... ... ... ... a ... ... ..." to 
Lark looks at the gold, smiling at it, looking back to track the brown, 
where did it get off to now...gaze flickers back to the ledges where her 
own dragon still sits and she grins briefly.
On the sands, Flame-touched Pegasus Bronze Dragonet merrily twinkles 
about: sniff; no. Sniff; no. Then: he comes to face the feet of a 
funny-talking young lad. His neck arches while nostrils flare to 
scrutinize him thoroughly. You? Hmmm.
On the sands, Aralie hugs her arms to her, looking around the sands 
curiously. A glance is thrown over her shoulder at the happily paired 
Kyleigh. A small, wistfull sigh escapes her.
Kelta walks in.
Gwinion looks at the bronze and smiles
On the sands, Kidwyn shifts yet again to the other foot - getting to that 
'Do you want it burnt, or well burnt?' stage - and tugs irritably at her 
gown. Her free foot she rubs against her knee, dusting the sand off. Hot 
in here. She pulls the hair sticking to her neck up.
On the sands, Tiareth shares a breath with Jhanath, then--wings mantling, 
if still balancing Nuff--leans over to see what brown and bronze might be 
up to. Same goes for you. Sic 'em.
Kira eyes the baleful little gold with some trepidation, and waits to see 
who she'll choose.
On the sands, R'han sends a glare winging up to reach Nuff, but refrains 
otherwise from retaliation. /That/ comes /later/. "She's beautiful," he 
lies stalwartly. "You did good, Tiareth, Jhanath. She's absolutely 
Narabal meows.
On the sands, Fia covers her giggles as best she can with her hands. She 
feels glares from all around her, focussed on her. Oh well, she's amused 
and she's determined it seems to let everyone know.
On the sands, Black-burnished Basilisk Gold Dragonet digs her talons 
slowly through the sand, scraping like nails to the black-board and kicks 
back at her rotten-egg.. or dam, or both.  With a sudden wriggling 
lizard-like burst of motion she scuttles suddenly away from the shards, 
head low, tail low, teeth clicking -- where where where where where.
On the sands, Kyleigh finally helps her blue to Kazumi, but the little one 
doesn't stops when she does and he just bowls her over. "Ack!" Down she 
goes to the sands and Cianith right on top of her. "Cia..ugh... " Ever 
been sat on by a baby blue dragon? They aren't featherweights! "Kyleigh 
gasps a bit and manages to get Cianiths maw out of her underarm. Off the 
lungs. Off the lungs. Umph! Ah... Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. 
A drudge arrives to cart Kjeld off to bed.
On the sands, Kara starts to giggle soon after Cecily. Must be something 
in the hand clasps. She tries to stop but can't. Her other hand is free. 
She moves her plastered hair from her forehead.
Gwinion says, "Uh...."
On the sands, Kershaw hop skip, hot skip....hmm might be a new dance 
Gwinion stands abruptly
On the sands, Is he the one? Hickory-smoked Bown Minotaur Hatching comes 
to a halt. One foot thuds closer, then another as he begins to realise. 
Yes! He is the one!! Sure-footed steps take the dragonet as a steady, 
frightening pace to the lad looking at everyone but him. He pauses, 
thinking of what's best....Shells! And finally just changes up to Enian, 
stopping just before the boy.
Leilani waves at Kelta
Kira whispers to Gwinion, "sit down!"
A drudge arrives to cart Onyx off to bed.
On the sands, Katryna stares at the gold, eyes neat! Then she 
goes back to hopping and looking everywhere.
Kelta waves to leilani
On the sands, Cecily's giggle grows, fed by Kara joining in... She tries 
to tell herself there's nothing funny here, 'cause there isn't. Honest. 
Really... umm.. *giggle*
Gwinion plops back down
On the sands, Mint-Mint-Mint Egg ripples then, in a kind of annoyance, 
cusp of shell rattling here and there against the cage of father's 
well-meaning talons. /Escape/. It /must/ escape.
On the sands, Kershaw grins as he sees another pair forming.....stopping 
his dancing momentarily..
Gwinion leans back, tired.
On the sands, Kidwyn eyes a fellow Candidate, and smiles brightly at him. 
Hop-skip, hop. Shall we dance? She tugs at her gown, wondering if anyone 
would notice if she pulled her arms in and turned it around..
On the sands, Hickory-smoked Minotaur Brown Dragonet turns his jewel 
faceted eyes toward Enian, and steps forward.
On the sands, Aralie stands up as straight as she can while shifting her 
feet. Arms hug each other, rubbing, even for the heat as she watches 
everything in fascination.
On the sands, Orange Mandarin Spice Egg starts twitching more, and tries 
to move out from under the oppressive claw. A tangerine streak starts 
glowing slightly, as the surface of the egg quivers, the hatchling inside 
straining for release.
F'rin sits back in his seat, as the tension of waiting for impressions to 
continue mounts.  He nods firmly, as Enian impresses.  "Good show!"
On the sands, Rebecka glances at the gold again, a rather interesting look 
covering her face. She looks away. Feet do the dance that is expected on 
the sands and other than that she just looks. Interesting. Oh lookie. 
There goes Enian and that brown. Whas his name?
Cyrene whoops again. Yes, this may become a habit.
Taria pulls a dangling leg towards her chest, resting her chin utop the 
base of her knee as she places her gaze towards the newly hatched dragons, 
a sigh escapes her pursed lips.
On the sands, Brown! Ophelia flares a bright smile -- then peeps over at 
M'hael. Hmm.. but no. There Can Be Only One.
On the sands, Aralie smiles brightly, if not a bit shyly, at Enian as he 
Impressed. She turns back then to watching the rest of the scene.
On the sands, Enian coughs out a name as he stands dumbfounded, 
"Jase...Jaseth?  "
Kira nods as Enian impresses the brown, and hmms.  "Enian... how the hell 
do you make an honorifica out of Enian?"
On the sands, Fia almost le(loses) her balance, her giggles rattling 
through her uncontrolably. She keeps picturing the gold's hatching. Poor 
thing, wanted to make such an impression,a nd ends up with her butt in the 
air and a buncha people giggling at her.
OOC: Moira LOL!
Gwinion says, "Is it important to sit, would I disturb them by standing?"
On the sands, Forest-hidden Unicorn Green Dragonet raises her head at her 
mother.  Must she choose just one?  Maybe two?  Two would be nice.  She 
casts a look over her pine-hued shoulder and then at the gold charging 
across the sand.  Not moving.  Mine... somewhere.
Gabrielle goes home.
Narabal meows.
Jirbrand fixes his curious gaze on the green, vaugely curious as to why 
she hasn't cjhosen yet. CXhoose, gal..
Cyrene grins. "E'nan?"
On the sands, Jhanath lifts his paw in surprise, neck craning so that 
amber eyes can examine the sudden rebellion of tang. What's this? What? 
Kira giggles.  "Maybe En'n?"
Kira says, "E'nan, sounds better.  Yes"
On the sands, Celana walks gracefully off the sands.
Celana walks gracefully up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
On the sands, Kara blinks and cheers Enian. Its a soft cheer as she seems 
to have lost her voice as she takes a breath of heated air. Once again she 
wipes her brow. Shifting her feet.
On the sands, Black-burnished Basilisk Gold Dragonet stares as well, 
suddenly coming to a bursting halt mid-ground. Blackened, darkened, 
burnished gold, she waits and swings her head around in a long arc; 
muzzle's bottom slips susurrantly across the sands and then back the other 
way, its end twitching.  Stock still, she just watches again without 
Weft walks in.
On the sands, Tiareth tightens said claw. Rumbles distinct pleasure for 
the minotaur. Yes. Oh /yessssss/. /Good/ Jaseth. Got 'im. The unicorn 
gains her own consideration: find what completes that aching hunger. Scent 
it out. /Now/.
Cyrene prounounces En'n. "Umm...Ennnnnn..nnah" :)
Kira turns back to the gold, waiting for her to pick her partner in 
crime... er, lifemate.
On the sands, Connor falls asleep.
interesting. Real nice. Cute and sweet. WHich one of 'em dragonets is the 
cute and sweet one? Wouldn't you just like to know. She does some more 
Celana wanders in and takes a seat beside T'lis. "H'lo rider." she winks.
Moira overhears the discussion of a possible contraction for Enian.  "How 
about 'Nian?
On the sands, Katryna would swear her feet are on fire right now. She hops 
back and forth and scruffs them in the sand, lookign for relief even as 
she stares at all the dragonets everywhere.
Minuet leans out, watching all the candidates, silently urging Kara on
Shaolyn waves to weft
Weft waves heartily to Shaolyn.
Jirbrand blinks once or twice-he read tha-er, never mind.  A slight, 
muffled yawn escapes him. Choooose. Before he falls asleep. Wqaitr, too 
*hot*, here.
On the sands, Aralie shifts her feet, trying to maintain her excitement 
and stay calm and still. No good. Shift. Hop. Shuffle. "Ow," she mopes.
On the sands, Jhanath is a chancy father, losing some interest once his 
children have broken free of the fold: it is the Mint which still engages 
his attention, wrinkling his nose so that a long tongue can extend to, er, 
test. To taste. To check for salty familiarity.
Annie nudges Jarldom. "C'mon, you have to enjoy this.."
On the sands, Kershaw moves left, hops...moves right, hops...darn how long 
before his feet are fricasede? Watch the hatclings nevermind fired feet...
On the sands, Kidwyn eyes the sands thoughtfully. Would it be worth a 
toasted rump to relieve her feet? She ponders this quite deeply, while 
holding her ill-sewn gown away from her body. Sticky, scratchy, yick. 
Coulda sworn she got the pattern right..
Lark smiles satisfactorily as the brown IMmpresses, flashing another grin 
across the sands.  Gaze gets tugged back down to the sands to watch the 
golden one now.
It takes a moment for realization to worm its way through his soggy 
nervous system, but Larak does see the Impression of the one who should 
have been his brother.  "E'nin!" he exclaims, a wide smile spreading 
across his face, then whoops up what under quieter circumstances would 
have been a storm of joyous hollering.
Narabal meows.
Gwinion half closes his eyes in sleepiness, then forces them open
On the sands, Kara stops giggling and goes back to fidgetting. Feet move 
beneath the robe. She bites her lip once more soon she'll bite through she 
just knows it but her head swings back and forth. Hair matted from the 
Jarldom says, "I'm tryin but everything is happening fast"
Gwinion says, "Shhh...Nara"
On the sands, -- And /rattle/ again, against the love that binds. 
Mint-Mint-Minty-Mint-Mint-Mint Egg sits in father's clutches, trying to 
deny the inevitable.
On the sands, Forest-hidden Unicorn Green Dragonet flutters hazel tinged 
wings at her Tiareth.  But /Maaaaaa/ she warbles as she sits there like a 
lump, the heat making her drowsy despite the urgening call within her.
Cyrene shakes her head. "That green who can make one helluvan 
entrance...who's /she/ gonna choose?"
Annie nods. "I know."
Jirbrand chuckjles soflty."beginning to think she *won't*." Sheells. 
Choose. POlease?
Rohanna frowns slight uttering something to t'lis beisde her
On the sands, Darcy mumbles to herself, "En'n, N'an, E'nan...." nothing 
chimes correctly on her ear, and her half-pronounced words trail off as 
she watches the un-impressed dragonets with intent eyes.  And the eggs, 
that are just toooo treacherous to look at for long.  You think they won't 
hatch, they do, you think they will, they don't.... and so on and so 
forth, just heralding utter confusion and chaos.  As always, when a new 
clutch of dragonets is around.
On the sands, Fia stops giggling. Does this mean she's regained her 
sanity? Nope. She stepped on what's left of a shard. Ouch. Were it not for 
her thick-soled sandles, she'd be in a bit of pain about now. She sighs 
and reached(reaches) down to remove it from her shoe bottom.
Weft goes home.
You overhear Rohanna mutter, "... a dragon not choose?" to T'lis.
On the sands, Aralie's eyes go towards the green, slightly worried. She 
has to get up! She must choose! She chews on her lower lip slightly, 
looking about to see if the other candidates share her concern. She swipes 
her sweat matted curls away from her forhead.
T'lis shakes his head slowly. "No, never," he murmurs back.
On the sands, Rebecka glares at her nose and looks crosseyed at it. Oh you 
nasty bead of sweat.. don't go roll down my nose. She swipes at her nose 
and looks back missing the green ones breaking outta the egg. Darn it. WHy 
does this always happen to her? Grumble. Growl. Les not be bitter now 
Becka. She smiles.
On the sands, Tiareth does that nose thing again, tilting Nuff along with 
its sunswept arc. On yer feet. Instinct cries impatience to her green: 
Cyrene considers yapping at the green herself but that is just so rude! 
She keeps her mouth shut...maybe she has grown some tact?
On the sands, Cecily nods off to sleep.
flank: up, you, and listen to your mother. To the white robes and the 
attack, and the feeding that comes afterwards...
On the sands, Nuff ha has! With another sudden scramble she darts after 
her older sibling and stalks the unicorn with limbs on high-speed. This 
does mean it is difficult to stop, but that is not yet her concern.  
Talons digging into the black sand, the young gold rushes head long 
towards Aralie and the Unicorn, gurgling. -- Look out! Incoming!
Rohanna sighs watching the hatchlings on the sands.
On the sands, Black-burnished Basilisk Gold Dragonet ha has! With another 
sudden scramble she darts after her older sibling and stalks the unicorn 
with limbs on high-speed. This does mean it is difficult to stop, but that 
is not yet her concern.  Talons digging into the black sand, the young 
gold rushes head long towards Aralie and the Unicorn, gurgling. -- Look 
out! Incoming!
On the sands, Aralie /bolts/ outta the way as quick as she can, eyes huge 
at her near brush with fate.
On the sands, Kershaw ssees the heasdlong flight of the gold and makes 
sure he's well out of her way....
Cyrene grips the railing as the gold goes towards Ara. 
On the sands, Connor wakes up.
You overhear D'thon mutter, "Shards, Nuff ... she's a ... now." to Kira.
Kira grins.
Jirbrand claps a hand over his face. Don't want to see Araqliemush. No. 
Aralie Impress, maybe..Did that unicorn cxchoose yet?  He peeks.
Narabal meows.
On the sands, Kara shivers and watches mother and daughter. Dragons 
everywhere. Impressions. Its all so fast. So hot. She sees the onrushing 
ddragonet and moves in the other direction. She's still next to Aralie. 
But this puts her closer the eggs. She shudders and stays out of the golds 
F'rin stands abruptly, as the young gold begins charging across the 
sands.  "Shards..."
T'lis icks quietly ans shakes his head as the gold dashes forward. "Just 
glad I'm not teaching this lot.."
On the sands, Fia tries to balance on one foot, to remove the shell from 
her shoe. She blinks, being close enough to aralie to see well, but 
juuuuust far enough away to not be in dancger. Oh well, she loses her 
balance and tips over. 
On the sands, Jhanath sits back on his haunches and whuffs, watching his 
precocious daughter's headlong charge. Interesting. Very interesting: a 
floor show. And what happens next?
Fletcher walks in.
Celana chuckles at T'lis. "You only have to deal with us grown riders 
now," she teases.
On the sands, Kidwyn blows discreetly down the front of her gown, wiping 
curls off her forehead with one hand. Switch feet again; we're getting to 
the 'charred' stage.  Suddenly, it occurs to her that people are moving. 
Moving? Where are we going? She hops toward Candies.
On the sands, Connor sighs, refocusing his attention upon the lumbering 
dragons.  No time for daydreams.  That'll get ya trampled.  Quick...
On the sands, Forest-hidden Unicorn Green Dragonet scuttles with a flounce 
of sand from the tail at her rump, head turning at the last moment to 
glance behind.  She creels in startlement at the charging, stumbling gold 
and she /leaps/ out of the way, straight into the crowd of anxiously 
watching girls to land at the feet of a rather small, freckle faced girl.
Larkin tugs F'rin down. "Don't worry so."
On the sands, Fia quickle scrambles to her feet. She manages a slight 
glare at the dragon. Made me fall down go boom. Patience is something that 
you'd better learn, and quick-her glare says.
Lark grins over at T'lis, "Aye, feel sorry for those down there that *do* 
have to teach them though."
On the sands, Tiareth fairly croons, heedless of incipient carnage. Look, 
Jhanath. They both /went/.
Rohanna blinks and takes a good look at T'lis' shoulder knot? 
*wingleader*? nudging T'lis,"You get promoted?"
Larak smiles and magnanimously hugs the holder unfortunate enough to be 
sitting beside him.  "Ainnit great!"  Another sip from his wineskin and he 
resumes his seat, somewhat dazed, and continues to watch.
On the sands, Aralie looks down at the poor green, then actually frowns at 
the gold. Be careful! You almosy hurt her! She looks down at the pretty 
green to make sure she is ok.
T'lis chuckles softly and nods to Celana and Lark.
On the sands, Katryna goes back to hopping, hoping that she doesn't get 
F'rin, allowing himself to be pulled down, shakes his head, muttering to 
Larkin, "...hope not..."
On the sands, Jhanath inhales Tiareth's croon, pleased in his own turn. 
They did indeed. And we made them. Good children, to listen to their 
parents. -- And now, if only this Mint thing would do something...
Karistor walks in.
Fletcher was here in the Harper corner, of course.  Never left, nope.
On the sands, Rebecka gives a fierce sigh, then stops. Umm, is that Ara? 
WHy yes it is!! She grins showing off her teeth proudly... thought don't 
ask me why. Then she looks away yet again. Guess her eyes can /never/ stay 
in one spot for too long while this is happening.
On the sands, Tiareth taps at /her/ orange egg, while she's at it. Tap-tap.
T'lis smiles at Rohanna. "I did, yes.  I'll tell you bout it after Roh."
On the sands, Black-burnished Basilisk Gold Dragonet is faster than the 
girl, or so /she/ thinks.  Lifting upwards, tail in the air, she runs 
surprisingly quickly; short little legs pump quickly and her head 
continues to swing impatiently. Mineminemine, where's mine, want mine out 
of the way! Out out.. want wantwant.  Impatience fuels her and she 
continues her mad rush about the sands --vrooooooom.  
Rohanna nods, eyes returning to the hatchlings and candies.
On the sands, Kershaw whews,that was close...trampling by a gold not a fun 
thing...well back to hop...pause hop, skip...darn hot sand..
On the sands, Kara eyes go wide as she watches the green move out of the 
way. Hoping she is alright. The heat makes her movements slow but she 
tries to stay out of the way. Trying hard.
On the sands, Flame-touched Pegasus Bronze Dragonet's head cocks, 
accompanied by a tic of his left eyeridge, peering critically up to 
Connor. Eyes' flicker begins to de-escalate considerably in the process. A 
light squeak escapes his muzzle, inquiry prevailing: Are You The One?
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg seems to remember that it should be rocking, 
and suits action to... well..... instincts.  Shushshush, rockrock, then 
settles down to be content with quivering, really not wanting to display 
its hidden treasures just yet, keeping its bud tightly and jealously 
closed.  Minemine.
On the sands, Nuff makes a mental note to get Tiareth off crack when 
pregnant next time.
Narabal meows.
Gwinion picks up Narabal.
Gwinion says, "Shhh...Narabal, shhhh...."
On the sands, Forest-hidden Unicorn Green Dragonet shakes herself with a 
full body quiver before gazing upwards into light brown eyes.  She steps 
forward with sudden speed and a delighted warble, pressing herself against 
the girl's legs.... Aralie's.
On the sands, Mint /refuses/. To sit, to be ever ignored on the outskirts 
-- a perfect existance. Leave hatching to those who would place themselves 
in the public eye. And yet, those urgings stir, once again disrupting the 
placitude of shell -- out!
Weft walks in.
On the sands, Forest-hidden Unicorn Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted 
eyes toward Aralie, and steps forward.
Cyrene clenches the rail and leans out to look at the Unicorn...she 
shrieks. "Araaaaalieeeeeeee!!!!"
On the sands, Rebecka tugs on her cheek like grandma's do sometimes. She 
stops. That hurts. Whoa. Just look at Ara. Dragons love her. Hee. 
"Aralie!!" her dolphin voice crys out with .. with awe.. happyness. glee? 
bliss? All of them things?
Fletcher mmms over the railing to the latest pair but is nearly blown out 
of his seat by Cyrene's shout.  "Hmmm."
Larkin mmms, and smiles. "Our blushing candidate, F'rin. A 
greenrider--like me."
Annie grabs Jarldom's arm. "Look! Aralie impressed!"
Cyrene jumps happily!
On the sands, Katryna smiles as Aralie Impresses the beautiful green one, 
pausing in her hopping and watching.
On the sands, Darcy smiles with pure and simple delight at Aralie.  "Oh, 
congratulation, Ara!"  Eyes crinkle fondly, and she jams her lips closed 
on the prodding question: what's her name?  Nono, shouldn't ask.  Let them 
/savor/ the moment..... that's right.  Good girl.
On the sands, Kershaw clpas then stops as he remembers where he  
si....good ariele impressing..good good... :)
On the sands, Tiareth ceremoniously approves, a-warblin', the 
unicorn-green's choice as well. Rather, that she chose. Yes, a kind girl, 
who will oil her often--facets roll up Nuff's way. Hint.
On the sands, Fia beams proudly at Aralie, even if she tries to cover it 
Jarldom is jolted awake, "huh...oh yeah..look"
F'rin laughs, then nods.  "Aye...  But not nearly as beautiful."  He gives 
Larkin a quick kiss, and snug.
Jarldom says, "wow"
Rorie grins and claps as another impression is made.
Larkin blushes just a tiny bit, herself. 
On the sands, Connor glances down at the bronze dragon with a quick 
smile.  Is he?  He hopes so...
On the sands, Kara beams to her friend as she regains her spot in the semi 
circle. She is happy very happy for her friend. Feet shuffle from the 
heat. "Congratualations Aralie!" She calls out softly. 
Weft yawns mightily.
Jarldom looking at Annie, "Sorry I fell asleep on you"
On the sands, Black-burnished Basilisk Gold Dragonet is missing something, 
she knows it.  With a yelp she rushes towards Aralie and then stops -- 
DratdrattooDam(Tiareth?)slow.    Turning her back on the newly imrpessed 
pair, the scrambling settles into a lumbering stalking as the little 
dragon tires herself out.  Sniffling, swaying, wuzzling across the sands, 
she squiggles fowards leavign a trail in the black behind her -- 
wherwherwehrwehrwerwher... /mine/. 
Weft lies down and falls asleep dreaming dragon drems
revealing those earthen flanks, and takes a decisive step to Connor; a 
hug, no doubt.
Annie smiles. "That's OK. The fact that you came is nice enough."
On the sands, Jhanath notes in an aside that Tiareth is always free to use 
/his/ rider, who seems to spend most of his time sleeping or moping about 
being useless to everybody. "HEY!"
Fletcher ooohs and finally sees the gold wandering around.  "Hmmm!"
On the sands, Flame-touched Pegasus Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel 
faceted eyes toward Connor, and steps forward.
On the sands, Orange Mandarin Spice Egg takes a goodly long time in its 
final surge, all the familial oranges rampaging into the forefront beneath 
the sands' wavering heat; suddenly comes a pop, a hiss -- and a dark 
lashing tail marks its hatchling's entrance into the world, hind end 
first.  Deliberately.
On the sands, Shadow-lashed Gremlin Blue Dragonet
On the sands, Blue that's dark near ebon brushes glossy-sleek over this 
dragonet's hide, blurring the details of short, arched neck and compact, 
powerful flanks; a single diamond-stroke of paler hue daubs some slight 
warning low on his broad chest.  Talons' stark blades flex and knead even 
now, balancing the whirl of huge, fey eyes and the narrow curl of tail, 
but all's overshadowed by the gargoyle's capacious, rapacious mantle of 
spiky, oversized wings.
Jarldom says, "I would do anything for you"
On the sands, Kidwyn hops her way over to a nearby knot of Candidates. 
Hey, someone got one! She beams a smile meant for.. well, whomever happens 
to be looking. Then goes back to yanking at her dress, beginning to 
seriously contemplate turning it around, right here.
On the sands, Aralie sinks to the sands on her knees, gazing in loving 
wonderment into the hatchling's eyes. A wide smile of pure, delighted 
adoration breaks across her face, dimples and all, as she is filled with 
incredable warmth. Each hand cups the cgorgeous wedge shaped head, and her 
lips part as a whisper emergs. She repeats in a joyful cry, "Risath! She 
says her name is Risath!" She wraps her arms around Risath's neck, in a 
timeless embrace, tears spilling down her cheeks in happy abandon.
Weft wakes up and looks around confused as to his location, then it hits 
Gwinion says, "Do I have to be on the sands to impress?"
Weft heads down the stairs.
Lark grins as several of the hatchlings decide on who to Impress to and 
leans back a little bit, finding it rather difficuklt.  Uh-oh, has she sat 
in one of those /sticky/ seats?  Ah, worry more about that later.
Cyrene hmms, gazing at the blue. "He's kinda cute."
Annie smiles. "Thank you so much."
On the sands, Tiareth suddenly picks up that paw, suddenly egg-gooey, and 
/stares/ down at the gremlin blue. Larger than he, a bugle announces the 
On the sands, Kershaw smiles as he sees yet another of his new friends 
inpress..argghh hop, skip, hop, skip....sheesh
On the sands, Rebecka clasps her hands together as she watches.. as if in 
prayer, but well you know there's no god on Pern. SO she watches. How much 
longer must she stare? Forever? Yah! Nay! Whatever. "Ooooh Risath. Perty 
name for a perty dragonet."
On the sands, Ophelia goes around here and there, collecting Weyrlings -- 
oh, here's a nice one! And this one! And /this/--!
F'rin hugs Larkin again, then turns his attention back to the sands.
Jarldom smiles and winks at Annie
Kira says to Gwinion, "Yes, you have to apply for candidacy, and be 
searched.  Its too late for this one, but there'll be another soon, if you 
want to try."
Shaolyn smirks towards teh brash little queen...true madness *giggles*
On the sands, Darcy sighs.  They're all going so fast.  Alright, Aralie 
and Risath.... now what about Connor?  And his little proud bronze?
Jirbrand plinks sleepily, slinkingf over to Shaolyn. There he *plops*. 
Cassa walks in.
On the sands, Darcy sighs.  Tongue-tied, is he?  Well, it can't be 
helped.  Now what ever could that little gold be doing.....
On the sands, Connor glances down at the bronze, reaching forward to pull 
the dragon into a hug.  "Tevynth.  A wonderful name!" he exclaims.  Many 
more heartbeats pass, reviewing advice and this new feeling of impression 
simultaneously.  We're supposed to move ... right?  He chuckles, talking 
quickly to the bronze while taking him off to the side, near the other 
impressers.  Sure, he's /starving/, but that doesn't mean he can't be 
babbled to...
OOC: Minuet says "blinks... god its quie"
On the sands, Kazumi calls over to the newly Impressed pairs.  "Over here 
you two!" she waves, standing with the others.  "We'll get you settled 
right quick."
On the sands, Black-burnished Basilisk Gold Dragonet stops, dead still, 
and lets out a happy croon.  Wings are shaken loose to balance and the 
dragon becomes the stalking hunter; with a chameleon's slow grace she 
steps carefully across the sands with cheerful determination and a wicked 
gleam in her wide, wide stare, she prowls. One step, two step, three step, 
four. A knot of white-robed girls is her goal now.
Moira waves to Cassa.  "Hey!  come sit with the harper contingent!"
Larak stands and makes his tipsy way toward the entranceway, suddenly very 
tired and very, very bored, his ebullient mood burst like the oversized 
bubble it was.
Cassa awves and moves over to the harpers, eyes scanning the sands.
On the sands, Shadow-lashed Gremlin Blue Dragonet hisses as his instinct 
tells him to search out a Certain Person. He raises himself up on his back 
legs, and lets out a long, throaty creel as he spreads his damp wings. He 
drops to the sand, and almost slinks towards the WhiteRobes.
Fletcher hmmms to Moira, glancing up to Cassa, and shifts over closer to 
Caramak, politely making way for the Rider, but moving perhaps a bit too 
far away.
On the sands, Katryna shuffles her feet, burnt to a crisp she's sure, and 
wipes sweat from her brow as she takes many calming breaths.
Minuet leans over the railing as far as she can, almost dangling, and 
watches the gold move toward the girls
On the sands, You overhear Kazumi mutter, "I've ... seen a dragonet ... 
that ... ... seems ... ... ... ... ... of ... ... ... ... ... ... ..." to 
On the sands, Rebecka pounds her legs now. She's getting annoyed. Sands 
are hot! Making her sweat! She's skinny enough you know. Losing more 
weight cuz a sweating it off is not what she needs. Hazel eyes look at the 
gold. Having fun miss hind end up in the air? She smiles sweetly.
On the sands, Aralie gives Risath's gorgeous neck one more loving squeeze, 
giggling as she confers with her in wondrous delight. She looks up, beams 
so happily, and helps lead the little green over by Kazumi and the others 
even though it is she that no doubts needs the support, overcome in joy.
Cyrene points at the blue. "Charming. I like him"
Larak goes home.
On the sands, Kara smiles as she shifts her feet again. Her wide eyes 
watch the gold. Slipping in next to Cecily again she tries not to be 
nervous but is. She really is. Feet burn as she curls her toes intot he 
On the sands, Tiareth licks after the gremlin-blue's brief levade. You go. 
--Through the maternal watch, the briefest glances shines /outward/--to 
the /skies/--and back again.
On the sands, R'han hums idle, tuneless memories against gold hide, eyes 
half-shut to block out any incipient disaster:  inevitable from a clutch 
of Jhanath's, not to mention Tiareth's, but one can only /hope/...
On the sands, Kershaw that's ti....darn 
won't be able to walk for weellll a long time....
On the sands, Mint-Mint-Mint Egg shudders, then stills, that endless pool 
wavering under mist's haze. Indecision.
Celana hmms and smiles as another blue is hatched, bumping up against 
T'lis with delight. Such pretty ones that are coming out of this clutch. 
Not as gorgeous as her Zalith, but close.
On the sands, Kidwyn somehow manages to stand on the 'slightly burnt' foot 
while using both hands to gather her hair from the back of her neck and 
twist it into a knot. Much better. A few curls come loose and stick to her 
face, but at least it's cooler. She tugs at the dress.
Leilani wonders what the bronze's name is, and peers towards the young man
Shaolyn waves to anyone who cares  and makes her way to teh doors...
Shaolyn heads down the stairs.
Karistor falls asleep.
Cassa leans foward, watching for a few particular candidates.
On the sands, E'nin throws an arm around Jaseth, idly commenting on how... 
stocky he is for a little guy.  With a brief nudge to the stomach, E'nin 
oofs and takes the squared head into his arms.
On the sands, Katryna is still wringing her hands, trying to keep calm and 
getting better as the new pairs move off the sands.
You overhear Gwinion mutter, "... is ... ... ... but I ... go..." to Rorie.
T'lis gives Celana a grin.  "Exciting, isn't it?"
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg gives a crackle, like stiff untouched silk 
rustling, and a jagged line zigzags down the shell.  Perhaps the blossom 
is getting ready to unfold.....
You overhear Rorie mutter, "Okay... see ya." to Gwinion.
On the sands, Fia, finally beginning to show some impatience, yanks her 
hair off her face. Come on, come on.. I just took a bath and look at me 
now. Groan. She crosses her arms, watching the minty egg shudder simply 
because there isn't much else to watch. Well, unless you cound(count) the 
people Impressing.. Na.
Gwinion goes home.
On the sands, Ophelia rounds up yet another brown pair, blue pair, bronze 
pair, green. GOld? Turning from new Weyrlings, she eyes that basilisk with 
crystal eyes and held breath. Well--?
On the sands, M'hael absentmindedly remembers being 'psst'ed to by 
Ophelia. He quickly moves to the Weyrlingmaster and the assistants. "Um, 
hello. Nice hatching, huh?"
On the sands, Ophelia just looks at M'hael. "Who are you?"
OOC: Caramak must disappear...But I was here for the whole thing...Really 
Caramak goes home.
On the sands, Unburnt, uncharred, this naturally blackened little dragon 
shifts across the sands. Whenever she's looked at, she stops, but the 
moment she knows that no-one is watching... *vroooooom*  Oph should be 
/so/ happy.  Like WhoosH, only worse.   With a shake of her tail, she 
stops in front of her chose one and becomes statuesque-again, /staring/. 
No more. Just that.
Jarldom says, "it takesa lot to impress a dragon i think because it is 
taking awhile"
On the sands, Kazumi gefhaws at M'hael, laughing at Ophelia's response.
On the sands, "M'hael," he supplies wearily.
Celana hmms, nodding in sheer delight, leaning against the bronzerider as 
she keeps the Gremlin in view. Oh, he is a cute one....was that to dragon 
or rider?
On the sands, Tiareth's baritone rumble allows as how little miss basilisk 
is taking her own sweet time. Red light, green light. --Found her?
Kira watches the sooty gold, waiting for her choice.
On the sands, Kara sighs ever so softly as she watches the dragonets 
around. It seems like time is standing still then speeding up. Standing 
still. She fidgets on the hot sands. Her hands reaches for Cecily's 
Annie nods, a wee bit taken by the whole scene....
On the sands, "Eh? What? /Oh/. I had an AWLM by that name once." Ophelia 
frowns in reflection. "'Course, he went out on the Sands one Hatching and 
mever came back."
Cassa shakes her head, watching them on the sands.  SHe murmurs softly, 
"Look at the greens.."
On the sands, M'hael moves a hand from his pocket to just poke at Ophelia.
On the sands, Kershaw facsinated he pays attention to the gold...wondering 
who of those left will be chosen....maybe....naw, or maybe......could be..
On the sands, Kidwyn wobbles unsteadily on her 'well burnt' foot, trying 
to very, /very/ discreetly pull her arms inside her dress and turn the 
sharding thing around the right way. Hm. This isn't working. She blushes, 
and looks about. Anyone paying attention to her? No?
On the sands, Fia wishes her /feet/ were uncharred.
On the sands, Rebecka looks at the gold then them eggs. Welllll. Is 
something gonna happen now? Hellooo. We've been waiting for I don't know 
how long. She taps her toe.. her hot potatoe toe. Oooo that hurts. So 
what. She taps and waits and looks, she even looks at her friends that 
have impressed. Lovely. Just lovely. Now where /is/ MINE!
On the sands, Ophelia bats the hand away. "Round Weyrlings up." G'wan, 
/your/ turn.
On the sands, R'han falls asleep.
Keven looks around at the crowd gathered at the galleries.
Mirae goes home.
On the sands, closes her eyes to catch a brief kat nap.
is there. Life is good. With a chameleon's speed, her long tongue lashes 
out in a wet *vroom* and coils itself around a rather plain-faced 
red-head, her stare deepening into a demanding glare.  Each freckle is 
dissected and inspected and connected, and finally the whole is found to 
be Good.  Without moving, the little dark dragon offers herself to Fia.
On the sands, Black-burnished Basilisk Gold Dragonet turns her jewel 
faceted eyes toward Fia, and steps forward.
Rorie grins at the little gold.
Kira grins.  "Finally!"
Marc grins.
Keven grumbles as he looks up at Fletcher then down at his lonely mark 
"Bye dear friend"
Larkin sighs, joy mixed with regret. "There goes another cook."
Cassa smiles, and shakes her head, "She wanted to know about having a 
dragon in her head.."
Leilani Whooooo-hooooos to Fia. In an ear-splitting shriek of pure joy. 
This is /Leilani/? Yup. . . 
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg finally decides to display its treasure, and 
flakes fall like petals shedding.
Rohanna chuckles softly, another cook impressing a gold.
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg stirs, all liquid pale pink, and hovers the 
calm before the storm.  Soft white, pale blush of rose, nothing touches 
its sweet, maiden, pristine innocence... and then: shimmering becomes 
shuddering and shuddering a thundering and from the purity of the egg 
springs the racous yelling screech of the arriving dragonet.
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet
On the sands, Her vibrant chartreuse hide screams stridently for 
attention, garish to unprepared eyes; equally raucous is the dragonet's 
voice, prone to blaring its stentorian demands, and snatching claws more 
scrabble than step.  Dark streaks underscore the tremendous breadth of her 
wings, smudged like Cromcoal and trailing into incoherence at their outer 
tips, and scarlet fires seethe within each facet of her gaze:  hellish 
whirlpools, only contained by a cunning mind's awareness that -- for now 
-- patience is better than rage.
Fletcher chuckles in response to Kira's statement and nods, looking at the 
money pouch the pot had been in and stuffing it away.  "And you wonder how 
I get rich, Keven!"
On the sands, Tiareth snorts, maternally. About /time/. Again she mantles, 
watching over her blue, and the harpy's cry.
Kira realizes she lost a bet, and scowls good-naturedly at Fletcher.
On the sands, M'hael, the dignified assistant, wheels around to face those 
who have Impressed-- wherever they may be: "Weyrlings," he calls in 
good-mannered glee, "round you up and GET OVER HERE!" The smile on his 
lips is pure. "Please?"
Cyrene looks for the Gremlin. Where'd'ee go, huh? Hellooooo...
Celana chuckles and bumpes up against T'lis again. "Well, the queen made 
her choice....wonder who that blue is going for tho?"
Keven sighs "I should have known"
Fletcher waggles a finger at the Harper.  "See?  I told you, always bet on 
the cooks!" he says, then cranes his head back to smile back at Kira.
On the sands, Mint-Mint-Mint Egg suddenly casts aside its veneer of calm 
indifference, striations marring that still pool with multitudes of 
cracks. Waves split, break, and from that violent upheaval a singluar 
dragonet is revealed, bursting from the shell as a stone beast awakened.
On the sands, Moss-hung Gargoyle Green Dragonet
On the sands, Archaic lines define rigidity of form, carving this silent 
guardian in stoic grandeur; her eyes, ever-watchful, light with the force 
of that which is primal and beastly.  Rough-hewn, all thorny ebon talons 
and cruelly hooked wingspars, this dragonet spaces even her neckridges 
erratically, sprouted as if alive; yet, mossy green drapes antiqued stone 
in earthy magnificence, softening skeleton's angles to gentler, curvaceous 
manifestations of physique.  Promise hangs in the ragged lichen-grey of 
'sails rather than her stocky limbs, despite the deliberation that guides 
each blunt paw to a chosen goal.
F'rin cheers, as Fia impresses the gold.  On hearing Larkin's comment, he 
laughs, hugging her tightly.  "We'll find another cook, love."
On the sands, Fia manages to tear her eyes off the minty egg to look down. 
Hmm? What do you want, you silly little hellion? Oh, yHEY. Hmm. "Why are 
you telling me your name is Synth? I'm" She blushes. Her mind 
suddenly feels like it's blowing up. "Synth, eh?" She says with a smile. 
"Okay...OKAY! We'll get food.."
On the sands, Kara blinks and smiles to Fia. Her own feet burning as she 
watches the joyful union just to turn and see the newest arrival arrive. 
Shocking she moves her hands to her ears then back down.
On the sands, Shadow-lashed Gremlin Blue Dragonet snakes his head left and 
right, searching through the candidates for TheOne. He looks directly at 
one young girl, and then brushes past her swiftly, his tail lashing out 
and almost tripping her as he finally spies a boy who might be a 
possibility. He crouches, and slinks towards him unnoticed.
On the sands, Rebecka taps her toe some more then stops. Hey whoa. Action! 
This is good. She watches. Anudder green. Good. Green is good. And gold 
that gold and.... Fia? FIA!! "Oh Fia!!" And another green.. whoa waita min 
toooooo much action.
On the sands, Aralie strokes Risath's neck, as they share their every 
memory....broken up by M'hael's bellow. She blinks, and once again the 
tender pair moves towards M'hael.
T'lis chuckles softly to Celana.  "If I knew that I'd be a rich man," he 
Leilani beats the railing with two happy fists, grinning wide enough to 
beat all. Fia! 
Keven has learned an important lesseon and can't wait 'till Leilani 
becomes a canditate.
Moira feels strangely separated from the rest of the company, and the heat 
seems to have suddenly intensified.  She tries breathing deeply, but it 
doesn't seem to help in such a crowd.  Her head feels strange, light...
On the sands, C'nor smiles at Fia.  Only a quick one, mind you.  Tevynth 
needs his attention, too.
On the sands, Kershaw hop skips, hop skisps....hmmm that's great...another 
one gone and his joy knows no bounds
Celana hehs, giving her wingleader a smile. "I'm sure she murmurs, her 
gaze going back to the dragonet.
Fletcher snickers softly to Keven and just shakes his head.  "Well, that's 
a good Impression..."
Blythe falls asleep.
refreshed and ready for the day.
Oh, more Impressing. Neat. She offers a shy smile to no one in particular, 
then takes a deep breath. She pulls an arm inside her dress - Brave girl! 
And hurriedly twists it. Oh, wait, the other arm.
Apollyon walks in.
On the sands, Katryna catches herself just short of passing out from the 
heat and exhaustion.
OOC: Jarldom says "Be back in a sec"
Moira feels herself break out in a cold sweat, but it doesn't seem to help 
the heat.  From the feeling, she guesses that her face has gone white as a 
Apollyon steps away for a moment to write himself a note.
On the sands, M'hael now smile apologetically to the weyrlings, going 
about his business and viewing them all. "Aralie!" he puzzles quietly, "I 
hadn't noticed! What's her name?"
Kitana walks in.
Apollyon returns from writing himself a note.
On the sands, Kershaw looks around and wonders what will happen 
next....and hopes that cold a/water is near..
Heather walks in.
On the sands, Aralie grins widely at M'hael, cries happily, in pure 
adoration, "Risath!"
Apollyon bows to Kira and anyone else he should :)
Rorie smiles at Heather.
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet shudders with rage at her 
exposure.  And how unprepared was she!  Lithe form springs forward, 
chartreuse dazzling the eyes with dangerously bright colors..... Chernobyl 
green, that's what it is.  Very dangerous, and ill-tempered too.  Well, 
that's the dragonet, not the color.  Her harpyish shrieks pierce the 
skulls of all present as she squawks in demonic pleasure.
Heather smiles at Rorie and finds a seat
On the sands, Shadow-lashed Gremlin Blue Dragonet weasles through the 
crowd of candidates, brushing aside both boy and girl alike. Not you, no, 
not you, not you. You. He sees a boy dancing more lively than the rest, 
and pushes through a crowd of terrified girls to get to him.
On the sands, Kara shivers as she watches the two new greens and the blue 
out of the corner of her eye. She tries to stay out of their way. Feet are 
burning now she just knows it but the addreneline pumps and she cant' feel 
Cyrene leans over the rail again gleefully. "That green is uuuugly! All 
mossy and funky! WWhat a temper, eek."
Kjeld makes his way over by rorie.
On the sands, Katryna covers her ears at the squawks of the anxious green.
On the sands, Rough-edged wings lift, hang; Moss-Hung Gargoyle stands in 
her shards as if perched among the parapets of some lonely cathedral. Her 
gaze sweeps balefully along that thinning white tide, and her raspy voice 
rattles softly in pocket of throat. Awakened, she is Here, and watches a 
moment. Just watches.
Moira raises a hand to her face.
Rorie smiles at Kjeld, "Hello."
On the sands, Rebecka winces as she hears, and I mean /hears/ that green 
make her noises. Could you be a widdle quieter? She blinks and sighs. 
Hands rest on her hips. Okie. Hurry up.. I mean I dun wanna rush you but 
pwease. THe look says it all.
Moira passes out cold, her hand still clutched protectively around the 
neck of her mando, angled so it falls on top of her, just 'so'.
Heather turns to Rorie and asks,"I hope I haven't missed much, oh looks like I have"and she pouts slightly
Fletcher reaches out and snags Cyrene by the waist to pull her back.  
"Careful there!  If you fall over, I don't think that big gold of Nuff's 
would be too keen, eh?"
On the sands, Kershaw darn they really need to nbe so hot? man 
my poor feet...shards how long have I been here?llll..oh wow..
On the sands, Nuff tumbles from Lump-neck, beaming. Hahahah, that one 
looks worse than Tiareth. Nuff is ever so happy.  She pats theLump proudly 
and goes to pester R'han again. "Ha. Good for Synth.  And Cianith. And 
Tevynth. And Risath. Jaseth..." names tangle and Nuff looks towards the 
rest.  "Gee Ophelia's sure gonna be busy." Nuff bursts into giggles again, 
she can't help it.
Heather looks at kjeld and smiles,"hello, I am Heather.
Rorie smiles at Heather, "Well you missed quite a bit.. but it looks like 
there is more to come.
Cyrene glares at Fletcher and wriggles free to consult with the railing. 
She says confidently, "I won't fall!"
On the sands, Ophelia is reasonably happy, as it's hard not to be in the 
midst of a gaggle of grinning new Weyrlings. The novelty'll fade. But it's 
fine for now.
On the sands, Kidwyn twists the mis-aligned white robe back around - 
backwards, grumble, grumble - and pulls her other arm in. She looks up, 
casting wary glances across the crowd, hoping no one notices an armless 
Candidate sheathed in white.
On the sands, Synth CREELS. Look, Fia, feed me or I'll sit on you.
Minuet suddenly falls asleep from sheer exhaustion
Kira laughs at the gold.
Fletcher eyes Cyrene suspiciously but shrugs and lets go of her.  "All 
right then."
Minuet stretches luxuriously after her quick nap
OOC: Jarldom says "I'm back"
On the sands, Well Tiareth used to bite.
Kjeld notices a faint purple mark on the back of his shirtsleeve.
On the sands, Katryna would blow on her feet if she could, they're so hot. 
Her hadns scrub through her hair, all wet now, and tries to stay calm.
F'rin, turning his attention toward Cyrene, frowns at her.  "Step back, 
before you fall over the edge.  There's a set right behind you."
Fletcher looks around for others that joined in his bet and still owe 
him... :)
On the sands, Tiareth yawns, low and long, and nudges her rider's 
shoulder. Yessss. Niraneth will have to tend to /her/ younglings, while 
/she/ goes flying. However. (Did Tiareth ever stop nipping?) The queen 
moves around to inspect her gremlin's progression, and that of the others; 
there's still much left to be done, white-robes to be /claimed/.
Jarldom looking at Annie, "Are you haveing fun?
On the sands, M'hael steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to 
On the sands, Kara blinks sweat from her eyes. Hair is matted to her 
forehead. Feet are burning. The robe is sticking to her. But she doesn't 
mind she really doesn't. She just lifts one leg then another.
Cyrene tosses her head like she's unaffected...but she is holding a bit 
tighter to the rail than before...and not leaning out quite so far. That 
big gold does look a bit...unfriendly? She broods over the sands as people 
criticize her seating arrangement from all sides.
On the sands, Aralie lets her hand stroke her little lifemate's neck, 
sitting close to her as she idly snatches looks to the sand in between. 
But her main attention and adoration is focused on Risath.
Annie nods. "This is so...neat (for lack of better word)"
On the sands, Kershaw hop, skip, hop skip...darn running outta feet here sore feet...gotta hang on...
Bronwyn releases Moa, who launches into the air.
Cassa leans foward, eyes glued to the candidates, "COme on...'
Fletcher hears someone call down to Cyrene about rocking the boat but just 
shrugs to the wanderer, having no part with her.
On the sands, Shadow-lashed Gremlin Blue Dragonet comes right up to his 
choice, a tall blond boy. He nudges Kershaw's leg, and looks up at his 
face, creeling demandingly at Kershaw, _Look_ at me!
On the sands, Rebecka looks awfully impatient. I mean she already took her 
bath today she didn't need a sweat shower. Aww c'mon dragons.. I'm gonna 
lose any fat I ever had. She sighs, but smiles. At least it's not for sure 
she's not gonna impress... yet. She smiles at the greens. Both of em. And 
she shakes.. excitedness. that's it.
Bronwyn steps away for a moment to write herself a note.
On the sands, Kershaw shakes his head.....naww cannot be.....
The WeyrLeader's frown deepening, F'rin repeats his statement.  "Take a 
seat, Cyrene.  Shells only know what would happen were you to fall onto 
the sands now."
On the sands, Moss-hung Gargoyle Green Dragonet hunches still behind 
shards' scattered battlements, not eager nor indifferent. Facets lit with 
mysterious fire, she casts her regard this way, that way, tortuously slow. 
Everything must be examined and taken in its due course.
On the sands, M'hael returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the 
On the sands, Kidwyn blinks sleepily. Sliding to the floor and resting her 
chin upon her knees, she falls asleep.
ingrained. Sides Nuff's still pretty well padded, and on bad-days will 
bite back. Standing close.. nah, under the large, /large/ gold, the 
Nuff-rider folds her arms and watches the rest.  "Gee Tireath, you done 
good. Lookie the little boo one!" Nuff likes the blue one.
A drudge arrives to cart Moira off to bed.
Serauber says, "IS Let me on those sands Fletch...I'll impress and I can 
be Tithe Captain/ Craftrep/ and Watch Rider...yeah, I'm just supper(Super) 
man ;) "
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet fans her wings, dark 
streaks highlighted against the brilliant green base.  Well, that really 
can't be called green.... and anyway, then she lifts up her head, and 
snatches and the sand with her claws.  It's very glittery, and that's 
intriguing to her.  But it filters through her claws, settling back into 
the silveryblack mess that lies under everyone's feet.  Squealing her 
disappointment, she lunges forward again, wings flapping and sending 
clouds of dust into everyone's face.
On the sands, Katryna keeps shifting her feet, mopping the sweat off her 
face and out of her hair repeatedly.
Jirbrand leans forward, eyes intent on the remAINING hatchlings. He 
smiles, a affection for the coal smudged green evident.
On the sands, Kara catches the blue our of the corner of her eye and 
smiles wide for her Brother. Oh yes she is happy. She turns and BEAMS. Hey 
back to the greens momentarily. BBrother! She throws to him.
On the sands, Kidwyn yawns once, stretches, and stands, shaking the sleep 
from her eyes.
Cassa chuckles at the dark grenn, "Look at that one!"
half the Weyr would tear my throat out if I did anything of the sort, 
Serauber.  Aren't you happpy as Tithe Captain?" he teases.
Marc chuckles.
Luhel yells "Congrates to the impressors."
On the sands, Synth doesn't like to be patient. She wants to run across 
the sand some more, stopped only by a sharp look from Fia.
On the sands, Katryna coughs as dust springs into her face from the 
excited green.
Jarldom says, "You nee (need) some confidence Serauber"
On the sands, Shadow-lashed Gremlin Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted 
eyes toward Kershaw, and steps forward.
On the sands, Aralie scritches an eye ridge, giggling as she watches while 
cuddling lovingly with Risath. Said green's tail swishes in sleepy 
On the sands, Rebecka is nearly ready to srt pounding her fists together, 
but instead she coughs. *cough* Choke. Oh great, kill me why don't ya? She 
wipes her shower of dust from her face. Dust, sand dust, does stick well 
to sweat. She grumbles then stops. Be happy, don't worry. Bath's come 
later.. But three baths? The first real one, the sweat and the dust and to 
top it off 'nudder one? Guowl.
On the sands, Kershaw his name...gotta thinks..."His name is Shareth!!"
Serauber grins, "Yes, I love my job, Infact, I love working for the Hold 
so much,  I want even more jobs there," he says humorously.
On the sands, Kidwyn suddenly notices that her foot has gone well past 
'well burnt' and into the range of 'charcoal.' Hopping to the fresh foot, 
she wobbles precariously, her arms pinned to her sides within her gown.
Fletcher smiles to Keven and points out, "I like this batch of dragons.  I 
can actually pronounce their names!"
Jarldom says, "You want more money"
Keven grins at Serauber "You can have mine"
Fletcher rolls his eyes at Serauber.  "Heh, indeed."
On the sands, From beneathe her lifemate where the two are in deep 
communion talking about whatever it is that dragons talk about to their 
lifemates, Kyleigh waves to Fia. "Over here!" And she turns to Aralie. "I 
never /dreamed/ it would be like this."
Keven smiles at Fletcher "Yes, that's nice"
Kjeld grins, "If you want money, hjust beat Flaetcher at a high wager bet. 
Of course, that's near impossible." :)
Pibbs falls asleep.
Keven laughs at Kjeld.
Jarldom touching Annie's hand, "your not saying much"
Rorie grins at Kjeld.. "Fletcher is good at betting..
On the sands, Aralie nods excitedly to Kyleigh, beaming happily as she 
strokes the beautiful Risath, taking in every talon, every variation of 
color and everyu jeweled hue in the whirl of her eyes.
On the sands, Fia nods to Aralie, one eye kept firmly locked on Synth, who 
seems to be /sure/ that thr(there) is someting of interest hidden from her 
eyes under the sand. Instead of attempting to dig, like any intelligent 
being would, Synth sticks her head in the sand and swishes it around, 
burrowing underneath.
Fletcher points out to the Farmers, "But younger brother Gavin taught me 
everything I know."
Kjeld smiles, "I know. I think he should start a craft on it."
Marc chuckles.
D'thon says to Kira, "Kyleigh, E'nin, Aralie, C'nor, Fia, K'shaw ... two 
Annie looks up. "I just don't know what to say....cept that my uncle 
impressed! Isn't that great?"
Kjeld chuckles.
Rorie giggles.. 
On the sands, Katryna hops about, trying to keep cool, watching the 
couples be marched off the sands, although few remain now.
Jarldom says, "who is your uncle?"
Keven looks over at Fletcher "What do you say of having a lesson in 
betting later?"
On the sands, Rising with decided intent, Moss-Hung Gargoyle hooks one 
blunt paw into the shard-speckled sands, then another. Head low, shoulders 
high, and wings arched even higher, she takes long sweeps with her short 
muzzle, tongue flicking to taste the sultry air. Somewhere. What she seeks 
/is/ there.
Cassa tilts her head, and nods to D'thon.  Her fingers lace together as 
she murmurs, "Come on.."
Annie points. "Kershaw...I mean K'shaw."
On the sands, Kara moves closer to the others left with her on the sands. 
She half frowns thinking the worse as she moves her feet. Watching the two 
greens and others left in the clutch. Keeping out of the way of any that 
charge as best she can. Her robe is now plastered to her as she sweats 
from the heat and nerves.
On the sands, Kershaw looks a bit confused and then smiles...His "His name 
is Jaseth!! Yes..."
Kjeld grins, "You don't want to learn any lesson that Fletcher teaches in'll the mark pouch."
On the sands, Kershaw says, ""
Fletcher grins to Keven.  "Heh!  Like I'd share my hard-earned secrets?  I 
had to pay off Gavin's rather exhorbitant debt before he'd teach me any of 
his tricks!"
Jarldom says, "Thats Great!"
On the sands, Tiareth clacks a bite in the air, just for effect. Yes, 
rider hers, she sees. A delighted rumble marks her blue--and, attention 
distracting, the greens, each so very individual. More for you, Jhanath.
On the sands, Katryna tugs at her robe, trying to loosen it up, hoping 
against hope now.
Keven sighs "Darn! Well never hurt to ask"
Rorie grins at Kjeld.
On the sands, Nuff just giggles, happily, and encourages the greens on 
their travels.  See if they imrpess then Nuff gets off the sands.  She 
pokes Lumpie, "Hey Tiareth. None as good as Nuffie eh?"
Minuet watches the sands intently, eyes for nothing else as she intently 
whispers under her breath
On the sands, Rebecka pouts rather happily, if you can. I mean, she's all 
too thrilled to be here but c'mon... sweat is dripping down her sides and 
well umm you know what happens to white when it gets wet. She looks at the 
Gargoyle one. OOooo. Scawy. Not really.
Kjeld smiles, "I know Fletcher's secret. He just gets into bets he knows 
he can't lose." :)
Fletcher chuckles to Kjeld.  "You know, maybe a lesson later wouldn't be 
such a bad idea, Keven..."
Cassa frowns at the weyrling who can't seem to find his lifemate's name.  
"Oh, fun.  I dont' even /his/ weyrlingmasters."
On the sands, Tiareth mouths at Nuff's skull. She could find /out/...?
Fletcher laughs to the Farmer Apprentice!  "Too true, Kjeld!  Shards, now 
I've been figured out."
Keven grins "Ahhaa!"
Jirbrand goes home.
On the sands, Kershaw says, "Dalgreth....yes I kie you're name too.."
Kjeld grins, "Nah, I think there are still a few tricks up that sleeve of 
On the sands, Kidwyn hurriedly twists her robe around, and pokes an arm 
out an opening. Wait a minute, that's the neck. She burrows back in, then 
manages to slide one arm out into the correct sleeve. She beams. Much 
better! She slides the other arm in place. Ahhh.
Serauber falls asleep.
gaze to the Sands.
Serauber wakes up.
A drudge arrives to cart Pibbs off to bed.
Kjeld dozzes off.
she's looking for.  Besides glittery things, that is.  Her hellish eyes 
beam at the white people..... somewhere in there, perhaps, is something 
she can claim for her very own.  That she can pounce on and capture in her 
claws, to keep foreverandever.
On the sands, Katryna wipes sweat and sand out of her eyes. Hot! Too hot!
Luhel waves D'thon
Iliam walks in.
Lark yawns sleepily and with an apologetic glance falls asleep.
Fletcher looks over and sees the newcomer to Ista and waves mightily 
towards him.  "Ho there, D'thon!"
D'thon places a circumspect index finger to his lips, and then smiles a 
greeting to Lord Fletcher.
Leilani blinks, and can't quite control her blush. D'thon is at Ista now? 
And  . . . here?"
On the sands, Dalgreth rubs his head against his new partner...feed me...
On the sands, Sylke goes over to K'shaw and Dalgreth, leading the two over 
to the side of the grounds where bowls of meat await.
Fletcher quiets down at the admonishment and snickers softly.  He's acting 
just like an Apprentice today...
On the sands, Kara shivers at the predatory nature of the green. Feet 
shift. Eyes roll one way to the other. SHe picks the robe from her sweat 
soaked body. Nerves. Yes she does!
On the sands, K'shaw says, "Hey he's hungry......."
D'thon chuckles quietly.  "Hungry."
Mairen leans over to her appretice and lays a hand lightly on the girls 
shoulder saying quietly, "I dont' think I can manage the heat anymore... I 
should head home I think... but you stay and enjoy there is usually 
something of a celebration after."
On the sands, Katryna shakes her sodden robe, trying to get some air 
moving underneath to cool off, even as she hops from foot to foot.
Iliam scans the Stands slowly, methodically, before he sees one whom he 
recognizes.  "Hello, Rarah," he says as he sinks into the seat beside her.
On the sands, Moss-hung Gargoyle Green Dragonet marches with silent 
deliberance, driving paws into the blanket of sand again and again, 
wheeling facets now heated with something akin to impatience. Here. Angles 
for one batch of whiterobes -- but no. There. And again she turns, tastes, 
Taria looks to Mairen, "Oh thank you Mairen," she says as she smiles up to 
Kira looks out across the sands to see how many dragonets are left without 
On the sands, Rebecka bends her fingers and suddenly finds them all to 
interesting. Like whoa! THey move, like, totally. I mean, like, that's 
cool. Ummm Becka. You silly girl, you're supposed to be watching them 
dragonets and seeing if one wants you. Becka hrms at the voice in her 
head. Oh.. oh yeah, like, totally. 
Luhel heads down the stairs.
Zakia is glad she made it in time to see the hatching.
D'thon studies the remaining two green hatchlings pensively.
F'rin, overhearing D'thon's remark, glances toward the sands and 
chuckles.  "That doesn't surprise me, considering how many hungry 
dragonets are down there."
Mairen nods and slips quietly out moving slower and without her usual 
On the sands, Kidwyn straightens her robe.. As much as possible, 
considering it's soaked with sweat, sandy across the rear end, and none of 
the seams quite go where they're supposed to. Hop, next foot, as the 
current one becomes charcoal.
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet lets out a screechy mewl 
of exasperation as she peers up at each person she comes to, not finding 
the right one.  Eyes whirl, seeming to froth with a bloodred glare, and 
she pounces forward yet again.  Wait... there..... something that matches 
her.  Yes...... nice green.  'Though not quite so bright as her 
beeeeooootiful hide...... she makes her way towards the forgotten glimpse 
of green, only knowing that there was something there that intrigued her.
Mairen goes home.
A drudge arrives to cart Kjeld off to bed.
A drudge arrives to cart Lark off to bed.
On the sands, Fia drifts off into a world of her own.
sands below.
On the sands, K'shaw looks at his hands and sees a little speck of purple 
ther e he missed...hmm then forgets aboout it as he looks into Dalgreth's 
On the sands, Rebecka wraps her fingers around a strand of hair, or is it 
the other way around? Umm. Becka just watches. Heh. Lookie that one. Cutie 
pye. She smiles, and gives a yank to her hair. Oow. Hey you stupid girl 
whaddya think you're doing? Hair that gets pulled does hurt, hate to 
inform you. WIth that she stops and resumes watching and dancing. Soooo 
fun. Ohhhh so fun.
Fletcher looks up and sees people slowly trickling in and notes a Harper 
knot on one.  Is that, "Zakia?  Come on over!"  He waves her towards the 
Harper corner where he's happened to plop himself.
Tony walks in.
On the sands, Fia blinks and looks around, blushing because she drifted 
Zakia walks over and sits down still watching the scene on the sands 
On the sands, Katryna wipes sweat off, her feet hopping slower now even 
though they still cook.
Maury walks in.
Minuet waves to Maury
Tony  sits down near fletcher
On the sands, Doomed perhaps to coil in silent existance forever -- but. 
No. Moss-Hung Gargoyle's knobbly head lifts and points, to one that seems 
alone too. With consideration, she trudges towards that solitary white 
figure.. and then lopes ungracefully, resolve firming. Yes. /Yes/.
OOC: Jarldom says "I have to go for a minute"
Fletcher grins a greeting to Tony and Zakia.  "Ever been to one of these 
before?" he asks the two just-arrived Harpers.
On the sands, Yes. /Yes/. /Tiareth/ encourages, too, tail lashing the 
sands behind her.
Jarldom falls asleep.
Zakia shakes her head, her mouth hanging open.
Tony says, "No I havent"
On the sands, Katryna scruffs her sandals in the sand, trying to keep 
sweat and sand out of her eyes.
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet scrabbles at the sand she 
passes over, impatience barely contained within her seething mind.  A 
swirl of reddish blond, another glimpse of elusive green, draws her 
onward.  Something there that she mustmustmust see, for some reason 
unknown to her.  Her foul claws scrabble yet again, pinions rattling 
together as she tries to keep her balance.
On the sands, Kara shivers again as she watches the predatory one. 
Stepping back she tries to get all of them in view. So beautiful. So so 
dragons. Hands moves to her head. Move wet hair. She continues so lift her 
burning feet.
Zakia breathes, "Wow."
D'thon says, "Where's *that* one going?"
Fletcher grins silently and stop chattering to the two so they can enjoy 
the spectacle completely.
Annie leans fowards, elbows on knees,when will those 2 greens impress?
Bronwyn returns from writing herself a note.
On the sands, Kidwyn wobbles, catches herself, wobbles. It's so /hot/ in 
here, how can these people stand it? Oh. She's one of these people. She 
mops off her forehead and switches feet by habit now, tugging at that 
sharding robe.
On the sands, Nuff continues to poke R'han with each imrpession, leaving 
finally the too greens, both children of their parents and rather dark, 
but different. With a giggle Nuff lashes herself around a lump-leg and 
grins. "C'mon little ones. Find'm. Search'm. Eat.. er.. nuzzle'm."
Cyrene hears a voice and starts from her creeping to the rail...oh! He 
meant the dragons. Tra-la-la, she'll just ooze on over here a bit...
On the sands, Rebecka waves her hands around now. Yes folks, she's 
conducting a banbd.. the symphnony? Ahhh yeah. Uh-huh. Whatever you say. 
Becka hrms at the two greens. Really they take up all her attention.. 
don't ask be how she keeps her attention on them that long but she 
manages. Well you know, she looks over to her side just to see anudder 
person impress. Wow. Andmine?
On the sands, Tiareth nuzzles her rider, while she's at it, though 
eating's not out of the picture. A disdainful talon's flick sends 
abandoned shards scattering.
A drudge arrives to cart Apollyon off to bed.
On the sands, Nuff eyes the lost eggs rather mournfully... unhappily. Ah 
the omlettes those could have made.  Ducking a gold-wing, she darts under 
the dragon and gathers up some of the scattered shards, here fuchia, there 
mint, even some of the lurid orange pieces.  All are tucked into, of 
course, a pocket -- one of many.
Maury falls asleep.
Candidates on the sands.
On the sands, M'hael consumes his mingling amongst his charges and stops 
at C'nor. "Ah, Connor-- C'nor, I guess. Tevynth, it is? Ganth says so."
On the sands, M'hael resumes, too.
On the sands, Kazumi approaches each of the new weyrlings in turn.  "How 
are you two doing?  I know, I know.  Hungry.  We'll feed them as soon as 
we get to the weyrling barracks."  She smiles, running a hand through her 
hair, wiping back damp bangs.  "It'll be soon enough."
On the sands, Moss-hung Gargoyle Green Dragonet propells herself forward, 
for once /eager/, for once /alive/. All that perfection which she craves, 
that heart, soul, mind. Closer and closer to she who waits for her, the 
beast comes.
On the sands, C'nor smiles, nodding enthusiastically to M'hael.  Why no, 
his head isn't going to fall off.  "Tha's wha' Tevynth told me," he says, 
still watching the bronze with much fascination.
On the sands, Aralie is still gazing into Risath's eyes, then looks down 
at each little claw, fascinated. She hazards a glance out at the sands, 
giggling slightly.
A drudge arrives to cart Jarldom off to bed.
A drudge arrives to cart Rarah off to bed.
Kelta wakes up.
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet lunges forward, suddenly 
losing control of her rage, which causes her to swoop forward; harpies are 
rather swoopish.  And foul, as this one's temper seems to be.  But then 
she stops, suddenly, barred by a pair of slender legs.  Her head turns up, 
ruby red eyes encountering the emerald pair that tantalized her so 
earlier.  And the dangly red-blond stuff that does shine in the light 
On the sands, Fia, finally managing to convince Synth that there really 
isn't anything under the sand that would interest her, smiles up at 
Kazumi. "Hungry? HA! Understantment." she manages to get out before being 
whuffled by Synth. Again. Slobber. Eck.
On the sands, Rebecka shifts on the sands. Hey lookie that green babie. 
What a sweetie. She shakes her hand. *plop* Actully you don't hear that. 
But drops of sweat to fling from her arm. Sand too. She watches. Hrm. Her 
eyes musta closed a bit now cuz ummmmm cuz they just aren't as wide as 
they were.
Annie falls asleep.
Serauber calls to Imperial, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.
On the ledge, Pintarryth shifts uneasily to get a look at the scene below.
Kelta waves
Karistor walks in.
On the sands, Aralie rubs her own belly, says quietly, "Yes, hungry! 
Risath, we'll get...I know, I know..." she giggles as she strokes her head.
On the sands, Katryna coughs. More dust. And heat. Too much heat.
On the sands, Kidwyn actually yawns, despite herself, then blushes crimson 
and looks around to see if anyone noticed. 'Tis the heat, you see. Woah! 
Wobble. Change feet, tug dress, wipe hair.. this is getting to be a real 
rhythm here. 
Larkin sneezes, delicately.
A drudge arrives to cart Maury off to bed.
On the sands, K'shaw says, "Yes I know will fill that empty spot in our 
stomachs real soon...I know they promised they would.."
Bronwyn returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.
Cyrene hauls herself over to the railing again and yawns slightly, resting 
her chin there.
F'rin automatically pulls a handkerchief out, handing it to Larkin.  "Dust 
getting to you, love?"
On the sands, To orbs grey in dangling tresses black, then, looks the 
Gargoyle. Her advance slowed to tentative crawling, the green dragonet 
finally comes to rest and tense herself in front of the Chosen. A 
question, a pause: Look. It is I. /Look/.
Larkin nods, touching the cloth to her nose, then handing it back. "A bit. 
But isn't it all so /exciting/?"
Bronwyn calls to Moa, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.
Jarldom walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
F'rin laughs, nodding his head.  "Aye... It's always exciting."
Kira goes home.
On the sands, Rebecka just kinda stares idly. Daydreaming. Ahh the life. 
The angle on her shoulder, the invisable one, gives her a shove. Hey 
goofy, wakey. Lookie. Something might happen. Becka opens her eyes again. 
Oh they were closed? Daydreaming does have that affect does it not?
On the sands, Kidwyn looks around at knots of various huddling Candidates, 
trying to decide which way to hop. Maybe she'll stay where she is. Anyone 
mind if she sits down? She glances down at the sands. Hmm.. might be too 
Leezal walks in.
A drudge arrives to cart Annie off to bed.
Rorie smiles at Heather, "Exciting, eh?"
On the sands, Kara shivers and looks down at the green dragon near her 
taking a step backwards getting out of the way. Eyes wide hoping but not 
wanting to be become a patient again she moves. 
On the sands, Moss-hung Gargoyle Green Dragonet is done with waiting, with 
casual observation. Insinuating herself into Kidwyn's vision, she will not 
be denied at least a passing glance. /Look/.
On the sands, Katryna shuffles her feet. Hop. Wipe sweat away. Flap robe 
for cool (?) air. Hop.
On the sands, Moss-hung Gargoyle Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted 
eyes toward Kidwyn, and steps forward.
Keven looks up from the sands and notice the two new harpers, he smiles at 
them both and then goes back watching the hatching.
Larkin goes back to her litany. "Awww. Another green pairing. That's just 
On the sands, So shocked is Kidwyn that she actually puts her other foot 
down, gapes, and stares. "ME?" she squeaks incredulously. "Me??"
Marc chuckles.
On the sands, Tiareth presses one paw forward herself, a long ripple 
rising from crested neck through ribs and wyverthian tail. Almost 
Zakia wows at the Impression.
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet beams devillishly up at 
Kara.  An ear-splitting screech of joy tumbles from her mouth, and she 
joyfully snatches at Kara's white robe with her claws.
On the sands, Nuff looks! Not that she's looking for another dragon, just 
looking. With a giggle, the rider stretches, joints cracking, and the Lump 
gets a short hidden snug.  "Well done. Well, /well/ done."  Jhanath, of 
course, gets glared at.
D'thon says, "Who's that?  Kidwyn?  One more left."
Marc goes home.
On the sands, Rebecka keeps on tapping, eyes wide as she looks at Kidwyn. 
Oh lovely and welp there goes the last. Sniffle.
Cassa claps her hands together, "Oh, wonderful!"
Cyrene heads down the stairs.
F'rin chuckles at Larkin's reaction.  "You think all green pairings are 
sweet, love."
Larkin nods. "Well, and so they are."
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted 
eyes toward Kara, and steps forward.
Rorie grins. "Ooh, she got the last green..
Keven smiles "So that's it."
Minuet starts jumping up and down (Yes, Minuet..) and an incredibly loud 
"WooooooooOOOOOOOOoooooo Kara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" comes from her lips
On the sands, Katryna watches the last dragonets pair off.
Zakia smiles.
Cassa beams softly, and murmurs, "Wonderful, kitten."
D'thon looks intently at the coal-smudged green harpy dragonet.
On the sands, M'hael falls to the ground and slips into the dream world.
beams into dragonet eyes. "'ello, Zazuth," she finally says softly. "I'm 
Kidwyn." As if introductions were necessary.
On the sands, Kara blinks in amazement as she kneels on the sands putting 
her arms about the dragonets neck. "Her name is Ilsinth!" No stutter none 
at all but absolute joy and wonder.
D'thon says, "Kara."
Celana heads down the stairs.
T'lis heads down the stairs.
On the ledge, Daelia hops agily up to Calith's neck, using a prooffered 
arm as a stepstool.
On the ledge, Calith takes off.
Above the sands, Calith takes off from Ledge
On the sands, Katryna brushes her matted hair out of her eyes one last 
Taria smiles happily as the last of the dragonets impress, she lets go of 
her leg and wearily stands, giving a goodby wave to those she knows
On the sands, "I'm going to check on the meat in the barracks -- 
congratulations, Weyrlings." Ophelia smiles broad and dashes for the exit. 
"Kazumi, M'hael, bring them in after you.."
Taria heads down the stairs.
On the sands, T'lis steps quietly out onto the sands.
On the sands, Ophelia walks quietly off the sands.
On the sands, Darcy smiles with brilliant memory as her memory kicks in 
yet again.  Then she looks back at Kara and Kidwyn.... "What are their 
names?" Ah, there we go.  "Lovely names, Kidwyn, Kara."  She turns to 
another rider.  "Can we go????"
Zakia stands up and stretches.
Bronwyn watches intently as the last impressions are made and then sighs.
On the sands, Celana walks up to those left upon the sands, trying to 
gather those near her.
Bronwyn goes home.
On the sands, T'lis follows along after Celana offering a soft smile to 
those out there.
On the ledge, Pintarryth takes off.
Above the sands, Pintarryth takes off from Ledge
Leezal goes home.
On the ledge, Maenath bugles as the last dragonets pair off, and spreads 
his wings to swoop off the ledge in an aerial swirl.
On the ledge, Maenath takes off.
Above the sands, Maenath takes off from Ledge
Above the sands, Pintarryth flies out the upper entrance of the hatching 
Zakia heads down the stairs.
Fletcher hmmms to the assembled Harpers and suggests hopefully, 
"PArrrrty?  Let's see if F'rin has anything planned..."
Zakia walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Keven grins "Yes!"
Zakia hmmms.
D'thon stands and stretches.
On the sands, Darcy swings up to Maenath's neck, using his leg as a step.
Zakia yawns and cracks her knuckles.
Fletcher sniggers and manuevers through the crowd up to F'rin, waiting 
just in case the Weyrleader's busy with important WeyrStuff.
On the sands, From Maenath's neck, Darcy buckles the straps around herself 
and tightens them securely.
On the sands, Maenath takes off, scattering sand about with his wings.
Above the sands, Maenath takes off from the sands.
Above the sands, Calith disappears ::between::!
Above the sands, Maenath wings agilely out the upper entrance of the 
hatching grounds.
From Minuet's arms, Rapture chirrs happily to herself
Cassa heads down the stairs.
On the sands, Kara giggles and moves with Ilsinth to the others. Slowly 
stepping lightly across the sands. "Shes hungry! Oh!?!? I'm hungry." She 
looks at the whirling eyes and smiles. "Yes I love you too Ilsinth." A 
hand on her as the foreclaw is on her robe threatening to tear it.
On the sands, Tiareth trumpets, brilliant. It is done. --A /nudge/, for 
Nuff, the latest of many, with more to come.
Kitana falls asleep.
all welcome to join us in the Living Caverns for food and drink."
From Fletcher's shoulder, Jasper chirrs to Rapturefriend, just so Rapture 
has someone ELSE to chirr to.
Fletcher grins broadly.  "Excellent!" he declares brightly.
Zakia stairs
On the sands, Celana walks up to Katryna and Rebecka. "Do you mind if I 
talk to you guys for a second?"
Keven smiles as he hears what F'rin says.
Zakia goes home.
From Minuet's arms, Rapture turns jewel faceted eyes upon Jasper... 
On the sands, Katryna shakes her head. "I guess not."
Larkin murmurs, "You go ahead. I just need a few moments to take it all 
On the sands, Rebecka looks forlornly at the impressed dragons then turns 
to Celana, "Oh umm what? Uhh yeah?" She offers a weak smile.
On the sands, M'hael wakes up from a deep sleep and stretches.
On the sands, Katryna trudges over to Celana.
On the sands, Kazumi grins as she looks around at the now empty sands.  
"Would all you weyrlings please follow me back to the weyrling barracks 
where there will be food ready for you dragons?"
Keven nods cheefully.
Fletcher heads down the stairs.
On the sands, T'lis stands just behind Celana wathcing on quietly.
Keven heads down the stairs.
On the sands, Kidwyn resumes her hopping on the sands, beaming giddily at 
anyone who happens to look in her direction.. but mostly at her newfound 
lifemate. Zazuth butts her head against Kidwyn's chest (oof!). "Oh! She's 
hungry! I'm hungry!" Suddenly, she looks ill. "/Meat/?"
On the sands, Celana watches, and waits for Rebecka and anyone else left 
upon the Sands.
On the sands, Kazumi walks carefully off the sands.
On the sands, Synth,upon the mention of FOOD, almost barrels after the 
F'rin gestures toward the stairs.  "The caverns are just outside the 
hatching grounds, so you shouldn't have any problems finding them.  I've 
another responsibility to take care of, before I join you."
On the sands, Rebecka walks after Celana too now.
Kelta walks out.
On the sands, Kara giggles as a head buts her leg.
Leilani falls asleep.
On the sands, Cianith shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
On the sands, K'shaw smiles at his sister and her new partner
On the sands, Kyleigh strides purposefully off the sands.
On the sands, K'shaw walks, with an air of mischeviousness. off the sands.
On the sands, Fia says, "SYNTH." she manages through clenched teeth. 
Great, she /had/ to get her total opposite, didn't she? Impatient little 
snit. But she looooves her. "Now now, there is plenty. No need to /run/."
On the sands, Tevynth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
On the sands, Sylke waits to make sure all the weyrlings get out before 
following them.
Jarldom says, "good Bye Everyone"
On the sands, Jaseth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
On the sands, E'nin strides confidently off the sands.
On the sands, C'nor walks off the sands.
On the sands, Kara walks slowly off the sands.
On the sands, Dalgreth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
On the sands, Ilsinth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
On the sands, Craning her neck, Kidwyn looks around for some familiar 
face.. anyone, really. "Someone? Help? Zaz wants.." she gulps, turning 
green, "meat."
On the sands, F'rin moves quietly up, behind T'lis and Celana, waiting for 
the impressees to leave.
On the sands, Aralie wanders silently off the sands.
On the sands, Nuff eeps and leaps aboard departing draogn. No way she's 
staying here alone with Jhanath.
On the sands, Straps squeak under the strain as Nuff clambers up up /up/ 
into Tiareth's neckridges.
On the sands, Risath shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
On the sands, Tiareth sways, wings wide. Flight. She--/remembers/ this.
On the sands, Kidwyn blinks sleepily. Sliding to the floor and resting her 
chin upon her knees, she falls asleep.
pointing out and to the barracks. "There's meat in the weyrling barrracks 
waiting for all your dragons."
Rorie heads down the stairs.
On the sands, Sylke feels like a traffic guard. :)
Heather heads down the stairs.
On the sands, Celana waits for the Impressed to leave, before turning back 
to those left.
On the sands, Fia stops, blinks, and looks around. "Will I still be a 
cook?" Huh> Fia? You sure you're alright?
On the sands, Kidwyn yawns once, stretches, and stands, shaking the sleep 
from her eyes.
Kidwyn. "Come on, you two, your dragons aren't getting fed here." She 
On the sands, Synth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
D'thon says, "Quite a spectacle ... as it always is."
On the sands, Fia steps softly off the sands.
On the sands, Kidwyn blushes crimson, nodding meekly at Sylke as Zazuth 
swings her head against that oh-so-convenient stomach yet again. "But - 
oof! - she wants.. /meat/," Kidwyn squeaks.
On the sands, M'hael walks off the sands.
A drudge arrives to cart Leilani off to bed.
You go southwest.
Hatching Grounds Entrance (#4385)
The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. 
Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of 
passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of 
coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled 
somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow 
stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a 
broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.
  It is a spring evening.  
On the sands, you see Tiareth, Zazuth, Jhanath, one firelizard, and ten 
In the bowl, you see Ganth, Pintarryth, and two firelizards.
Flittering around is Daenar.
Brown Tchirnath, brown Amanoth, blue Cianith, bronze Tevynth, brown 
Jaseth, blue Dalgreth, green Ilsinth, green Risath, and gold Synth are 
You notice Cassa asleep here.
Kazumi, Kyleigh, K'shaw, E'nin, C'nor, Kara, Aralie, Fia, and M'hael are 
Obvious exits:
Sands     Galleries     Bowl
Ilsinth bumps into Kara's legs almost knocking her down. Tearing her eyes 
from Cassa she goes bends down and caresses the headknob. "I know soon." 
She looks up. "Were both real hungry."
Aralie strokes Risath's head with her fingertips, feeling a need to 
express her love for the green to the whole room. Instead she simply 
caresses the little darling.
Kazumi counts heads.  "Just a few more of you and we'll get going." She 
smiles, leaning against Amanoth's leg.  She looks up at the big brown and 
smiles, sharing memories of their own blessed day on the Sands.
Sylke strides gracefully in from the Hatching Grounds.
Zazuth shuffles awkwardly in from the Hatching Grounds.
Kidwyn limps shyly in from the Hatching Grounds.
Sylke says, "Oh, wait, here we all are."
Kazumi grins. "Ah there!  Come on, let's get you settled in."
Cyrene walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Kazumi walks carefully back outside into the bowl.
C'nor smiles, still staring at Tevynth, rather ignoring the rest of the 
area in his preoccupation.  Crouching down near the bronze, he gives the 
little dragon a measuring study, etching each little piece into memory.  
Still, as footsteps are heard, he sends waves over his shoulder, whether 
or not he knows any of them.
Fletcher strides confidently in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Cyrene  slips in and carefully gives Ara a quick and tearful hug before 
dashing out again.
D'thon walks in from the Galleries.
Cyrene walks back outside into the bowl.
K'shaw walks, with an air of mischeviousness. back outside into the bowl.
Aralie stares after Cyrene, a slow smile breaking across her features
Dalgreth shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
Sylke winks at Fletcher as she acts as traffic guard for the 'lings. "All 
right, l;et's get those little things fed."
Fletcher blinks at the wink, shrugs, and turns to D'thon.  "That did you 
think of it, D'thon?"
D'thon reaches up and pats the huge side of Pintarryth as he watches the 
march of the hatchlings.
Synth bugles, a brassy, hollow sound. Food. Fooooood.
Aralie wanders silently back outside into the bowl.
Risath shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
C'nor decides he should be following the others.
M'hael walks back outside into the bowl.
Tevynth shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
D'thon says to Fletcher, "Each one is unique ... special."
Sylke puts a hand to her ear. "Fia, get that girl to the meat trays!"
C'nor walks back outside into the bowl.
Kidwyn slides a protective arm over dragonet neck, whirling fascets and 
grey twinkles sharing some private amusement. With an effort, Kidwyn pulls 
her gaze back to the older riders.
Fletcher grins to D'thon.  "As all people are, hmmm?  Where are the other 
Candidates?" he says, looking around for those without dragons.
Kara walks slowly back outside into the bowl.
Ilsinth shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
A drudge gently picks up Cassa's sleeping form and walks off.
D'thon says to Fletcher, "In a very private and painful place."
D'thon says to Fletcher, "I did not impress my first time on the sands."
Fletcher nods slowly to D'thon.  "Yes...  But I mean physically?" he 
wonders, still looking around.
Kyleigh tries not to look at this callous man who would pleasure himself 
even as he speaks of those unfortunate tonight. She just leads her baby 
blue out with a cold shiver.
Kyleigh strides purposefully back outside into the bowl.
Cianith shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
Amanoth rumbles at the little dragonets, a friendly enough gesture, though 
with little shooing gestures with his wings. Go on, get going. :)
D'thon says to Fletcher, "Oh, I don't know.  If they are lucky, there are 
friends to comfort them.  If not, they may simply have gone back to their 
barracks alone."
Sylke tries actively getting behind the little dragons, and pushing them, 
but does so to no avail. Won't budge. "Come on, the others are waiting for 
Jaseth shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
E'nin strides confidently back outside into the bowl.
You overhear Sylke mutter, "And if I were ... I ... go ... ... ..." to 
Taria walks with an energetic bounce to her step in from the Southeastern 
Fletcher sighs softly.  "That's too bad...  I can't imagine handling the 
pressure anyone here did...."
You overhear Fletcher mutter, "... And ... ... ..." to Sylke.
Taria walks with an energetic bounce to her step up into the galleries.
Synth won't be pushed. She bugles again. Hehe. Gotta good reaction the 
/first/ time, didn't it? Okay okay, food THAT way.
Synth shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
Sylke rolls her eyes. Oi vey, what a class... "Kidwyn, Fia, let's go, stop 
dawdling, your dragons are gonna starve!" Ok, an exxageration, but if it 
gets them moving...
Fia steps softly back outside into the bowl.
You overhear D'thon mutter, "Every life has ... own kind ... pressure ... 
... ... ... ... Even Istan ..." to Fletcher.
Fletcher shakes his head to D'thon.  "Perhaps, D'thon..." he murmers 
softly, looking over the new grouping of Weyrlings.
Sylke turns to Fletcher to say, "It wouldn't be appreciated. That's all." 
She turns back around to Kidwyn and again escorts the new greenrider to 
the bowl. "All right, coming?"
Kidwyn fairly drags Zaz along behind her, though the dragonet needs no 
prodding at the mention of food. "Starve?" She sounds shocked.
Fletcher falls asleep.
Sylke gestures. "You first, Kid."
Kidwyn limps shyly back outside into the bowl.
Zazuth shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
Sylke strides gracefully back outside into the bowl.
Amanoth points a snout towards the central bowl.

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