The World of Pern™ is copyright to Anne McCaffrey © 1967. The Dragonriders of Pern® is a registered copyright. This is a recorded sesssion, online by permission of the author but generated by Harper's Tale members on the date indicated, for the benefit of members unable to attend.

Threadfall over Southern Ista (Grinstead, Ista Hold, Blacksands), 12-18-97

IC Time, 20th day of Winter, 13th Turn, 10th Pass

Above Emerald Valley>  Nyolith arrives from ...between... with a *whooooooosh*
announcing her awaited arrival. Oh yeah. She's here. Party on.

Above Emerald Valley>  Taviath emerges from ::between:: as though from the eye
of a desert storm!

Above Emerald Valley>  Capryth appears from the chill of ::between::, eyes
whirling, long wings outstretched.

Above Emerald Valley>  Tzath fades in amongst a crackling cloud of electrical
energy from the freezing depths of ::between::.

Above Emerald Valley>  Pintarryth blinks in from ::between::!

Above Emerald Valley>  Myrineth appears from the blackness of ::between::!

Above Emerald Valley>  Dalgreth bugles his welcome to the emerging dragons as
is his duty as Watchdragon

Above Emerald Valley>  Odeleth materializes from the frigid nothingness of
-~Between~- his yodel booming about as meridian wings pound against the wind.

Above Emerald Valley>  Pintarryth takes up position quickly but without undue
hurry as D'thon checks the arrivals of each of the riders and dragons expected.

Above Emerald Valley>  A film of silver darkens the eastern sky as Thread

Above Emerald Valley>  Dalgreth flies into his formation spot.

Above Emerald Valley>  Slipping neatly back into formation, green wings flare
wide in the calm night, seeking the desired lift... Myrineth backs left, then
settles into place, eyes whirling red.

Above Emerald Valley>  From Pintarryth's neck, D'thon points emphatically to
the first of Thread sign.

Above Emerald Valley>  Taviath comes for between rumbling a challenge to the
silver enemy. Ayrina tightens at the sight of Thread and then loosesn up as the
brown slips into his position in the formation.

Above Emerald Valley>  Tzath wings in out of between in tight formation with
the others, bugling his excitment and tensed anticipation. Faceted eyes
swirling with haze of a battle yet to come.

Above Emerald Valley>  Pintarryth twists around to his rider for firestone.

Above Emerald Valley>  A breeze picks up from the east, carrying the threads
closer... glints of silver strands in the sky.  The upper wings nose higher,
seeking the first kill.

Above Emerald Valley>  From Pintarryth's neck, D'thon feeds firestone to his
bronze as the two prepare.

Above Emerald Valley>  A dark, ominous crimson hue threatens to overtake
Capryth's usually lighter-colored jewel-eyes. Wings flap steadily as she turns
her neck towards Miri to recieve firestone into her open mouth.

Above Emerald Valley>  Pintarryth's eyes begin whirling red.

Above Emerald Valley>  Dalgreth turns his head to be fed firestone by K'shaw.

Above Emerald Valley>  From Myrineth's neck, Catia leans down to caress
pearly-emerald neck... Myrineth already had her fill of stone. And now she
belches, with gas, not yet with flame.... but soon, soon.

Above Emerald Valley>  The upper wings dive into the battle, and flashes of
dragonfire light the sky.  Threads drop among the wings, tumbling silently
towards the valley below.

Above Emerald Valley>  Nyolith curves her jade-hued neck about, as Shasta
deftly tosses chunks of firestone to her lifemate. Murmuring encouraging words,
the greenrider surveys the other wings to check and make sure everyone's in
formation: and then, Thread's here.

Above Emerald Valley>  Drizzling astride of Capryth, Miri carefully picks a few
small stones out of the sack, reaching to place them in open green maw.
"Careful, love, don't bite your tongue."

Above Emerald Valley>  Odeleth races into position, meridian wingsails cup to
catch the strongest of thermals. With a practiced ease, his chiseled muzzle
tilts to the sky, a deep rumble eminates from his throat as the trailing edge
is seen. Peet simply snarls in digust. "Destroy, dear, destroy."

Above Emerald Valley>  From Pintarryth's neck, D'thon's grim face turns to
manic sneer as the ancient fight begins again in dead earnest.

Above Emerald Valley>  A strand drops close to Nyolith, tumbling gracefully on
the wind.

Above Emerald Valley>  Tzath turns a gapping maw towards Tarah as she hastily
offers him the essential firestone. A quick pat on the side is her last bit of
encouragement before she braces for the first time.

Above Emerald Valley>  Taviath's crunches can be heard as he masticates the
firestone offered to him by his lifemate. He edges closer to the dragon in
front of him but pulls back at Ayrina's mental command. Swirl of emotion is
there...but he's not out of control...even he's learned to control himself to
face this danger.

Above Emerald Valley>  Dancing in the sky like a tumbleweed, a lacy group of
threads rolls past Tzath.

Above Emerald Valley>  Dalgreth rumbles angerily as Thread threatens his home
and friends. he chews the firestone, muttering dark thoughts to his Life-mate.

Above Emerald Valley>  From Pintarryth's neck, D'thon holds Pintarryth back ...
back ... waiting for it ... NOW!  Pintarryth's jaw flies open and a river of
molten heat pours forth into the nearest thatch of dull-colored thread.

Above Emerald Valley>  Dragons dive and flame the deadly strands, filling the
air with flame and char.  Dust forms its own clouds in the sky, as the wings
decimate the enemy.

Above Emerald Valley>  A sheeting ribbon of Thread sinks, almost lifelessly,
past Pintarryth.

Above Emerald Valley>  Wingsails lift herself higher, taking Nyolith closer to
meet those strands head-on: vermilion dances from gaping maw, as Thread is
charred into blackness. Returning to formation, another flash of fire is caused
by the green beast, as another tangle is reduced to harmless black ash.

Above Emerald Valley>  A tumbling ball of Thread tumbles like a dandelion past
Taviath, twirling downward towards the ground.

Above Emerald Valley>  Tzath catches that lazy rolling thread, and inhales
deeply. He swerves, aims and lets loose an electrically charged belch of flame.
A tiny snort, and a secondary puff is added for good measure. There, take
/that/. Next?

Above Emerald Valley>  Capryth devours the stone quickly, easily, waiting a
moment before testing out her flame. Her dappled wings glisten with a ghostly
intensity in the moonlight. Flame erupts from green muzzle, scorching thread,
sending ashes back and behind to shower her Miri.

Above Emerald Valley>  From Pintarryth's neck, D'thon twists quickly around to
check the riders on his side ... many are veterans but some are new,
practically children he thinks for an instant, but they are all dragonriders of
Ista Weyr.

Above Emerald Valley>  Myrineth swoops and darts with long-accustomed skill,
flame spewing from open maw to sear and char and protect the land.

Above Emerald Valley>  A blue in Stardancer bugles as thread clips his wingtip.
He winks *between* to cool the threadfire.

Above Emerald Valley>  Tumbling end over end like a dandelion, a delicate wisp
of Thread dances on the wind, bouncing past Odeleth as it drifts lazily

Above Emerald Valley>  A soft groan escapes Catia... first casualty.

Above Emerald Valley>  Pintarryth combines his flame with that of a blue
flashing down from above following the remains of a large clump of Thread
nearing Pintarryth.

Above Emerald Valley>  Taviath's rumbling changes from the sound challenge to
the sound of battle as the silver menace is faced. The brown spins on a wingtip
to pursue the clump of Thread falling past him, flame bursting forth from his
muzzle to sear the Thread from the sky. A satisfied creel and he's back in
formation, ever vigilant for the next clump.

Above Emerald Valley>  Below, the queen's wing flies in a perfect golden
arrowhead across the land, catching the strands the upper wings miss.

Above Emerald Valley>  An angry, hissing knot of Thread falls into Myrineth's
path, writhing in eerie gyrations as it seeks the lush earth below.

Above Emerald Valley>  Odeleth turns his lean neck sky-ward, eyes pulsing with
madness. Dancing across the sky as though it was his own, the blue remains in
position: flaming when necessary, retaining the structure of the wing in the
meantime. Peet, adding to the blue's determination, mentions /every/ single
thread of strand with one word: "Destroy."

Above Emerald Valley>  A tight knot of threads roll in front of Dalgreth.

Above Emerald Valley>  From Pintarryth's neck, D'thon catches Shasta's
attention just long enough to flash a gesture that conveys the message "Fast
wind blowing."

Above Emerald Valley>  No hissing knot is going to phaze Myrineth... green
soars forwars, and a firestone-scented belch consumes the silver threads,
rendering them harmless.

Above Emerald Valley>  K'zan's wing changes formation, in tight chase of a
thick cloud of threads.

Above Emerald Valley>  Dalgreth slides on the air currents, flames erupting
flames erupting from his maul. <> he
sears the clump to dust

Above Emerald Valley>  Odeleth doesn't waste and time, or flame. Searing forth
a strand of flame, he eliminates the thread's presence from /his/ sky -- or at
least, for the moment it's his.

Above Emerald Valley>  A snakelike filament of Thread hisses its way past
Capryth, slithering across the sky towards the ground below.

Above Emerald Valley>  Tzath rumbles anger thunder towards the cascading
thread, swirling his body in the winds like a predator on the move. He reaches
back for another taste of the firestone that Tarah quickly feeds him and then
it's back to his search....his /prey/.

Above Emerald Valley>  Capryth gets taken up with the ruch, the challenge of
Thread. Keeping in formation against the deadly menace she soars, flaming,
preforming her age-old duty. She bugles a challenge as the Thread dares to near
her, charring it beyond recognition: to ashes.

Above Emerald Valley>  Pintarryth gets his as the Thread continues to rain down
upon them.

Above Emerald Valley>  The Fall thickens, raining silently on the land.  The
wings follow it southwest, above Ista Hold.

Above Emerald Valley>  From Pintarryth's neck, D'thon gestures to those behind
him to follow tightly as the Wing moves.

Above Emerald Valley>  Pintarryth thunders southwest.

Above Emerald Valley>  Taviath spreads tawny-gold wings to meld with a thermal
as he flies southwest.

Above Emerald Valley>  Capryth glides through the air like a fish through water

  You soar above the Ista Hold valley, the waving grasses rippling below your
wings.  Along the southern edge of the valley lies the Herder Hall, while to
the north are various cotholds and campgrounds.  The main hold, gather grounds,
and beaches lie off to the east.

Above Hold Valley>  Tzath hovers like an approaching storm in from the

Above Hold Valley>  Capryth glides through the air like a fish through water in
from the northeast.

Above Hold Valley>  Dalgreth flies in from the northeast.

Above Hold Valley>  Myrineth glides in from the northeast.

Above Hold Valley>  Odeleth hovers with precise perfection, meridian 'sails
aglow with each pounding sweep in from the northeast.

Above Hold Valley>  Taviath follows the wing, keeping his place even though
he's eager to burst forth from the formation.

Above Hold Valley>  A brown dodges just in time, narrowly avoiding a large
clump of thread.  Too close!  The thread tumbles toward, falling in Tzath's

Above Hold Valley>  Forest-traced wingsails flutter confidently, Myrineth
keeping her position at the back of the wing... Catia scans a keen eye forward,
watching the young 'uns.

Above Hold Valley>  Dragons dive and flame the threads, protecting the hold
valley below.

Above Hold Valley>  A tangled mass of Thread kites past Capryth, fluttering as
it sails downward.

Above Hold Valley>  Sindiath wasn't here, now she is, bringing with her a hint
of the frozen void of ::between::!

Above Hold Valley>  A clump of thread falls directly before Pintarryth.

Above Hold Valley>  A bronze and a blue fly after the same patch of Thread; the
bluerider gives way and finds a new target.

Above Hold Valley>  Capryth is your worst enemy, Thread. She's mean, green, and
just had a nasty meal of firestone. Come make her day. Multi-faceted eyes catch
sight of a clump, streaking its way towards the ground. She belches forth
flames a-plenty, crisping the Thread. Bar-B-Que.

Above Hold Valley>  Wings pound against the thermal, determination crossing the
crimson-tainted eyes of Odeleth; continuously, he remains in his position, body
taunt and alert, as well as his rider.

Above Hold Valley>  Nyolith swerves, sways, then flaps her wingsails in from
the northeast.

Above Hold Valley>  Tzath lets go a vicous snarl, barring teeth one moment and
flame the next. It rushes out fiercly, consuming the thread in a firery flash
of energy before fading to a charred mass. Only a flare of wings, and a sudden
swerve indicate this browns surprise.

Above Hold Valley>  Dalgreth moves to sear a clump. He turns to K'shaw for more
firestone. then then catching a air current soars after Thread.

Above Hold Valley>  A seabreeze picks up, and the crosswind makes for tough
flying.  Threads tumble to and fro.  A knotted tangle of thread, blown by the
wind, almost seems to rise _up_, directly at Taviath.

Above Hold Valley>  Sindiath pops in from between, laden with firesack and
still chewing the last bit of stone. She looks around for a clump of silvery
thread, spotting one and diving to flame it into a charred mass that wisps away
into nothing....

Above Hold Valley>  A painful bellow is heard; you're not sure who it was, but
he's gone now, seeking relief in the cold of *between*.

Above Hold Valley>  Racing through the winds with Tzath, Taranys yelps and
gulps visibly as that last thread came  a little too close for comfort. She
tightens her grip upon her straps and hands off a bit more firestone, golden
eyes bright and alert for the next onrush.

Above Hold Valley>  An unflamed clump of thread hisses down onto the land
below, and begins to burrow.

Above Hold Valley>  A silvery tendril of Thread tumbles downwards towards

Above Hold Valley>  Myrineth bugles involuntarily... a brief exchange with
Catia determines that they don't yet return to the weyr. Instead, mouth opens
wide and supple neck turns backwards for Myri to receive more firestone,
chewing lustily.

Above Hold Valley>  Nyolith veers to the right, dodging a tangle of thread; yet
no sooner then she escaped harm's way, a fiery stream of vermilion fire
envelops said tangle and destroys it.

Above Hold Valley>  A writhing knot of Thread tumbles on the winds, spinning
close to Sindiath in its fall.

Above Hold Valley>  Dalgreth grumbles as Thread slips by him. But the next
clump he sears heavily, taking his fustration out on it. <>

Above Hold Valley>  Taviath reacts instinctively as he backwings to bring
himself up in front of the Thread that's flown up in front of him. A
backwing...and a belch of flame...and nothing's left but an ash cloud that
blows back into Ayrina's face. She coughs and sneezes, trying to wipe the ash
clear, and then Taviath is back in place flaming to the left and to the right
as the Thread continues to fall.

Above Hold Valley>  Capryth battles the winds with almost artful flight,
catching a bit more firestone into her strong jaw. Flames spring forth, licking
and lapping outwards to engulf a strand of the deadly menace in its even
deadlier heat.

Above Hold Valley>  Sindiath swoops down to join her wing, adding another to
the line of defense against thread. Her head turns for more 'stone, she chews
hurriedly, eyes whirling with excited color and determination, encouraged by
the soothing voice of her rider.....a gust of wind blows thread up before her
and she chars is as she drops into position behind Capryth...

Above Hold Valley>  The gusts drive a young blue almost directly into his green
wingmate.  The green shrills defiantly at him and winks *between*, popping out
a few seconds later (and a few wingspans away).

Above Hold Valley>  A large chunk of Thread descends stealthily, slipping
silently past Nyolith in its downward fall.

Above Hold Valley>  Pintarryth shoots a thin jet of flame out to sear a
renegade patch of thread and then forces out an even stronger flash of fire as
a different clump of Thread is blown nearer.

Above Hold Valley>  The Weyrleader orders a formation change, and wings shift
effortlessly into the new pattern, not missing a wingbeat.

Above Hold Valley>  Dancing like a child's ribbon in the wind, a silvery band
of Thread ripples past Odeleth, twitching and spinning in cheerful mockery of

Above Hold Valley>  Odeleth dives through a suddenly unpredictable thermal,
adroitly soaring to a higher spot. As unpredictable as the sky itself, another
writhing thread falls into view. Defiantly, the blue yodels a thunderous
warning, while his maw spreads wide-wide open: thread splitting the distance
between him and the thread, it descends, a victim, of Odie's flame. "Got it!"

Above Hold Valley>  A delicate spiderweb of Thread plummets out of the sky in
front of Myrineth.

Above Hold Valley>  Large chunk doesn't dare go unnoticed by Nyolith; bejeweled
eyes wheeled with intense red, they immediately spy the tangle. "Take care of
it," Shasta shouts, echoing her order - already known by the green - mentally:
and then, the thread is gone.

Above Hold Valley>  A knot of thread blows crosswise across Sindiath's path,
wriggling in the winds.

Above Hold Valley>  Capryth learned her lesson last time - thread hurts. Don't
let it get you. So she won't. Rain-splattered green flashes as se ducks and
dips, bugling as thread is charred with a wild shot of flame. Ashes scatter;
the prey is gone.

Above Hold Valley>  Myrineth blinks between, swifter than thought... coming out
with a blast of frigid air directly in front of the falling clump. Fire burts
forth, searing Thread to falling ash.

Above Hold Valley>  Dalgreth skips to catch another clump of Thread. Ashes to
ashes and dust to dust. Yeap. Seared Thread makes great dust

Above Hold Valley>  From Pintarryth's neck, D'thon spots his wingmate running
out of flame just as a fierce gust blows a large tangle of Thread on top of
him.  Pintarryth pounds the air with brazen wings and climbs into the clump
belching a ball of fire as he climbs.

Above Hold Valley>  Tzath thrills at this first time for him, for them. Thrills
yet rages, trumpeting defiently at the thread cascading down and about them.
Short blasts of flame here and there echo his response.

Above Hold Valley>  Drizzling astride of Capryth, Miri holds on tight, wincing
slightly. That was close. Next comes the mental question about needing more
stone, the greenrider grabbing a handful from the sack in case.

Above Hold Valley>  Pintarryth skips ::between::!

Above Hold Valley>  Pintarryth blinks in from ::between::!

Above Hold Valley>  Char drifts on the winds, blown about the valley.  The fall
continues over the island, towards Blacksands Valley.

You soar high above the forested valley of Blacksands.  Below, you can make out
the buildings of Blacksands Hold, nestled along the black sandy beaches of
volcano cove.  To the east, the ridgelines separate this valley from Ista Hold
and southern Ista, while west you can easily see the five-pointed rim of Ista
Weyr, rising out of the haze in the distance.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Nyolith soars in from the east.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Taviath soars in from the east.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Pintarryth soars in from the east.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Tzath soars in from the east.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Myrineth soars in from the east.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Dalgreth soars in from the east.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Capryth soars in from the east.

Above Blacksands Valley>  The wings maneuver back into formation, chasing the
Fall as it continues its stately march across the island.  A mass of threads
fall close to Myrineth.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Sindiath soars in from the east.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Tangled into a convoluted knot, a clump of Thread
races by Dalgreth, as if to elude his dragonfire by its speedy descent.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Odeleth soars in from the east.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Never once losing her place in formation, Myrineth
ducks and dives... and sets that thread alight!

Above Blacksands Valley>  Capryth affirms Miri's query with a quick turn of the
neck, back, firestone is taken into mouth. Her great jaws work carefully,
devouring, before spewing forth a thin stream of flame which aims for a strand
of thread, but misses. A lamentful bugle is heard, but she flames again, this
time hitting!

Above Blacksands Valley>  A delicate spiderweb of Thread looms before Nyolith,
waiting to ensnare her.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Dalgreth dives after the clump and sears it. <> Then he flies back into formation.

Above Blacksands Valley>  The threads thicken, trying to sink their hungry
tendrils into the land below.  An angry-looking clump zings by Sindiath.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Odeleth stiffens slightly, his long meridian neck
swerved backwards towards Pita. "Yes, you're flaming wonderfully," is her
encouragement, filling that gaping maw of his with a hefty chunk of firestone.

Above Blacksands Valley>  From Pintarryth's neck, D'thon gestures quickly to a
young brown rider for straying too far from the formation.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Below, the flashing Gold Wing fire their
flamethrowers, searing Thread missed bye the main wings.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Capryth responds to thread's thickening with a
bursting of flame. Gotcha!

Above Blacksands Valley>  Sindiath arrives from the east, catching up with
graceful speed after dispensing with a clump of thread.....she finds her place
in formation, watchful for more clumps. One zips by, and she dives, a fireball
of flame spat out and followed by a trail of smoke as she singes the deadly
threads into charred dust....Sen gasps and ducks the hot ashes, reaching for
another piece of firestone as Sindiath rejoins her position, a cry of delight
following the movement "Wonderful, Sin!"

Above Blacksands Valley>  After having been tosses more firestone, Nyolith
makes haste to chew chunk and chunk. As a spider-webwork of thread slips past,
the green almost misses her chance; a dive, a veer - and her burst of flame
chars the strands - and just in time, too.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Dalgreth does a fancy move to get a clump almost,
dumping K'shaw. Glad he checked the straps befoer they left.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Tzath swerves after an errant strand of, taking it
off with a short blast.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Nestled between Taviath's reddish brown neckridges,
Ayrina looks over to D'thon and then concentrates to get her brown lifemate
back in his position.  Taviath creels with disappointment at not being turned
loose but straightens back into his position in the formation.

Above Blacksands Valley>  A net of threads seem to wrap around Tzath, closing

Above Blacksands Valley>  Leaning precariously down over foliage-spotted neck,
Catia supplies her lifemate with more stone. A fierce chew later, Myrineth
darts to the rescue of a blue wingmate, scorching a clump of threatening

Above Blacksands Valley>  Racing through the winds with Tzath, Taranys receives
a slight score on the calf!

Above Blacksands Valley>  The leading edge of Fall crosses from land to sea,
and begins falling harmlessly in the ocean.  The wings break off from their
pursuit, bugling triumphantly.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Capryth belches out another lick of orangish flame
and sears through thread. She is flying well. Be proud.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Dalgreth breaks off the flames, just as well he's
almost out of flame and firestone

Above Blacksands Valley>  From Myrineth's neck, Catia's head whips about,
responding to Myrineth's news that the brown 'ling has taken a score. Green
lets forth a contented trumpet, searing the last of the threads nearby with a
swift bark of fire.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Pintarryth slows his pace as D'thon rechecks the
riders on his side of the Wing.

Above Blacksands Valley>  From the gracefully flowing lines of Sin's green
neck, Sen feeds firestone to Sindiath carefully, watching for clumps of thread
as she does so, snug in her straps as her lifemate rears to torch a small clump
of twisting silver.  A gasp and a look towards where Taranys was comes on the
end of Sin's announcement of the injury, then she concentrates on finishing off
the rest of the thread.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Tzath glances up, but too late. Wings tuck and he
tries to swerve, to dodge, /anything/ to get them out of reach and nearly does.
Almost. Taranys, holding a 'stone at the time lets out a sudden shriek and
reaches down to grasp at her leg. Tzath echoes with a trill of utter fear and
fades into between, reappearing moments later with worried streaked eyes and a
dulled hide.

Above Blacksands Valley>  From Pintarryth's neck, D'thon watches as several
excited recent-weyrlings dive down to mop up the last of the trickling Thread
before it burrows to ground below.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Squished between two of Nyolith's jade neckridges,
"Wonderful! We made it!" gasps Shasta, tossing off her goggles and carelessly
wiping the soot away from her eyes. Nyolith trumpets her own success, as she
glides back into formation.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Capryth echoes the other dragon's victory calls with
her own, rather loud bugling. Loving thoughts go out to Miri, but leak, to be
felt by all.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Lounging between Odeleth's meridian neckridges,
"Taranys?" Peet's voice rises to question, her brown's strickened hue coming to
view. "Are you alright?" Soot-covered goggles cloud her view, but turns of
experience tell a threadscore when she sees one. "Catia," Arms, as well as
Odie's mental yodel, call to the dragonhealer.

Above Blacksands Valley>  From Myrineth's neck, Catia waves back to Peet,
Myrineth echoing the healer's assent. Peeling off from the formation, green
tail flicks, and Myrineth disappears.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Myrineth disappears abruptly ::between::!

Above Blacksands Valley>  Drizzling astride of Capryth, Miri is torn between
pride and worry, Capryth stayed safe this day, but what about Tarah? She looks
over, eyes worried beneath flying goggles.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Tzath rumbles and warbles his concern, her
/pain/...the fierceness of his battle rage all but gone. Taranys, still
clutching her leg, lets go soft whimpers now and then, but nods in response to
those querying calls. "/It/ got me, on the leg." She half-calls, grimacing as
the pain flecks through her leg once again.

Above Blacksands Valley>  Squished between two of Nyolith's jade neckridges,
"Taranys," Shasta shouts, yet voice is hoarse, "go back to the Weyr. Catia will
help you!"

Above Blacksands Valley>  Tzath fades with a sharp crackling intensity into

Above Blacksands Valley>  From the gracefully flowing lines of Sin's green
neck, Sen waves to Taranys, her own version of sympathy and condolence, but
stays with Sindiath hovering in midair, waiting for instructions...she grimaces
as she thinks that it might have been her, then smiles, still exhilarated...

Above Blacksands Valley>  Nyolith veers upward, jade wingsails flashing against
the sky, then slips slyly into the still of ...between...

Above Blacksands Valley>  Taviath continues to hover until he feels the cold of
between when his clutchmate disappears. He croons softly to Ayrina and, feeling
her exhaustion as much as her own, takes the two of them back for *grimace* a
bath and a rest.

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