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Synth's Clutching, at Ista Weyr

IC Time, 52nd day of Spring, 12th Turn, 10th Pass.

(Oct. 18, 1997)

Synth senses that she grumbles irritably, shifting at the weight of eggs in
her belly.
Galleries (#2066)
Tier and tier of benches rise high in these galleries, encompassing a sweep
along a full third of the cavern's wall. Seats worn to slippery-smooth 
likeness, they are broad enough to offer security -- but each one is also high
enough to offer a clear view over those in front.  Several lines of rope
cordon off this area from the Sands below, and a precariously narrow pathway
offers access to the multiple layers of draconic ledges that line the walls.

To view things on the sand, see .

Up on the ledge, you see Ganth, Anakinth, Odeleth, and one person.
Flittering around are Ahna and Maverick.
Ayden, R'osh, Kira, Tianna, Pita, Mariette, Deedlit, Fyren, Ayrina, Saryon,
and Pol are here.
Obvious exits:
Ledges     Stairs

Brenlis walks in.

Fyren pulls Deedlit into his lap.

Saryon walks out.

Murvin walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Tianna picks up Murvin.

Mirienne boings up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Deedlit sits herself on Fyren's lap.

Ayden waves to Mirienns and motions an available seat.

Ayrina waves at Mirie and scoots over to make a seat next to her.  "Hiya,

Sitting atop the railing, R'osh nods at Ayrina, "Aye, she is."  A pause.  Rat
thinks.  "I've got yer harp in the weyr too, Ayrina."  Eyes instally swivell
to catch the unmistakeablt entrance of Pita.  "Hiya," he offers, waving his
hand towards the bluerider and his searcher.

Deedlit whisper me too, plus the dolphin line....Kessry wants me to keep her

Mirienne looks around eagerly. "Can you believe it! More eggs!" She bounces
over to Ayrina and sits next to her, waving to Ayren as she moves.

OOC: Deedlit says "Sorry"

From Tianna's arms, Murvin climbs up onto Tianna's shoulders and wraps himself
around her neck to go to sleep.

Deedlit snuggles up with Fyren.

Harp?  Ayrina smiles, "Oh, you brought it from the Gather for me?  Thanks,
R'osh.  I can't wait to start learning how to play it."  She nods to Miri. 
"Yes, more eggs...which means more candidates to start watching out for..."

Pita is unmistakable, and doesn't he just know it. "Sit by me, R'osh." she
becons with the mrerest jut of her fingers: seduction has it's powers. "Odie's
excited, he says that there might be a green there for him," Horney li'l boy,
"But there won't be any blues as /hansome/ as him." Ain't that the truth.

Mariette steps down each tier with a tad less poise than the last, losing some
of adolesence'simitation grace as golden bulk overwhelms and swallows all of
her attention.

Ayden nods to Kira...and smiles a huge grin..

Kira smiles.

Mirienne nods at Ayrina, a big smile on her face, though something is present
in her eyes. A hint of sadness, perhaps. But it is soon gone, replaced by pure
Miri. "Playin' with candies is fun. Just, uh, careful when you use dye."

From the hatching sands, Synth looks up at the upper entrance, obviously
waiting for someone, then snorts irritably.

Ayden turns to Deedlit and Fyren.." I can't believe I'm here...I just can't
believe it...I love Ista.." the girl is obviously excited, her eyes are just
glowing and her face is highly flushed..." Have you ever seeen this

Synth senses that she thinks << Males.  Hrmf.  Never around when you need 'em.

R'osh eagerly hops forth from his railing and skittles to sit /right/ next to
Pita.  "Aye, he's got color, Peet.  Runs in the weyr,"  A quick gaze is
offered up towards Anakinth and his brooding spot all alone on the ledges. 
"Gold egg?"  R'osh questions of Pita toyly.

Synth senses that Odeleth jerks at the sound. Ahem. He's a male.

Ayrina notices that look.  "Ah, come one....another clutch...maybe you'll be
searched, again, Miri."  She turns to look out on the sands to watch the gold.

Fyren nods, "Once in Tillek."

Lesana walks in.

Kanal walks in.

Deedlit looks around in wonder, "No..."

Ayden leans forward a bit, even though her view is uncluttered.." Isn't she
just the most beautiful....her color..look at her colour.."

Mirienne tilts her head thoughtfully, the tip of a pink tongue hanging out the
very edge of her mouth. "Hmm..." Yet again oddly subdued, for Miri anyway.
"Maybe. Oh well. Guess we'll just haveta wait and see." She gives a shrug of
small shoulders and props herself up so she can see better. Better chance of
gettin' Searched over grown' a few inches. Humph.

From the hatching sands, Synth curls up on the sand, her tail twitching. Then
she realizes she sees all those people in the stands, and snorts. She stands
up and curls up facing the other way.

"Of course he's got color, he's Od/ie/." Peet responds, respect and dignity
filling her voice as she speaks of her lifemate, "Anakinth, well, he's got
good color too. Good form." Comments all around.

From Tianna's arms, Lizzie wiggels around at the excitement of all the people
and beggs to be let go of.

Tianna drops Lizzie.

Lesana walks out.

Deedlit looks down at the sands, "What's going on down there now?"

Fyren shakes his head, "It's been too long."

Lizzie runs over to Kira, the only person she reconized right away, and
wimpers for some atention.

From the hatching sands, Synth grumbles and rises again, hovering over the
sands. Her eyes whirl an anxious green, golden sparks giving them a bright

Talking about good form, R'osh glances to that of Pita's.  "Aye, good form..."
murmurs he, impishly, awkwardly.  "Big wingsails or something, aye?"  Tiny
specks of emerald eyes glance up at the rougish looking blue rider.  "How many
flights has Odie under his belt now?"

Ayden frowns.." What do you mean...too long..?"

Deedlit looks up at Fyren.

Ayrina frowns slightly, not quite sure what to say to her friend.  So, she
just nods quietly and then relaxes back to watch as the gold on the sands
moves, again.

From the hatching sands, Synth releases a small, perfect sphere that
immediately rolls down to nestle in the fine black sand, shining bright
against the darkness.

From the hatching sands, A pearlescent rainbow shimmers and reflects back the
eddied shapes of the eggs beside it. A warm glow of clouded blues, pinks, and
cremes swirl over the oblong shell, protecting the dragonet inside from the
harsh but nurturing heat without. The smooth, almost shiny surface of the
perfectly round egg nestles like a bright treasure in the black sands.

Fyren smiles, "I mean it's been too long since I've seen one."

Deedlit oohs, "Oh, look at that..."

"Too many," Like burnished jewels, Peet's emerald gaze reflects to the sands,
a warm smile cascading about her lips, "Ah, the first egg!" is her
exclaimation, Odie's triumphant bugle entering the air, "It's like /he/ laid
it!" she giggles, telling R'osh at hte same time, "Ah, wingsails and such,
yah, that's it..."

Kira smiles as the first egg makes its appearance.

Ayrina ohhs to herself.  "Look at that," she mutters, "She's laid the first

Mariette snakes her way through this harper, that dragonrider--"'scuse me,
pardon me,"--all the way to the end of a lower tier, placing herself next to a
group of unsupsecting weyrfolk. As glow meets sand her eyes light, taking on a
twinkle of admiration, adoration.

Tianna picks up Lizzie.

From the hatching sands, Synth turns and rolls the egg to the center of the
sands, scooping sand around it to keep it from rolling about.

Tianna drops Lizzie.

Lizzie heads down the stairs.

Mirienne's mouth rounds into an 'Oooooh' as she peers down at the sands. "How

Kaiulani walks in.

From the hatching sands, Lizzie walks out onto the sands.

Ayden eagerly leans even further forward, in danger of falling off the stone,
"'s much larger than I thought," she giggles.." Don't know
why I thought they'd be smaller...but so beautiful...the colour, just like a

From the hatching sands, Synth hisses at the dog, and snaps dangerously close
to it.

From the hatching sands, Lizzie sits down by the entrance and curls up, quitly
watching the events going on.

R'osh looks at Pita.  Looks At Odie and his trumpeting, then sheds his glance
to his lifemate, Anakinth.  Who's boredom cannot be missed.  No bugs, no
nuttin' for him in here.  "Ya, pretty."  Simple, sweet.  A typical mature Rat

From the hatching sands, Lizzie walks off the sands.

From the hatching sands, Synth hovers protectively about the egg, eyes
whirling anxiously.

Ayrina grins toward the brownrider.  Even a clutching bores him?

From the hatching sands, Synth grumbles and paces a short distance away,
obviously uncomfortable.

From the hatching sands, Synth lays another egg, a soft drop onto the heated
mounds of black that match the smouldering of her hide, but not the egg
itself.  Set in motion by a twitch of her hind-leg, it rolls itself under
dunes of sand, its white shell shielded.

From the hatching sands, The surface of this egg is a stiff mold of thick
white, the white of antique lace. Indeed, the elegant tracery of lace is
captured: bubbles disclose in continuous pattern of tranquil gyration. Fringes
of tawny sand lick the aqua waters, they curb frivolous swishings of foam and
darken an edge to glassy blue-green on the sea-bound curve, and to the shore,
it is dappled a soft tan as light hits, and reflects upwards through the
spherical mass.

Tianna goes home.

From the hatching sands, Synth steps aside her newest jewel, /her/ egg. It is
hers afterall; head whirling questioningly rtowards her lifemate, "Yes, it's
nice," Fia speaks, rolling anxiously to Synth's side. It's an egg alright.

From the hatching sands, Synth croons, nuzzles her lifemate, then returns her
attention to her eggs.

Kaiulani walks out.

Ayden sighs..and watches, heart in throat at the love between Synth and Fia.

"Oh, I wager one of those is a blue!" Peet hollars, pride ringing outwardly
towards R'osh. "Blue /is/ the /best/, y'know." Everyone knows that, or at
least, Peet believes it to be so.

From the hatching sands, Synth frees this dark egg, silent and quiet like the
calm before a raging tempest.  It tumbles down the black, broiling sands,
hinting at the brewing chaos soon to be released.

From the hatching sands, Though the eggshell is rather smooth, swirls of
black, blue and white perform a dance of fury along the slightly pebbly
surface, creating a maelstrom of images that defy its simplicity of texture.
Waves seem to crash with millenia of pent-up anger, intent on wearing away
whatever crosses their path; odd, jagged streaks of white play over the shell,
lending to the feeling of foam atop chaotic waves, and errant, destructive
bolts of lightning. Murky blues, navy and black entangle themselves into
whirlpools, sucking the hapless onlooker into their depths.

Pol falls asleep.

"Bah!"  Responds R'osh, nudging Pita in the ribs.  He has life, Naky doesn't. 
"Brown is best."  Brown is more sexy anyhow.  A mock glare is shed towards
Pita.  "Brown is stronger.  Brown eat blue for dinner and pick it's teeth with
it's tail."

Kira nods appreciatively at the eggs.  "Hey R'osh, I'll wager that last one is
a brown.  Whaddya think?"

Mirienne leans back against a wall, still smiling happily. Nothin' beats a
clutchin'... well except maybe a hatchin'.. or lotta hair dye durin'
candidacy. Whatever. "Or maybe a green!"

Ayrina hmms slightly.  "Oh, my...look at that one.  There must be quite a
dragon in looks angry."

Ayden gazes at the scene before her, and think...odd colour for an egg, but
intriging....a brown..she thinks..prolly a brown.

Deedlit nods, "No doubt on that one."

R'osh grins upwards at Kira, offering the gold rider an extrodinary wink.  "Ya
Kira.  Definately a brown.  Looks like a cheap rendidtion of Naky's egg."

From the hatching sands, And they grow, the pile of eggs that is; Synth, on
the other hand, begins to deflate, slightly, with the laying of her eggs.
Golden form sauntering towards the rim of the eggs, Synth unleases another
egg: sunshine covered and vivid it is. There, another one.

Kira rolls her eyes at R'osh.

Kanal walks out.

From the hatching sands, Synth goes about her work, dropping egg after egg,
and arranging them neatly in the stark black sands.

Ayden raises an eyebrow at the overheard comment of R'osh'
rendition...none of these are cheap renditions..

R'osh snickers and smiles, revelling in all the eye rolling he is causing at
the moment.

"You're strange, R'osh, y'know that." Chin lifted to resume her watch of
Synthspawn, Peet's eyes just glue to the sands, "You are, especially," the
speak stops.

Deedlit gazes down at the dark sands, in awe of the glowing eggs.

Ayrina leans forward on the edge of her seat.  She leans this way and that
after an exceptionally large drudge sits down in front of her.  She starts to
tick off on her fingers, "...sixteen...seventeen...eighteen....Hey, R'osh! 
Can you tell from there how many she's clutched so far?"

Mirienne moves around a bit to get more comfortable, careful to never let her
eyes stray from the sands. So much to see, after all. She continues to bounce
slightly, the intensity increasing at the emergence of each new egg. How
totally thread-bare!

Taranys walks in.

From the hatching sands, Synth strains a bit, then skips a mottled egg across
the sands' sweltering surface:  hop, leap, /bob/.  Out of Synth's dark self,
it tumbles and tumbles and /tumbles/ across the black until it hits a swell
too large to leap--thus it settles to nap, nestled 'neath too warm a blanket.

From the hatching sands, Jagged hooks jut bland knobs across; behind tough
knots, splits and cracks darken streaks on this egg's grainy walnut backdrop.
Dry and pale at the top, but dusky-black on bottom, it's as if the sun drained
its color whilst seasoning the egg for kindling. Yet beneath, it looks
water-sotted and sea-green from algae. As though tempest storms had tousled
it, and Rukbat's rays had mottled its color, it seems swelled with sea-water,
and yet still continues to bob in its bed of sandy black.

Pita collapses to the floor--a final mental caress sent towards her beloved
lifemate Odeleth. She then drools. Yummy.

"Course Pita.  I am."  R'osh answers, smileing boldly at the blue rider.  Then
his name is heard once more.  Ayrina this time.  Another bold smile for the
cook.  "Nah, I can't tell for sure.  Lotsa'em though.  All cheap looking.  At
least that one that looks like Naky's is."

Kira chuckles at R'osh.  "I think you're a little biased."

From the hatching sands, Synth snorts in R'osh's general direction, then
proceeds to roll her latest egg over with the others.

Ayrina chuckles softly.  "Too bad the Weyrleader isn't here to offer his
/un/biased opinion on the matter.  Huh, R'osh?"

Ayden giggles and sneaks a peek at R' tell em Synth..she thinks..they
are beautiful eggs, don't listen to him..

R'osh wuh-woas.  Synth's pissed.  "I meant their nice looking cheap lookin'
eggs.  Yuh, thats it."  Or something.  "Ya, C'dar is as un-biased as they
come.  Sure."  His gaze trails all around, flickering yet avoiding Synth.  She
doesn't look to happy.

From the hatching sands, Synth lays several more eggs in succession, ignoring
the commentary from the peanut gallery. Eggs of many sizes and colors populate
the hatching ground, looking like treasures in the sand.

Mirienne giggles. "Careful ya don't make her mad, Rat-O, she might sit on
you." Hehe. That would be funny. Or rollin' him up in the sand. That'd be
funny too. Yup.

Ayrina snorts to the brownrider.  "You might think they're cheap looking.  I
think they're fascinating."  Of course, she doesn't add that this is the first
clutching she's ever been to, either.

From the hatching sands, Synth tosses an egg out with an aimless flick of her
tail.  The egg slides effortlessly and perhaps almost thoughtlessly to the
sands.  As inexorable as the tides and less defined, waves of sand are pushed
and shoved up and over the tiny sea-green egg to all but bury and hide its
darkly colorful shell.

From the hatching sands, Rippling fronds of thick, waxy kelp fringe this egg
in green: khaki and gold, aqua and bulbous, murky brown, seaweed clings and
curls about the shell as if thrown out by unruly tides. Darker and
glass-smooth, jade-shadowed floats drift lost and aimless in a splendour of
deep, vibrant green to bejewel sea's tangle of discarded refuse, while foamy
spume caresses the ropes of lost netting and coats their greeny braids in a
froth of white. Only the occasional peachy, pearly gleam of sand-polished
shells is revealed beneath the wave-tossed hues of this little egg.

R'osh isn't a peanut.  Anakinth is the peanut.  "Hey, that would not be funny.
 Think the grief that would cause the weyr?  I mean, hey, no Rat to be
around."  Ayrina's snort is returned in glorios fashion.  "Bah, course they
are.  Naky just doesn't have an eye for fashion is all.  Afterall, he /likes/

Kira hmms thoughtfully.  "I think that one's a green."

Deedlit looks at Fyren approvingly, and gives a low whistle.

Deedlit smiles.

Ayden hmmmphs ...they/are/not cheaplooking....oh! She stops dead in her
thoughts, what on Pern is that egg, hard to tell, it's...looks like all
colours..can't wait to see what colour dragonette hatches from that.

Kira says, "Maybe a blue.  Blue or green.  Hmmm."

Kira nods thoughtfully.

Ayrina's eyes widen.  She's spotted her favorite...oh, yes, she has.  "Look at
that little sea-green egg.  Isn't that beautiful?"  It doesn't matter anymore
what kinds of eggs Synth lays from now on...she's found the one that's caught
her eye.

From the hatching sands, Synth shifts slightly, and out trickles an egg like
sand through a dragon's claws. It rolls a few feet before calmly settling in a
dip in the black sands, moving only when outside forces act upon it.

From the hatching sands, Shadow and light play havoc over this dusty shell;
each pore catches light in its own unique way to give the rolling effect of
timeless, windswept dunes.  Gradations of color, from deepest sepia in the lee
of the breeze, to vivid tan in sunlight's heat, lend to the impression of
rolling, rippling sand.  Every excitation of light causes color to change and
ebb, making this egg seem to be in constant motion.

Ayden leans towards Fyren and Deed. " I can't tell, can, green,

Mirienne smirks. "What grief?" Sure Reyv might be a bit upset, but still, she
could probably find someone else, someone who isn't named after a small, furry
mammal. Though that is funny in itself. No bother. Miri returns to view the
eggs, still bouncing in her seat. Green and blue and brown and all sorts of

Nikolae blinks in from ::between::!

Deedlit looks, but has not a clue, "How can you tell if it's gold?"

Kira says, "Golds have golden shells."

Kira says, "There's not one here yet though..."

Kira looks about and tries to count the horde of eggs.

Ayden ventures a comment.." Aren't they bigger too..?"

Nikolae suddenly disappears ::between::!

Kira nods at Ayden, "Yes, usually they are the biggest of the clutch."

R'osh stands up, attempting to get a better view.  It's not easy being short
and Pita's no help.  Going off and silent like that on him.  "Lookee!  Gold! 
GoldGold!"  Up jumps R'osh on the bleachers.  Reverting back to his
pre-hatching days.  Reyv would woop him if she were here.  "Err...  No gold
then...  Hrmm.  Bronze mebbe?"  R'osh is instantly deflated.  "Okie, we need
more green."

Deedlit smiles politely at Kira, "Thank you, it's the first time I've ever
even been in a weyr..."

Ayrina does a look aside as another egg is clutched.  " that one /has/
to have a brown in it....with all those colors of brown."

From the hatching sands, Synth shifts slightly, and drops a brilliant liquid
egg to the blackened sands.  Alight with zest and mystical wonder, it remains
still, as a promise of hope and life.

From the hatching sands, This small egg is awash with the warm colors of the
Istan sunrise. Sun-bright color explodes above the ocean's eternal
tranquility; an aurora of titan flames and blinding topazes drop across the
burnished grains of sand below. Salmon races beneath the surging depths of the
sea, painting the ocean's abudant lifeforms with its hypnotic charade; yet
this egg holds a mystical edge to its presence. The gradual flow of hues cloak
night's hovering presence, materializing into day's promising brightness.
Idly, the dawn arises above the ocean's currents, promising life.

Ayden groans.." It's so hard to tell what it always this hard.."

Kira smiles.  "Usually it's impossible to tell until they hatch."

Kira points at the latest one, "That's a pretty one."

Nikolae blinks in from ::between::!

Mirienne peers over. "Oooh, look at that one!" Could that be gold? Miri hardly
dares to venture.

Deedlit nods, agreeing wholeheartedly. "I think they're all beautiful..."

Daisy blinks in from ::between::!

R'osh grins at the newly layed egg.  It's colors instantly telling him whats
held inside.  At least instantly telling him what he /thinks/ is inside. 
"I'll bet Reyv and the weyr that thats blue."  R'osh declares, sitting back
down beside the long gone off to DahDah land Pita.

Ayden nods.." Ohhh you're right...that has to be a blue...or, maybe not..gosh,
it's hard..but sooooo pretty" she sighs.

From the hatching sands, Synth lays one last egg, a runt of an egg, small and
ghostly gray, as devoid of color as the other eggs are full of color. She
shoves it off to the side, then paces back to the center of the grounds,
curling up to inspect her clutch.

Ayrina keeps looking over at the tiny green one but does turn to look at the
newest.  "Blue?  I bet it does to, R'osh....especially since it looks like
part of the sky all by itself."

Kira hmms and frowns at the last little egg.

Ayden tilts her head towards Kira.." What do you think,...?"

Daisy suddenly disappears ::between::!

Deedlit looks down at the sands, "Kira, you don't like the last egg?"

Kira says, "The sunrise egg?  Hmm.  Probably not gold, it's rather small."

Ayrina tilts her head.  "Is that normal for her to treat an egg like that,
Kira?  Think something's wrong with it?"

Kira says, "Could be.  Sometimes eggs happen that aren't fertile.  But it's
not a big deal.  And who knows, maybe it will hatch."

Deedlit oohs, "But it still is gorgeous..."

Nikolae suddenly disappears ::between::!

Mirienne hmms softly, looking at the small egg. "Nothin' wrong with small
things. They grow." She gives a shrug, looking over and trying to count the

Ayden frowns and leans forward.." What's it okay, the egg...she
pushed it aside" her forhead wrinkles with concern.

"Thats it?"  R'osh asks, looking about him and the other strange and not so
strage faces.  "All over?  Aww man.  Now we gotta put up with that lump
brooding till they hatch.  C'dar running around like a headless wherry and Fia
grouchy as ever."  Le sigh.

Kira watches Synth.  "I think she's finished now though.  Let's see...
hmmm..."  she counts, carefully.  "Thirty-two... thirty-three eggs.  Not too
bad.  No gold though, but perhaps next time."

Ayrina grins at R'osh.  "Don't forget having the Weyr full of those silly
Candidates pulling pranks, again.  I just hope they stay out of kitchen this

Ayden says, " That grey one...hmmm....what kind of pranks..?""

R'osh kinda likes them candidates and their pranks actually.  "Nah, thats
you're problem Ayrina, not mine."

Deedlit listens, interested, "Pranks?"

Ayden loves pranks..good ones that don't hurt anyone...but, pranks/are/fun...

Mirienne looks over curiously. "Why wouldn't there be a gold? Too many
already?" And she likes pranks too. And hair dye. It wasn't /all/ her fault
Minuet went bald.

From the hatching sands, Synth nuzzles the egg closest to her, then curls up
in the sand, looking tired.

Fyren smiles at Mirienne, he likes hair dye too, check his hair.

Ayrina nods to those in the galleries.  ", um, finding
too much pepper or salt in the soup....or going to the baths and having
someone dump food color in without you knowing it."  She stops and peers at
those around her and shuts up before she gives some possible candidate future

Deedlit shakes her head at Fyren's blue hair, and begins to play with it

Kira says, "Well, Ista Weyr has four golds already.  The queens often can
sense this, and won't make more until they're needed."

Ayden nods " That makes sense...good sense.."

Mirienne nods, taking the information in. "So four is a good number?"

Kira says, "When the Pass gets closer to ending, the clutches will be smaller
too, because the Weyr won't need so many dragons once Thread stops."

Deedlit listens intently, trying to learn.

Kira says, "Four is good.  Five might be a little crowded, but we could live
with it.  And who knows, I might go back to Southern sometime. :)"

R'osh snickers, unable to keep still now.  HyperHyper is he.  Something that
hasn't happened to him for a long while.  "Them are all rookie pranks, Ayrina.
 "  Yet respect still prevails and R'osh falls silent as Kira speaks.  "This
is like a weyrling lesson all over."  He mutters to the lad sitting on the
other side of him.  "Run while you can.  It isn't safe here anymore.  Ruuun."

Ayden pauses and then asks curuosly.." Southern...? Your from southern..?"

Kira nods.  "D'thon and I were Weyrleaders there for a while, but stepped
down.  That was some time ago."

Taranys had crept in silently, most likely unnoticed and looks to be leaving
in the same fashion. Looking downwards one last time, she slips from her seat
and nods to those present as she passes by.

R'osh smiles winingly, looking up at Kira.  "Only if ya take us with ya,
Kira," he calls across the ledges, lifting his voice to a high pitched squeel.

Ayden smiles " I've heard it's beautiful there, warm and sunny, but

Ayrina winks to R'osh.  "I was being careful not to mention some of the others
that I've heard about, R'osh.  I'd like to get through this clutching with
hair the same color and not finding little surprises in my bed."

Mirienne smiles. "I've met D'thon before. He tells good stories!"

Taranys heads down the stairs.

Deedlit listens to Kira in awe, "What was Southern like?"

Kira grins at R'osh, then answers Ayden, "Oh it isn't too different from here,
but the Weyr isn't in a mountain, people sleep out among the trees.  Very

Deedlit tries to imagine the beautiful weyr.

R'osh instantly turns his attention back Ayrina.  "Surprises in you're bed eh?
 Sounds like fun."  HarHar.  Thats a Rat come on.  WinkWink.

Ayden shivers.." Out among the trees...gosh..that must be incredible..err, the
Weyr isn't in a mountain..?"

Ayrina rolls her eyes.  " surprises in my bed.  Anything or anyone in
there besides myself....I prefer to know about first."

Kira says, "Nope, it's on top of a plateau,right by the ocean.  Very nice
place.  I miss it.  But D'thon wanted to come to Ista, so here we are."

Deedlit looks surprised, "No mountain?  No rocks?"

Ayden sighs " I love Ista...but Southern sounds like a place you'd miss..."

R'osh stands now.  All excess energy seemingly drained with his last comment
to Ayrina.  But to her he keeps his attention.  "Care to get that harp?"  He
questions, once again all business and in the most recent version of

Mirienne pulls her knees up to her chest, in a most unladylike fashion. But
Miri is comfy. "Southern sounds fun. Warmer than Telgar too!"

Kira says, "Ista Hold, conversely, is actually built into the seacliff.  Or at
least, the main cavern is.  But people live in cots atop the Hold plateau,

Kira chuckles and nods.  "I've only been to Telgar a few times, but it's far
too cold for my thin Southern blood."

Ayrina nods to the brownrider.  "Oh, yes..."  She stands and looks back out
toward the Sands one last time.  "Sure, I don't guess the eggs are going
anywhere.  I can come back and look at them anytime."

Ayden smiles at Kira.." Maybe one day I'll get to see Southern...a plateau
overlooking the ocean..must be breathtaking." she chuckles " High Reaches
isn't none to warm either.."

Deedlit nods, agreeing with Ayden.

Kira stands up also.  "Well I need to get back before D'thon wakes up and
wonders where I went.  Nice talking with all of you.  Good clutching, too."

"Yah, they'll be there for months now.  Just setting there.  Getting harder
and harder as more and more googly eyed candidates stroll in and in.  You
know, despite out best efforts this sort of things keep happening.  I say we
start feeding firestone to the golds." R'osh says all in one long breath.  The
part about the firestone and the golds being said delieratly just as he passes

R'osh also beckons Ayrina to follow him.

Kira smacks R'osh.

OOC: R'osh says "WOo.  ;)"

Ayden smiles and waves at Kira with a quick frown and then muffled giggle as
Kira smacks him.

Mirienne starts to giggle. Also not ladylike..but Miri finds it quite amusing.

Kira says, "I'll feed you to Synth, how's that? :)"

Felicity walks in.

Deedlit smiles at Kira, who is very amusing herself.

Mirienne cackles with glee. "Synth can sit on him!"

Ayden laughs out loud, R'osh burgers....

Fyren takes Deedlit's hand, "Shall we go?  I believe the dance is still on."

Ayrina grins to Kira.  "Feed him to Synth?  Imagine what kind of eggs she'd
clutch then!"

"Hey, ouch Kira.  I'm just kidden.  Man'o'man." Rat just rubs his new owwie. 
"Ya know how much gas problems I'd give Synth, Kira?  It wouldn't be worth

Felicity waves as she skips in. "Lo! Oh know...Sge alwedy had eggies?"

Kira says, "She'd prolly get food poisoning."

Deedlit stands up, "I agree.  These weyrfolk are riots though."

Kira winks teasingly at R'osh.

Deedlit walks out.

Ayrina giggles at R'osh and hops down the stairs to leave.

Fyren walks out.

Ayrina heads down the stairs.

Kira waves to all and heads out.

Kira heads down the stairs.

Ayrina walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Ayden stands and waves to the others as she takes another peek at the eggs and
then heads out.

Ayden heads down the stairs.

Ayrina comes back 'cause she can't see that big brown dragon for some reason.

Ayrina heads down the stairs.

Synth senses that she grunts at Mnedzanth.

From the hatching sands, Mnedzanth vanes his wings and lands.

Synth senses that Mnedzanth hrmphs back. Not /his/ fault she decided to pop
while he was running errands.

R'osh continues upwards.  Hopping and skipping stairs.  Up he goes.  Happily. 
LaLa.  Ouchie ignored for now.  He'll get to that later.  "Come on Ayrina."

From the hatching sands, Synth pokes Mnedzanth.

R'osh slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

From the hatching sands, Mnedzanth drops a nice bloody herdbeast carcass well
away from the eggs.

Felicity squints her eyes grinning ear to ear...eggs eggs eggs.

From the hatching sands, Mnedzanth croons.

Ayrina walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Ayrina slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

Maverick suddenly disappears ::between::!

From the hatching sands, Synth eyes the bloody mess and issues a mental
harangue to Mnedzanth.

From the hatching sands, Mnedzanth aroos? It's dead. It's fresh. Females.

From the hatching sands, Synth snorts, then gets up and drags the thing off to
a corner to eat in peace.

From the hatching sands, Mnedzanth looks over the eggs smugly.

Felicity waves a small hand down at the dragons, smiling.

Synth senses that Anakinth thinks Mnedzanth will be sleeping outside for
awhile now.

Mirienne waves and bounces off to go find something to eat.

Mirienne heads down the stairs.

From the hatching sands, Mnedzanth looks at decides on a favorite. He settles
down.. near, but not too near, to it.

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