The World of Pern™ is copyright to Anne McCaffrey © 1967. The Dragonriders of Pern® is a registered copyright. This is a recorded sesssion, online by permission of the author but generated by Harper's Tale members on the date indicated, for the benefit of members unable to attend.

IC and OOC Meeting of Ista's LH's and the Craft Leaders

and Kira

held at Ista Hold, Saturday June 21 1997, 8pm CDT

Kiara grins, a firm nod accompaning it. She doesn't recognize most of these
people at all. Perhaps the Weyr's a tad more isolated than she thought it was;
oh well. "Hello, all." She slides into a a seat where she can scrutintizes the

Jueann nods to Kira

Asriene sighs and suddenly spots Efette.  "Lady holder!  Hello."

Efette smiles over at Asriene, "Hey there! Remember the runner races at last
Gather? Well, seems Destiny is about to have her foal!" She says, emerald eyes
flashing with excitement. "Will be quite a little racer, with that blood."

Rorie sends a quick grin at Efette then goes to get a wooden cup full of Klah.

Asriene's eyes widen.  "Really?  That's great!   My broodmare just had a foal
as well."

Tave looks out the window "hmmm, about time to start" he mumbles, looking
still for smiths and seacrafters.  Finally he sits down at the meeting table,
looking around briefly.

Efette smiles at Asriene, "Same sire?" she asks, reaching for a couple mugs
and pouring Tave and herself a bit of wine. Handing a glass to him she smiles,
"I wouldn't be surprised." She settles back in her chair, growing quiet as she
sees tave about to begin

Asriene smiles and turns attentively to Tave.

Tave takes the wine with a smiles and an appreciative nod.  He adjusts the
clasp on his cape and ahems once, looking about.  Finally he says "Well, I
think the Smiths will be a little late.  Unfortunatly I didn't get word from
the Seacrafters."

Tave says, "So they probably won't be coming."

Jueann says, "I just got the note, I was hoping Caramak would make it.  I
wanted to talk to him"

Rorie nods to Tave, sipping from her mug.

Birle slinks in from the east hallway.

Birle says, "Er, hi, I've been sent by Gyrel to attend for the SeaCraft."

Tave begins "Well, if you all haven't heard, I called us together to propose
an idea." he smiles and nods to Birle "have a seat."

Birle smiles faintly and finds a seat at the table.

Tave says, "So anyhow, here's my idea.  I want to hold a bazaar... which would
basically be similar to our annual gather, except it would focus almost solely
on showing off the crafts to newcomers."

Rorie nods.

Tave smiles "and of course the way I have planned it, it should be an
excellent method to raise morale..."

Jueann frowns slightly.  "When did you have this in mind?

Birle smiles.  She likes.

Zaryia listens carefully to Tave and nods slowly...

Kiara chuckles softly. "And just how would you suggest we organize it? I'm
being eaten up by curiousity, Lord Tave." An assumtion on her part, but
everyone knows that the Lady was recently married, and besides...he's the only
one with the right knot. 

Tave turns to Jueann and smiles "that's why I've called this meeting, to work
out such details, but anyhow, here's the entirety of my idea."

Asriene nods slowly.  "Mmm."

Jueann ahhs and makes notes

Asriene whips out her ever-present clipboard and begins scribbling down ideas
and notes.

Rarah walks in from the east hallway.

Birle says, "Lord Tave, sir, what sort of things do you have in mind for the
Crafts to do atthe bazaar?"

Jueann smiles at Rarah and waves

Rarah wonders in slipping into a chair quickly!

Tave takes a deep breath "here's how I've got it roughed out:  Each
craftmaster will announce the bazaar to all the crafters of their specialty. 
The bazaar will be a chance for /every/ crafter, from apprentice to Master to
show off their talents."

Tave smiles and nods to Rarah as she enters.

Asriene nods and scribbles something else down.

Efette smiles over at Rarah and settles back into her chair, listening to
Tave's words. She nods

Rorie nods, then looks at Tave, "Appys and Sr Appys don't have specialties in
my craft.  Not till they are J'man."

Jueann says, "I take it then that there'll be a separate bazaar for each

Tave smiles at Rorie "sorry, incorrect terminology on my part, craft areas."

Birle says, "Or will there be some sort of booth for eachcraft?"

Rorie grins, nodding, "Okay."

OOC: Tave says "just a sec, drowning in spam"

Iratus blinks in from ::between::!

Tave shakes his head "no, one bazaar with all the crafts.  Each will have
their area of course."

Tave grins and winks "but hopefully there will be too many participants to fit
in tents."

Tave says, "Here's how it will go.  Every crafter will produce something which
can be shown off or sold.  They will take it to the bazaar and demonstrate or
try and sell said something..."

Tave says, "Meanwhile a group of judges will walk around, looking at
everything from all the crafts.  I'm not sure exactly how this part will work,
and in fact am looking for suggestions.  But anyhow..."

Rarah asks "So my Craft could have a lesson in Frist Aid?"

Asriene looks leerily at Rarah.

Efette tips her head to the side, "Possibly holders should be the ones
judging? In that they would be more likely to be impartial.."

Birle says, "Who will the judges be?"

Tave smiles and nods to Rarah "or brew medecines, or whatever may be a persons
particular specialty."

Tave shakes his head "Don't know yet, I'll finish then we'll all decide on the

Kiara smiles, eyes crinkling with amusment. "Well, well, well, won't the
apprentices be thrilled to get out-of-doors. We'd simply have to make sure
that they didn't decide to pull one of those infamous pranks."

Tave says, "Once the judges have picked a person from /each/ craft that person
will be pretty much the target of as much praise and fame we can give to them
for that day *grin.  Plus perhaps some prizes."

Birle snickers at Kiara.  "We're not all /that/ bad."

Asriene says, "Will they be judged on how they present their product or its

Tave says, "If it works right this would be an opurtune time to do some
recruiting ;).  "

Tave ponders "I was thinking both actually."

Tave says, "for instance the healers wouldn't necesarily have a 'quality'
associated with whatever they do, and would be judged on presentation."

Asriene says, "As would the Herders?"

Jueann says, "and Harpers?"

Kiara snorts back at Birle. "No, but there's enough of you to make it so..."
She turns to Tave, "A splendid idea. Would it be held on the beach to allow
the dolphins to participate?"

Birle says, "And Seacrafters?"

Tave smiles "Harper definetly have quality associated with their songs and
stories.  But anyhow that would be decided by the judges I think.   It's hard
for us to hand down criteria to them without the intent getting a bit warped."

Birle says, "True."

Tave nods "yes, I definetly agree, we should hold this near water.  It'll
probably be hot as well as the requirments of Sea and Dolphin crafters.

Asriene says, "What aboutthe emerald beaches?  If I do say so, they're
moreattractive than the main beach..."

Tave looks around for opinions on that proposal, he's done presenting

Kiara smiles, adding, "Or perhaps one of the Cotholds, making it a grand
expedition for all?"

Jueann says, "I'll have to present this to Caramak, but I don't see a

Asriene nods.  "Emerald beaches versus cothold versus main beach?"

Kira thinks if this becomes a regular thing, it could rotate around to
different locations.

Rorie hrms, "Tave, are you suggesting that my apprentices each grow somthing
and be judged on it?  How can you compair a red fruit plant to a plot of

Zaryia speaks up, "I may be off on this, but I think the judging will be for
effort and enthusiasm, rather than the end product...?"

Birle says, "I like Kira's idea.  For the first one, I vote Emerald Beaches.""

Tave ponders "what if they were to prepare it Rorie?  Kind of a taste test
type thing?"

Birle says, "But they're farmers, not cooks..."

Rorie hrms, "Well, they don't cook, neither do I.. "

Asriene replies to Zaryia's comment, "But the end product is what our crafts
are all about."

Bronwyn strides in from the east hallway.

Tave ponders "Rorie, do all your farmer's have a broad base of skills that

Tave says, "For instance, can they all mix fertilizer, or grow certain types
of vegetables?"

Bronwyn scurries in and quickly finds a seat near Kiara.

Rorie hrms, "Well some do.. but some are just starting out.  They can grow
veggies, and flowers.. "

OOC: Kira says "maybe the judging should be more on best presentation."

Kira says, "since the end result is so different from craft to craft."

OOC: Zaryia nods in agreement.

Birle says, "What would the Herders do?  They would show of their
skills...breeding wouldn't work 'cause t'd take too long."

OOC: Efette nods, "Oocly I'm sure it'll be desc that is most judged."

OOC: Tave says "or perhaps the evaluation could differ from craft to craft."

OOC: Asriene says "Right."

Zaryia answers, "There's plenty the herders can do for a Craft fair...There's
no worries there."

Asriene chuckles in agreement.

Tave smiles "could you teach tricks to pets and such?" he asks the two herders

OOC: Kira says "I didnt mean presentation as in the desc.  I meant, have each
crafter have to present their craft/skill/whatever to the judge.  either via a
demo, or a talk or whatever."

Asriene nods.  "Sure.  And we could do races as well."

Zaryia blinks and nods to Tave, "More obedience than tricks, but yes."

OOC: Tave nods "yes, that was what I meant by presentation."

OOC: Jueann says "Agree.  The crafts are so diversed that it'll be hard on the
judges as it is"

OOC: Birle chuckles.

OOC: Rorie nods. "I like that idea.. the demo/talk idea.."

Tave smiles "ooh good, never had a pet that could do tricks... never even seen

OOC: Efette nodders. "Means rp :)"

Zaryia cracks a smile, "I'd be glad to set up a presentation for you, Lord

OOC: Kira says "this way, not only does the crafter have to know their craft
well enough to explain/present it, but also has to - yes, RP it well."

Asriene snickers.  Zaryia's got something up her sleeve.

OOC: Tave nods and smiles "the entire idea of the bazaar actually, well

OOC: Kiara laughs. "Means lots of RP, and people waxing poetic, and there will
inevitably be the long-winded ones. :-)

OOC: Bronwyn hmms.  That could present some problems with scheduling...I mean,
I know that not alll of my crafters will be able to make it online that
weekend, but I'm sure they'd want to take part by descing outfits for

OOC: Jueann says "for the harpers it would be something along the lines of a

OOC: Rorie says ""When is it?""

OOC: Birle says "Would it involve each apprentice doing something on their own
orperhaps groups working toward their own individual group projects?"

OOC: Tave says "not everyone would have to present perhaps?  Would be
difficult for a smith to present a ring for instance."

OOC: Kira says "well the smith could explain how he made it."

OOC: Jueann says "can't it be a rl week long and not just a weekend?"

OOC: Zaryia nods.  Probably easier for most, that way.

OOC: Tave ponders "I don't think that would be a good idea..."

OOC: Efette says "Perhaps as Jueann suggested, different crafts would be
judged on different criteria.."

OOC: Tave says "it spreads everything out quite a bit."

OOC: Zaryia says "Especially with it being Summer and all."

Asriene switches on the OOC light.  All talk is now OOC.

OOC: Jueann says "that's what I mean.  Weekends are bad for alot of people
right now"

Kira says, "well if someone missed one, they could come to the next one.  Or,
they could have someone do the presenting for them."

Tave says, "but an entire week is a long time, I think the rp would start to
get stretched pretty thin."

Tave says, "perhaps half a week?"

Birle says, "How about three days?  We could devote a few hous to every craft.
 Oh, and would the weyr play any part?"

Tave says, "Sat, Sun, Mon Tues or something.  That way people don't just
gradually loose interest."

Rarah says, "Maybe Wed-Sun ?"

Kira thinks the Weyr would not.  This is a craft thing.

Tave smiles "I'd love to involve the Weyr, but I haven't figured out how too
yet :P

Birle says, "Perhaps they could entertain us with weyr games likte they used
to in the books...?"

Jueann says, "Races.  Like how Lytol lost his dragon.  Dragon tourneys"

Birle says, "Yes!"

Kira says, "I like this though.  In fact, I'd even like to see it be a
prerequisite to promotion... app's and j'men having to have a project that
they work on to present at the bazaar.  They dont have to win, they just have
to make the effort to do something."

Efette ponders. "But this isn't a Gather.. it's a craft bazaar.."

Kira would rather not involve the Weyr.  It is a craft event.

Zaryia hrms, "I had thought that was completely Weyr-oriented."

Tave nods to Kira and Efe "perhaps a special invitation, just for one day of
it... well actually that'd be better at the gather I guess."

Kira thinks it could be tough to recruit new people, too, if there's dragons
flying around distracting them ;)

Asriene says, "I would think that the weyrs should be involved simply because
the crafts support them.   It would we more IC that way."

Zaryia shakes her head, "Remember...Autonomous."

Efette nods to Zaryia

Kiara thinks the Weyr could come if they wanted to, like the Holders, to look
and shop. :-) "Ooh, does that mean we get to show off all the textbooks,
Bron?" *hee* 

Efette says, "Not to mention the Weyr, for most purposes, has idled.."

Tave smiles "maybe the Weyr would come on their own to buy stuff."

Tave nods to Kiara "exactly."

Kira says, "I think if the Weyr is involved - AND if people are selling stuff -
then what's the difference between this and a gather?  except for the judging

Asriene says, "Oh, that would work."

Tave says, "No games and events and such."

Efette says, "The contests/games/events that are planned at the Gathers. But,
in truth, not much."

Bronwyn chuckles softly at Kiara.  "I'm afraid that it would be useless to
present the textbooks.  Althoug you're more than welcome to, it would be
inconceivable to have someone not of the craft try to judge something of that

Asriene says, "People buyfirst and then want to get involved.  That's exactly
what happened to my Smith char."

Zaryia cocks her head, "I missed something...I wasn't aware there /was/ to be
selling involved."

Tave says, "only for some people Zaryia."

Tave says, "Obviously the harpers would have trouble selling stuff ;)"

Birle says, "If people see the...say, the Herders' animals doing tricks,
they'd most likely want to buy an animal of their own, right?"

Tave says, "but  the Smiths and Weavers, and perhaps a few others would
definetly have things to sell :)"

Asriene says, "Right."

Jueann says, "Maybe not.  We can sell ditties and do a paid performance"

Kira notes harpers make instruments.

Efette nods, "Might as well have things to be sold. Perhaps the winning
products go to the heighest bidder.

You don't have a player-dragon to think to.

Kira says, "or should, anyway."

Zaryia makes another comment, "Having presentations to present and having
stock to sell are really two very different things..."

Tave nods "That's why each craft would get judged on different criteria."

Jueann says, "True and we are in the process of doing a stamped thing on
instruments but it's hard with the generic accessible to everyone"

Kiara aws. "You mean I can't stand around trying to tell people about dyes?"
 "Yeah! Another spammy-auction!"

Asriene says to Zaryia, "But inevitably interreklated."

Asriene can't type.  Interrelated.

Kira nods, thinks this would work better as a craft showcase if it was just
demonstrations, and not necessarily selling involved.

Kira is going to fix the generic thing RSN

Zaryia nods in agreement.  That's really going to complicate things...At least
for my Craft.

Tave says, "Perhaps limit the demonstrations to a certain part of the bazaar?"

Tave says, "I don't think people would come /just/ for demonstrations."

Zaryia cocks her head, "Why don't you think so...?"

Tave says, "it would get quite old for people not interested in such things."

Efette nods.. "Then a couple days given over for demos, the last day for sale
of the items if the crafts decide to?"

Birle says, "That's true.  We couldhave apprentices at hand to escort people
who want to buy back to te crafthalls."

Rorie has been to RL fertilizer conventions and there have been door prizes
given out, What about having door prizes for folks who come?"

Birle says, "During the demos."

Tave shrugs "well I was thinking to combine the two.  Have some crafts do
presentations and others do mostly desc type things."

Bronwyn oohs softly.  "I think door prizes are a great idea!"

Tave says, "the descers would be able to rp selling them, and the presenters
rp presenting."

Zaryia nods, "I like that idea, too.  Incentive for people to show up, at any

Asriene says, "The door prizes could be something related to the craft,...a
puppey or shirt or necklace.  Or something."

Tave nods "yes, we need all the incentive we could get."

Jueann says, "And not Flit eggs.  Everytime there's a contest, flit eggs bring
the most people out.  Sorry but that's how I feel"

Tave says, "Also, I suggest we hold this over many rooms to avoid huge amounts
of spam.  Too much spam tends to drive people away, and keeps people from
saying things."

Birle laughs softly.

Asriene says, "I agree with Jueann."

Kira wonders about letting the crafters judge/vote also.  (only, not on their
own craft - they'd have to judge other crafts presentations...)

Zaryia grins to Jueann, "I was just thinking that exact thing."

Jueann says, "and I agree with Tave.  I avoid spam as much as possible"

Birle says to Tave, "Another reason to hold it at the emerald beaches.  Lots
of beach.  And we could dig a cave for each craft with the beaches themselves
as gathering grounds.

Birle notes the stunned silence.

Tave nods to Birle "should we decide where it'll be now?"

Birle says, "I think we shoul."

Asriene is lagging.

Tave looks around "suggestions everyone?  Then we'll vote."

Bronwyn shrugs.  "Emerald is okay with me."

Tave says, "also if you have a suggestion tell why you think it should be held

Asriene says, "I say Emerald Beaches with the cave idea."

Efette nods and likes the caves idea.

Rorie nods. "Emerald is a good place."

Zaryia nods and does too, as long as ICly the sand isn't too loose.

Jueann says, "I can't speak for my craft but it sounds good to me"

Tave nods "I personally like the EB's a lot."

Bronwyn grins.  "Well, as I hear no other suggestions and a lot of consensus,
I think the vote is porbably only a formality."

Birle chuckles.  

Tave nods "anyone at all not want to hold it at the Emerald Beaches?"

Birle says, "Nobody has any other ideas?"

Efette grins, "I'd say one of the cotholds, but EB is fine :)"

Birle says, "I didn't know we had any cotholds."

Kira says, "Emerald is just below Grinstead, unless they moved things."

Efette shakes her head, "Err, minor holds."

Rorie nods, "Its Still there."

Efette nods to Kira, "True :) EB sounds great then. I forgot about that :)"

Kiara nods. "Ideas, I have. But most of them are just a tad odd. Then again,
so am I." :-)

Birle says, "Do tell, Kiara."

Tave smiles at Kiara "shoot.  What do you have?"

Asriene crumples to the floor, shot through the heart by the SleepyBug.

Asriene turns over, mumbling, Five more minutes ma, please.


Gyrel slowly strides in from the east hallway.

Tave nods "now we should decide on who should judge it, any suggestions?"

Birle waves to herCraftmaster.

Gyrel grumbles...

Jueann hmms.  "Who's not a memeber of a Craft?

Bronwyn shrugs.  "Craft leaders could.  They'd be likely to be impartial about
other crafts, I'd think."

Kiara beams, "Well, as a demonstration-type thing, some of the teachers could
try to teach one or two of the interested how to do something in thier craft.
Like, the harpers could try to teach someone to sing a well-known duet, or the
weavers teach someone to weave a small square on a lap loom, things like

Birle says, "What about the weyrpeople?  Holders?"

Tave nods to Bronwyn "that was what I was thiking, any other suggestions?"

Rarah says, "I agree that it would be nice for the Holders to udge."

Jueann says, "Most of them have gone idle"

Kira wonders what's the purpose of the judging.  what do you win?  will people
judge in points, for each presentation?  or just one vote?  or what?

Rarah says, "Maybe a point system..1-10 from wost to best?"

Efette ponders if there is anything people want other than flit eggs, as
prizes :P

Birle goes home.

Tave says, "I don't know about the rest, but the point of the judging is to
encourage people to participate.  Also, heaping fame ond glory upon the winner
would attract more people to the craft, which is one of the ideas."

Bronwyn grins.  "People /always/ want clothes, Efe."

Rarah says, "Like skaters points?"

Zaryia grins, "I bet if you gave people a chance, you'd find there /are/
things that people want, other than flitters ;)"

Kira says, "I'd like to see this become something coveted by all the crafts,
maybe whoever gets the most votes/points/whatever, is named best craft, or

Kira says, "Encourage more team-play and people working together to be the

Bronwyn wrinkles her nose.  "But crafts with more crafters would have a huge

Zaryia says, "But again...How can you compare Harpers to Smithers?  Farmers to

Kira says, "no, cuz you'd take total points / number of crafters participating."

Asriene says, "I tyhink it will be.  People want things that nobody else has. 
What if the Smiths were to make special bazaar-only jeweled daggers or

Tave says, "got this from Evan when I was discussing it with him "There
shouldn't be any singling out of the crafts.  Have a prize for each craft""

Jueann nods.  

Kessry pads in from the east hallway.

Efette nods, "This is true :)"

Jueann says, "How about a Trophy to be displayed for the Craft?"

Rorie nods, "A prize for each craft is a good idea.. but what about also
having a 'Best of Show' like prize?"

Tave ponders "that might work..."

Tave says, "Rorie's idea, that is."

Jueann says, "i was thinking more of the Stanley Cup.  To be passed Craft from

Efette smiles at Jueann, "That's a cool idea :)"

Bronwyn nods.  "Sounds good to me.  I'd rather not judge crafts against each
other, so I agree with for each craft."

Kessry asks, "Trophy... for /what/?"

Asriene says, "And perhaps an area in the Hold for a bazaar plaque to be
displayed, telling the winners/whatever of each bazaar?"

Zaryia suggests, "The trophy could be for effort, perhaps?"

Gyrel says, "Quick recap?"

Efette nods, "It all depends on if you want the competitive edge to spur the
crafts into greater activity. Is it a good idea to set the crafts against each
other in this competition, in order to increase the rp for everyone, or is
that bad? Would crafts competing with each other lead to Bad Things, or would
the over all rp it'd generate be worth it

Zaryia cocks her head, "Another issue is...Is it IC?"

Bronwyn shrugs.  "I just don't think you can compare apples to oranges, guys."

Efette grins at Bron, nodding...

Kira says, "Recap:  Tave suggested we hold a craft bazaar, and each craft's
members can present some aspect or skill or whatever of their craft, and be
judged on it (somehow).  Sorta like a gather, only different."

Tave ponders "I definetly think that it would be a good idea to give a prize
to a person in each craft... maybe that could be done on the second to last
day.  Then all the crafters get together and compete in crafts.

Jueann says, "I agree with Bronwyn.  The harpers just aren't an object craft
like the weavers"

Kira says, "well, if everyone wins a prize, what's the point?  I dunno, I think
there's more effort put into it if you are competing."

Kessry ponders.  I think the competion thing would be, well... bad.  It's
apples and oranges.  How do you compare bonesetting to warbling a ballad?

Rorie says, "I was thinking more along the lines that every craft gets a prize
and there is one prize for the craft that just seems to have done really well,
like did something special, somthing wonderfull, ""

Rarah adds "The Healers are more of a service Craft.

Tave says, "not everyone.  One person from each craft."

Efette titters. Warbling a ballad. Giggle

Kessry nods.  "Dolphincraft is also a service craft... we don't 'make'
anything, reallly."

Gyrel nods with Kess, "Along with that like Seacraft or Dolphin... pull ship
out or fins playing in the water?"

Asriene says, "I like the idea of a best-in-show prize  I.e. in dog shows,
they have the best of each breed come together for thebest in the whole show. 
They can't judge one breed against another because they're all different.  But
that /can/ find the best dog in the entire show."

Bronwyn shrugs.  "I think it's pretty obvious that it's unfair to compare say
weavers to healers or something like that."

Bronwyn says, "Yes, but at least they're all dogs!"

Efette grins

Zaryia nods and stifles a chuckle.  I agree with Bronwyn.

Efette nodders to Kess, "Perhaps dolphincraft shouldn't be involved? As the
Weyr isn't goin gto be?"

Tave shakes his head "To give to many prizes would ruin it.  I think we should
limit it to One prize per craft."

Jueann says, "I disagree.  Its a craft"

Kessry grins.   How would you judge Weaers to Dolphins?  Or Harpers to
Healers?  What criteria?  Theres no real comparison.

Bronwyn smiles and agrees with Tave.

Kessry coughs to Efe.  Oh, how very erm...  Heh.  We'd not be a craft, then?

Gyrel frowns, "Kinda be unfare to leave one craft out because there isnt
really a 'show' piece.....

Bronwyn thinks the dolphineers belong there, just as much as say healers do.

Kira says, "Dolphincraft is still a craft."

Tave says, "Whether we judges the crafts against each other or not?  I think
this is a bad idea for reasons just said.  Also it may cause an influx of
people into that craft, cheating the other crafts out of the people."

Efette shrugs, "Didn't mean to offend you, Kessry. :) True.."

Jueann says, "i agree with Gyrel"

Tave nods "All crafts must do something lest they get cheated out of their
share of recruits."

Kessry just doesn't have a 'product' to display, really.  Not even medicines
like healer, or songs, or clothing, or craftmanship in shipbuilding....

Tave says, "Some crafts, like harpers are presenting instead of creating

Bronwyn says, "Sure you do, Kess.  you need to display your training and
knowledge of dolphins and how well each pair works together."

Kira says, "how about just a fixed set of popular choice awards, people's
favorite thing, people's favorite skill, etc.  and everyone gets one vote for

Gyrel ponders a scared he's thinking, "Was it say anything like an
internal thing?  Make like devisions?  People in that craft showing off what
they can do? *giggle*  Im sure I can find a
make a ship :)"

Rorie blinkes. "Uh, er.. Thunder and lighting.. Er.. I gotta go..  "

Rorie waves.

Rorie goes home.

OOC: Tave says "any other farmers we can get here?"

Bronwyn thinks Kira's suggestion might have more validity than a single 'best
craft' award.  Plus keep the /best in each craft' awards, too."

Jueann says, "Now I like that, Gyrel.  People choice award.  And I think the
dolphins can do alot.  "

Tave says, "actually, she heard most of the meeting."

Asriene says, "What about something like Emmy awards? demo, best
apprentices, most friendly firelizards, etc."

Kessry likes that idea.

Rarah says, "Could the DolphinCraft Show a rescue of someone?"

Tave says, "what exactly are you suggesting?  Flits don't have anything to do
with the crafts."

Jueann says, "I would like to leave the Fire Lizards of this."

Gyrel grins... He had an idea... Must be a blue moon :)'

Zaryia blinks.  Firelizards?

Kessry, unfortunetly, is sort of on a 'vacation' and can't really rouse the
craft into doing much of anything.  :P  I can try, tho.

Asriene says, "I was kidding, guys.  It was an example."

Bronwyn sighs, "I can't stay too much longer, but I don't want to miss what
Kira was going to talk about with all of us.  Any chance we could make a
decision on the idea of awards?"

Jueann says, "Or we can table the awards for another time"

Tave nods "okay, but I strongly urge to keep one award per craft, to make it
really special."

Asriene relogs. :P

Asriene crumples to the floor, shot through the heart by the SleepyBug.

Gyrel is the same as Kess....Really on vacation.... Let alone the work that I
now have when I come back with the new seas....again.

Asriene turns over, mumbling, Five more minutes ma, please.

Jueann says, "And I'm going on vacation and need to put my ankle up again

Kessry sighs.  The )_*)(^&*() oceans. :P

Kira says, "Well it'd be easy to do the people's choice stuff, as well as "Best
Harper Presentation", Best Healer Pres., etc."

Efette nodders, "That'd be good. Best Presentation."

Kira thinks mebbe we should table the awards discussion til later, cuz I did
have a few other things too.

Tave nods "okay."

Gyrel nods, "Heh, Im sure there are a few eager people out there that might
want to work on a Journeyman/master project that these /could/ be use for...."

Tave says, "we gonna postpone discussion everyone?"

Bronwyn nods.  

Gyrel nods.

Kiara agrees.

Efette ayups.

Jueann nods.

Asriene says, "Okie."

Kessry postpones.

Kira says, "I'm going to be changing the way new players start here on HT. 
First off you should have already seen the mail to *lead about the newbie
filter.  Everyone cool with that idea?"

Efette nodders :)

Tave nods "as long as it's not too stringent."

Jueann says, "I'm not on the leader mailer."

Zaryia nods.  I wholeheartedly agree with the filter idea.

Bronwyn actually isn't sure it's such a good idea, especially if it's going to
ask very specific questions that someone who read the books a long time ago
might not remember, even though they still retained the essence of Pern.

Asriene says, "I don't get the filter idea."

Zaryia cocks her head, "But don't we /want/ Pern-oriented people rather than

Gyrel hasnt read it yet....

Tave says, "that's why I think the questions should all be incredibly obvious
to anyone who knows the theme."

Kira says, "Well the general idea is, that when people request a character,
people will have to answer a few very basic questions about Pern, that show
some knowledge of Pern - either that they've read the book, or read the
helpfiles here enough to know the answers, or have asked enough people for

Tave says, "for instance 'What is Thread?'"

Rarah says, "I agree with what Yuvi wrote.. That we should ask/let them know
that there is no fighting here... and if they don't accept that then on there

Efette nods, "Or with the answers available for them to find on line, as in an
update to help history like rorie suggested, to make it more inclusive.

Asriene says, "Hrm, it seems like that would turn a lot of people off."

Kira says, "Yeah, what is Thread.  What is the name of the planet that swings
close to Pern every 200 years.  What's the name of the place where dragons

Tave says, "If we were having too much of a problem with no knew players we
could always turn it off."

Efette nods, "Could try it, see what happens. There's no reason it would have
to be permanent, if it turned out badly."

Zaryia raises her eyebrows, "Maybe we /need/ some people turned off...Some
people who just don't have a clue about Pern, Thread, Halls, etc."

Efette nods to Tave

Asriene says, "Easy enough.  Okay, I deem it a good idea. ;)"

Zaryia steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Tave nods "yes, but the filter might be accidently made too stringent or
something.  I think if we find that we have next to no new people then we
should take it away."

Bronwyn shrugs and bows her head to the wisdom of others. *G*

Efette grins, "If a person doesn't know Pern has Weyrs/dragons and threads, I
really think they should find a dif. MOO to play on ;)"

Zaryia returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.

Jueann frowns slightly.  "Aas I haven't read the mailer, I have no comment to
make.  But I not sure of the filter will work.  

Tave says, "Even if /we/ think that the questions are obvious, some might not

Asriene steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Gyrel reads, "Sounds like a good idea...  Whatta about a way people could get
on as a trial basis?  Maybe something like, they havent read the books but are
intrested in learning about it, and get into reading the books?

Kira says, "Also, I'm going to change it so that newbies don't start out as Ista
Hold residents anymore.  They'll be "Travellers", and their first goal in life
here on HT is to find a place to live.  Either a hold, or a craft, or the
weyr... though I'm not sure the weyr is taking new residents, but anyway."

Jueann says, "My daughter is on a Pern Moo and is enjoying it.  She loves the
place and I monitor her activity.  But she's never read the books"

Asriene returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.

Rarah frowns "I did not know when I frist started... But it was pointed out
and suggested that I go read the books... RPing here made me want to read the

Kira notes on the filter, all the answers are (or will be) available online,
and people who really want to play can always ASK others.

Tave nods "I agree with Kira."

Bronwyn nods.  "That's not a bad idea.  Poor Efe gets stuck with everyone

Bronwyn looks over at Gyrel.  "Well, that's sort of what the guest char serves
to do."

Efette nods. "If they're willing to learn enough to answer those questoins,
then they should be on." .. "Hehe :) I dont' mind, but I think it'd be better
if they were travellers."

Tave nods "I still say the questions should be as easy as possible.  Not so
that they would have had to read the books, but just so they new the theme."

Jueann says, "And I know Dee has arrested a couple of them for the sake of
bugging Efette"

Efette blinks at Jueann, "She has?"

Zaryia blinks, "Why would you want people who haven't read the books?  I'm
sorry, but that seems sort of counter-productive."

Asriene says, "So isthe ...erp.  Sorry.  Never mind."

Tave says, "because if they learn as they play it might  be worth it."

Jueann chuckles, Zen, and those two that wanted to put a file in the cake. 

Efette nods to Zaryia, "We have several great players here who never did, that
learned as they went along. It'd be a shame to have screened them out before
they had a chance."

Efette oie's at Jueann and shakes her head

Tave says, "They just need to know the theme and such so they have an idea of
how to rp."

Zaryia hrms, and tends to disagree.

Kira says, "people can learn the theme, even if they haven't read the books. 
there's probably a number of good players here who've not read them.  but I do
want it to be a little difficult for just *anyone* to get a character and jump
in.  The cluelessness factor of newbies on the net these days is getting worse
all the time."

Kira says, "if someone bothers to stay around long enough to learn what the
theme is, and be able to answer a few questions, they'll make a better player
here than someone who won't."

Efette giggles at Kira. THIS is true. :P

Jueann says, "I'll agree there."

Bronwyn says, "Then maybe we need to have a note in the birthplace that guests
will see that will warn them that those requesting a char will need to know a
bit about the theme, so if they have not read the books, they'll need to get
that coaching as a guest and quickly"

Asriene crumples to the floor, shot through the heart by the SleepyBug.

Kira might set up an @alt-request command for existing players, too, so that
they don't have to go through that.  (and also to make it easier to request

Tave nods to Bronwyn "and telling them where they can get info on it
themselves (the helpfile).  I know when I got on I just read through the theme
info to decide if I wanted to play, and that's all I knew."

Efette nods, "Or point them to reading the various necessary help files to
pass the test. *shrug* If they know, they know, whether they did it to pass
the test or because they were interested. Either way, they know. If they're a
twink and get through, well, at least that's something.

Kessry listens, and hrms.  Aye.  And a whole 'ask the guides if you really
wanna know, or this is where you can find the basic story'...and then list the

Zaryia adds, "Aren't the majority of us here because we love Pern, and the
concept of Hold, Hall, and Weyr...?  I'm sorry to harp on this, but why would
you want people here who were here ONLY to RP, and not to RP Pern?"

Bronwyn likes the alt-request idea. :)

Kessry does too. :)

Efette beams and nods

Kessry wonders,is the alt limit still up?

Bronwyn believes so.

Efette heh's at Zaryia, "I guess you don't see all the twinks that come
through these days :P"

Kira says, "I think it's 3.  Thorn thinks 4, but we're still debating it.  I
dont really want unlimited alts, since the MOO is so big."

Tave nods and agrees with Efe "we need all the good rpers we can get.  We'll
interest them in Pern if we need to."

Kira says, "Anyway back to the Traveler thing..."

Zaryia blinks, "That's exactly my point, Efe..."

Kira says, "since we seem to be mostly in consensus on the filter..."

Jueann says, "I like the traveler thing, It'll give the pressure off Efette"

Zaryia nods, "I agree with that, as well."

Efette nods to Zaryia, "With the screening, they won't be coming through. And
if they do, least they won't be clueless." ... Anyway.

Bronwyn nods.  "Consensus on traveler and filter, it seems."

Tave ponders "but it may ruin the character conception of the player... not
that Ista Hold Resident didn't :P"

Kira says, "Well one thing about this though - I want crafts and holds to make
it easier for people to join, and, well - to reach out to new people,
encourage them to join."

Kira says, "and once they have joined, make them feel part of the craft.  how
many of you CM's have regular craft meetings, and regularly RP with your

A drudge arrives to cart Asriene off to bed.

Kessry doesn't have the meetings... I do have one upcoming.  But not really
rp, not that much. 

Bronwyn tries to rp with her crafters, but I must say that we haven't had a
meeting in ages.  

Efette says, "Tave and I get out as often as we can :) Not that we're
crafters, but ;)"

Jueann says, "the harpers have regular meetings and lessons so much so they
are whining."

Kira thinks these things are important... "Nobody wants to join an empty
craft, a craft where they don't know and never see their fellow crafters."

Kira grins at Jueann.  "Tell 'em it's good for them."

Bronwyn nods.  "Of course.  That was our problem with the weavercraft a year
ago.  In the intervening time, we've grown a lot."

Jueann says, "We do.  We are having rank burn out"

Trevilla walks in from the east hallway.

Kira isnt sure I understand what "rank burn out" is.

Tave blinks "Rank burnout?"

Trevilla leaves the meeting room for the east hallway.

Tave says, "you mean no one wants to raise through the ranks anymore?"

Jueann says, "We are few of high rank and apprentices are demanding more
lessons than we can give."

Kessry needs jmen, and such, to help w/ th apprentices.  I do have quite a few
crafters, but not only are they semi-active, but they're /young/.  2/3 of my
craft is under 18 irl.  And all but one of those are under 15 or there abouts.

Gyrel has the blinking hall.... Sometimes where here...sometimes were not....

Bronwyn shakes her head and understands what Jueann's saying. "No, people
always want to rise up, but once they do, they don't want to teach."

Jueann says, "that's it too.  I teach once a week and the summer is my

Kira says to Bronwyn, "Tell them that's part of the job.  With rank comes

Tave says, "require them to teach to raise."

Zaryia nods, "I've made that requirement recently."

Bronwyn doesn't have that problem with weavercraft, actually.  We only have
two staffers (aside from the retired ones).  But I've heard about it in
relation to other crafts.

Gyrel also has the crafter that RPs with himself.... Takes up 2 slots on the
roster...  It is harder during the summer...and all, vacations, lack of
access...ect...As in the case of my C2 at the moment....

Kessry could advance them but they wouldn't/ they don't have the maturity or
the grasp to really pass it on.     And getting it past them what the concept
of the craft really is.

Efette giggles at Gyrel

Efette says, "Ya know, I have that guy too! ;)"

Kessry sighs at the craft who rps with himself...

Kira says, "Also, I would suggest each craft, as well as each hold, schedule at
least one, maybe two or three, regular RP events at definite times each week. 
If people know something's going to happen, they will most often try to come. 
Whether it's a lesson, or a planned TP, or just dinner in the dining hall...
things things all help bring  your group together, and make them active."

Efette has /tried/ and tried to do that :P Dinner in the dining hall. Gone
through so many cooks now that won't do it :P They do it once. Just once.

Tave nods "good idea."

Tave says, "We should have enough cooks to rotate through..."

Efette says, "They're all, well.. Incompetent.. :P"

Jueann n

Jueann says, "oops"

Kessry wishes she had a remotely steady shedule to do that with. :P  But some
weeks I'll works days, othrs nights... :P

Kira oughta bring you the menu code from the weyr.  That way nobody really has
to "cook", per se, and people can RP dinner even if there's no cook there. 

Efette beams, "Ooh! That would be /awesome/!! Yesyesyes please :) Thanks! :P"

Tave smiles and nods "that would be a great idea!"

Jueann says, "Well, I'll see what I can do for the harpers.  We do offer
lesson credit for tp ideas and some jam sessions that happen in the hold"

Bronwyn has to go now...sorry guys.

Kira waves to Bronwyn.  Thanks for coming.

Tave waves to Bronwyn.

Bronwyn falls asleep.

Gyrel nods, "Sharing computers, work, find time to write up stuff for new
seas....  Tiring....

Zaryia comments, "Rorie and I have been having each other's Jfolk teach the
others apprentices.  It's working quite nicely."

Efette nods to Jueann, "Heard about that TP coming up. That should be quite
someting, ranging over quite a few crafts ;) Seacrafters/harpers/healers,
anyway :)"

Kessry has a tp she'd like to discuss, in a few weeks.

Iratus suddenly disappears ::between::!

Jueann says, "I need to head out and take some more pain-killers and put my
ankle up.  I've been sitting too long"

Kiara grins. "There's a weaver/dolphincraft one being plotted as well."

Efette wavers to Jueann :)

Kira thinks we're about done discussing, really.  Thanks everyone for coming.

Zaryia asks, "Are there any other major topics to be discussed this evening?"

Zaryia chuckles.  Guess not.

Jueann says, "thanks for letting me sit in"

Tave smiles and nods "ok."

Zaryia waves.

Efette wavers :)

Tave waves to everyone.

Kira says, "I think the tp's oughta be hashed out in mail or another meeting,
this one's been kinda long. :)"

Zaryia goes home.

Efette nods

Tave says, "and 1/3 of the people had to go anyhow :)"

Jueann goes home.

Tave says, "next Saturday?"

Kiara tilts her head. "What time?"

Kira says, "works for me.  I wouldn't mind having regular leader meetings
actually.  good for us, I think."

Tave says, "probabaly 10 since a lot of people were late this time."

Tave says, "10 EST that is"

Efette says, "Lets say 9 or they'll show up at 11 ;)"

Kessry will /try/ to be here. :P  Dunno if we can make it.

Gyrel says, "A regular one would be nice, just need to know for work schedules
and stuff :)"

Tave chuckles "well I can be here anytime on weekends."

A drudge arrives to cart Bronwyn off to bed.

Efette nods, "Me too, generally.."

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