Getting Started on Harper's Tale

Harper's Tale is a Pern-themed roleplaying MOO based on the "Dragonriders of Pern" books by Anne McCaffrey. If you are not familiar with Pern, you should read our introduction to Pern at the very least, and we recommend that you read Dragonflight, by Anne McCaffrey. Dragonflight is the first book in the Pern saga.

Once you're acquainted with the background, you'll want to decide what sort of character you want to play. Here are some tips on character development.

Now you're ready to login. If you're using a PC or Unix/X machine, you can connect via our Java Interface. You can also download a special MUD client to connect to the MOO. Here are two excellent clients:

The most popular Unix shell client is TinyFugue - if you have a Unix shell account at your school or ISP, try typing tf or whereis tf at the prompt to see if you already have it installed.

To connect, you'll need to use as the machine name, and 7007 as the port number. (each client is configured differently.)

Once you connect, you'll see HT's login screen, which shows the HT dragon and a list of commands. Type connect guest to login for the first time. You'll awaken in the MOO's Birthplace room, where you can read the helpfiles and get oriented. You'll also see some other things in the room, such as the help desk and an age machine. Here are the basic helpfiles you should read before you begin:

Once you're ready, you should create a character. Here is the actual command:

Replace "username" with the character name you want, "password" with your preferred password, and "email" with your actual email address. Your character will be created immediately, and you'll be logged into the MOO.

After you get connected, you'll need to set your description, age, and gender. There is a "quickstart" command in the birthplace to make this process easier.

We also have a rather old MOO Manual online.